This service is lovingly dedicated

to Beloved Sanat Kumara,

Great Cosmic being of Love & Regent

to our dear planet Earth and to all

Majestic Beings of Light who are

dedicated to expanding & projecting

the essence of Universal God Consciousness





For the Class of December 31, 2001, 9:45 AM

(Eastern Standard Time)


NOTES: Following is the service that will be given, for the first time, in the Angel Room at Shamballa on December 31, 2000 starting at 9:45 AM with the Three Candle Acolyte Service. We will be using the 1989 Revised Edition of The Book of Ceremony and Ordered Service for all decrees.

 (+) Indicates that the chelas will stand, unless otherwise instructed by the Director.

 (+) OPENING ACOLYTE SERVICE (ivory pages, page 9)

MEDITATION PERIOD (until 10:00 AM, music of your choice may be played during this meditation period)

 (+) INVOCATION by Director (or invocation of choice, see ivory pages)

 Beloved Mighty Presence of God I AM, the Source of all that is everywhere present, anchored within each of our hearts and that of all humanity. We love and adore you. We gratefully adore your One Universal Presence of Love and Light pulsating through all life and acknowledge you to be the owner and giver of our life, our intelligence, our substance, our all.

From thy Eternal Heart do we now invite and invoke, focus and concentrate, acknowledge and project, sustain and precipitate with the mighty ascended master light rays, the very substance of the ascended master consciousness - the Sacred Fire, the Living Body of God, through and from beloved Alpha and Omega, beloved Helios and Vesta, all the gods and goddesses, each and every cosmic being connected to us, beloved Lady Circulata, beloved Lady Immaculata, beloved Lady Clove and all the Silent Watchers over all activities.

We also call upon the collective ascended master consciousness available at The Royal Teton Retreat, the home of the Great White Brotherhood, the beloved Holy Triumvirate at Shamballa, the home of the Spiritual Hierarchy: beloved Lord Gautama, beloved Lord Maitreya and especially today the presiding master of this sacred planetary activity, beloved Sanat Kumara. Beloved ones come now! Together, let us create a powerful service of love, wisdom and power, dedicated to our blessed planet and all life upon it.

Beloved Sanat Kumara, as we prepare to enter into co-service with chelas and lightworkers across the face of the Earth, magnify your great gift to life. Seal us in the triple activity of the Cosmic Threefold Flame of Shamballa. Direct this sacred essence through the Holy Christ Self and I AM Presence of each and every soul belonging to Earth's evolution. Help us to lift our vision above the illusions of the lower self and see only the beauty and perfection of God's Divine Plan fulfilled. Charge us with the full momentum of Light and Love so that we may, in turn, bless all life and raise every part of that life to the level of pure God-consciousness. Unite us all within the true feeling and expression of Universal Peace and Brotherhood.

For the answer to this and our every call to the Light of God that is eternally victorious - we are grateful, we are grateful, we are so very grateful.

So be it, beloved I AM!

GREETING BY DIRECTOR: Good morning my beloved sisters and brothers. From the ever-expanding threefold flame within me, I welcome you with all the love in my heart and thank you for your shining presence here today on this, the last day of a very memorable year, when chelas and lightworkers around the world shall uniquely connect our energies and offer this sacred service to all life. Today we truly have an extraordinary opportunity as we prepare the Earth to move forward easily and effortlessly into a magnificent and glorious New Year.

You may be seated beloved ones. Please sit comfortably with your spine erect and feet on the floor. Now, close your eyes and become aware of your breathing. Take a few deep and gentle breathes in and slowly release your breath.... Breathe in and out....  in and out. (Pause)

Begin drawing the sacred holy Breathe of God all the way down, deep into your abdomen and breathe out. (Pause)

Breathe in the Love and Comfort of God and as you breathe out, release every single concern of the outer world you have today. (Pause)

As you breathe in again, experience your mind becoming calm.... And as you breathe out, feel your physical body relaxing. (Pause)

Breathe in again and enter the threefold flame within your heartcenter.... As you breathe out feel your Holy Christ Self expand throughout your physical heart. Experience its activity. Continuing to breathe in and out in a relaxed and gentle manner quietly affirm: "My dearly beloved I AM Presence, today, as you enfold me always in your ever expanding mantle of light, take full command of my outer self -my physical body and human personality. Take command of my every thought, feeling, spoken word, action and reaction.

