This class is lovingly dedicated to


Beloved Maitreya,


Cosmic Buddha and World Teacher


and to all Great Beings of Light


who are dedicated to expanding 


and projecting


the essence of


Universal God Consciousness






For the Class of December 31, 2000, 9:45 AM

(Eastern Standard Time)


NOTES: Following is the service that will be given, for the first time, in the Angel Room at Shamballa on December 31, 2000 starting at 9:45 AM with the Three Candle Acolyte Service. We will be using the 1989 Revised Edition of The Book of Ceremony and Ordered Service for all decrees.

 (+) Indicates that the chelas will stand, unless otherwise instructed by the Director.

 (+) OPENING ACOLYTE SERVICE (ivory pages, page 9)

MEDITATION PERIOD (until 10:00 AM, music of your choice may be played during this meditation period)

 (+) INVOCATION by Director (or invocation of choice, see ivory pages)

 Beloved Victorious I AM Presence, enfolded within the pure light rays from the Great Central Sun, we enter the sacred sanctuary of our hearts to unite and magnetize the perfectly balanced activity of love, wisdom and power of beloved Gautama, Sanat Kumara, and Lord Maitreya. Beloved Holy Triumvirate, in your name, power and authority, and on behalf of all humankind, we affirm that the crystalline Diamond Heart of God's Perfection enfolds the physical focus of Shamballa within our heartflames, protecting it from anything that is less than God's Pure Light! 

Especially today, we call for the awakening of this Flame in every lifestream evolving on the Earth. Let all people join in loving unity at the heart center of their beings, becoming one perfect path of Divine Love, Wisdom and Power into the Realms of Light. To this end we lovingly affirm:  

*I AM the resurrection and the life of the sacred focus of Shamballa in every human heart! (*3x)

 Beloved World Teachers, we call upon you and offer our life energies, to fashion the path upon which the true understanding of Shamballa will now flow to all life. Assist us in expanding the illumination required as we acknowledge we are truly a part of an activity designed to reacquaint all humankind with their Flame and their Light through the constructive use of the Holy Breath. Help us always to create, maintain and sustain the perfect balance of the Threefold Flames in the hearts of all humankind and the planet Earth.  

As we become ever more adept in uniting our consciousness with you, we accept the perfect alignment of our four lower vehicles with our Holy Christ Self and I AM Presence, we seal this call in the Threefold Flame of Life I AM, for ourselves and all lifestreams.  


GREETING BY DIRECTOR: Beloved ones, on this the final day of a majestic year of Unity of Life within the IAM Consciousness, I welcome you here with all the love of my heart. Let us take a moment to enter into and abide within the perfectly balanced sacred Threefold Flame of our hearts, the true center of our beings. Breathe in and as you do, relax within the harmony of this oneness....  and as you breathe out feel yourself at perfect peace and one with God. (pause)


Fully centered let us now expand this oneness, peace and harmony to consciously include all chelas and lightworkers who are connected with us this day, and as one living flame of love and light, let us reverently acknowledge the Threefold Flame within the hearts of all our sisters and brothers everywhere. (pause)


Thank you, please be seated! Breathe in deeply, and feel the perfectly balanced Threefold Flame within your heart center intensifying, surrounding you and every person in our expanded planetary sanctuary with pure divine love, wisdom and power. Gently, your consciousness continues to expand outward as you now enter the magnificent mystical City of Shamballa. See Micah's beautiful iridescent soft blue star of cosmic proportions shining brightly all around you. Its rays of light are brilliantly aflame, intensifying the quality of unity and sustained divine protection for The Bridge to Spiritual Freedom and Shamballa, which was established between the octaves of light and the people of Earth many, many years ago. This magnificent light is a constant outpouring and reminder of the power of unity. As it continues to flow through this activity into the Body of Light, so may it enter the hearts and minds of all who are just beginning to awaken from their spiritual sleep of the ages.


The Body of Light, ablaze in all its glory, is that vast network of embodied lifestreams, whose energies and efforts serve as redeeming influences for all life upon the planet Earth. For those of us who are a part of this vast network, we know it is a very great privilege, as well as a tremendous responsibility. We all have specific and vital functions to perform within this activity for the objective of the Body of Light is the complete and perfect fulfillment of God's Divine Plan-the raising of all life into the Pure Divine Light and Consciousness of God's Perfection.


