Gift of LIGHT

Love, Illumination, Gratitude, Humility, Transformation

November 2005  

* * *

Assimilation and  Expansion

of the Electronic Pattern,


Quiescent within the ever enduring revitalization of the divine vibration and consciousness of form we silently and reverently sustain the Divine Plan unfolding all around us.



 Breathing Statement *for the Assimilation and  Expansion

of the Electronic Pattern


(Breathe in)                    I AM inbreathing

(Hold breath in)              I AM absorbing

(Breathe out)                  I AM expanding

(Hold breath out)            I AM projecting

...the most profound peace with grace and gratefulness! (3x)


* The breathing statement should be given four times for each full breath. On the inbreath, breath in the qualities contained within the Flame. As you hold your breath in, absorb the qualities deep within every part of your being. As you breathe out, expand and increase the power and momentum of the divine qualities you are calling forth through the power of the Holy Breath. As you hold your breath out of your body, project these magnificent God Qualities forth to all life. Repeat this exercise a minimum of three full breaths.


* * *

Things to Remember When Traveling In Consciousness 

Before traveling in consciousness there are several facts that must be understood to accomplish this undertaking easily and most of all—safely! First, be aware that one’s consciousness is the thought and feeling self, which abides within the physical bodies God and the elemental kingdom have provided for us. Every experience we have adds to the sum total of either wisdom or foolishness and makes up our individual, unique and distinctive consciousness. 

In the years between infancy and maturity, every individual—through choice and circumstance—adds to and changes his or her consciousness for better or for worse. We are also able to experience both fear and ecstasy without using the medium of our physical bodies. As an example, all of us have known the joy of happy dreams and the terror of a nightmare.  

Consciousness also endures long beyond the dissolution of the physical body at the time of so-called death. And it eventually returns as the personal heritage of the re-incarnating lifestream forming the foundation of his or her new life experience. In fact, the richer and more perceptive our individual consciousness, the more rapid our growth in this and all succeeding lives until our eventual reunion with the Divine! 

There will be times during spiritual development when you will be asked to travel in consciousness perhaps during a guided meditation; or when you yourself desire to do so, such as requesting to travel to various etheric temples throughout this planet during times of sleep. A good formula to follow for such travel is outlined below.

  1. Determine where you want to go. Nourish the outer mind through reading about and contemplating the sphere or location which is to be your goal, until you can close your eyes and picture your objective. The Presence of God and divine messengers will serve as your compass and charts. Your open mind, like the sail of the ship, patiently waits to begin your journey. 

  2. Will through your feelings, that you will reach your destination. Your feeling world is the wind in your sails sending you easily and effortlessly on you way. Also, remember to use your feelings, beloved ones, to generate joy and anticipation on your trip. 

  3. Relax and let God—through you—do the work. When you sit down before a fire with a good book, you anticipate a time of cozy relaxation. In like manner, if you attend the theatre, you welcome it as an opportunity to appreciate the show and relieve the conscious or unconscious tensions of your daily life.

  4. Enjoy the adventure. Spiritual journeys and exercises should be a special form of relaxation and enjoyment. They should be entered into without mental strain, restraint or uncertainty of either your ability to make the journey or to retain the benefits received. Be assured that you will receive over eighty percent of the benefits at the time of your experience and the remainder of your experience will come over time. 

  5. Utilize the results of your experience in the physical world. To receive a vision, to smell a rose, to contemplate and recognize a truth is commendable but to translate that vision, encounter and truth into action is to serve God’s Purpose. Additionally, whatever you retain and use in your life through the expansion of your consciousness, determine how much you will receive on your next visit to the Cosmic Font of Divine Illumination!

* * *

Learn to Become Still 

It is the requirement of the hour that some means be devised by which we may first become still but we must also be in enough command of the energies of our own world to silence the intense pulsations in our auras that often create imbalance in our lives. This then allows us through our mental bodies to consciously create a perfect vehicle to receive the divine ideas of the Universal Presence. 

Our emotional world must become our servant, not our master. We must allow the Presence of God within enough control so that when we verbally or silently say, “Peace be Still” the energies of our emotional bodies become the grail through which the gifts of our Causal Body—all the goodness of God we have acquired over limitless lifetimes of being—may be directed into the worlds of those in distress, bringing harmony, healing, illumination, peace or whatever the requirement of the given hour may be. 

The great imprint of energy concentrated in the etheric body must be purified so that, abiding within the Sacred Presence of God within our hearts, we will no longer accept the many voices, the etheric rumblings of centuries past; the half truths, convoluted concepts and pressure from the masses that would exalt our true self if we allowed it. That etheric body must be purified of all such negative activities that would lead us astray from the path of humility. Know that there can be resurrected and sent forth at our command Divine Memory, including all the magnificent powers and accomplishments that we wielded as Guardian Spirits; all the memories of our inner activities in the Seven Spheres, and the total remembrance of our personal contact with the Masters while our bodies sleep at night. 

Only those who have learned the way of the Silence; only those who have learned mastery over the energy which flows in such magnificent opulence from the heart of the First Cause into our vehicles; only those who have become conductors of the gifts of God into the outer world have truly learned the way of the Silence!  

