For the Class of December 31, 2002, 9:45 AM

(Eastern Standard Time)


NOTES: Following is the service that will be given, in the Angel Room at Shamballa on December 31, 2002 starting at 9:45 AM with the Three Candle Acolyte Service. We will be using the 1989 Revised Edition of The Book of Ceremony and Ordered Service for all decrees.

 (+) Indicates that the chelas will stand, unless otherwise instructed by the Director.


All hail to thee, thou all-pervading Light of the Cosmos, the One Universal Consciousness of life I AM! In recognition of this great Light we now draw forth the full expression of the immortal threefold flame within our hearts, representing the threefold activity of all life, as exemplified by these physical flames: 

(Light one candle for each statement)

I AM the essence of the Splendor and Grace of God’s Will!

I AM the essence of the Ascendancy of Illumined Wisdom!

I AM the essence of the ever-evolving Simplicity of Divine Love!

(When all candles are lit—continue…)


Oh Light Supreme, we acknowledge thee in all life. Grateful for the gift of your ethereal radiance, we now invite all cosmic and ascended beings of Light, the great angelic host, and all members of the elemental kingdom to come forth and assist us in increasing and strengthening the energy which we draw forth in our service today. May this unified Light expand, expand and eternally expand as it travels throughout the universe in fulfillment of thy will I AM!

MEDITATION PERIOD (until 10:00 AM, music of your choice may be played during this meditation period) 

(+) INVOCATION by Director (or invocation of choice, see ivory pages)


Great Universal Presence of God, I AM that I AM! In Your Name and by Your Authority, we lovingly invite and invoke beloved Ascended Master El Morya to come forth now!  

Come beloved one and awaken in all humanity the desire to do God’s Will in all things; to see God’s Will in all things; and to know God’s Will in all things. 

Erase from the consciousness of humanity the illusions that separate us from our own divine perfection. Imprint upon the minds and feelings of each lifestream that I AM the perfect Will of God! Sustain your Light from the Sun, beyond the Sun, beyond the Sun until we are all raised up to that perfect Oneness we had in the beginning, before all worlds were.  

Assist us in understanding and putting into practice in our daily lives the divine principles inherent in the Will of God. Enfold us always in your Divine Love so that we may be guided by right association, right view, right intent, right speech, right conduct, right livelihood, right effort, right mindfulness and right concentration. 

We gratefully adore your universal Presence of light, love, peace, beauty and perfection constantly pulsating and flowing forth into, through and around all life. For your continued guidance and assistance, your patience and endless devotion to all life, we thank you! 

So be it, beloved I AM THAT I AM!

(+) GREETING BY DIRECTOR: Beloved ones, on this the final day of a not so easy year filled with many challenges, change and tremendous spiritual growth, I welcome you here with all the love of my heart. Take a deep breath in and as you release your breath feel the divine gifts of our Mother/Father God filling this sacred sanctuary of living, loving Light. Breathe in again and as you release your breath reach out and connect with all lightworkers everywhere as we now call upon the I AM Presence and Holy Christ Self of every chela of Light, and all our brothers and sisters in the Human Family to join with in service now!  Let us all agree that Peace will come forth from the inner realms and Unity and Brotherhood shall be established on planet Earth right here, right now and eternally sustained! So be it! 

(Pause)         Thank you, beloved ones. You may be seated. 

To attain that inner peace of heart and spirit that nothing can disturb seems a very difficult task to the earnest chela at times and yet it becomes absolutely necessary if permanent progress on the Path is to be made. With the world in such unrest, each chela must have a firm anchorage to keep from being swept away by the tide of lower human creation and chaos. 

Each of you have created your personality through centuries upon centuries of living, having chosen to often take God’s divine energy and mold it to fit your wants and desires. Now, to reverse that energy we must allow the God Self—I AM that I AM—to once again take command. With no uncertainty the personal self must be placed back into the arms and control of their divine Presence and held there until, through the dynamic use of the Violet Fire, all but the Divine Plan has been purified and dissolved. 