Produce your perfection and hold your dominion. Put and keep me always in my right and perfect place. Show me the perfect thing to do and through me do it perfectly".

Breathe in, beloved ones.... and breathe out. Breathe in again and as you breathe out, feel and visualize yourself fully permeated, saturated and enfolded in the electronic light substance of your mighty I AM Presence. (Pause)

You now know and accept to the very core of your essence that the harmony of your true being is your ultimate protection. Breathe it in beloved ones, and breathe it out. Now, please repeat after me three times:

I live this day in God Light! (3x)

God is in control wherever I AM! (3x)

The Light of God is eternally victorious! (3x) (Pause)

So be it, beloved IAM!

Breathe in again and breathe out. Feel how centered you are at this very moment. Now, let us gratefully become aware of and acknowledge our own individual task force of angels. Breathe in and feel their love for you flowing into your heart center. As you breathe out offer your love back to them completing the sacred circle which surrounds you at all times. Let them experience your gratitude for their tremendous service not only for you but for all life, further fulfilling one of beloved Saint Germainís activities to be accomplished during the New Golden Age - the complete and conscious unity, love and service between angelic, human and elemental life. (Pause)

Breathe in once again and as you breathe out gently bring your attention back to this sanctuary. Now, take another breath in and as you breathe out please open your eyes and take up your decree books. Through the power of the spoken word let us strengthen this unity by giving Decree 7-01, Decree for the Cooperation of the Angelic, Human and Elemental Kingdoms. With love and gratitude, together...


Thank you. Now turn to Decree 1-10 and let us give the Affirmation of Dedication and personal Consecration to the Supreme Source of all life, God I AM. When you have found it please stand. Take a deep breath in.... and gently breathe out. With love and conviction, together...


That was beautiful. You may be seated and put your decree books aside. Begin to breathe in and breathe and out. We are the Light of the World beloved ones. Each of us is one cell in the sacred Heart of God, the Great I AM that I AM. And together all life in this universe makes up the Body of God. Now, in unison, continue to breathe rhythmically. With each inhalation become aware you are one breath.... one heartbeat.... one energy.... and one vibration of this great Body of Light. As you breathe out know that, together, we are this Body of Light fully activated surrounding our planet. As the Light of the World breathe in again.... and breathe out. Quietly affirm within your soul: "I AM now centered and consciously choose to remain within the Heart of the Sacred Fire forever. From this day forth I will only speak and command with the authority of the Great I AM that I AM". (pause)

Breathe in deeply, beloved ones.... and breathe out. Feel the perfectly balanced Threefold Flame within your heart intensifying, surrounding you and every person on our planet with the pure divine gifts of God's Perfect Love, Wisdom and Power. (pause) Gently, allow your consciousness to expand outward as you now enter the magnificent sacred and mystical City of Shamballa. See beloved Micah's beautiful iridescent soft blue star of cosmic proportions brightly shining its light all around you. Its rays are brilliantly aflame, constantly sustaining the quality of unity and brotherhood and intensifying the divine protection for the Activity currently known as the Bridge to Spiritual Freedom which was established between the Octaves of Light and the people of Earth so very long ago. This magnificent light is a continual outpouring and reminder to the people on this planet of the tremendous power and potential of the gift of unity. As it continues to flow through us into the Body of Light, may it also enter the minds, bodies, beings and worlds of all who are just beginning to awaken from their spiritual slumber of the ages.

