Volume I                                        Gift of Light                              December 2005




For December 31, 2005 at 10:00 AM

(Standard Mountain Time)


NOTES: Following is the service that will be given during The Bridge to Spiritual Freedom Inc. New Year’s Conference on December 31, 2005 starting at 10:00 AM with a single candle Acolyte Service. We will be using the 1989 Revised Edition of The Book of Ceremony and Ordered Service for all decrees.


 (+) Indicates that the chelas will stand, unless otherwise instructed by the Director.

 (+)Opening Single Candle Acolyte Service:

All hail to Thee, mighty All-Pervading Light of the Universe, Supreme Source of All That Is, I AM THAT I AM! We acknowledge the oneness of all life contained within the magnificent Light of the Cosmos and draw forth this sacred flame representing the Three-fold Flame of Divinity within our hearts! 

(-) Meditation Period (until 10:15 AM, music of your choice may be played during this period)

(+) Invocation by Director: (or invocation of choice)

Oh Great Universal First Cause, from the innermost Temple of our Beings, the Supreme source of all life, I AM! Together, we now consciously invoke the descent of the full gathered cosmic momentum of the Divine Will of God into the emotional, mental, etheric and physical strata where humanity presently abides. Let the inherent desire to do God’s Will develop in every one. Let the joy that is the reward for such service expand throughout our auras. Let our outer minds accept that God’s Will is the fullness of every good and perfect experience for all her creations. Let the fallacy that distress and imperfection is the Will of God be removed from the consciousness of all people. Replace it with a keen acceptance and awareness of the all-encompassing love of the Creator. 

On behalf of all humanity, we now accept the Presence of God’s Will externalized throughout every beating heart so there is established here on Earth today the glory of God and the fulfillment of the divine promise: “eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, nor has it entered the minds of humanity, the glory of God.”

Let the TRUTH be known and manifest now that God’s Will be done on

Earth as it is in Heaven… So be it! I AM THAT I AM.


Please be seated.

Greeting: Good morning my beloved sisters and brothers in the Light of God that is eternally victorious! On this, the last day of the year 2005 I greet you from the center of my being. From this sacred place, I bow in humility and gratitude before the flame of divinity within each of your hearts. 

I now ask you to close your eyes for a moment…. Breathe in deeply and as you breathe out…. join your heart flames with mine. Continuing to gently and rhythmically breathe in and out feel the expansion of this holy flame. The blue radiance of God’s Protection expands with every breath, until it surrounds us completely and fills this room…. Breathing in again, the golden flame of God Illumination now rises up, filling our entire beings with divine enlightenment. Breathing out let the power of our holy breath carry this sacred Light into our auras and beyond….  As we breathe in once again, the pink flame of divine love begins to intensify and expand within us. As we easily and effortlessly let this breath go, feel the rhythmic impulses of Divine Unconditional Love moving out of our being, qualifying not only our worlds but the whole world with its brilliant radiance! 

See and feel all life, fully united now….  Totally integrated within the Universal Consciousness of the Divine, we once again lift our vision higher and receive into our hearts, our minds, our beings and our worlds all that we need to complete our mission here on Earth. We make no demands. We remain silent and lovingly support the Divine Plan taking shape around us… the restoration of divinity in vibration, consciousness and form—the oneness of all life… our divine heritage!         (Pause)

Through the power of the Sacred Violet Fire and the perfect activity of Pure Divine Love within our hearts we are grateful to have found our reason for being; no longer seekers but founders. And in this finding we have attained the most profound peace within our souls... We are grateful! We are grateful! We are so very grateful!  So be it, beloved I AM that I AM!                        (Pause) 

This morning our service will focus upon the theme for this conference—Infinite Light. What exactly is this boundless splendor? In our search to find the answer to this question please listen to some words of wisdom from this Activity on its meaning: 

“Electronic Light is the primal substance from which all life—all created form—is composed. Each electron of this sacred substance vibrates at such a high level that it creates within itself an infinitesimal fragment of flame and the radiation from this flame forms its aura, or forcefield. The sum of all electronic forcefields in the Universe forms the Body of God and is intelligent life. 