One way to do this is that the first thing every morning, you center your attention upon the Universal Presence of God and draw deep within your being the following:








As I repeat these five statements once again, please repeat them after me three times:  






When Micah, as Jesus the Christ, said “Father, glorify Thou me with Thine own Self—with the glory which I had with Thee before the world was.” He was calling on his mighty Presence to make itself manifest in, through and around him. Who among you has not said these same or similar words? All of you have, at one point or another or you would not be here today. When you uttered these selfsame words do you believe that your Presence did not hear you?  

At this very moment claim your divine heritage, beloved ones! Claim it! Claim it now, for it but awaits your call. Say once again within your heart of hearts, that holy tabernacle of the most High Living God; Mother/Father God, glorify Thyself within me! Shine forth through this physical garment! Flow as a river of Light through my every word and deed, bringing your love and blessings to all life I contact! Let my hands be hands that bless and heal!  

Through me, by the very life energy and force that pulsates in my every heartbeat awaken those who slumber! Love through me, letting your love and your hope of eternal glory touch each heart and quicken each mind with the reality of your divine parentage! Let me know the gratitude from and to the Mother/Father God from whom I descended into this wonderful world of form, come to create as God creates, for is this not the true purpose of my being? Am I not one who came forth, even as Jesus did? (pause) 

Gently begin to bring your attention back to this time and to this place beloved ones. Take a deep breath in and as you release your breath please open your eyes, take up your decree books and turn to Decree 1-12, Greater Presence in Action. As one voice. . . .  

Knowing there is a greater Presence here in action now turn to (+)

Decree 1-08, I AM a Child of God.       Together. . . 

Truly recognizing yourself as a child of God you may be seated. Please put your decree books aside and center yourselves. As you know, each year during this supplemental service on New Year’s Eve, chelas and light workers everywhere on Earth are uniquely connected and we choose to use this extraordinary opportunity to unify our energies and offer this special planetary service to all life. Let us take a moment now to acknowledge the power of this magnificent service. Let us also offer our gratitude for the many chelas throughout the planet who have joined us this morning.         (Pause) 

Thank you. As each year comes to a close and a new year comes forth from the Wheel of Time two major activities take place in the etheric City of Shamballa, which bestow upon us two wondrous gifts from our Mother/Father God. The first is the planetary purification and forgiveness of all misqualified energy for the year, through the use of the Violet Transmuting Fire. The second, which will happen tonight at midnight, is the descent of the cosmic energies for the New Year which will assist in manifesting the truth and reality of the divine perfection for all life on the planet Earth during the following twelve month period. These two equally important activities take place through our invocations, decrees, visualizations and united co-service with the Ascended Masters and other great Beings of Light to bring forth universal light, love and peace from the Supreme Source of All Life. 

Together, as the divine presence acting through our world, let us begin the process of purification by once again picking up your decree books and turning to (+) Decree 2-01,

Mantle of Light Decree.      Please stand when you have found it. . .          As one voice. . .  

Beloved ones, firmly enfolded in your mantle of Light protection let us now call upon another mighty being of Light; one who constantly moves through the universe assisting all life he contacts. Please turn to (+) Decree 2-07, Decree for Beloved Sirius and let us call for the Will of God to manifest now for all life on planet Earth . . . With energy please. . .  

Thank you. Please be seated and put your decree books aside. Find a comfortable position and center yourselves as you listen to another teaching from this Activity of Light.  

Within the consciousness of every human being is a point of contact with the physical world of form as well as with our Mother/Father God. Each lifestream proceeds through the universe guided by one or the other, and oftentimes by both, taking the path upward or downward according to their choices and the impulses of any given moment. 

