Volume XIV                     December 2004                     Number 4-A




For December 31, 2004 at 10:00 AM

(Standard Mountain Time)


NOTES: Following is the service that will be given during The Bridge to Spiritual Freedom Inc. New Year’s Conference on December 31, 2004 starting at 10:00 AM with the Three candle Acolyte Service. We will be using the 1989 Revised Edition of The Book of Ceremony and Ordered Service for all decrees.


 (+) Indicates that the chelas will stand, unless otherwise instructed by the Director.

 (+)Opening Single Candle Acolyte Service:

All hail to Thee, Almighty All-Pervading Light of the Universe, Supreme Source of All Life I AM! We acknowledge the magnificent Light of the Cosmos and draw forth this sacred flame representing the Three-fold Flame of Divinity within our hearts! 

(-) Meditation Period (until 10:15 AM, music of your choice may be played during this period)

(+) Invocation by Director: (or invocation of choice)

Oh Great One Universal First Cause, from the innermost Temple of our Beings, the Supreme source of all life, I AM! As we enter deep within the balancing flame of LOVE, WISDOM and POWER within our heart, we consciously accept this divinity as the essence of all things and that it is the essence in all Life… and we know that I AM is the Light of the world! 

We relinquish now all the power we have ever given to the outer self; all the power we have ever given to others; all the power we have ever given to the shadows we have created! 

We rededicate and reconsecrate our conscious mind and feelings to knowing that as we think, speak, and walk, the Presence of God within us is expanding this Sacred Essence throughout the universe! Within the Immortal Three-fold Flame of Life, I AM - we acknowledge the Light of God within us as the true center of our being. Through it we will create and expand all the divine virtues, activities and radiations beneficial to this Earth at all times. 

May all self-conscious intelligence recognize that the power of the sacred fire is the actual Presence of God within our every breath and heartbeat. Let all who choose to enter into this Presence expand the virtues accumulated in their causal bodies for the enrichment of this world and the entire Universe! 

We have spoken!  We have decreed! …and we have commanded with Authority!         ...for I AM that I AM within these invocations! I AM that I AM within these affirmations! I AM that I AM within this cosmic power supplying, sustaining and fulfilling it with each breath and heartbeat! 

As God’s Most Holy Name . . . I AM that I AM!


Please be seated.

Greeting: Good morning all my beloved sisters and brothers in the Light. Namaste… the divine light within me acknowledges and responds to the divinity within each one of you present here today and all who are joined with us by ties of light from around the world. 

I now ask you to close your eyes for a moment. Breathe in deeply and as you breathe out, join your heart flames with mine. Breathe in again and on the outbreath, unite your energies with every chela and lightworker anywhere on this blessed planet.  

Now, breathing in once again, expand your consciousness even further. As you exhale, see and feel how our collective consciousness joins with the limitless numbers of our ascended sisters and brothers, the many magnificent angelic beings who assist us at all times and with the great elemental lifestreams that make up the physical plane of the Earth.  

Breathe in deeply and as you breathe out feel and know we are truly united with the Infinite One Universal Consciousness of all life!


As you continue to breathe deeply and rhythmically feel how the Body of Light has now become fully activated! Together, we have become one mighty force of Divine Reality, coming together at this very moment for the expressed purpose of serving all life on this planet.


Today our service will contemplate the essence of pure divine Love as embraced through the qualities of Cosmic Harmony and Spiritual Union. Thus through our service of light and love every man, woman and child on this blessed planet shall be capable of drinking from the essence of Divine Love through their own chalice of receptivity and benefit from their distinct ability to receive. This beloved ones is true Spiritual Communion!


Please now listen to some words of wisdom from this Activity of Light:

The secret of being, the apex towards which all roads lead; the final illumination; the awakening consciousness is – Love. Love is a principle a consciously maintained attitude of radiation and thus Light is the aura of Love.  

Divine Love is all there is. Divine Love is faith… it is wisdom… it is healing, truth, freedom, cooperation and peace. Love always rejoices in the truth… it always protects… it trusts and divine love – hopes with perseverance. Divine Love is at the very core of every blessing from the Infinite Universal Source. We are here to become the experts of love… for the purpose of all life is divine Love in action! 

It is said: The aura of an individual is the atmosphere of its soul and therefore, encompasses its world. Within it you will find your life energy constantly expressing a specific color, tone, sound and/or form, because your aura is also the manifest expression of your four lower vehicles.