The Body of Light, a vast network of lifestreams, in this world and beyond it, whose energies and efforts serve as the redeeming and unifying influences for all life upon the planet Earth now blazes brightly in its magnificent glory. For those of us who are part of this infinite association, we know what a great privilege, as well as a tremendous responsibility such a relationship is as all life is raised into the Pure Divine Light and Consciousness of God's Perfection. We also know each of us has a specific and vital function to accomplish within this endeavor as we work for the perfect fulfillment of God's Divine Plan. (Pause)

As this unified body, the Light of the World, let us now intensify and expand this radiant light by working with God's magnificent gifts of protection and purification and the many great beings who so perfectly embody them. We will start by calling upon the Enfolding Spirit for this year, beloved Lord Sirius, to once again release the full momentum of the power and beauty found within the perfect Will of God into and through us to all life. Please take up your decree books and turn to Decree 2-07. With humility and dignity, together...


Thank you. Having intensified in all life the power and majesty of the Will of God please turn to Decree 3-06 as we now call upon Lord Michael, beloved Lady Astrea and the Purifying Powers of the Sacred Fire. In the fourth paragraph where it says: "the planet Earth", let us add: "and all life upon it". So we will say "into the cause and core of all destructive effluvia in, through and around the planet Earth and all life upon it". Take a deep breathe in.... and breathe out. With energy, together....


Thank you for that wonderful release of energy! Now please turn to Decree 2-04 and let us call upon mighty Hercules and his Invincible Guard to continue this powerful momentum. We will give this decree one time through using as our inserts #3: Shamballa, the Heart Center of this Activity of Light, #2: all chelas of Light everywhere, and we will add: all life on planet Earth. With beloved Hercules' strength and power, together...


Thank you. Please put your decree books aside and center yourselves once again. As each year comes to a close and a new year is about to emerge, there are two prominent activities which take place in conjunction with the sacred activities taking place in the etheric city of Shamballa. These two events result in our Earth and all humankind being granted two extraordinary gifts from our Mother-Father God. The first activity involves the purification of the planet through the transmutation, forgiveness and release of all misunderstood and misqualified energy incurred during the previous twelve month period. This is achieved through our synchronized and dynamic use of the Violet Transmuting Fire.

Throughout our service this morning we actively call forth many Cosmic Beings of Light and ask them to join their energies with ours so that once again we can wipe Earth's slate clean of any etheric, emotional, physical or mental debris which is keeping her from becoming Freedom's Holy Star.

The second activity, which will culminate later tonight, includes the descent of the cosmic energies for the new incoming year. This additional increased energy will assist in manifesting Earth's ability to move ever closer to its divine perfection during the following twelve month period. The Spiritual Hierarchy assists us in accomplishing this task by receiving and energizing the new thoughtform and theme for the incoming new year, which we will then anchor into the Earth during the all night watch. During the Petition Services we also pledge our continuing efforts and energies to supporting and sustaining these incoming cosmic forces, which are needed to assist in developing the ever evolving divine plan for all humanity and our dear planet Earth.

These two important activities are accomplished each year through our sincere invocations, powerful decrees, magnificent visualizations, and our united co-service with the ascended masters and all other great beings and powers available to bring forth this Universal Light, Love and Peace from the Supreme Source of All Life.

Through the great gift of God's Divine Mercy offered to the entire human family at the end of each year, especially this year when many activities of a lesser nature and consciousness have become so painfully more obvious. However, we also have the additional opportunity to look deep within ourselves and, if we choose, let go of our own miscreations and forgive others, gratefully returning the force used to create these illusions back into pure energy once again.

Let us continue the process of purification through the use of the sacred violet flame to transmute and release all misused, misunderstood and misguided energy brought forth throughout this year. Please pick up your decree books and let us start with A Prayer to beloved Kwan Yin. Please turn to Decree 3-02 and let us give this decree reverently, together...


Thank you for that wonderful energy. Now, please turn to Decree 3-14, Mass Karma as we call upon the angelic legions of Lord Zadkiel to purify by violet fire the mass karma remaining within the human family. Before beginning this decree please take a deep breath in and out. As one mighty voice, together...