As each soul awakens to the existence and connects with the energy, vibration and consciousness of one of the limitless numbers of divine teachers, protectors and friends in or out of embodiment throughout this universe, who exist but to serve life, they begin to seek the guidance of these blessed ones…  

So the soul develops and the spirit becomes stronger. Thus the continuation of the process of the natural unfoldment of human evolution according to Cosmic Law goes on! As an individual’s inner Light grows and he or she accepts the realization of the existence of their own divine Presence the expansion of their Light becomes the motivating factor in their spiritual development… 

Every lifestream on the Path, sooner or later, comes to a certain point where he or she begins to turn to the “still small voice” within their heart. At first the individual begins to rely on intuition, then on inspiration, and later still, upon that conscious contact, which precedes self-conscious mastery, the attainment of which constitutes their divine freedom from any limiting human concepts and form. 

This is the most difficult point upon the spiritual path beloved ones and when you come to this place where you fully enter the Heart of the Great Silence, where you commune directly with your own Godself, you must be extremely wise, alert, careful and aware of the response you will receive first of all from your own bodies, because you are such a complex mechanism—a manifold being of Light. Whereas the glory and divinity of your Electronic Body, your Causal Body and your Holy Christ Self can never lead you astray, your lower bodies do have a voice, consciousness and intelligence of their own. And these voices, consciousness and intelligence will often endeavor to serve their own selfish ends through you. 

One of the chief requirements to further one’s spiritual mastery is discrimination wherein you must learn to always recognize the Voice of the Silence. Know that any promptings that overstates or exaggerates the human ego is not the voice of your divine Presence but rather the etheric rumblings of your own past experiences, the emotional desires of your feeling world, mental concepts, and perceptions of your past lives. Everyone has sat before many teachers and leaders who have given you both truth and fallacy and these ideas may or may not be acted upon. They may also enter your mental and emotional bodies, and your etheric consciousness where they solidify and lay dormant for centuries. As the sacred flame within you begins to grow and expand all of these concepts are revived and will come to the forefront of your consciousness at both appropriate and inappropriate times. As a chela you must learn to recognize them for what they are and what they are not!  

Remember always that the still small voice within that makes you humble, makes you loving, makes you pure, and makes you harmonious is of our Mother/Father God. Feelings such as these that stir within your heart, that desire to make the Earth a planet of great Light, that relieve the burdens of your fellow human beings, that raise those in pain and distress into understanding and peace—is of the Light. That which decreases the lesser personality and increases the power of the divine, truly is of God!   (Pause)

Please gently begin to return your attention to the sanctuary beloved ones. Breathe in deeply . . . and gently breathe out . . .

As I previously stated, today is a day to accept one of the most important gifts Universal Consciousness offers to us. Let us begin using the sacred violet flames of purification and transmutation by picking up your decree books and giving Decree 11-15,

Letting Go Into the Violet Fire.       Together! 

Enfolded in the magnificent cloak of peace the Violet Fire often brings let us now call upon the Law of Forgiveness, Decree 3-01.      With energy please… 

Next, we will continue using the gifts of mercy, compassion and forgiveness found within the Violet Fire to assist the entire planet Earth by giving the (+) Decree for the Purification of the Earth* that you will find in the program you found on your seat when you came in this morning. Let us stand for this decree. . .           As one voice!  

Enfolded within the Light and Love of the Universal Presence we, the chelas of The Bridge to Spiritual Freedom, lift our consciousness in eternal friendship with our mighty co-servers in the Great White Brotherhood. With hands clasped in unity and service, we call forth the most powerful activity of the Violet Fire to BLAZE (3x) through us now as we decree:  

I AM a majestic Fountain of Violet Fire purifying the atmosphere of the Earth, transmuting all effluvia and restoring the pristine sweetness of the element of air! 

I AM a majestic Fountain of Violet Fire, blazing through the oceans, rivers and streams of the Earth, until the water element flows clear and clean once more! 

I AM a majestic Fountain of Violet Fire, purifying the element of earth, restoring the balance of minerals until the ground is once again a rich, fertile habitation for all life! 

I AM a majestic Fountain of Violet Fire, blazing within the purified planet Earth and enfolding all humanity in a compassionate cloak of mercy, forgiveness, transmutation, and freedom in the Light!

So be it, beloved I AM that I AM! 