These electrons materialize through the designing faculty of both greater and lesser minds, and the speed at which they pulsate is determined by the feelings which pour through them. Thought, therefore, is the cup, the outline into which the primal substance, the Light of life is poured and feelings determines at what level the form will manifest. In other words, the higher the consciousness, the higher the vibration, the more perfect the manifestation unto Infinite Light which in itself is boundless!”                                    (Pause)

Please take a deep and slow breath in and on your out breath….  Gently return your attention to this Sanctuary….. and when you are ready pick up your decree books and turn to Decree 1-03, I AM FLAME! I AM THANKFUL! as we acknowledge the boundless splendor of Infinite Light within us and all life…       as one voice… 

Put your decree books aside beloved ones and gently close your eyes. Take a deep breath in and gently breathe out as I now call to this Sacred Flame….  Beloved Presence of God I AM in us; Oh Thou Beloved Immortal Victorious Threefold Flame of Life, EXPAND Thyself within us, and in the fullness of Thy Divine Powers, raise us into the Mighty Perfection which Thou art. Blaze forth visible to the sight of all humanity, and enfold all within Thy dazzling Presence. May all hear and obey Thy Might Command for Perfection to manifest now upon the Earth. Reveal Thy Eternal Law of Life, the Mighty TRUTH and REALITY of Thine Own Self. Set all life FREE, and hold Thy Dominion within us and all humanity forever. The Beloved Immortal Victorious Threefold Flame of Almighty God is within each Holy Temple. Let all life on Earth adore its Mighty Power and be at Peace—in humble, willing, adoring, illumined, obedience to this—the ONE SUPREME SOURCE OF LIFE!                          (Pause) 

The Law of Life is so simple in its essence beloved ones but the vast majority of humanity passes it by for a very complicated involved explanation with which we have completely smothered the Truth…..  The Law of the New Age; the religion of the New Age is so simple. It is the Law of Harmony! 

Life is energy! Every man, woman and child that breathes, draws this life force into themselves by a conscious action, for the inbreath is a drawing into one’s self from the ONE SOURCE—GOD—the priceless energy that is Her life, and when an individual does this, we become accountable to the whole Universe for the use of that energy loaned to us by the Godhead. 

The breath in our body is ours because we drew it forth from the Heart of God. In our inner soul we promised God that we would enrich her universe if she would allow us the use of her life, and God, being all love, granted our request and gave us all the love we required, and she still does, with but one counsel or condition—that her life energy must go forth from us qualified harmoniously to bless and enrich the entire Universe.” 

 Before proceeding further let us acknowledge the blessings we constantly receive from the Law of Life—the harmony of our true being. Please pick up the program that was on your chair and turn to the decree for the (+) Harmony of Our True Being….    With love and gratitude… together… 

Through the harmony of our True Being, we perceive and manifest every minute perfect health in every cell and organ of our bodies. 

Through the harmony of our True Being, we receive and externalize every minute God Supply in limitless abundance, filling our every need. 

Through the harmony of our True Being, we create and externalize every minute an aura of perfect peace, which acts as a natural conductor of God’s Will to all life wherever we are. 

Through the harmony of our True Being, we initiate and exemplify every minute this Divine Intention with Understanding, Illumination and Freedom in all that we accomplish at all times.                    (Pause) 

To assist us in further understanding the boundless splendor of our infinite Light please take up your decree books, turn to (+) Decree 1-06, I AM the Divine Image of God…   

With energy and purpose…Together….

*   *   *

Thank you, you may be seated and put your decree books aside once again. As each year comes to a close and a new year is about to emerge there are two major activities which take place in conjunction with the activities of the etheric essence of Shamballa. These two events result in our Earth and all life upon it being offered two extraordinary blessings from the Infinite Universal Presence within the Great Silence. The first activity involves the purification of the planet through the Violet Flames of transmutation and the forgiveness and release of all misunderstood and misqualified energy incurred during the previous twelve month period. This is achieved through our synchronized and dynamic use of the Violet Transmuting Fire. Throughout our service today we will actively call upon all Cosmic Beings of Light and ask them to join their energies with ours so that once again we can cleanse our dear Earth of any etheric, emotional, physical or mental debris which is keeping her from becoming Freedom’s Holy Star. 