Please take a deep and slow breath in and on your out breath let us pick up our decree books and turn to   Decree 2-01, Mantle of Light Decree as we invoke the assistance and protection of the Light of God, Decree 2-01… as one voice… 

Close your eyes for a moment. Enfolded within your Mantle of Light feel the divine Light of the Infinite Universal Consciousness surround us, sense the Love, Wisdom and Power of the Divine enfold us, as a serene Peace now becomes our true being! Within your protective Mantle of Light, breathe in gently and deeply. Sense as the power of the flame within your heart, is embraced by the limitless, eternal, all powerful Light of the Cosmos. Now allow yourself to fully rest within this great love, wisdom and power by expanding your heart flame out even further with each and every breath you take. Through this expansion of energy, know the perfect peace that has descended into and throughout this sanctuary as it moves in, through and around us, connecting and uniting us with the entire Spiritual Hierarchy as, together, we become one pure Chalice of Light. Breathe in deeply... and breathe out... breathe in...and breathe out...


As you now begin to concentrate on the rhythm of your breathing, place your decree book aside and once again gently close your eyes… and listen with your heart: 

I AM a being of flame and I AM its light… I AM a part of an activity designed to re-acquaint all humanity with their flame and their light. 

I AM the flame which is the vibration of the One Universal Consciousness… I AM the flame which is the cohesive love which holds the sun and stars in place… I AM the flame whose power projects light rays from the sun… I AM the flame which fills all the universe with the glory of itself. 

I AM the flame… the animating principle of all life… Wherever I AM there is God activity…  I AM the alpha and omega…  I AM the beginning and I AM the end of manifestation… all externalization…  I AM the flame, which is the source of all and into which all returns. 

The flame which I AM is a power… The flame which I AM is a substance… The flame which I AM is an intelligence… The flame which I AM is the all of everything… energy, vibration and consciousness in action, ever fulfilling the divine plan of creation… The flame which I AM shall restore this planet Earth and set her free eternally. 

The flame which I AM is a fourth dimensional activity…  The flame which I AM is the highest law of Divinity come to assert its full dominion over all the third dimensional world of Earth…  It is all loving… all knowing… and all powerful… and I AM that flame in action amongst all humanity. 

Within the flame which I AM is every good and perfect thing… every thought and feeling the Divine Essence has ever had for the blessing of our creation…  This perfection is externalized as light…  Within the flame is the seed of all things… and within the light is the full manifestation of all things…  I AM the flame and I AM its light. 

The flame which I AM is available like air or water… It is everywhere present… available to those who perceive it and accept it… This is my reason for being – the flame and the light embodied in a form acceptable to humanity… I AM the flame… once again reaching the souls of all beings… filling them with light… the substance of the divinity…  I AM embodied for this reason and no other. 

For I AM a part of an activity designed to re-acquaint all humanity with their flame… and their light… I AM a being of flame… and I AM its light… I AM the flame of life… I AM that I AM!



Breathe in deeply…  and breathe out…  breathe in once again… and exhale…

Beloved ones, it is time to begin to bring your attention back to this Sanctuary. Take your time… there is no need to rush… Hold this experience deep within and allow it to become an integral part of your being. Take a deep breath in… and gently breathe out… breathe in and breathe out and when you are ready please slowly and gently open your eyes.  

Let us know reaffirm our dedication and commitment to being the Flame of Life by verbally giving Decree 1-03, I AM Flame…            Decree 1-03…

Together as one voice…


Thank you, you may put your decree books aside. 


As each year comes to a close and a new year is about to emerge there are two major activities which take place in conjunction with the activities of the etheric essence of Shamballa. These two events result in our Earth and all life upon it being offered two extraordinary blessings from the Infinite Universal Presence within the Great Silence. The first activity involves the purification of the planet through the Violet Flames of transmutation and the forgiveness and release of all misunderstood and misqualified energy incurred during the previous twelve month period. This is achieved through our synchronized and dynamic use of the Violet Transmuting Fire. Throughout our service today we will actively call upon all Cosmic Beings of Light and ask them to join their energies with ours so that once again we can cleanse our dear Earth of any etheric, emotional, physical or mental debris which is keeping her from becoming Freedom’s Holy Star. 

The second activity which will culminate later tonight comprises of the unleashing of the magnificent energies we have worked with during this past year and the emergence of the cosmic energies for the new incoming year. This long-lasting ever-increasing energy will assist in manifesting Earth’s ability to move ever closer to divine perfection and for all life during the subsequent twelve month period to fulfill their own divine plan. The entire Spiritual Hierarchy will assist us in accomplishing this task by receiving, energizing and expanding the new thoughtform and theme for the incoming New Year, which we will then anchor within the Earth’s heartcenter during the all night watch each December 31st. In addition, during the Petition Services we have been pledging our continuing efforts and energies to supporting and sustaining these incoming cosmic forces, which are needed to assist in developing the ever evolving divine plan for all humanity and our dear planet Earth. 