Let us now assist all life in opening their minds, hearts and consciousness to the Will of God by giving the (+) Decree for the Precipitating Power of Divine Will*, also located in your program.     With love and energy please. . .  

In the Name, Power and Authority of the beloved Presence of God, I AM that I AM in all life; we invoke the limitless abilities of God’s magnificent Flame of Precipitation into action! Come forth now, on behalf of our dear planet Earth, fulfill the sacred law of Supply and Demand through us. 

In complete unity, we align our consciousness with the truth that God’s Will is perfection for all life and we decree: 

I AM the precipitating power of Divine Will, coming forth from the Heart of our Mother/Father God in perfect order, to dispense the complete supply of every good and perfect thing required! 

I AM the precipitating power of Divine Will everywhere present, to answer each and every call, even before it is made! 

I AM the Precipitating power of Divine Will, manifesting perfection in all its magnificent glory, right here, right now and forever sustained! 

So be it! We accept the answer to this and our every call to the great divine Universal Consciousness, I AM that I AM! 

Thank you for your wonderful gifts to life. You may be seated and put your program aside. Listen always to the natural spiritual promptings of your heart and follow its loving counsel beloved ones. You will seldom be led astray when your consciousness is constantly and methodically cleansed of any pre-conceived opinions and you open yourself to the Will of God, knowing that where so ever it leads you truly is on the Path of Righteousness. 

 Transformed by the Violet Fire and filled with the pure essence of God’s Divine Will visualize the following as you breathe gently and easily in. . . and out. . . in and out. . . .

Remaining in timeless motion, the divinely balanced pulsations from the very essence of the Sun, beyond the Sun, beyond the Sun, the Heart and Mind of the One Universal Consciousness fills the eternal Divine Plan with its rhythmic vibratory action.

Simultaneously, our bodies breathe in and out in steady, rhythmic pulsations as the Supreme Oneness sends forth its life sustaining rays to every aspect of the cosmos, to every atom, molecule and electron within our universe. 

Together, as we consciously experience and absorb the majestic vibration and luminous radiation emanating from this Supreme Source, our consciousness expands, expands and forever expands in complete harmony and synchronization with Divine Will. 

Advancing ever forward on our sacred journey, we now fully appreciate and consciously embody the Divine Spirit, drawing ever nearer to the threshold of the Fourth Dimensional Activity where mighty unseen and unknown celestial energies constantly vibrate in perfect manifestation with the Supreme Source of All Life, I AM! 

Breathe the magnificence of this glorious vision deep within your being beloved ones. As you breathe out allow it to become a permanent part of your being and world, upon which you will forever build, as you continue your journey home, ultimately becoming one the Universal Consciousness.  Breathe in again. . . .and as you release your breath let us respond to this magnificent Thoughtform by giving the Theme for this year three times. Together. . .  

I AM in complete harmony and synchronization with the Divine Design and choose to remain within the Great Silence of the One Universal Consciousness in dedicated co-creation. Centered within the Unity, Peace, and Perfection of the Supreme Source within and between all matter and substance, I AM a translucent chalice and channel through which Divine Love and Blessings flow to all life.

With every breath and heartbeat: 

* I AM perfectly prepared to faithfully fulfill with creative quietude the manifest truth and absolute reality of I AM that I AM!    (*3x) 

So be it, beloved I AM! 

Upon this new inhalation of the Universal Breath of God Consciousness the temple of Shamballa etherealizes within the magnificent celestial City of Light that exists within the heart flames, the divine essence of all mindful life with ties to the planet Earth. 

Continuing to inhale and exhale easily and naturally, we now breathe together in perfect rhythm and prepare to work with the Holy Breath of God. Breathe in. . . and breathe out. . . .Breathe in again. . . . 

*I AM inbreathing …the perfectly balanced consciousness of divine love, wisdom and authority!

  I AM absorbing     …the perfectly balanced consciousness of divine love, wisdom and authority!

  I AM expanding     …the perfectly balanced consciousness of divine love, wisdom and authority!

