Daily Preparation

November 1, 1999

My beloved chelas,

It is a great honor to address each of you as you come together once again on this, the final day of a truly magnificent conference. As we have worked with the energies of the mighty Ascension Flame this morning, I must say that with all you have accomplished over the last four days, with all the united, loving co-service between you and the various members of the higher realms, your auras are crystal clear and shining brightly. For all that you have given may you safely and swiftly return to your homes and share the wonderful gifts you have received with your friends and loved ones.

As you each well know, your physical sun has an aura, too. Early in the morning, immediately after the sun has risen, it often appears very white in appearance. The reason for this is, that at that moment, the aura of the sun carries every color available in its brilliant light. Each day as time passes, the color of the dominant cosmic ray is activated and may even appear to be more visible, as the sun moves across the sky to bathe the Earth and all life upon it with the specific qualities and gifts of that ray.

For this reason, I highly recommended that as you prepare to begin your day, whenever possible, incorporate as part of your daily ritual, the conscious act of uniting your vehicles with the actual rays of the physical sun by bathing in its glorious essence. Even if you are only able to do this for a few minutes, you shall receive an important intensification of life-giving energy from the light from the sun. And as you know, it is this light that sustains your life and all life on the Earth, as well as the other planets and stars belonging to your system. However, I must caution you that as you do this, do not look directly into the sun, as such a powerful emanation of light can be harmful to your physical sight.

You will find that if you choose to integrate this activity into your daily routine, you will have more energy, you will be more alert, your gratitude for life and for being part of God's Great Divine Plan will increase and flow out into all of your activities that day. Also, your personal connection with our Father-Mother God will greatly intensify! It truly is well worth your time and effort, beloved ones.

In time you will also find this practice will bring many other advantages into your life. Just by taking a few minutes each and every day to honor life in this manner, your understanding of the oneness of all life will increase greatly. In fact, eventually you will find that on those occasions when it is not possible for you to physically connect with the sun in the eastern sky each morning, the light of the sun will naturally and automatically blaze forth from your heart center to compensate. Ultimately, you and the sun will truly be- come one and as you go forth throughout each day, you will naturally offer this gift to others.

Continuing along this line of thought, as each day draws to a close, have you noticed how the sun subtly changes and begins to radiate different colors through its aura. As evening approaches, the sun itself may often appear ruby-gold in color and radiation. Its aura of the many vibrant hues of violet and purple is often clearly visible to those who happen to glance at the sun at that time of day. Have you ever wondered about these various changes in color? This is easily explained scientifically. It is due to the dust in the atmosphere, the angle of the sun, the water vapor in the air but what about the spiritual reasons or a combination of the three?

Let us now look at these changes from another level. In the morning, every day is a new beginning and all life is impersonally and lovingly bathed with the radiation that will intensify the ray in effect that day, together with a balanced outpouring of the other rays. This outpouring from all the rays provides a chalice of God Qualities from which any part of life may drink if they so choose to absorb the needed ingredients for their individual growth and development. Thus, throughout the day one may often see rings of various colors surrounding the sun as the different God Qualities flood the Earth, depending on the need of the hour.

As each day draws to a close, the sun gives forth a different color emanation from its aura than that observed at sunrise. During that special time between day and night , the sun may often appear more Ruby-Gold in color, displaying all the shades of light from a subtle golden yellow through a brilliant and bright orange, all the way to ruby red. At the same time the aura may be radiating anything from a soft violet to a deep purple. In this magnificent, reflected glory, each member of the human family is reminded to enfold their day's activities in peace, and to accept and give forth the wonderful gifts of mercy, forgiveness and spiritual freedom as a gift to and from all life upon which your attention rests at this particular time of day.

Then, as you lay down to rest each night you are able to do so as a spiritually free and peaceful person, cleansed and purified by the violet Fire of Love, and ready to enter the Temples of Light, where you may absorb the radiation of the inner realms throughout the night more fully. Thus shall you increase your service to the Light and your closeness to God.

In closing I encourage you to draw more fully from the blessings given each day by the great sun gods, beloved Helios and Vesta. Learn to look up, beloved ones. Raise your vision high. Study what is above you beginning with the physical sun and sky. Then, expand your consciousness outward and become more aware of the totality of your surroundings. Be ever watchful for each opportunity to serve our Father-Mother God, for oftentimes the Elemental Kingdom is reaching out to show you what is needed or what you need at any given moment in time. If you will but take the time to recognize the signs, it shall be through your service to life that you will be enfolded in the mighty Ascension Flame and lifted to ever greater heights. As the process of your ascension continues, know that I shall be forever at your side.

I AM Serapis Bey,

Guardian of the Ascension Flame





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