Gift of LIGHT

Love, Illumination, Gratitude, Humility, Transformation

August 2005  

* * *

Assimilation and  Expansion

of the Electronic Pattern,


Within the violet flame of compassion and mercy I am empathizing with all life in need of relief, comfort and healing and I am expanding and projecting forth the flames of transmutation to transform any and all pain, discomfort and disillusionment back into their original Pure Divine Essence and Form.



 Breathing Statement *for the Assimilation and  Expansion

of the Electronic Pattern


(Breathe in)                    I AM inbreathing

(Hold breath in)              I AM absorbing

(Breathe out)                  I AM expanding

(Hold breath out)            I AM projecting

...the Sacred Tone and Divine Cause of Love! (3x)


* The breathing statement should be given four times for each full breath. On the inbreath, breath in the qualities contained within the Flame. As you hold your breath in, absorb the qualities deep within every part of your being. As you breathe out, expand and increase the power and momentum of the divine qualities you are calling forth through the power of the Holy Breath. As you hold your breath out of your body, project these magnificent God Qualities forth to all life. Repeat this exercise a minimum of three full breaths.


* * *


Compassion versus Sympathy

Compassion is an affirmative quality. Sympathy is an unconstructive quality. These two qualities are exact opposites. Sympathy is agreement with imperfection beloved ones. This means that our life force rushes forth uncontrolled, attaching itself to a person in distress and immediately takes on the quality of the distress. Thus, rather than helping such a one, he or she is weighed down with more of the same unhelpful quality flowing forth from the sympathetic person who tried to be of assistance.

On the other hand compassion, witnessing the requirement of the moment, does not accept the discordant appearance and allow the same feeling to leave the heart center. Instead all the divine qualities required to heal are drawn forth and projected to the one in need. During this time our Divine Presence, through the feeling world, is in complete mastery over the person, condition or circumstance in need.


* * *


Flames of Formation

How do you describe a Fourth Dimensional activity where form is an unknown quantity to a third dimensional mind? It would be as easy as describing color and melody to a blind or deaf person, as the aspect of consciousness that lives within a human. Yet in order to come to a positive conceptual attitude with regard to the invocation and trend of Flame, we must attempt the impossible.

Wherever there is God activity, Flame becomes its expression. When the thought and feeling principle within consciousness, which is the intelligence in the Divine and all Creations as it begins to stir and a resultant effect is emitted, as a result of a Cause set up through deliberation and emotion centers, then Flame is the first manifestation that is externalized. In other words wherever you perceive Flame in the Fourth Dimensional Octave you know that there is an Intelligence within it using the forces of Creation, and that the motion of the energy; of Life itself resulting from the use of these thought and feeling centers has created Flame exactly as when two sticks are rubbed together a spark ensues.

Now the Flame’s radiation is Light because the electronic substance which will become the created thing is woven right out of the Cause, which is the Flame, complete within itself at the moment that One thinks and feels the Idea. Flame is the power of accomplishment, and the clothing of the Flame, which is Light, is the substance from which the idea will finally secure its form. As all through nature everything is completed at the instant it is born insofar as the primal substance is provided by which growth and evolution will finally externalize the germ of the ideation. Within the egg is the substance of the body of the chicken; within the seed the body of the tree. Within the Flame is the power of motivation and through its own Light emanation the full substance is provided for the manifestation and essence of that idea. The magnitude therefore of the original Flame will be determined by the amount of substance required to externalize its complete manifestation because from its own Light will that Flame mold the form.


* * *


There is no Other Power than God

If we are going to become a healing power in this universe we must become a fountain of positively controlled energy. It is within our soul that the accumulated consciousness of this energy is found. Our outer consciousness records within it all the experiences and impressions, both divine and imperfect, we have acquired through all the centuries we have lived. To maintain purity of consciousness and soul through quiet introspection we must often examine ourselves well. Do we believe in our hearts and in our feelings that there is no other power than God? When you can intellectually say, “I AM that I AM is the God-Power Almighty. There is no other power that can act!” do you mean it?