Knowing that many of the causes and cores of human miscreations lie within the astral plane just waiting for an individual to open themselves to forces not of the Light, let us also call forth the assistance of the great cosmic being beloved Lord Shri Magra and his mighty legions by giving Decree 3-13. When you have found it, please stand. Take another deep breath in.... and out, and with energy, together...


As the light continues to expand to dissolve the shadows of human creation in the astral plane, to complete this phase of our work, let us now fill the Earth and all life upon it with Violet Fire by giving Decree 3-12 and instead of saying "fill my world with Violet Fire" we will say "fill the Earth with Violet Fire", knowing this includes all life in, through and around our planet. As one mighty voice...


With all life on Earth filled with Violet Fire you may now be seated and put your decree books aside. Centering yourself, concentrate on the activity of your breath. As you breathe rhythmically in and out, let us also visualize what we have called forth so far this morning. See the planet Earth and its atmosphere completely enfolded in the royal blue forcefield of beloved mighty Hercules, fully charged with his momentum of the will to do God's Will and the strength to do it which serves as a natural protection against all creation of all not of the Light. (Pause) Beloved Lord Sirius now intensifies this forcefield, projecting his full momentum of the universal power and beauty of God's Will into it. (Pause)

Within this tremendous forcefield the angelic legions of beloved Lord Michael and Lord Shri Magra now arrive cutting free and dissolving all misqualified energy, all negative etheric records back to their original cause and core throughout the entire planet Earth, all elemental life, ourselves and all our brother and sisters in or out of embodiment. (Pause)

Now, all life experiences the purity emanating forth from beloved Lady Astrea's mighty legions as pulsations of God's Goodness flows in and through our beings, releasing the last vestiges of the lower consciousness within and around us, which keeps us separated from our Mother-Father God. Actively part of this tremendous protecting and freeing process we gratefully acknowledge:

I AM Archangel Michael's Blue Flame of Protection & Deliverance!

I AM Lord Shri Magra's Flame of Power!

I AM Lady Astrea's cosmic currents of Purity!

I AM Mighty Herculesís Invincible Guard!

I AM Lord Sirius' Power and Beauty of the Will of God!

I AM God in Action, setting all life free!

Breathe it inÖ Breathe it out...  (Pause)


Now visualize rising up from the center of the Earth, a majestic fountain of Violet Fire expanding out in every direction filling the whole planet and its atmosphere with violet fire. In addition, Lord Zadkiel, Lady Kwan Yin and their angelic legions release the full momentum of their gifts to life: Mercy, Compassion, Transmutation and Purification. (Pause)

Every human heart is touched by these purifying, merciful flames which in turn allows the threefold flame of divinity within us, to expand further, assisting us in letting let go of everything we no longer need allowing God's energy to flow fully and freely through every fiber and atom of our being. (Pause)

From every human heartcenter a violet flame flows outward now uniting with the violet fire angels and as a mighty force of violet fire "transmutes and purifies" (3x) all miscreation and pressure inflicted upon members of our human family and all elemental life and again we gratefully affirm:

I AM Elohim Arcturus' full momentum of the Violet Fire and the rhythm to sustain it!

I AM Lord Zadkiel's Violet Transmuting and Purifying Flames!

I AM Lady Kwan Yin's blessings of Mercy & Compassion!

I AM a force of Violet Fire, stronger than all human conditions and creation, blazing (3x) in, through and around the planet Earth and all life!

I AM God in Action loving all life free!

I AM that I AM and I AM all that is everywhere present.

Breathe these sacred flames and divine gifts in and breathe them out! Know, feel and accept I AM that I AM. Breathe it in and breathe it out. As the whole planet Earth and all life upon it is set free please repeat after me 3x:

I AM Free! I AM Free! I AM eternally free!

So be it, beloved I AM! (Pause)


Fully free from all the ties which have bound us for century upon century of existence gently close your eyes and concentrate upon your heart center, that point of light within, from where you receive all that you require for your existence. Feel the life force flowing through your body with every beat of your heart. See your sacred threefold flame blazing at the very center of your being.