  I AM projecting    …the perfectly balanced consciousness of divine love, wisdom and authority!


Breathe in again . . . and, breathe out. Allow your breathing pattern to gently return to normal.  

Thank you. Remaining centered let us now take a moment to enter the silence of our hearts and offer our deepest gratitude and love to the Enfolding Spirit for this year, the great I AM that I AM.  

Gratitude to I AM THAT I AM:  Blessings for your divine Presence in all life great Universal Consciousness! Gratitude for your motivating power that provides direction in our lives as we consciously invoke the descent of the full gathered cosmic momentum of your Divine Will into the emotional, mental, etheric and physical strata wherein we presently abide!  

As the inherent desire to do God’s Will develops through us, let the joy that is the reward of such service expand throughout our auras. As we accept the all-encompassing love you have for your creations we know your Light will continue to fill us with the truth that can and will set us free eternally!  

Today, we welcome your Presence as the radiating center of divine illumination within us! We also now invoke the spark of divine intelligence in the heart of every man, woman and child to reach forth and accept this gift as your Light spreads throughout all planes of existence and experience where understanding, knowledge, truth, and activities of a constructive nature are desired.  

Dearly beloved, you, who designed everything within the universe, we love you! We bow before your great love, your wisdom, your patience, your mercy, and your strength. Knowing that in the investment of your thoughts, your feelings, and your energies through millions upon millions of years you most certainly had a plan in mind, a reason for the limitless use of your energies in both creating and sustaining life.

In humility and love we come before you now. We ask to know what that plan is and how, together, we can assist in fulfilling it. We also ask for the opportunity to reach the members of the human race who also have these same desires and who within themselves are willing to consecrate their personal energies to the fiat beautifully expressed so very long ago: “Thy Will be done on Earth, as it is in heaven.”  

Help us stand within your blazing Light with hopeful hearts, to interpret your will and in dedicated cooperative co-service, manifest it fully on the physical plane. Everything that has been accomplished throughout the ages was made possible through your gift of life. We, who have used this life energy so lavishly, and who now stand at the threshold of mastery, bless you for all the opportunities presented to us to widen the borders of your kingdom of perfection!  

We also thank you for your forgiving grace that has cleared away all destructive karma accumulated this year. As we now stand cleansed in mind, body, soul and spirit may we see even more of your divine love manifesting through our presence in this world. The blessings, the hopes, and the invocations of humanity rest with you as we prepare to enter the next twelve month cycle with dignity, illumination and poise. May all the visions, ideas and plans for increasing humanity’s good be recorded and manifest as the incoming tides of spiritual energy that form the chariot in which you shall ride into the atmosphere of Earth. 

For all of this and so much more; we are grateful. We are grateful, we are so very grateful.

So Be It! Beloved I AM that I AM.    


The pressure of lesser human creation upon the various destructive momentums which a lifestream has gathered throughout the centuries causes these negative tendencies to flare up from time to time. They can and do recede, lying dormant and often deceiving the outer self into a false sense of security, only to be called forth again when the greatest riptides of life experience finds sympathetic vibrations weakly pulsating throughout the masses. 

However, the pulsating momentums of all that is good also lies within the folds of the etheric garment, the mental and emotional bodies as well as the actual atoms and molecules  that make up the physical bodies. At certain times, when great cosmic outpourings of Light reach the atmosphere of Earth, many souls stir, reach up and respond, rising on the strength of their own gathered momentums of good. The chants of thousands of voices, rising from the Earth, will emphasize the rituals performed by the Priests and Priestesses of the Flames. These melodies will sooth the feelings, quiet the confusions of the mind and repolorize the atomic structure of the body allowing for the receptivity of God’s perfect health and beauty.  

To honor one of the most active members of the spiritual hierarchy listen now as I offer a gratitude of love to Ascended Master El Morya—beloved friend and mentor to us all. 

The Will of God is good! Dear Morya, you embody it all.

Your kindness, your love which you give in abundance,

We now return to you straight from our hearts!