The second activity which will culminate later tonight comprises of the unleashing of the magnificent energies we have worked with during this past year and the emergence of the cosmic energies for the new incoming year. This long-lasting ever-increasing energy will assist in manifesting Earth’s ability to move ever closer to divine perfection and for all life during the subsequent twelve month period to fulfill their own divine plan. The entire Spiritual Hierarchy will assist us in accomplishing this task by receiving, energizing and expanding the new thoughtform and theme for the incoming New Year, which we will then anchor within the Earth’s heartcenter during the all night watch each December 31st. In addition, during the Petition Service we pledge our continuing efforts and energies to supporting and sustaining these incoming cosmic forces, which are needed to assist in developing the ever evolving divine plan for all humanity and our dear planet Earth. 

These two important activities are accomplished each year through our heartfelt invocations, decrees and visualizations, and through our united co-service with all great Beings and Powers of Light in bringing forth the universal light, love and peace from the Supreme Source of All Life. Before continuing this process, listen to some additional information concerning the use of energy. 

“If energy is not qualified harmoniously, the Cosmic Law governing the Universe states that our own Holy Christ Self will draw that energy back into our world after it has accomplished that for which it was sent forth, and it will come back with the same qualification with which we clothed it on its outward journey, amplified by the vibrations of a like quality which it has attracted to itself. The outer personality is then forced to learn from this return of energy, that it is more comfortable to abide by the Law of Harmony and enrich the Universe by the life that God has loaned us, than to suffer the consequences caused by the misuse of the Fire-Breath of God. 

If through our knowledge in the use of the Sacred Fire, we would blaze the Cosmic Violet Fire of Freedom’s Love through the cause and effect of all negative manifestation, we would not only be cleansing and purifying our own consciousness and world, we would be helping to eradicate all less than perfect energy, vibration and consciousness completely from the Universe!” 

Let us now use one of the most perfect aspects of Infinite Light—the Sacred Violet Fire to cleanse, purify and release any less than perfect energy within or around us….. While we give the next few decrees let us remember that what we invoke for ourselves we also invoke for all life on this planet…

Pick up your decree books once again and let us begin with Decree 11-09, A Prepared Vehicle….

With energy please…..

Let us now continue preparing ourselves for our service this morning by turning to Decree 11-15, Letting Go Into the Violet Fire…. As we give this decree let us visualize all negative energy being transmuted back into the pure and perfect energy of Infinite Light as we consciously and verbally love it free….               Together…… 

Finally, pick up your programs once again and let us give the (+) Decree for All Chelas of Light, remembering that all people are chelas of Light whether they are consciously aware of this fact or not...  As one voice…

*   *   *

Decree for All Chelas of Light

Great Universal Presence I AM that I AM in us; we call to you and invoke your full Cosmic Momentum of God Perfection into, through and around all chelas and lightworkers everywhere on planet Earth. Fill the cups of our consciousness with your Divine Qualities and assist us in anchoring them into our beings and worlds. 

Through your Power, Protection, Purification and Illumination help us to grow steadily in God Consciousness. Teach us to focus our attention and energies, not only upon the completion of our individual Divine Plans but on all our group endeavors as well. 

Through the pressure of your Love, Light and Patience assist us to transmute to the cause and core all distress and negativity in our lives. As we walk ever forward into the Infinite Light of Divine Perfection we know you walk with us. May the Law of Harmony and the covenant of your Divine Will and Purpose be established between all chelas and lightworkers now, further manifesting the mutual goals of Peace, Unity and Spiritual Freedom for all life on planet Earth. 

With Love and Gratitude we so decree it and accept it done!

As God’s Most Holy Name, I AM THAT I AM.


Thank you. Please be seated and put your program aside and center yourselves. Take a deep breath in and as you breathe out let us silently affirm our dedication and consecration to the Source of all Creation…. 