Now, from within the cosmic heart of all creation, feel the pulsation of the flame of divinity, as we acknowledge the infinite love and protection of our I AM Presence. As the unified Body of Light let us now don our mantles of electronic light substance. Please return your attention to your physical surroundings, pick up your decree books and turn to (+) Decree 2-01, the Mantle of Light Decree...  When you have found it, please stand ... Together!




As we truly are the light of the world, let us now dedicate and consecrate our conscious mind and feelings to the all pervading Presence of God... Please turn to Decree 1-10, Affirmation of Dedication and Consecration ... As one voice!




Thank you! Please be seated and as you place your decree books aside, find a comfortable position and close your eyes. Breathe in deeply ... and breathe out ... breathe in ... and breathe out...


(spoken softly and slowly by the Director only)


IAM a being of flame and I AM its light. I AM part of an activity designed to re-acquaint all humankind with their flame and their light.


I AM the flame which is the vibration of the Godhead. I AM the flame which is the cohesive love which holds the sun and stars in place. I AM the flame whose power projects mighty light rays from the sun. I AM the flame which fills all the universe with the glory of itself.


I AM the flame, the animating principle of life. Wherever I AM there is God activity. I AM the alpha and omega of creation. I AM the beginning and I AM the end of all manifestation; all externalization. For I AM the flame, which is the source of all and into which all returns.


The flame which I AM is a power. The flame which I AM is a substance. The flame which I AM is an intelligence The flame which I AM is the all of everything: energy, vibration and consciousness in action, ever fulfilling the divine plan of creation. The flame which I AM shall restore this planet Earth and set her free eternally.


The flame which I AM is a fourth dimensional activity. The flame which I AM is the higher law of God come to assert its full dominion over all the lesser laws of the third dimensional world of form. It is master over every vibration less than itself. It is all loving, all knowing, and all powerful and I AM that flame in action among all human beings.


Within the flame which I AM is every good and perfect thing: every thought and feeling our God Parents have ever had for the blessing of their creation. This perfection is externalized as light. Within the flame is the seed of all things and within the light is the full manifestation of all things. I AM the flame and I AM its light.


The flame which I AM is always available like air or water. It is everywhere present, for those who perceive and accept it. This is my reason for being-the flame and the light embodied in a form acceptable to all humankind. I AM the flame, reaching the searching souls of the people of Earth, filling them with light ... the substance of myself, my Holy Self.


I AM embodied for this reason and no other. For I AM part of an activity designed to re-acquaint all humankind with their flame and their light. I AM a being of flame and I AM its light. I AM the flame of life. I AM that I AM. (pause)


Beloved ones, breathe in the flame... absorb it ...  and, breathe it out ... projecting the Light of God forth into the entire planet Earth! Breathe it in again  ... absorb ...  expand and project this sacred life giving essence into the searching souls of humanity. (pause)


Please gently return your attention to the sanctuary. Breathe in deeply... and, breathe out...


Beloved ones, the sacred sanctuary within your heart is an exquisite retreat! One day it shall manifest in the physical world as a radiant sun. As you grow spiritually and expand your light, your aura will further develop this mighty sun, expanding its radiation outward from the heart of the sacred multi-petaled lotus deep within―offering its qualities of comfort, healing, light, love, balance... Contemplation of this divine truth will bring illumination dear chelas. In turn, illumination will bring peace; and ultimately peace will bring self-mastery!


Let us now project our deep inner conviction of this God Reality by affirming our faith in God's First Cause- perfection for all life. Once again please pick up your decree books and turn to Decree 2-05, A Declaration of Faith... Together!


As we have declared ourselves to be the Open Door through which the Light of God's Faith in all humankind may enter, let us continue by calling forth the cosmic flame of God's Holy Will to blaze through us, so that we may always obey the law of harmony and truly become God in Action on our dear planet Earth, in all situations and under all circumstances. Please turn to Decree 8-07, Blazing God's Will. Today at the asterisk please insert "all humankind", and change "my" and "me" to "our" and "us"... Together, as one voice...