I Visualize the vibrant Blue Flame of Power, which is your authority from the One Universal Source of All Life, sustaining your very being in this world. This power grows and strengthens with your every heartbeat. Feel this activity coursing through your body, protecting you and renewing your faith in the perfection of all things. Concentrate upon this flame for a few moments.

Now turn your attention to the Golden Flame of God Illumination. This mighty light blazes forth, awakening you to the Light and Truth. As you receive an intensification of this flame, the gift of spiritual discernment is given. From this time forth you will be ever watchful for opportunities to share with others, confident that you have the discernment and patience necessary to do this work.

As you concentrate upon the Golden Flame, it joins with the Blue Flame. Now, spiraling outward from their center, you see the Pink Flame of pure Divine Love. This love comes straight from the very Heart of God, and is completely unconditional and perfect. See this radiant flame surrounding and enfolding the Blue and Gold Flames as they now unite, becoming the perfectly balanced Immortal Threefold Flame of Life within your heart. Observe this sacred activity. Etch it firmly upon the screen of your mind. Realize that you may draw it forth at any time and center yourself within it. Know from this time forth that this flame is the perfect peace you so desire.

As you receive this knowledge, now enter your own immortal Threefold Flame. At this very moment, experience the rhythm of this Flame. Receive all the gifts and blessings from God it contains with every heartbeat, which is the POWER of GOD manifest within the Flame. Expand these gifts and blessings forth to all life with every heartbeat, which is the WISDOM of GOD manifest within the Flame. Project these unlimited gifts and blessings to all life with every heartbeat, which is the LOVE of GOD fully manifest within this Flame.

Remember always this is your life and your work. There is no other work to be done by a chela of Light. Know each of us in the higher octaves have followed this same path to our own ascension. By bringing these truths into everything with which you are involved, you will develop your own mastery! You will victoriously accomplish that which you seek for yourself and for all life; full freedom in the Light! ...

Shamballa now pulsates deep within you, filling the atmosphere all around you. See the great Body of Light encircling our planet also pulsating brightly with the light, love and peace of all chelas and lightworkers everywhere on the face of the Earth who have joined in service with us today. Through the power of the Holy Breath let us expand and intensify this energy. In unison, breathe in. . . . and breathe out. Breathe in again.... and gently breathe out. We are ready to begin:

I AM inbreathing the pure joy and higher vibration of divine harmony, gratitude and love.

I AM absorbing the pure joy and higher vibration of divine harmony, gratitude and love.

I AM expanding the pure joy and higher vibration of divine harmony, gratitude and love.

I AM projecting the pure joy and higher vibration of divine harmony, gratitude and love. (3x)


Breathe in deeply, and absorb these sacred gifts beloved ones. Gently breathe out and project these holy blessings into the hearts and minds of all people on planet Earth. As all humanity is blessed by the peace and power of the Middle Way, the planet Earth quietly rests within the crystalline lotus flames of discernment, strength and divine love. Immersed in this higher state of enlightenment and blessed with the gifts of this exquisite harmony, our bodies are relaxed, our minds are crystal clear, our feelings are perfectly balanced and we look forward to the new year with joy and anticipation. (Pause)

Continuing to rhythmically breathe in and out silently listen as I now Call to the Flame:

Beloved Presence of God I AM in us; Oh thou beloved immortal victorious Threefold Flame of life, EXPAND thyself within us, and in the fullness of thy divine powers, raise us into the mighty perfection which thou art. Blaze forth visible to the sight of all humankind, and enfold all within thy dazzling presence. May all humankind hear and obey thy mighty command for perfection to manifest NOW upon the Earth. Reveal thy eternal law of life - the mighty TRUTH and REALITY of Thine own self. Set all life FREE, and hold thy dominion within us and all humanity forever. The beloved immortal victorious Threefold Flame of Almighty God is within each holy temple. Let all the life on Earth adore its mighty power and be at peace - in humble, willing, adoring, illumined obedience to this - our One Supreme Source of Life!

