Message from the President

My beloved and blessed friends and co-servers, 

I have been going through an interesting time and felt strongly that I should share my experience with all of you. I will begin by mentioning that in speaking briefly with several other members I find that we are all in a seemingly difficult and perhaps unusual space. Instead of being surrounded by chaos—which has usually been the case for me especially since 1987—we all appear to be in a void. Nothing seems to be happening in all aspects of our lives and everything is so still.  

After becoming aware of this situation I spent a great deal of time in meditation to receive clarity and understanding on this interesting observation. I was quickly reminded that “out of chaos comes manifestation” but that was not where any of us seemed to be. I continued to contemplate the situation and again I heard “out of chaos comes manifestation.” I kept pondering the situation, even discussing it with several others. Again that still small voice within me repeated the words I was beginning to get really annoyed with: “out of chaos comes manifestation”, except this time I was also guided to pick up the Bible and turn to Genesis. And of course, I began at the beginning.... 

“In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. Now the earth was formless and empty…” Wow! Those two words certainly caught my attention because what is a “void”? What is “formless”? And what does “empty” mean?  Formless is having no familiar form or shape.  Empty is the absence of anything whatsoever or the lack or absence of the usual content. I then realized a void is certainly formless and it is most definitely empty! Now we’re getting somewhere!!! 

Of course! We previously released, or returned to the “unformed” the physical focus of Shamballa. Then in preparation for what the future will bring, at the past New Year’s Conference and Symposium during a ceremony in the Angel Room on January 3, 2003 we released all that The Bridge has ever been. At that sacred and holy moment the chalice was empty! The cup became formless! A void  had been created! 

Well that realization just blew me away. I was finally beginning to understand. Quickly I began receiving further illumination. Not only is our beloved Bridge in this void, as members, so are we! Time to go back and take another look at Genesis... 

“... Darkness was over the surface of the deep and the Spirit of God was hovering over the waters.”  Am I wrong or does this sound familiar? Haven’t the negative energies of the past settled over The Bridge and her members, at times creating a tremendous darkness around and within? At the same time hasn’t the One Universal Consciousness also remained with us during this period of preparation and transmutation of the Bridge and all the chelas at the physical, etheric, mental and emotional (water) level? Well this revelation sure answered many of my questions!

“And God said, “Let there be Light,” and there was light. God saw that the light was good and separated the light from the darkness…”  Oh my, I can go in several directions with this one!  In our current situation how is the light being separated from the darkness? Look at the lawsuit and all it has entailed. Think about the choices each and every one of the chelas has had to make and continue to make. I think we are all very aware that the sifting and sorting continues even now!  

And as we know so well whatever applies to The Bridge, applies to us and the rest of the world… As I continue to read Genesis, especially at a time when our world stands at a very important crossroads, I see a beautiful roadmap to follow as we resurrect The Bridge to Spiritual Freedom and continue to joyfully walk along the path toward enlightenment and full freedom in the Light of God that is eternally victorious beloved ones. With this expanded enlightenment, I have decided it is time to re-dedicate and re-consecrate myself and my energies to probably one of the most important services I will offer the Earth in this lifetime. It is time to prepare myself to begin assisting in the process of reforming and refilling the chalice I spoke of several paragraphs ago. 

Before closing my message, as I once again consider the words “chaos” and “void” I realize something very important we must all remember. When we manifest from chaos all the energy, vibration and consciousness of the chaos both good and bad becomes an integral part of what we are creating. Therefore a tremendous amount of time and energy must be spent purifying and transmuting. On the other hand, when we create something from a void, since the space is formless and empty the energy, vibration and consciousness created will be pure. And this perfection will remain, that is, depending upon the choices we make and the actions we take. Powerful insight isn’t it?  

I’m sure after reading my letter you will receive many of your own insights and revelations, especially if you take some time to examine the first few Chapters of Genesis. When you do, I ask that you share them with me. I in turn will share them with the other Members. Remember, beloved ones, we are a group, a loving caring family and must continue to operate as one. I sure do feel better now. How about you?

Love, blessings and peace to all,

Rebecca Ann Laycock