Thank you, please put your decree books aside and find a comfortable position once again. As you now begin to concentrate on the rhythm of your breathing, gently close your eyes ... Breathe in ... breathe out ... breathe in ...  and, breathe out ... (pause)


On the last day of each year, chelas and light workers around the world are uniquely connected through this specific service to life. This day, we are truly offered an extraordinary opportunity for unity in co-service and sacred ceremony with all the great cosmic beings and powers of light.


As each year comes to a close and a new year is about to emerge there are two prominent activities which take place in conjunction with the activities in the etheric City of Shamballa. These two events result in our Earth and all humankind being granted two extraordinary gifts from our Mother-Father God. The first activity involves the purification of the planet through the transmutation, forgiveness and releasing of all misunderstood and misqualified energy incurred during the previous twelve month period. This is achieved through our synchronized and dynamic use of the Violet Transmuting Fire. During this service we will actively call forth all Cosmic Beings of Light and ask them to join their energies with ours so that once again we can wipe Earth's slate clean of any etheric, emotional, physical or mental debris which keeps her from ascending and become Freedom's Holy Star.


The second activity which will culminate later this evening comprises the descent of the cosmic energies for the new incoming year. This additional increased energy will assist in manifesting Earth's ability to move ever closer to divine perfection for all life during the following twelve month period. The Spiritual Hierarchy assists us in accomplishing this task by receiving and energizing the new thoughtform and theme for the incoming New Year, which we then anchor into the Earth during the all night watch each December 31st. At this time, during the Petition Classes we also pledge our continuing efforts and energies to supporting and sustaining the incoming cosmic forces, which are needed to assist in developing the ever evolving divine plan for all humankind and our dear planet Earth.


These two important activities are accomplished each year through our sincere invocations, decrees and visualizations, and through our united co-service with the Ascended Masters and all other great Beings and Powers of Light in bringing forth this universal light, love and peace from the Supreme Source of All Life.


We will now continue with the process of purification. Through the use of the sacred violet flames we will transmute and release all misused and misunderstood energy brought forth throughout the year. Please pick up your decree books and turn to Decree 3-14, Mass Karma as we now invoke all the angels and legions of the Order of Zadkiel to purify by violet fire all the mass karma of the Earth ...  As one mighty voice!


Thank you, let us now call forth the ancient Lord of the World, a Cosmic Being of Great Light beloved Shri Magra, who will assist us in dissolving all shadows within the astral realm. Please turn to Decree 3-10, decree to Lord Shri Magra With energy.



Grateful for the many gifts of the sacred violet fire which set all life free, and as a child of the seventh ray, we will now seal ourselves, our dear planet Earth and all lifestreams on it within a pillar of Violet Fire, ultimately absorbing and becoming that Violet Fire, so that we can live, move, breathe and have our being as transmuting violet flames. Please turn to Decree 3-10, Living within the Violet Fire ... Together...

Breathe in the violet flames... absorb them deep within the essence of your being... breathe them out... and project them forth to all life... Once again, breathe in ... and breathe out... You may put your decree books aside.

Purified by the sacred Violet Fire and centered within the sacred threefold flame of our own divinity, we are now charged with the raising, buoyant, spiraling power of the mighty Ascension Flame. The desire to serve the highest good of all life becomes the divine directive in our lives. From this day forth we will channel through our unified I AM Presence―the Body of Light―the perfectly balanced activity of love, wisdom and power. Within this state of consciousness, I now command the Flame of Purity to expand, expand and forever expand through every electron of my being. As my four lower vehicles become one with my higher self, I AM gently lifted above all illusion by the mighty Ascension Flame and I now know... my light... my life... touches all for I AM part of an activity designed to reacquaint all humankind with their flame and their light! (pause)

Take a deep and gentle breath in   ... and breathe out  ... as we now visualize the Earth enfolded within a crystalline lotus radiating the brilliant sapphire blue flames of strength, the radiant golden flames of wisdom and the soft pink flames of pure divine love into the atmosphere of Earth. Blessed by the peace and harmony of the Middle Way, these flames go forth to cover and perfectly balance the planetary Threefold Flame and the Threefold Flame within the minds and hearts of all life on planet Earth.