These two important activities are accomplished each year through our heartfelt invocations, decrees and visualizations, and through our united co-service with all great Beings and Powers of Light in bringing forth the universal light, love and peace from the Supreme Source of All Life.


Today is a unique day beloved ones! It is a day to accept and absorb one of the most vital gifts the Infinite Universal Consciousness has offered to us. Let us begin by taking up our decree books and turning to (+) Decree 3-01, Law of Forgiveness. Once you have found it please stand. Together! 

Thank you, please now turn to Decree 3-08, Sacred Tone of the Seventh Ray… 

And finally let us look across the page to Decree 3-07, Light Descend… today let’s give the inserts Light, Love and Peace once each before completing this decree…

Together as one voice… 

Thank you, please be seated and put your decree books aside. Centering yourself, concentrate on the rhythm and activity of your breath. As you breathe rhythmically in and out, let us visualize the protection and purification we have called forth with our decrees this morning.       (Pause)…


See yourself within a blazing mantle of light, the Three-fold flame within your heart blazing forth with the perfect balance of Love, Wisdom and Power filling your aura which now extends out for nine feet in every direction. See the Violet Fire blazing forth around you. Know that nothing can enter this forcefield without first passing through this immense wall of transmuting Flame, transforming all back into pure divine energy once again! 

Serenely resting in patience, we know the time is here when our tangible material being will completely bond with the force of the Universal Light Substance. As we stand on the shining threshold of the incoming Fourth Dimension we eagerly advance through the Golden Door of Divine Love and Illumination.  

Breathe in the magnificence of this glorious vision deep within your being beloved ones. As you breathe out allow it to become a permanent part of your being and world, upon which you will perpetually build, as you continue your journey, ultimately becoming at-one with the Universal Consciousness.         (Pause) 

Coming full circle, the magnificent free flowing Sea of Light spirals high into the atmosphere of Earth. Easily and effortlessly this divine energy moves throughout the universe drawing the ultimate vibration – the Infinite Consciousness of the Universal Presence of God through us. We now know, accept and become ONE – One breath, One heartbeat, One body, One energy and vibration, One consciousness of pure thought and feeling, One love and One desire! 

Breathe in this Thoughtform… and as you release your breath let us respond to this magnificent idea of intention by giving the Theme for this year



As the Love vibration of the Sacred Fire takes full command of all evolutions on Earth I AM completely at ONE with Thee and I decree:

*Let there be love!

Let there be comfort!

Let there be harmony!

Let there be peace!  (*3x)

Now and forever sustained! So be it, beloved I AM that I AM!


Through the inhalation and exhalation of the One Universal Breath of Divine Love and Consciousness within the magnificent celestial City of Light – Shamballa endures and lives within each human heart and within the divine essence of all mindful life with ties to the planet Earth and this Universe. 



(Electronic Pattern/December 2004)

Anchored steadfastly within the Love, Wisdom and Power of the Great Universal Presence we are filled to overflowing with the Perfect Peace of God and joyfully prepare to enter a new and glorious year!


Continuing to inhale and exhale easily and naturally, we now deepen our breath together in perfect rhythm and prepare to work with the Holy Breath. Breathe in… and breathe out… We are ready to begin:

*I AM inbreathing

…the comforting and harmonizing energy, vibration and consciousness of the Divine!

  I AM absorbing…       

…the comforting and harmonizing energy, vibration and consciousness of the Divine!

  I AM expanding

…the comforting and harmonizing energy, vibration and consciousness of the Divine!

  I AM projecting…      

…the comforting and harmonizing energy, vibration and consciousness of the Divine!


Breathe in deeply, and absorb these sacred blessings beloved ones. Gently breathe out and project these blessing into the hearts, minds and beings of all life on planet Earth. As all humanity is blessed by the illumination of love, the planet Earth quietly rests within the crystalline flames of harmony, comfort and divine consciousness, and we anticipate the New Year with great joy and eagerness.



Remaining within this marvelous state of being, let us now take a few minutes to express our gratitude to the Enfolding Spirit for this year…


Gratitude to I AM that I AM:  Our love, gratitude and blessings to the Infinite ONE Universal Consciousness I AM that I AM this day and every day for this Divine Presence in all life and in this Universe! I AM grateful for my life, I AM grateful for God-as-me, expressing upon God-as-Earth and loving God-as-all!


