Gift of LIGHT

Love, Illumination, Gratitude, Humility, Transformation

April 2005  

* * *

Assimilation and  Expansion

of the Electronic Pattern,


Listening with your Heart allow the Love within your spirit to flow through your hands of Light as we navigate the sacred dance of life.



 Breathing Statement *for the Assimilation and  Expansion

of the Electronic Pattern


(Breathe in)                    I AM inbreathing

(Hold breath in)              I AM absorbing

(Breathe out)                  I AM expanding

(Hold breath out)            I AM projecting

...the divine influence which protects & nourishes all Love & Light on Earth! (3x)


* The breathing statement should be given four times for each full breath. On the inbreath, breath in the qualities contained within the Flame. As you hold your breath in, absorb the qualities deep within every part of your being. As you breathe out, expand and increase the power and momentum of the divine qualities you are calling forth through the power of the Holy Breath. As you hold your breath out of your body, project these magnificent God Qualities forth to all life. Repeat this exercise a minimum of three full breaths.




I am perfect paradox...


I am the silence that hollers. I am the stillness that dances. I am the beginning that is the end. I am the newness that is ancient. I am the here that is everywhere. I am eloquence without words. I am human that is divine. I am the divine that is nonsense. I am the trees that walk. I am the impossible possibilities. I am the most immense nothingness. I am so fully that I scarcely care whether I am at all. I know without knowing. I weep with neither sadness nor apparent joy nor tears. I am I AM, yet ever I.  

All Are Called

One of the important facets of the incarnation of Jesus was that although he came as an avatar, the success or failure of his mission was very much dependent upon the presence of Mary, Joseph, the Disciples and many other key people who were in embodiment at that time. As you have been told, in all ways they were an ordinary family and group of human beings. They may have had the advantage of a more highly developed spiritual consciousness to draw upon at that time but if any of them had forgotten to do so, Jesus’ mission could have been doomed to failure. Just as it was then, everyone is in a position to draw upon this same consciousness at any time. In fact it is our responsibility to do so—not only for ourselves but for the entire Human Family and all life. 

There is a saying in one of the Holy Books of this world which is often quoted, “Many are called—but few are chosen.” Another way of looking at this statement is: “All are called—but few choose!” During the time of Jesus’ mission on Earth all were brought into outer manifestation onto the screen of life, so that humanity could have the advantage of seeing the outer symbols, through which to receive the understanding necessary to manifest this Divine Presence in the physical world of form.  

With every step on the Path of Mastery, there is a Palm Sunday. There is a trial. There is a crucifixion and a resurrection but each chela must take care to consciously resurrect their divinity and not call for the release of Barabbas. The understanding is that each of us has to watch and pray constantly, and always be ready when the soldiers come to take us captive—for all is truly within us! The soldiers, the multitude of onlookers, whether they throw palm fronds before us and sing hosannas, or cry “Give us Barabbas”, all are within.  

Pontius Pilate, who washes his hands of a so called problem and turns it over to the accusers, or Judas, who for a handful of coins seemingly betrays with a kiss, may not be what they appear to be. Even Barabbas may be a blessing when recognized within for what he really is. If you do recognize him let him die, and with him every atom of your lesser self still out of control, for it has served its purpose. 

Remember, in some form a Judas will come into your life to start this sacred process. He is the activator and the kiss with which he appears to betray is actually the Cup of Higher Consciousness. We may choose, at any step on the path, to remain behind the Veils of Maya or to drink from that cup as the way to release the full Light of our own Divine Presence.  

* * *


Chelas’ Thoughts & Forum:

The Tsunami…

“We recognize several levels in it: First, all the people who were present had offered themselves, at the inner levels, for this planetary event. It was in the plan of the transitions and evolutionary changes for our planet. The significance of these people’s gesture allowed the human race to sustain those who remained on Earth, helping them to support this moment, finalizing and joining the struggle for PEACE by cooperating and awaking feelings of solidarity which were sleeping at inner levels of our being.

As all of us watched, it caused as never before the opening of the mass consciousness to the need for service and a sense of unity of all people. Another aspect is that a great part of the human family – scientists, students and many people who never had been interested in the spirituality - begun to ask  themselves; “what is happening in this new millennium...?”

We have not doubt that the recent tsunami or any other planetary or cosmic events are phases in the evolution of our beloved planet Earth, in our Galaxy and the whole Universe. The work of joining one to another in a very primordial important step in the process of bringing PEACE to the Earth.”


“My thought on the tsunami is that the elementals are giving the people of earth, a warning of things to come if the human kind continues to misuse life energy.

As I travel to and fore in the streets; people are not speaking from their hearts any more.”

* * *


A Chela's Aspiration

I am that I am!

In having faith in the beauty and power within, I develop trust.