With joy and gratitude please begin to bring your attention back to our sanctuary. As you begin to bring your attention back to this sanctuary, breathe in deeply... and breathe out. Breathe in again... and when you are ready please open your eyes.

When you are ready, reach for your decree books and let us, through the power of the spoken word, call for the expansion of the planetary threefold flame through all life by giving Decree 3-11, Invocation to the Powers of Shamballa. When you have found it please stand. Together...


Thank you and please be seated. Filled with the limitless Light and Cosmic Balance of the planetary Threefold Flame please again become aware of our unity and oneness with the angelic kingdom, the planet Earth, all elemental life, the Body of Light and all great beings and powers of light and love throughout this entire universe. Let us now pause for a moment to acknowledge, honor and feel the radiation and presence of the beloved Sponsors and Enfolding Spirit for this year 2001 who so wisely and lovingly serve the Earth. (Pause)

Grateful to once again stand within your radiation, we now offer our deepest gratitude and love to you, beloved ones, for your selfless service throughout this past twelve month period.

Beloved Lady Miriam, great sister of Light, as you silently radiated your love and taught us about your gifts of cosmic determination and intention to do God's Will, we did our best to serve, anchor and expand the divine principles you so lovingly brought forth as the co-founder of The Bridge to Spiritual Freedom. Through you there has been created a firm foundation, a conduit of consciousness, to form a bridge between Heaven and Earth so all of humanity may one day find their way back "home". We shall be forever grateful for your great service to life!

Beloved Lady Liberty, Cosmic Mother and perfect representative of the Flame of Liberty from the Supreme Godhead,

as you quietly enfolded us in your loving radiation and shown us how to liberate ourselves from the illusions of our lower consciousness, you have given us the ability to come to know what "free will choice" really means and what a precious gift from God it is. How liberating it is to use the gift of free will to serve God's Will and achieve perfect balance within ourselves as we consistently continue ascending into the higher realms of pure God-consciousness. We love, bless and thank you for watching over us!

Beloved Mighty Victory, shining sun of Venus, to you who have steadily and firmly held your momentum of victorious accomplishment for all the people to see for eons of time and teaching us to see how God's Great Victory can be so easily accomplished in our daily lives when our service to life is done with a pure intent and a loving heart. We bless you, beloved one, in ways which even you know not of!

Beloved Lord Sirius, as the radiating center of power and beauty within the Will of God, you have lovingly enfolded us in your divine qualities while our world as we know it is rapidly changing and growing. Through the constancy of your radiation and the many gifts of your blessings to life, we have finally been able to see through the illusions of the lesser forces. As we surrender our human ego to that of the Divine, in humility and dignity, we are now able to follow the direction of our own God Presence. We are so very grateful for your great service to the children of Earth, blessed one!

Beloved ones we thank you for your loving and dedicated guidance and encouragement this year and humbly ask that you assist us always as you give your life sustaining energies to unifying our energies and creating one sacred chalice of living, loving light. (Pause)


Thoughtform for 2001 

Constantly invoking the sacred Violet Fire and consciously calling forth the perfect balance of divine love, wisdom and power -the I AM Presence of God in Action the scales of justice have now been balanced and Earth's Divine Plan quietly and gently unfolds.

Within the power of all who are willing to do God's Will, the path of middle way quickly opens up before us, strengthening the bridge between Heaven and Earth as beloved Saint Germain's New Age of Spiritual Freedom becomes reality.

With every breath and heartbeat, all our energies - every thought, feeling, word and deed, flows forth and assists in manifesting this beautiful and glorious God Design.

And now please join me for the Theme for this year, if you don't know it by heart, please silently listen and experience the energy created by these powerful and loving words as we project them forth to all life.

Theme for 2001

I AM the luminous Presence of God!

I AM the creative fire pulsating in every human heart!

As I AM part of the unified chalice and channel through

which God's Love and Blessings flow to all life:


*I have perfect faith in God's Will to direct me in everything I do!