I AM Grateful for Divine Illumination expressed in my mind and the minds of those around me. Beloved One, gratefully we welcome your Presence as the radiating center of Divine Love in our beings and worlds, and invoke the spark of divine compassion in the heart of every life form to reach forth and accept this gift, as this Light spreads throughout all planes of existence and experiences where understanding, knowledge and truth are desired.


Beloved Presence, receive our gratitude for the infinite inspiring strength that gives direction in our lives as we consciously invoke the descent of the full gathered cosmic momentum of Divine Faith, Will and Strength into the emotional, mental, etheric and physical strata wherein we presently abide!


Beloved Supreme Presence we are grateful for the order through which Divine Will, Intelligence and Love shapes this world and all of our limitless experiences. As the inherent desire to do God’s Will develops through us, let the peace that is the reward of such service expand throughout our auras. As we accept the all-encompassing love you have for all life we know your Light is daily and hourly increasing in our lives and in all lives on our beloved planet Earth, and will continue to fill us with the truth and reality that can and will set us free eternally!


All Love is God and I AM Grateful to have God-Love stream through me, moment by moment, heartbeat by heartbeat. I AM grateful for the opportunity to serve the One Universal Presence… and in directing our attention to the Essence-of-God… in humility, love and a state of listening grace we come now. We reverently seek the perception of the divine plan and how we can assist in fulfilling it. We also seek the opportunity to connect with all members of the human race who have these same desires and who are prepared to consecrate their own energies to the One Universal First Cause.


We thank you for the transforming grace that has transmuted all destructive karma accumulated this year. As we now stand cleansed in mind, body soul and spirit may we see more clearly the divine love manifesting through our presence in this world. We eagerly prepare for the blessings, the hopes, and the invocations of humanity as we get ready to enter the next twelve month cycle with dignity, illumination and grace. May all the visions, ideas, and plans for increasing humanity’s potential be acknowledged and manifest as the incoming tides of spiritual energy form in the atmosphere of Earth.


We are grateful for the immediate response of Divine Order, Love, Intelligence and the Will to do, through the Power of our perfect Faith. We are grateful to see the fruits of our faith manifesting upon this Earth, as gifts and blessings from God to God-through-us. We experience Divine Joy in our hearts, and for that and so much more, we are grateful, so very grateful!


So be it, beloved I AM that I AM!               (Pause)

With our hearts overflowing with gratitude center yourself, as you concentrate on the activity of your breath. Continuing to rhythmically breathe in and out silently listen to another teaching of this Activity of Light: 

Through purification, meditation and contemplation one must allow the light/love to properly build what the human self endeavors to construct. When a person opens themselves to the inflow of Divine Light/Love which is a pure life energy, force and vibration the results will be amazing. The divine light raises the vibratory level of the electrons and releases all forms of discordant thoughts and feelings. We must no longer walk in the shadows but stand firmly within the Light so all divine blessings showered upon us will have the capability of having there maximum effect.   

Breathe in as you feel the exquisite shimmering pink light of divine love surrounding and permeating every cell of your being. Experience and rest within this fiery essence as you become still and listen to your heart beating in unison with the very heart of all creation. Become one with this sacred and holy rhythm of life as you are filled with the perfect unconditional divine love… as it expands forth from your heartcenter filling the atmosphere and all around you.  

When you call forth love it is wrapped in the forcefield of Violet Fire – so like the sun’s rays it may melt and soften the frozen ground – so that this light/love may penetrate and be absorbed for the greatest possible results by each particle of your being.  

Love is the dual force of expansion and contraction – cohesion and radiation; it is the centripetal and centrifugal force. One of the most complex aspects is to control the in-drawing vibration of the love force and maintain the balance between blessing and absorption.  

Your breath is the keeper of your flame… it fans the spark of divinity within each lifestream. 


Remaining in this state of listening grace prepare now to receive some words of wisdom from the

Great Silence:


Beloved ones,

As you may have already experienced for yourself, being in the ‘now’ is a very powerful and wonderful place to be. You do not have to think about the things you have or have not done by examining either the past or the future. You need only be aware of and concerned with what is taking place in the current moment. It is not a time to think, feel or remember. There is only the experience itself. It is a state of being when, through the requirement of being in the now, one is most resolute and genuine, and it is within these special moments that you can be delightfully surprised by the gift of pure love and appreciate the authentic distinctiveness of your divinity. When your gaze, or touch, or thought, is offered with your total attention, with the mind stilled and deeply receptive, one blissfully experiences the totality of Divinity as all the heavenly gifts and blessings are naturally invoked.  