Continue to breathe in   ... and breathe out... as we breathe in perfect unity, let us prepare to work with the Holy Breath of God to assimilate the beautiful electronic pattern for the final month of this glorious year which we have just given. Breathe in ... and breathe out ... Breathe in again...

*I AM inbreathing beloved Gautama's perfect balanced activity of the middle way.

I AM absorbing beloved    Gautama's perfect balanced activity of the middle way.

I AM expanding beloved    Gautama's perfect balanced activity of the middle way.

I AM projecting beloved   Gautama's perfect balanced activity of the middle way. (*3x)

Breathe in... and, breathe out ... breathe in ... breathe out ... as your breathing pattern gently returns to normal.

When understanding, desire, love and ability of expression comes into alignment with the Will of God, the peace commanding Presence of God will come forth, giving us a wonderful opportunity to assist in carrying out the divine edict of perfection for planet Earth. Beloved ones, daily pledge your efforts to serve in the Oneness of Being to bring the Golden Age of Perfection to this Earth. For as a chela of the Great White Brotherhood, you are among a group of dedicated lifestreams whose primary goal is to think, speak, love and create at the level of the Ascended Masters-while still embodied in a flesh vehicle.

To continuously maintain and sustain the perfect balance of the Threefold flame within your hearts and the planet, please repeat after me three times:


*I AM the RESURRECTION and the LIFE of the DIVINE PLAN of this ACTIVITY of LIGHT! (*3x)

*I AM the RESURRECTION and the LIFE of the DIVINE PLAN of the PLANET EARTH! (*3x)



Manifest in the world of form right here! Right now!

And forever sustained!


Let us now call forth the magnificent universal powers of Light at Shamballa to release the limitless light and sustain the cosmic balance of the planetary Threefold Flame of our planet. Please pick up your decree books and turn to (+) Decree 3-11, Invocation to the Powers of Shamballa. When you have found it please stand. Together!


Having accepted the full power and infinite cosmic light of Shamballa, and centered within the balanced vibration of our own heart flame, we will now fill our world with peace, harmony and joy of service through the understanding of perfect balance. Turn to Decree 11-10, Decree for Perfect Balance ... as one voice!


Thank you, you may be seated and please put your decree books aside. As you hold yourself within this perfect balance, please find a comfortable position, breathe in the clarity and joy ... and breathe it out ... breathe in ...  breathe out ... (pause)


Visualize yourself standing beneath a glorious starlit sky gazing outward towards the universe. The heavens above are a deep luminous cobalt blue. And a full pale parchment colored moon shines brightly between the many soft billowy clouds gently drifting by. The stars appear to flash forth as a myriad array of finely cut diamond chips of radiant light against the plush velvet background. Awe inspired by this celestial phenomena you relinquish all sense of time and placeand perhaps for the first time, feeling and knowing only the oneness of life. (pause)


Within the eternal now you perceive the very beginnings of a new constellation starting to take shape as three stars merge and join as one. This dazzling luminous light now begins to expand, creating a beautiful lotus flower blossoming within the glittering night sky. As this lotus unfolds, it spills forth a magnificent radiant waterfall of glistening light, the colors of the Threefold Flame of lifebrilliant sapphire blue, radiant golden yellow and soft satin pink. As these waves of shimmering light shower upon the Earth, they awaken this same Threefold Flame of light within the minds, hearts and bodies of all humankind. Upon receiving this blessing of the sacred flames, those who are earthbound leap forth in joy and acknowledgment. (pause)


Both the planetary and human flames become fully attuned within the waves of radiant light and begin to vibrate at a much higher level creating a perfectly balanced harmony of light and life. The accelerating vibration and flow of the ascending and descending energies of all heartflames increases to the point that all time and space ceases to exist. You have now become part of the Universal God Consciousness. You feel and experience only the light and the vibration of at-one-ment with the Mind and Heart of God, breathing in unison with the entire universe. (pause)


Gazing in amazement, you realize that some of the brilliant light streams are beginning to converge and form specific concentrated fields of light. As you continue to focus your attention on this phenomenon you sense something very familiar about this activity. Quickly you realize that these are a few of the great Beings of Light you know so well, having worked with them throughout many lifetimes. At the moment of this recognition the Sponsors and the Enfolding Spirit for the year 2000 fully manifest before your eyes. (pause)


Grateful to once again stand within their auras, you offer your deepest gratitude and love to these great Cosmic Beings for their selfless service throughout the ages to you and to all humankind, especially during this past twelve month period. Please remain centered within the Holy Breath of God, as we now individually welcome and acknowledge their shining presence here with us this morning.