* * *


Melodious Conception of Hues

Visualize every man, woman and child within a great sea of pure light, which is as quiet and serene as a lake on a calm summer day. That Sea of Light is the Universal Light Substance which is the Body of God and thus fills every recess, molecule and aspect of the universe.

Vibration is co-existent with creation, and the instant that this Light Substance, or any divine energy, begins to move or form… cause and effect at that same instant begins to manifest. The unawakened humankind are constantly sending forth vibratory action which structures through the energy in which they live, just as you have seen whirls of water circle out from a pebble dropped into the center of a pool.

The chela is a constant creator of vibration through thought and feeling. The nature of the vibration is determined of course by the thought and feeling held within, and the manifestation of their environment, bodily condition, associations and is the outpicturing of their choice of attention and sentiment through the centuries... just as the music that fills the room results from the choice of the musician as to the specific composition.

Students of Light are compelled to come to a point where they are willing to recognize the vibratory action that passes through their body every instant of the day. When out of order it will interfere with the fulfillment of the Divine Plan and mar the universe; when in agreement with the laws of harmony it will naturally beautify, harmonize and purify everyone and everything connected with their world and it will fulfill the Divine desire and design to expand the realm of higher consciousness. This Realm radiates into the third dimensional plane on harmonious vibration, and where one or more can be found to be conductors of this higher consciousness, they become that open door that is established and maintained in Love and which gives another avenue for fulfilling the divine design for the earth’s greater good.

Earnest and sincere chelas are constantly expanding their Causal Body and the color of the Light is ever growing greater in their service. As you turn your attention to the Great Presence from whose heart you came into being the direction of that Presence will show you the specified intensity of light that you have already drawn forth and which you must yet draw forth to balance the color radiation according to your Divine Plan. Some bands of color are wide and some extremely narrow and those that yet need to be filled with your life energy must be expanded by Sacred Flame full pledge to life as established.

Creation always takes place accompanied by the most exquisite color, form and the most beautiful harmonious music, because as the energy of God is set into motion to enrich the universe the mighty Sacred Fire sweeping through that energy carries a tangible blessing to every electron that is to be a part of the mission for good. The electrons, which are quiescent, awaiting the choice of some God focus to become part of the active expression of beauty, respond with an on-rush of flame which is part of their own paean of praise and thanksgiving. Thus, you have the sweeping forth of the energy by which creation takes place and the rushing forth of the electrons acted upon, emitting both color and harmony because all creation is a joy indescribable when it follows the divine plan.


* * *


The Seven Fold Nature of Religion

What truly is religion? Is it an opiate for the weary senses wherein the seeming reality of the distresses of the outer world may, for the moment, be forgotten? No! Religion is based on a seven fold principle and humanity for the most part, including conscious students of the Law and even advanced chelas, may not fully understand its manifold nature.

On our journey back to God, we must pass through each of the Seven Rays. Filled with the enjoyments of the senses and impelled by the divine teacher within our hearts, we eventually come to our knees before the Creator, and here we observe the action of the First Ray in the invocation of an oftentimes confused consciousness to learn what the Will of God really means!

We pass next into the radiation of the Second Ray and discover the divine law of Cause and Effect through the reactions of our energy to the pleasure or pain created by the way in which the life energy given into our keeping is qualified throughout our lives. Later the divine Design is explained including the place where each individual belongs in this great plan. It is within this place of illumination where, after accepting the Will of God, the revelation of the Divine Plan is beginning to be understood.

Then each aspirant passes through the portals of the Third Ray. Within this radiation one endeavors to understand the practical value of all the other members of the human race, developing the various aspects of divine love such as tolerance, understanding and a sincere interest in the spiritual growth and welfare of all life.