Oh, Morya, dear Morya, we vow,

To serve you with all of our hearts.

We acknowledge your vision and God’s Will which you are.

Beloved one, please, never let us depart!


Dear Morya, throughout all the years,

You have kindled your flame in our hearts.

You have stirred us to want to do God’s Will, not our will.

Oh, Morya dear, bless your sweet heart! Oh, Morya dear, bless your sweet heart!


Yes, beloved ones, the Will of God is good! The Will of God is also for a free people! The Will of God is that every man, woman and child shall draw forth the substance and supply needed for their every day existence. The Will of God is that there shall be no veil between humanity and God. Together, let us now become part of the thousands of voices rising from the Earth. Please repeat after me, dear chelas:


The Will of God is Good!

The Will of God is Light!

The Will of God is Happiness!

The Will of God is Peace!

The Will of God is Purity!

The Will of God is Balance!

The Will of God is Kindness!

The Will of God is Unity!

The Will of God is Love!

The Will of God is Mastery!               (3X)


Beloved ones, through the Will of God the lame will be made whole. The sick will be healed. Everyone will someday enter the deep recesses of their hearts and face their own divinity. And upon seeing the reality of their true being face to face, they will consciously choose to become this magnificent perfection that was preordained and the divine destiny of each and every lifestream in this universe. This beloved ones, is the Will of God! 

It is time for this divine blessing to become so impressed upon the consciousness of humanity that there can no longer be any more playing in the shadows of miscreations or acceptance of limitation of any kind. . . . 

To assist in this activity please remain centered deep within the Will of our Mother/ Father God and prepare to receive the message from our beloved Ascended Master El Morya.






Note: At Shamballa, the chelas stand while the Reader or Director faces the altar, taking a few moments to silently invoke the MASTER to read the Discourse through him/her. When the reader turns to face the class, they will ask you to be seated. 

A few moments of silence may follow the reading of the Discourse. If it is available, you may listen to the Musical Keynote of beloved El Morya or other appropriate music for meditation.


My beloved friends and co-servers of ages past, present and future:

To each and every one of you who hears or reads my message today; I now charge you with what you might call a new responsibility! It is time, beloved ones, to go forth from your homes and sanctuaries, to instruct and initiate others, to tend to those in need and bring comfort to every lifestream you come in contact with as you continue to walk the path of the middle way. If my request seems overwhelming to you, please be aware that you are already doing what I ask of you—only now it shall become official. As the Light of the World and my harbingers of hope you, dear chelas, are being sent forth out into the physical world—into your circle of friends and loved ones, your communities, your nations and the planet Earth to manifest as a living, breathing, shining example of Light and Love to draw forth and nurture this same life force and energy in all life. 

You have been instructed well and I now command that you draw together in the Light all who come to you, all who pass through your energy field and connect with you in even the smallest and briefest moments of time and space. As the One Breath, the One Energy and the One Vibration of the New Age it is necessary that you now join forces with these lifestreams whenever possible; in prayer, in meditation, in reflection and in discussion to exchange ideas. Together you must also join your energy in ceremonies and in service. As a spiritual community you will gain knowledge from and study with each other. In cooperation with all life, you will also facilitate and assist in healing one another not only spiritually but also emotionally, etherically and physically as you now consciously choose to use each and every opportunity that is brought to your attention! 

No matter when or why you first came; you came to Shamballa to learn and to be trained. During your time at this location you have been guided and assisted at both inner and outer levels to grow, develop and prepare for the day when you would go forth and fulfill the sacred contract you made with God—your reason for being in embodiment at this time and in this place beloved ones. You now know that you and Shamballa are ONE and your mission is to support and nurture this sacred remembrance in all humanity. Remember, you carry the Planetary Three-fold Flame and the Ascension Flame within you. You proudly wear the crown of the Elohim and the Archangels upon your brow. You have been enlightened by the Tongues’ of Fire of the Cosmic Holy Spirit. And you have dedicated and consecrated yourself to serve as a Holy Chalice of the New Age, constantly calling upon and pouring forth the Light, Love and Breath of God, I AM that I AM, the One Universal Consciousness to all who need and desire it.  