Beloved Mother Mary - we thank you for ceaselessly holding the Immaculate Concept of God's Perfection for all life within your aura. We gratefully acknowledge and accept your dedication to the entire human family, as you enfold us within the ever gentle reminder that God's Love is all encompassing, uncompromising and unconditional, so that we may continuously move into new and higher vibratory levels of consciousness.


Beloved Saint Germain - through the divine alchemy of your sacred violet fire of transmutation and purification, we quietly affirm and claim the victorious Fire of Freedom's Love. As we allow this sacred fire to steadfastly transform our human consciousness back into the perfection that God desires. We acknowledge your efforts with our heartfelt gratitude and we appeal to you to always seal us and all lifestreams evolving on our Earth in a mighty pillar of your violet fire of love and freedom!


Beloved El Morya - through the Holy Grail of I AM Consciousness, we accept that we are the Golden Chalice of Cosmic Christ Consciousness through which flows God's Perfect Will. We open our hearts and firmly embrace this consciousness as it anchors itself within the Planetary Threefold Flame and within the Heart Flames of all humankind. We joyously invoke and receive the Will of God as it manifests in all our activities, in all places and at all times.


Beloved Kuthumi - with renewed life and vigor this year you have spread the golden light of divine enlightenment throughout the Earth. We welcome and cherish the divine illumination, which you drew forth from the very Mind of God ... the ever-expanding knowledge of higher wisdom for the benefit of the minds, hearts, beings and worlds of all humankind.


Beloved Dwjal Khul - we thank you for radiating forth the countless blessings of illumination through the purification and transformation of the sacred violet flame. As this sacred living lotus flame faithfully and constantly enters and saturates the minds and hearts of all evolving life on planet Earth, it continues to consciously and deliberately precipitate reverence for all life.


Beloved Archangel Micah, Enfolding Spirit for 2000 - hold us and all governments and governmental leaders, all militaries and military leaders, all religions and religious leaders always in your iridescent pale blue star of unity and peace. Fill us with a constant outpouring and reminder of the power and majesty of the unity of life within the I AM Consciousness.


Beloved ones, we thank you for your continued guidance and encouragement and we humbly ask that you assist us always in giving life and substance to fully unifying our energies as the one sacred chalice of living, loving light. (Pause)


Please gently begin to return your attention to this sanctuary. When you are ready, pick up your decree books and turn to Decree 5-09, Affirmation of Unity as we give verbal affirmation of our commitment to unity for all life  ... Together, as one voice...


I AM grateful, I AM grateful, I AM so very grateful

So Be It! Beloved I AM. (pause)

The purpose of the evolution of a Buddha is to hold a spiritual aura around a planet long enough to nourish the souls of all evolving consciousness who are unfolding toward God-mastery. The aura of the Buddha is to the soul what the atmosphere of Earth is to the nature kingdom.


The development of a world-enfolding aura is the preparation for any God-intelligence to become the light of the world. Throughout the ages, Buddha's have been provided to every newborn planet and in the everlasting arms of that one's love the evolution of that planet has evolved, developed and matured. Finally, from within the evolution itself, candidates for Buddhahood have applied and were given the opportunity for such instruction, and were taught how to expand the sphere of their influence and the quality of their radiation.


Lord Maitreya has told us:


"As the Buddha, it is I who embodies the Love of God that sustains the spiritual fire within the souls of all humankind. As a part of this work, I also step down the energies and vibrations of the Higher Realms to a point that can be tolerated by those of you who have chosen to inhabit and serve the Earth. By providing this service to you, I have enabled you to be of the same assistance to the rest of your sisters and brothers who walk the Earth. I ask that you seek additional guidance from within, becoming fully aware of the task, which you must now perform. You must be fully prepared to temper and command this great energy which flows through you to others at all times, as many individuals, just now awakening, are not prepared to receive the full release of this radiation. Beloved ones, your work will become more and more important to the Earth, as her vibrations are raised at an ever-increasing rate.