We who profess a deep devotion to God, we who accept and exemplify the feeling of reverence for life itself, and the feeling of humility in the use of life energy, have come far! We, who start each day surrendering our little self, kneeling before the Divine Source, consciously ask what purpose and design God chooses to manifest through us each day. We who walk upon this spiritual path, will sooner or later, according to our capacity to relinquish control of our energies to the Presence of God, know our reason for being; and the magnificent Light from our Presence will surge through the sea of our emotions in our feeling worlds, transforming conditions around us, instantly bringing harmony, healing, mastery and comfort to the universe! 

The use of life energy, the purpose for which we were created and have been sustained for millions of years, is the primary quest of each individual consciousness that is sincere. The use of the gifts and talents we have nurtured throughout our history, the use of the momentums we have gained, the use of the holy substance loaned to us, all should be used in the relentless quest of our divine self! 

Then the intellect will no longer direct us but the Presence of God which has magnetized our life energy and sustained us so that one day we might have self-conscious intelligence, and using this  life force to widen the borders of our Mother/Father God’s  Kingdom! Beloved ones, our energy, vibration and consciousness is the conductor that will carry divine peace, love and perfection, or discord and disharmony into the world of form! The choice is truly ours to make.

* * *

Kuthumi’s Mystic Mantle

 My cloak is a golden mantle… soft as eiderdown… constantly shimmering with iridescent Light…

It is a magical, mystical, merciful activity that wraps itself around an individual, a problem, a home, or a nation and gives protection, security and comfort in the place of discord, pain and destruction. 

Accordingly as you choose to dedicate yourself to my humble service, I shall spread for you the Cloak of Silence and show you the manner in which you may use this cloak for yourself and others. 

When I give this Cloak of Silence to my friends, with it goes a series of instructions to ensure the fulfillment of its purpose and I tell them that the continuance of its use carries certain obligations with it.

When you start your day, consciously place its soft and peaceful folds around your shoulders and enter deeply into complete Adoration of God clothed in my golden cloak of the Great Silence.

Cover all imperfection that you see, know about, or come in contact with this golden shimmering Cloak. 

When you reach the place on the Path of the Middle Way where you finally achieve full illumination and understanding constantly wear this Cloak of Silence and your achievements will shine through it without the necessity of the spoken word.  

Remember, all growth, all evolution, all mercy, and all healing takes place within the Cloak of Silence....

* * *

Beloved Presence of God

It is not quantity but quality of consciousness which determines the efficacy of the Divine power released. As you go about your personal business within your homes, workplaces and own environment do you bring with you a realization of the ever-presence of the Infinite Universal Consciousness? All life belonging to this evolution was destined to live consciously in the Presence of the Divine – within that great harmonizing, healing, purifying Essence that fills all space visible and invisible. It is but the vibration of your own mental and feeling worlds that can make this insight an accepted reality. It is merely the mindful shifting of the quality of your energy that will enable this ongoing ever present connection with the One Universal Divine Consciousness.  

Experiment with the realization that the changing quality of your energy and vibration means sustaining your light connection with the Ever-Present Divine Essence, with all its beauty, harmony and peace. There is only one power that conducts energy within our world and that is manifested through the quality of feelings. The directed power of our own energy that is connected with the full power of God makes us the Divine. The meeting of the vibratory action of our energies with the Divine and then the connection of our energy through the mental and feeling worlds of this dimension raised to the point where only pure divine vibration is present and at work. We are all conductors of energy and vibration either consciously or unconsciously. We can either short circuit, existing in a world of illusion and separateness or be in tune and in harmony with the infinite Oneness of the Divine.  

Contemplate the phrase “Beloved Presence of God” if the Presence of God, of the Divine is with you – where is the appearance – the illusion which seems to limit? We constantly stand on the threshold of new opportunity, bathed in the violet flames of compassion and mercy. Be aware of the Resurrection Flame which quickens the vibratory action of the physical and inner bodies making each tiny electron move more rapidly and throw off the three dimensional action of this earth. Remember the Flame of Transfiguration which enables the sacred fire within to expand more powerfully than the atomic pressure of the outer world. And connect with the Ascension Flame which surges through your physical, mental, emotional and etheric bodies assisting in the ongoing interconnection with the One Divine Universal Consciousness. These flames exist for your benefit through free will choice to sustain and continue the ever present and ever accessible union with the Divine.

* * *

Wherever I AM…

Wherever I AM, God is Present.

Wherever I AM, we find infinite Peace.

Wherever I AM, there is Divine Protection.

Wherever I AM, humanity’s troubles cease.


Wherever I AM, nature is kind,

Before us her lavish bounty is laid.

Her elements form a soft mantle around us.

Down paths of security we are safely led.


Wherever I AM, the Light of the Presence,

Healing and raising, ever abides

As a sweet benediction constantly flowing,

God’s Will is victorious, beginning to end.


Wherever I AM, the Wings of the Almighty

Over our sisters and brothers, in love are spread.

Wherever I AM, no evil shall befall us,

As into God’s Presence, we are gently led.





December 2005