Think of the infinite possibilities available to you beloved ones! They are as limitless as the stars in the sky. All you have to do to access this tremendous potential is to consciously choose to do so. Then, prepare yourselves beloved ones, for a mighty celestial highway opens and through your balanced vehicles, you will be able to consider all the divine ideas, inspirations and dreams available to you and put them into action in all their magnificent forms.    

As you have found, the power of this 'presence' is moderately easy to attain, but the personal transformation of one’s old habits of judgment and self avoidance that obstruct your hearts from what is actually taking place in the present is not. Therefore, one must become skilled at setting aside the distance we place between ourselves and the Divine, learning to come together as one, meeting in the ultimate ‘Presence’ until that pure and perfect love humanity so longs to embrace graciously comes forth to plant and cultivate the seeds of healing wisdom, expanded vision, and gentle forgiveness within each heart’s essence; eventually sharing the magnificent harvest of this perfected divinity with all life. 

Dear chelas, how often do you set aside time and make this an integral part of your life; to fully embrace and rest in the present. In almost every moment of every day do you not often find yourself caught in that tension found between a perceived mental and emotional survival? How often do you find yourself unconsciously defending an identity of self derived from earlier three dimensional experiences, and enticed by how these supposed identities define us, distorting our perception and intent toward becoming truly Divine?  

The distortion created can often leave one imprisoned in the past and/or tormented about the future. In varying degrees, it is these illusions that inevitably distance you from your true self as fully awake and aware spiritual being, and it is this distance that tends to diminish the love, trust and unity that is possible between The Divine and all sentient beings in this Universe. 

Through the constant and persistent exploration of your spiritual reawakening and enduring growth, and its integration into your daily life you can and will gain the powerful means through which you can transform, recapture and raise your relationship to/with/at-one-with the Divine. Only through your increasing spiritual development, can you come to honor your own essential spirituality and become more authentically and fully the pure and perfect essence of The Divine, inspiring changes of universal consciousness within all life. Ponder the possibilities of freely sharing your divinity with others beloved ones. It is truly a magnificent sight to behold!  



Thank you blessed one. We now offer our deepest gratitude from within the ever expanding threefold flame of our hearts for these words of illumination and love which will continue to enlighten us throughout our journey along the path of the middle way. 

My beloved sisters and brothers, I thank you for your loving energies and dedicated service this morning. United in co-service with all our dear sisters and brothers around this planet and the many great beings of light who joined us, and offered their radiation to raise and bless all life on our dear planet Earth, we thank you! Now if you will please stand for the Benediction. 

(+) Benediction (or choice of Director, see ivory pages 16-20) 

Enfolded within the Light and Love of the Universal Presence we lift our consciousness in eternal gratitude. With hands clasped in unity and service, we call upon the most powerful activity of the Violet Fire to BLAZE through us as we acknowledge:  

I AM a magnificent cascading Violet flame purifying the atmosphere of the Earth, transmuting all effluvia and restoring the pristine sweetness of the element of air! 

I AM a magnificent cascading Violet Flame, blazing through the oceans, rivers and streams of the Earth, until the water element flows clear and clean once more! 

I AM a magnificent cascading Violet Flame, purifying the element of earth, restoring the balance of minerals until the ground is once again a rich, fertile habitation for all life! 

I AM a magnificent cascading Violet Flame, blazing within the purified planet Earth and enfolding all humanity in a compassionate cloak of mercy, forgiveness, transmutation, and freedom in the Light! 

Oh, Infinite Holy Presence of God, the Divine Source of all Life; great cosmic beings, angelic legions and elemental kingdom, we thank you for your wondrous service to us this day. Take these gifts and blessings North, South, East and West and cover our dear planet Earth with light and peace, with illumination, with healing, freedom, victory and the Wisdom and Love of the Divine made manifest through every electron belonging to this planet and its evolution in any way.  

This shall be for I have spoken as God’s Most Holy Name I AM that I AM!

So be it, beloved I AM that I AM! 


(+) Closing Acolyte Service

Blessed Flame, Expression of the Light Essence of the Supreme Source I AM that I AM, we thank you for your reverent service to us. Clothed in the gratitude of our hearts, return now to the Heart Center of Creation, to be again called forth at our invocation, as representatives of the Flame of Divinity within our hearts!

As the Oneness of All Life, I AM!


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