For this reason, I shall remain silent to perceive God's Will

and shall not act until my direction is clear! (*3x)


So be it, beloved I AM!


Now, united in co-service with all great beings, powers and legions of Light and with all chelas and lightworkers everywhere on planet Earth, in preparation for the message from beloved Sanat Kumara this morning, let us give a variation of The Shamballa Decree. When you have found it, please stand. Breathe in and out and as one voice, together ...

We speak from the Threefold Flame in the hearts of all humanity and we invoke the help of all ascended beings concerned with the physical focus of Shamballa, the Bridge to Spiritual Freedom and all chelas of Light everywhere.

*We are the resurrection and the life of God's Perfection for the physical focus of Shamballa in each one of our hearts and the Activity of the Bridge to Spiritual Freedom.(*3x)

Now made manifest and sustained by grace! Sealed in Serapis Bey's Ascension Flame and Victory's Victorious Christ Accomplishment!

So be it, beloved I AM! 


Thank you for that wonderful and loving energy. You may be seated. Once again sit comfortably with your spine straight and feet on the floor. Take a deep cleansing and unifying breath in, and as you breathe out, gently close your eyes. Begin to breathe rhythmically in.... and out. Now, through the energy released in this service by our invocations, decrees, breathing exercises and meditations visualize the planetary threefold flame of our blessed planet Earth and the threefold flame within each one of our hearts and that of every chela, lightworker and every member of our human family connected to us by ties of Light merging and joining together creating the magnificent, joyous, buoyant spiraling Ascension Flame. As this takes place, the entire planet Earth and all life upon it easily and effortlessly gently rises upward into a newer, higher and more powerful level of energy and vibration.

As you feel yourself fully immersed in this new level of consciousness our beloved Sanat Kumara's perfectly balanced heartflame enfolds us. In deep gratitude and humility, we humbly bow before this great being and the flame of the perfectly balanced Love of God which now emanates forth from his aura. Filled with God's Perfect Love we now prepare to receive a message from the beloved regent for our beloved planet Earth, beloved Sanat Kumara.




Note: At Shamballa, the chelas stand while the Reader or director faces the altar, taking a few moments to silently invoke the MASTER to read the Discourse through him or her. When the reader turns to face the class, they will ask you to be seated.

A few moments of silence may follow the reading of the Discourse. If it is available, you may listen to the Musical Keynote of beloved Sanat Kumara, the Shamballa Keynote, or other appropriate music for meditation.

Children of the One Universal God Consciousness

As Regent for this magnificent planet and former Lord of the World, I come to you today to enfold you in my ever-expanding love and assist you in understanding your next step on the Path to Spiritual Freedom. As the supreme authority for all the activities of the spiritual hierarchy, of which you are each a part, and dispenser of the great works and influence of the Godhead; one of my responsibilities is to assist those lifestreams who are ready, to comprehend and appreciate their ever-changing place in the grand design of the great universal scheme.

I find this very often occurs before one appears to be ready in their outer manifestation but as I also have the ability to look within the mind, body, feelings and soul of each individual, I know the truth and do my best to gently prod everyone forward at those pre-agreed upon moments in time which keep the cosmic clock ticking in perfect rhythm with the divine plan. This is an activity which I lovingly embrace with every fiber of my being for the tremendous spiritual growth and development I observe not only on your planet but in other systems and worlds. This is truly my greatest reward! As you can well imagine, such perfect timing is not always easy to achieve and it is because of the timing of the divine plan that I must communicate with you today.

Since time immemorial humanity has looked to the heavens for strength, comfort, support and guidance. Additionally, there have always been individuals on your planet who saw a great need and came forward as the priests, priestesses, ministers, rabbis and other holy men and woman to guide, direct, console, advise, counsel and, far too often, control the multitudes who were searching for their reason for being and looking for the answers to questions of a religious nature. Over time and with this assistance additional members of your human family became stronger and more knowledgeable, especially when it came to the aspects in life of a spiritual nature.