"In the oneness of all life what touches you, touches all in one way or another. Your attention is the key to your safe passage through this world, and your benediction is the call to your sisters and brothers to follow your example―journeying along the path of the Middle Way and eventually arriving back home in the full glory of God." (pause)


Visualizing this activity of light clearly within our minds and deeply feeling it to the very core of our beings, we now know and accept that we are the golden chalice, ONE with the members of the Holy Triumvirate and the Great White Brotherhood on behalf of the entire human family and the planet Earth! As our cooperative service continues to increase and grow, so will this sacred chalice expand, until it holds the Earth within itself and fully lifts our planet aloft into its higher orbit.


Remaining centered within this higher state of consciousness and feeling the perfect balance of the Planetary Threefold Flame within the hearts of all humankind, we are united in service and purpose. Prepare yourselves now, beloved ones, to receive the words of our beloved Lord Maitreya.






Note: At Shamballa, the chelas stand while the Reader or Director faces the altar, taking a few moments to silently invoke the MASTER to read the Discourse through him or her. When the reader turns to face class, they will ask you to be seated. A few moments of silence may follow the reading of the Discourse. If it is available, you may listen to the Musical Keynote of beloved Maitreya, the Shamballa Keynote, or other appropriate music for meditation.


Blessed children of God,


Your time of seemingly wondering aimlessly across the vast desert of human creation is quickly drawing to a close. In fact, the time is rapidly approaching when many of the chelas of the Ascended Masters are reaching the sacred place, "the land of milk and honey". This God Estate or 'promised land' shall be the next site for your ongoing spiritual nourishment and growth, a level of consciousness which will assist you in learning how to sustain your direct connection with our Mother-Father God.


Through your heightened ability to find peace of mind and sustain the harmony of your true being, the ever increasing vibrations within and around you will allow an unprecedented expansion of your consciousness to take place. As this happens the veil of maya, which has many layers, will gently be lifted and peeled away. You will then clearly see the path before you and begin to easily and effortlessly move forward as you are prepared and become teachers of this new and glorious age of spiritual freedom.


The continuous imparting of the divine wisdom and higher truths you are quickly coming to understand and integrate into your lives, is taking place primarily through your diligent and unfailing desire to be an example of God's divine virtues and qualities. You truly are becoming an example of God's Will in the physical world of form!


Lifetime after lifetime you have consecrated yourself to serve as a sacred chalice through which these same divine gifts and qualities are channeled to the earth plane. Lifetime after lifetime you have consciously chosen to embody in this world. And lifetime after lifetime you have stood at too many crossroads to count but each time you have courageously faced the many challenges and opportunities before you. Additionally, you have also consciously dedicated yourself to the one true purpose of all life, the reawakening of the Holy Christ Flame, the full understanding and acceptance of the I AM Presence and the unity―the oneness of all life―in Universal God Consciousness.


However, as you well know, until a chela feels completely secure in the love of their I AM Presence, it is almost impossible to feel secure in the love of your brothers and sisters. Love wears many faces, and to learn to distinguish them and then be grateful for each occasion to have unconditional love for the members of your planetary family you need to concentrate on the Christ within yourself first.


This is the meaning of the statement in the Thoughtform for 1995 which states. "As the star of Love, Wisdom and Power brightly shines forth from within our hearts, the way to Christ Consciousness is made clear. There is but one way, beloved ones, and there is but one path, the path already found within your own heart flame, just waiting to be awakened, acknowledged, accepted and used.


Those of you who hear or read my words have already set foot upon this sacred and holy path. Your task now becomes one of marking the way clearly, so that those who follow will more easily and quickly find the way and means to advance in the right direction. For as you are well aware, it is much easier to find your way through the forest where individuals have gone before you and left the trail which you can easily and naturally follow.