In softness, I have strength.
In silence, I am divinity.
In peace, I respect all life.
In conflict, I surrender. In detachment, I am free.
In reverence for all life, I value universality.
In dedication, I honor the spirit within the oneness.
In eternity, I have compassion for the nature of all things.
In love, I unconditionally accept the evolution of all life.
  In freedom, I am power.
In service, I tender transformation...

I Am that I Am!
Eternal, Immortal, Universal and Infinite… so be it!


* * *


The Fiery Flames of Courage

In the Name of the One Universal Consciousness, you are endowed with Strength, Decision, Courage and the Fire of Hercules. Everything that has been accomplished on this plane or any other plane has been accomplished through men and women of resolution; by angels, elementals and devas of resolution; by beings who have voluntarily chosen to combine the energies of their lives with the fiery spirit of strength and courage!

Preceding all manifestation, there must be the Will to accomplish within the consciousness. Within this universal scheme, it is a privilege and honor to embody the fire, the enthusiasm and the Will to do what the Divine Universal Consciousness intends. It is a joy to bring the pressure of the love and the flame to expand upon your foreheads the Presence, the Consciousness and the Will to do divine intensions!

Fire them with the will to become manifest expressions of Universal Courage for all the sons and daughters of earth! Fire them to see with the sight of God. Fire them to hear the celestial voice of the One Presence. Fire them to move upon the paths of Light. Fire them to manifest the healing presence through the expanding radiation of comfort and peace, which will flow from “the hems of their garments”!

Oh beloved ones of Light, upon your forehead blazes the Flames of Courage, the Flames of Strength, the Flames of Decision and of Faith! Remember this each day before you proceed into the activities and service of the outer world and will to become that which your divine plan proposes! Set into motion, nurture and cultivate your individual sacred contract with the One Universal Consciousness!   

As you listen with your heart perceive the Essence of Strength & Courage:   


The Fruit of Silence is Prayer…
The Fruit of Prayer is Faith…
The Fruit of Faith is Love…
The Fruit of Love is Service…
The Fruit of Service is Peace…


* * *


Ascended Master Consciousness 

The Ascended Master’s Consciousness is a great cosmic storehouse of wisdom, understanding and realization of the truth behind the origin of all manifest form. The Masters have evolved this consciousness through the process of living life. Every experience they have, every beautiful sight they see, every divine manifestation they witness is woven into and becomes part of this consciousness which continues to grow and expand as additional lifestreams attain mastery.  

Just as an infant at birth has less in its consciousness with regard to the use of its hands and feet than the man or woman who has reached their maturity, so do unascended beings have a much more limited consciousness than the individual who has become a Master Presence. The purpose of one’s life experience in the third dimensional plane is to expand this consciousness and gives the individual the greater gifts of life and capacity to serve others.  

In this third dimensional world, infants and small children open their consciousness primarily to learning from the limited wisdom of their elders and those around them, receiving by transference much of the consciousness they require to sustain their own life, motivate their personal vehicle, and contribute, in small measure, to the evolution of the human race. 

In the larger and freer sense, however, humanity as a whole does not avail themselves of the cosmic transference by which much of the Ascended Master Consciousness can and will flow freely into and mingle with the incomplete consciousness of the unawakened. An infant, by the method of trial and error, can and does learn the fundamentals of body motivation; and even the intricacies of astronomy and calculus without the assistance of the already ideal consciousness achieved by the great Masters of Wisdom, but the time, effort and energy involved is tremendous and sometimes far more than the average lifestream cares to or can expand. 

For the most part, individuals are willing to accept the assistance of the consciousness of those who have gone before them in the third dimensional plane. In like manner, the soul can achieve, by the trial and error method, certain truths and understanding which will expand the consciousness to a limited degree, or they can avail themselves of the full Cosmic Consciousness belonging to the Ascended Host, available to all who choose to invoke and draw it forth. And so we stand, with the Wisdom of the Ages awaiting the call to illumine the minds, the hearts, and the spirits of those who indicate their desire to expand their consciousness to ever greater levels.


* * *


Decree for a Tower of Spiritual Strength and Perfect Peace


Great Universal Presence of the Divine—I AM THAT I AM—Come now! Come now! Come now! Create and manifest in me a tower of spiritual strength that can withstand any and all forces of misqualified energy until that influence is transmuted into Pure Light once again. 

Through the tower of strength I AM, may I always perceive all negativity for what it is—an illusion of lesser consciousness longing to be freed by the powers of the sacred transmuting flame. 

Oh blessed Violet Fire, transmute, to the cause and core, any such misqualified energy within my consciousness or the consciousness of another so that it cannot delay our progress on the path of mastery ever again! 

On behalf of every chela and light worker on the planet Earth I ask that you magnify in each one of us the awareness that we are not alone in the work that has and will be set before us.  

And as we complete our tasks sustain and maintain the consciousness of perfect peace and unity that is always present in our blessed heart flames and those of all humankind.  

I make this call in your most holy and sacred name,

I AM that I AM. So be it!



May 2005