For those who found it difficult to work within the confines of various traditional religions and felt for whatever reason, they could not connect directly with God, many of us in the higher realms of Light, recently came forward in a form you could understand, relate to and accept, who would serve as intermediaries between you and that "something which was missing in your life" you could barely comprehend let alone grasp for more than a fleeting moment. With the added momentum of our support and assistance, those who chose this path became more confident and their consciousness began to grow and expand.

Eventually, as their consciousness expanded even further with our gentle and loving support, many individuals began to connect directly with the Godhead. These individuals also began to see the Light of God emanating from the auras of others and they began coming together, often in small groups but sometimes as large structured organizations to figure out their reason for being and further their purpose on this Earth.

Is my story beginning to sound familiar? Well it should, for this is the spiritual story of humanity! Especially at this point of my tale, it is your story beloved ones and the story of students and lightworkers all around your world.

Dear chelas, it is now time for this story to continue. Are you ready to learn what will be revealed in the next chapter?

Let me begin by stating the details are actually up to the free will choice of each one of you. According to the promise you made before you came into embodiment for the very first time on this planet, the hour is now to fully connect with the One Universal Presence of God, I AM directly. It is time for the total and complete reintegration of your being with the Godhead beloved ones! Before the fear of this very thought begins to create difficulty within your mental and emotional bodies, let me take this opportunity to say this reunification will not mean you will loose your individuality. Neither will you lose any of your ascended sisters and brothers and the other great Beings of Light you have come to know so well and depend on, perhaps a little too much, for your spiritual nourishment and connection to the higher realms.

What will happen is, in the eternal oneness of Universal Consciousness, you will find the fullness of your individuality - now complete - in its divinity! In preparation for this process of unfoldment to continue, I and many of the members of my spiritual court will silently enfold you in our loving embrace. It shall then be up to you, each one, to reflect upon your progress, consider your remaining karmic debts, contemplate your future and wait until it is your turn to stand and be counted among those who have chosen to proceed to the next level of your personal spiritual evolution and that of your planet.

Sanat Kumara

From deep within the sacred threefold flame of our heartcenter we send our eternal gratitude and devotion to you beloved one for your great presence in the universe, this day and every day. We also thank you for your loving words of strength, wisdom and love which will continue to enlighten us in the days and weeks to come.

My beloved sisters and brothers, co-servers in the Light of God which is eternally victorious, I thank you for your loving and dedicated service this morning. United in co-service with all our dear sisters and brothers around this planet and the many great beings of light who joined us, who offered their radiation to raise and bless all life on our planet Earth, we thank you! And now if you will please stand for the Benediction, we will draw this sacred service of living, loving Light to a close.

(+) Benediction (or choice of Director, see Book of Ceremony, ivory pages 16-20)

Sealed in the mighty balanced activity of the Threefold Flame within the hearts of beloved Lord Gautama, beloved Lord Maitreya and especially today, beloved Sanat Kumara we thank you great beings of light and love for your constant outpouring for us. May your gifts and blessings continue to flow through us at all times and sanctify every part of life we contact until God's Great Divine Plan is fulfilled.

Great cosmic beings, silent watchers, sponsors and enfolding spirit for this year, the ascended host, the angelic legions and elemental kingdom, we thank you for your wondrous service to us this day. Take our gifts and blessings North, South, East and West and cover our dear planet Earth with love and light, with peace, with illumination, with healing, freedom, victory and the Will of God made manifest through every electron belonging to this planet and its evolution in any way. We now call to the Infinite Presence of all life in this Universe to bless you, bless you in ways that even you do not know of.

Beloved Presence of God I AM in us and in the heart of all humanity we bless and thank you for your ever present Oneness in our lives. Before your great power, light and love we humbly bow! Standing forever enfolded in your light may we constantly remember that you are always within us. As we strive to be yourself in action in this world at all times may your power and love continue to sustain us all the days of our sojourn here on Earth.

This shall be for I have spoken

as God's Most Holy Name I AM!


(+) Closing Acolyte Service (see ivory pages, page 10)


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