Oh Thou Mighty Supreme Source of all Life, I AM THAT I AM! As we enter deep within the balancing Flames of Love, Wisdom and Power within our hearts, we consciously accept Thee as the Creator and Giver of all things, that Thou art in all life, and as such we are the Light of the World!  

We dedicate and consecrate our conscious minds and feelings to knowing that as we think, speak, and walk through this world, the Presence of God within us is widening the borders of Thy Kingdom. We are Lightbearers! We are the Light of the World!                            (Pause) 

Silently affirm: I relinquish now all the power I have ever given to the outer self; all the power I have ever given to others; all the power I have ever given to the shadows I have created! I am the Master Presence grown to full stature; clothed in the Immortal Victorious Threefold Flame of God. I AM the Light of the World! …Gently closing my eyes and breathing deeply I reaffirm my ONENESS with the Universal Presence of the Divine. Slowly exhaling I share my unique gifts and blessings with all life…. 

Continuing to inhale and exhale easily and naturally, it is now time to deepen our breathing even further. Maintaining a perfect rhythm let us prepare to work with the Sacred and Holy Breath of God. Breathe in beloved ones… and gently breathe out… We are ready to begin: 

I AM inbreathing…

I AM absorbing…

I AM expanding…

I AM projecting…

…the pure and perfect gifts of the Universal Presence of the Divine! (3X)

Breathe in…..   and breathe out…..  Let your breathing pattern return to normal for it is now time to expand and project one of the most pure and perfect gifts of the Universal Presence of the Divine. It is the magnificent Thoughtform we have been using during the past twelve months. As I read these sacred words visualize them once again going out into the world as a beautiful gift and blessing to all our brothers and sisters in the human family and all life….  

*Fully integrated within the Universal Consciousness of the Divine we lift our vision ever higher and receive into our hearts, our minds, our beings and our worlds all that we need to complete our mission here on Earth. We make no demands. We remain silent and lovingly support the Divine Plan taking shape around us… the restoration of divinity in vibration, consciousness and form—the oneness of all life… our divine heritage! 

Breathe this sacred vision in……and breath it out….. (* 3X)


...See it going forth covering the Earth and all life in its pure and perfect essence! ...Breathe in this beautiful Thoughtform again… and as you release your breath let us prepare to respond to this magnificent design by giving the Theme for this year…   Together! 

Through the power of the Sacred Violet Fire and the perfect activity of Pure Divine Love within my heart I AM grateful to have found my reason for being; no longer a seeker but a founder. And in this finding I have attained the most profound peace within my soul. 

I AM grateful! I AM grateful! I AM so very grateful!

So be it, beloved I AM that I AM! 


Breathe in deeply beloved ones and absorb this sacred gift deep within your being…. Now, gently breathe out and project the restoration of divinity in vibration, consciousness and form—the oneness of all life into our blessed planet while we anticipate the incoming New Year with great anticipation and joy.                                  (Pause) 

Thank you! That was beautiful!....When all the energy that we have drawn forth from life has been harmoniously requalified and freed, then the Earth can no longer hold us! This portion of our Divine Plans will be complete! Our service to Earth will be finished and we will rise up on the currents of boundless splendor and Infinite Light becoming Ascended Beings and completing this step in the cycle of your individual evolution, having fully learned the Law of Harmony. 

One way to remain centered and harmonious while we still walk this Earth as a true son or daughter of God is to exemplify the Law of Harmony in our daily life. We were given the perfect creed to follow some time ago by beloved Ćolus. I ask you now to close your eyes and take a comfortable position. Begin to breathe gently….in and out….in and out. As I review these wonderful tenets take this opportunity to examine and evaluate how well we have done this past year, individually and collectively, in outpicturing our divine plans. As a Disciple of the Holy Spirit: 

Be ever conscious and aspire to be the full expression of God, devoting your time and service to the First Commandment: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. 

Learn the lesson of harmlessness, not by word, thought, action, feeling or deed; inflict pain or discomfort upon any part of life. 

Stir not your sister’s or your brother’s sea of emotion, thoughtlessly or deliberately. Know that the place in which you place their spirit will sooner or later return to you. Work always to bring peace and tranquility to all life. 