As the physical manifestation and embodiment of this divine consciousness you must each go forth now and become the pebble in the pond that sends forth magnificent rainbow colored ripples of Light and Love throughout your world and the entire planet Earth. It is essential that you constantly and consistently radiate this energy through your actions and words… Truth and Enlightenment! 

Two thousand years ago you were each sent forth with little more than a staff, a robe and a pair of sandals to proclaim to all the Word of God. Now you are being sent out again, this time, with only the Light and Love of the One Universal Consciousness to guide you. Your task is simple… even though its accomplishment will not necessarily be easy, as you have probably already found. Are you finally willing to relinquish all that you have and all that you think you are to fulfill the Will of our Mother/Father God on this plane of existence? Are you still dedicated to remaining the pure and perfect vessels, the consecrated chelas who not only requested this mission but petitioned long and hard for this sacred contract? Today, on this the last day of this year you must answer these questions beloved ones and whatever your decision I shall continue to enfold you forever in my love, strength and power.

I AM that I AM,

El Morya

 * * *

Thank you, blessed one! From deep within the center of our beings we send our eternal gratitude and love to you, beloved El Morya for your presence during this service and your assistance from the Great Silence as we continue to walk the path of the middle way.  

God smiles at humanity’s desire to know the divine plan but every time the veil is drawn ever so slightly aside, most of us cry out in disbelief at the path required to get there. This is why the veil was created, beloved ones. It kindly shades the past in the velvety folds of divine forgetfulness so each soul does not suffer from the memories of what has been in the past. Additionally, the unknown tomorrow is always lightly sprinkled with hope and promise offering a tremendous protection from the many things that are yet to come in our being and worlds. 

Beloved chelas, one thing we do know is that the physical focus of Shamballa is alive and well in every heart, let us complete our service this morning by calling upon the powers of Light at Shamballa. Please turn to (+) Decree 3-11 and when you have found it, please stand and remain standing for the benediction. As one voice! 

Beloved ones, I thank you for your dedicated love, energy and friendship as we united in co-service with all our sisters and brothers around this planet and the many great Beings of Light who offered their radiation to the raising and blessing of all life on our planet Earth.  

(+)Benediction (or choice of Director, see ivory pages 16-20) 

Oh, Thou Great Universal First Cause, from the innermost temple of our beings, we reverently and humbly bow before the Flame of Life IAM that I AM, and drink deeply of its Love, Wisdom and Power. In this balanced state of grace—God the Father, God the Mother, and God the Holy Christ Self, we give our profound praise, gratitude, love and thanksgiving to Thy radiant Sun of God’s Will, beloved Master El Morya. 

To you, beloved one, divine representative of God’s Holy Will to our sacred planet Earth, we send a pink ray of love. As humble servants in your Holy Brotherhood, we kneel before your great Light, and pledge our life, our energies, and our very beings to your Cause of Freedom through this Activity of Light. Our swords and shields, forever blazing, will assist in raising our beloved planet into the complete manifestation of God’s Will, for we wear the Cloak of Freedom! 

Oh, beloved friend of Divine Will, we lovingly call upon the cosmic law to bless your shining Presence! We thank you for your instructions, counsel and friendship which will ultimately assist in bringing about the pre-ordained spiritual government to the Earth and all her evolutions. As God’s Most Holy Name, I AM that I AM!

(+)Closing Three Candle Acolyte Service (Revised 12/2001) 

Blessed flames, expression of the Light essence of the Great I AM, we thank you for your compassionate recognition and manifestation. Enfolded always in the gratitude of our hearts, return now to the Great Silence, to be again called forth by humanity, for the purpose of intensifying the Light, Love and Blessings of the One Universal Consciousness throughout infinity! 

We acknowledge and accept the oneness of all life and in humility; we vow to serve forever as pulsations in the Body of Light, I AM that I AM!  

So be it, beloved I AM.


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