Then we pass into the Fourth Sphere and begin to recognize the truth that beauty, harmony and perfection are divinely ordained as part of the religion of awakened humanity and we begin the transformation of our thoughts, the purification of our feelings and we begin externalizing that which is a credit to and example of divinity in the world of form.

Following the same pattern, upon entering the radiation of the Fifth Ray, through illumined understanding and our love for all life, we come to accept the accuracy that lies within manifestation, precipitation, etherealization and all those other powers and abilities called “mystical” by those who do not yet understand.

After having received within ourselves all the gifts and blessings of the preceding rays we next enter the sixth sphere. Here we kneel in love, thanksgiving and devotion for the very Gift of Life. Then, and only then, hosannas rise from our lips and “Praise God from Whom all Blessings flow…” becomes our illumined heart prayer. Finally, after having expressed our gratitude, whether we are Buddhist, Muslim, Jew, Christian, Hindu, or Metaphysician—whatever label we choose to give ourselves—we are ready to enter the Seventh Sphere!

(To be continued next month.)


* * *  


Our Life Energy Work

Beloved ones, I speak to you now because the need is great. The spirit of the One Universal God is loosed upon the face of the Earth! It has already manifested within your heart and the world around you. You know this to be true through the open door of your consciousness. The spirit of the living God walks upon the planet – everywhere – for you are this divinity and it is a time of immense joy.

I caution you to give this divine consciousness the time required to develop and to become a strong force within you. I speak of this to remind you that the higher beings of light proceed in silence, communicating only when they deem it necessary and when they are ready. They speak only when the consciousness of those around them is prepared to receive those thoughts and ideas. These words may not be easy to receive and they require not only recognition, but also commitment, faith and being within the great silence.

There are often many who claim they can educate, guide and direct but it also always remains the charge of the chela to discern whom they shall listen to! The divinity within one’s own heart flame is the one true guide for it will always direct you towards the path of light! Only the one who knows the Presence of the Infinite Consciousness of Divinity within their heart can proceed in silence, for they have no need to either lead or to follow, and they know there is a greater power at work within the silence of the inner work. All comes forth at the right time and in the right order as wisdom and knowledge comes only in response to the calls you have sent forth.

Stand firm within your faith, proceed gently along your path of the middle way and when you speak use your words carefully and with much consideration for others. I ask that you always take the time to go within, to center yourself and to remember that when you ask for guidance you must also take ample time to listen. Even as you become more firmly established within your sacred heart flames it is well to continue to nurture this delicate love, wisdom and power as it has been made manifest throughout your own being of consciousness.

Remember there is much more at stake than your own personal development and understanding. You are One – but you are also the many and this must now be a part of your unfolding consciousness. Everything you do, say, think or feel is attuned to by all around you, so the example that you set will draw many to want to also walk the path of light. Know that you are always nourished and protected for I AM that I AM!


* * * 


Life energy is never still. It is always vibrating in response to the thoughts and feelings held in the consciousness of the individual who has taken the responsibility of becoming a magnetizing center and radiating dispenser of the God-life!


 * * *


Human Will does not Heal

No permanent healing of mind and body can come just through effort of human will! Our feeling world is composed of far more than half of our life energy and the quality flowing through our feelings is the “conductor” through which flows that qualified healing essence into the world of the one whom we wish to benefit. Our feeling world is the bridge over which flows the gathered healing elixir of qualified life, entering into the mind to dispel shadows, entering into the feelings to dispel depression; entering into the flesh to resurrect it and bring it new life.


* * *  


Appearances have no Power

Healing lifestreams must be positive individuals. Within our hearts, souls and spirits we must be as sure of the Divine Presence as the Master Jesus was when he stood before the tomb of Lazarus and, without fear or doubt, called, “Lazarus! Come forth!” Jesus knew that God within that man would draw him forth despite outer appearances. Every lifestream, every being in the universe, creates from within the atmosphere and world in which they dwell. Anyone can live either in the “Kingdom of Heaven” or the so-called hell of lesser unconstructive creation.


* * *




September 2005