Disassociate yourself from all personal delusion. If you are right there is no need to claim it. If you are wrong, seek for forgiveness. 

Walk gently through the Universe knowing that your body is a Temple in which the Holy Spirit dwells, constantly bringing peace and comfort to all life everywhere. Keep your body pure and clean. Respect and honor yourself and others. In gentle dignity always acknowledge the greater Light that burns within every human heart.  

In the Presence of Nature absorb the beauty and gifts of this Kingdom in gentle, loving gratitude. Do nothing that would in any way take away from this exquisite gift from God to the children of Earth. 

Do not form or offer opinions unless invited to do so, and then only after you have entered the Silence of your heart and sought guidance.  

Speak only when the Presence of God chooses to say something to others through you; otherwise remain peacefully silent and listen. 

Make the ritual of your daily living a perfect example of God’s Divine Principles. 

Let your heart be a song of gratitude, that the Most High Living God has given into your keeping the Spirit of Life, through which She has chosen to widen the borders of her Kingdom. 

Be alert always to the needs of others, and using your God given gifts and talents; assist them in recognizing their own Divine Perfection. 

Claim nothing for yourself, neither power over other people, or things of the material world. Instead use them freely for they were not given only to you, but to all humanity. 

Be gentle in your speech and action, centered always in the dignity that accompanies the Presence of God that lives within each one of us. 

Let your watchwords be gentleness, humility and loving service. The servants of the Universal Presence, like the Sun in the Heavens, are eternally vigilant, constantly pouring forth their gifts and blessings so lovingly given to them by God to those around them. 

We can become radiating centers of Infinite Light beloved ones, but first we must re-orient our thoughts and feelings. The outer self has to still itself repeatedly during the process when the personality first becomes aware of the tremendous responsibility that comes with such dispensation of light. This is because the outer self has used life so freely for so many centuries, that it takes quite some time for the aspirant to re-orient his or her mind and feeling world, in order to receive each electron that passes into his keeping then on into the universe around them with the same reverence, humility and respect accorded the Sacred Host on the altar in many churches. 

Unbeknownst to many, humanity is in a constant state of communion and should be in a constant State of Grace, because every electron passing through us contains the Body, the Spirit, and the Consciousness of the Universal Presence of all life. As these countless millions of electrons flow through our lifestream we can actually see and feel the magical and mystical experience constantly taking place wherein the spiritual essence of God recognizes and reunites with the spiritual essence of the children of Earth.  

In order to release the Greater Powers that lie within our own Causal Bodies; in order to form a constant conscious connection with the members of the Ascended Host, it is necessary to make the constant call for the purification of the personal self to a point where misqualification of energy can never take place again. 

In studying the lives of the great holy men and women that have passed through the Earth sphere in their journey toward perfection, we will find a gentle humility and an inner joy characterizing them all. This is because each one, upon reaching a certain point of spiritual evolution, began to regard the Gift of Life as a very holy and sacred trust and the exquisite experience of the Light flowing through them was allowed its natural expression…                                            (Pause) 

Let us now take a few moments to experience the natural expression and boundless splendor of Infinite Light. Breathe in deeply…and gently breathe out….breathe in again and as you release your breath visualize the Heart and Mind of God as a blazing sun before you. Feel the warmth of its light rays bathing you in its magnificent essence. Enfolded in the profound peace and love of the Universal Presence you now see and feel your Light—your divine essence—rising from your heart into your head, filling this entire area with Infinite Light.  

We have become miniature suns among all the suns in the Universe…. See all our sisters and brothers with this same light around them, as a rapidly moving succession of electrons connect all humanity. Now, look directly into the Mind of God. See the infinitesimal energy impulses of all the Divine Directives flowing forth, traveling along the light rays into the collective consciousness of humanity, revivifying and restoring the Divine Plan of each member of the human race to our outer consciousness. 

