The Christ in Action

December 15, 1963


Beloved students of the Light,

I greet you today in the full dynamic power and will to do of the First Ray which it is my privilege to impress and press upon your consciousness. It is my mission at this hour to fire you into action, fire you out of the lethargy of the ages, fire you to be true radiating centers of the Will of God on this planet Earth.

We require, viewing world conditions and the individual disgraceful conditions in your towns and cities all over the planet, dynamic, positive chelas who will go into action and wipe these imperfect conditions off the face of the Earth. HOW? I assure you not by a call now and again, but with constant dynamic demands on the cosmic law for assistance. Yes, I have repeated the word "dynamic" for that impelling force is required.

Invoke Lord Michael , Lord Zadkiel, Lady Astrea, the Goddess of Purity, any of us with whom you have an affinity, and of course if you feel that you have advanced to the point where you are now GOD IN ACTION, well, your own I AM Presence alone! Children, children, of course your own Presence is all-powerful and can fulfill any and all calls instantly but I do not require a magnifying ray to look into your lifestreams, I know what is there. Yes, both sides of the ledger! If you are the directing intelligence of the Christ in action at all times, then you are the Presence in action.

The only separation between your I AM Presence, your Christ Self, and you is your consciousness! The Christ Self is a step down of radiation from the Presence, enabling you to more quickly be God in action. Let us take, for example, the dwelling in which you abide. When you are outside and open the door and enter, you are in the dwelling, but that does not necessarily mean that you are in the living room or bedroom, as the case may be. You have to transport yourself to the specific spot having bodies made up of the elements of this Earth. Now your consciousness does not have to move the physical body anywhere in matters of the Spirit. It is your cognizance of what you desire that is important. The I AM Presence and the Christ are ONE! Through the graciousness of the spiritual law and the magnanimous service of the Cosmic I AM Presence, the Presence can be anywhere in the universe rendering service, and yet have part of itself in the physical appearance world, through the anchorage of the Presence in your own physical body.

Please do not permit any insidious pride that may be in your lower consciousness delude you into thinking you are the Christ in action at all times ... I would not make so bold a statement if you were! Yes, I know, there are some blessed chelas, oh so earnest, who will think I AM severely chastising them - and them alone. To use the idiomatic expression, "if the shoe fits you, wear it" Now dry your tears and listen further.

In my gentler capacity, know that I love you, oh so much, else I would not use the energy allotted to me by the cosmic law in endeavoring to spur you on to spiritual accomplishment. You can change your consciousness in the twinkling of an eye if you do not constantly hold the imperfect concepts close to you and cradle them in the comfortable feeling that they have belonged to you through the ages. In the name of God Almighty, I implore you, cooperate with your own silent watcher, your Holy Christ Self, and kneel before it and consecrate your cup to becoming at all times a Holy Grail through which the I AM Presence or any of the ascended and cosmic host can pour their blessings for the benefaction and progress of the race and the planet itself!

We require chelas who are ever alert! I AM not here to point out to you the imperfection which is rampant on the Earth at this time. However, you should be vigilant, with the Lamp of the Christ burning at all times, that when a disaster or turbulence of any kind presents itself to you, be it through the medium of the voice of another, the telephone, your telecast, or the printed word, that you immediately go into action to clean up the cause and core of whatever caused the condition to propel itself into the world of form.

When lifestreams are taken out of the body, stop wailing about it. You do not know, and just as well, the inner action which caused this. Immediately go into action and do not let these entities "float" as it were, all through the atmosphere. Lord Michael and others are always ready for this service and do go into action, but when the chelas make the call, the additional energy required by the cosmic law permits greater service to be rendered. In this regard, Lord Michael has referred many times to the energy given him by those of you who belong to the Friends of Mercy. Commendable, continue in this service. You will note, I use over and over again the word "service" for it should not be "work" for any chela to join with us in service, which is for us and should be for you, a joyful, enthusiastic emanation of energy from your beings.

I have digressed a little, and I ask your indulgence, but I become so fired with enthusiasm when I have the opportunity of speaking with you that I endeavor to get in as many points as possible in the allowed time. Oh, that reference "time", The way I like to use it is - ON TIME, ALL THE, TIME!!! That makes my heart sing!

Back to the subject of "consciousness". It is the Will of God for you, each and every one, to externalize the Consciousness of the Christ here and now. When you make your early morning contemplation, I would remind you to surrender "self" to the Christ, so that anchorage of the I AM Presence can render and bring about the Will of God for all men! I challenge you to practice this for thirty days after you read this and I assure you that you will know I have come this day bringing you a blessing, not a scolding!

And now, dear chelas, a closing statement, I LOVE YOU!

 El Morya



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