In this new millennium there must be new methods for teaching and dispensing the ever expanding Wisdom, Love and Light of God. And as each member of the human family consciously chooses to become one of our chelas, initiates and lightworkers you are automatically charged with the knowledge and ability required to fulfill the requirements of this new age. It is then up to you to decide how you shall go about completing your task.


A chela of the Ascended Masters is a chela not because they subscribe to spiritual publications, not because they attend or conduct sacred ceremonies or support various spiritual activities. There is much, much more to the definition of a 'chela'. One becomes a chela because of what is in your heart and mind. God always knows what is in your heart beloved ones. Your Mother-Father God also knows your every thought, no matter how insignificant it may seem. Who you truly are can never be hidden from God!


Perhaps, more important in determining who is a 'chela', is how one chooses to live their life. As it has been said before, many times in many ways, you can study for many lifetimes, learning everything possible there is to know about a subject. The ultimate test of your knowledge and understanding comes from how you put this information into practice, showing by your actions what you have truly learned from your studies.


Beloved chelas, God is all love! God is all power! God is all light! And God is the only way back to the source of all creation! However, one cannot have too much love, neither can you have too much wisdom or power. This is why the path 'home' must always be the path of the middle way.


This sacred path has no specific religious or spiritual origin, it began as everything does, deep within the heart and mind of our Mother-Father God. Once again, beloved ones, you stand at a crossroads. Once again you have an important decision to make for there is so much more for you to learn. As you each individually and collectively continue to follow your paths, the pure land of boundless splendor and infinite light shall forever beckon.


I AM Maitreya,

And if it is your desire,

I shall forever be your teacher



I AM the Center of my Universe!

I AM the Force of Love to all its points!

 I AM the full dominion of Love in action!


I AM the final effects of divinity re-established!

I AM the Divine Plan manifest in the world of form!

I AM the complete mastery of Love over every vibration!

IAM free!    IAM free!    I AM eternally free!    



From deep within the sacred Threefold Flame of our heartcenter, we send our eternal gratitude and devotion to you beloved Lord Maitreya for your presence during this service and for your loving words of wisdom and strength to the children of Earth, this day and every day. (pause)


(Spoken by Director: Thoughtform for 2000)


Listening with our hearts and following the Star of Christ Consciousness, beloved Saint Germain's Violet Fire of Freedom's Love has now truly become a manifest reality throughout this planet!


As we fully accept the Earth into our keeping, the light of a thousand Suns floods the world, enfolding the entire Human Family within the joyous, buoyant, raising, spiraling power of the mighty Ascension Flame.


With this light of the Sun beyond the Sun, beyond the Sun, that which is limitation and shadow shall be no more. as peace, unity and brotherhood reigns supreme from this day forth!


Please join me in giving the Theme for 2000


*I AM ONE with all life!

   I AM ONE with all light!

         I AM ONE with all love! (3x)


I AM an upwardly rushing force of divine vibration and consciousness which manifests in my perfectly balanced Heart Flame―the true center of my being! This flame, ever-expanding outward, is the pure electronic light substance of my aura. Constantly spiraling around me, it draws an ever- higher vibration of God's Cosmic Energy to me.





Beloved ones, I thank you for your dedicated love, energy and friendship as we united in co-service with all our sisters and brothers around this planet and the many great Beings of Light who offered their radiation to the raising and blessing of all life on our planet Earth. Now will you please stand for the benediction.


(+) Benediction (or choice of Director, see ivory pages 16- 20)


Sealed in the mighty balanced activity of the Threefold Flame within the hearts of beloved Sanat Kumara, Lord Gautama and especially today Lord Maitreya, we thank you, great beings of love, for your constant outpouring to us. May your gifts and blessings continue to flow through us at all times and sanctify every part of life we contact until God's Great Divine Plan is fulfilled.


We love, bless and thank each one of you for your long and selfless service to our dear Earth and all life everywhere. Take up our humble efforts and amplify them without limit with your mighty love. Take them North and South, East and West, and cover our dear planet Earth with love and light, with peace, with illumination, healing, freedom, victory and the Will of God made manifest through every electron belonging to this planet and its evolutions in any way. This shall be for I have spoken as God's Most Holy Name―I AM!


(+) Closing Acolyte Service (ivory pages, page 10)


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