As this takes place silently affirm within your soul, I AM consciously and constantly connected to the Universal Mind of God. Through this connection I AM constantly creating through Divine Intelligence, the perfect conditions of peace, harmony and supply in my life and in the lives of those around me. Perfectly at peace, I AM constantly receiving the pure Light of God, purifying, illuminating and healing my faculties, senses and physical body and those of all my sisters and brothers in the Human Family…. Now, completely at ONE with Divine Will, I easily and effortlessly enter the boundless splendor of Infinite Light and prepare to receive a message directly from the Universal Mind of God.                 (Pause)         


       Blessed ones,                                                                                                                     

As another year prepares to come to a close and before a new begins I would like to take this opportunity to offer some insights into the wonderful code of conduct you worked with earlier this morning. Have you ever wondered what are the basis for these rules? Are they more than a program to follow as a Disciple of Holy Spirit? Yes, beloved ones, these thirteen tenets are gentle reminders of the Will of God! Just as the teachings contained within the Eightfold Path of Siddhartha Gautama are they also the Will of God. Thus, once again you are gently reminded that the higher understanding of the Universal Presence of the Divine is available to every one at the level of their understanding and at the point one stands upon their spiritual path.  

For those of you who are not well acquainted with the Eightfold Path, in the comparison of these teachings and the teachings contained within the Code of Conduct, I shall now add a little enlightenment to this subject, especially in comparing beloved Ćolus’ Code of Conduct with the first four beliefs in the Eightfold path.  

Gautama’s first guideline of the Eightfold Path is right view. This is the ability to see and understand things as they really are, not overshadowed by the illusions of the self and those of others. Both this instruction and the second principle of the Eightfold Path are based on the quality of Divine Wisdom and the secondary qualities of knowledge, understanding, insight, perception, intelligence, good judgment and the process of acquiring knowledge through reasoning, intuition and perception. 

Beloved Ćolus suggests that as a divine being you must be ever conscious and aspire always to being the full expression of God in the world of form. The perfect example of this is to “do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” He also suggests that you disassociate yourselves from all personal delusion and claim nothing for yourself, neither power over other people, or things of the material world. Instead use them freely for they were not given only to you, but to all humanity. Are these words not also words of wisdom to remind you to have the right view—to see and understand things as they really are?  

The second foundation of the Eightfold Path is right intention—to manage your actions by the gift of free will choice. This can be done by resisting all unconstructive qualities and cultivating the divine qualities of mercy, compassion and love. Ćolus requests that we learn the lesson of harmlessness, not by word, thought, action, feeling or deed; inflict pain or discomfort upon each other or any part of life. Also, he asks you to choose to make the ritual of your daily living a perfect example of God’s Divine Principles with your personal motto being one of gentleness, humility and loving service.  

The third tenet of the Eightfold Path begins with instruction on how to ethically conduct yourself through right speech—always lovingly, speaking the truth and to do so only when necessary. The Code of Conduct is very specific concerning this behavior. Do not form or offer opinions unless invited to do so….Be gentle in your speech…Speak only when the Presence of God chooses to say something through you… 

Humanity tends to overlook the tremendous power of the spoken word. An untimely and thoughtless comment can and has, in the past, been the cause of a devastating war. On the other hand the right words said at the right time have done wonders to spread peace throughout your planet! 

Finally, the fourth guideline of the Eightfold Path I will discuss today is right action—to abstain from hurting all sentient life and refusing to take that which is not yours. Instead, in all that you do be kind, be compassionate, be honest and be respectful. In other words, walk gently through this universe knowing that your body is a sacred temple in which the Holy Spirit dwells. In gentle dignity always acknowledge that greater Light that burns within each human heart. Be ever alert to the needs of others, assisting them in recognizing their own Perfection. Do these requests sound similar? 

No matter what approach or method you choose to study, all Divine Truths are the same even though the exact wording of the teachings may be different. At this time I would like to suggest that you examine the wonderful teachings of Gautama Buddha more fully. The time has now come when Buddhic Consciousness must be at the forefront of your attention. By studying the wisdom of this great Buddha, Kwan Yin and many other magnificent Beings of Light the wisdom and illumination of the boundless splendor within Infinite Light awaits your attention and ultimately your arrival at the apex of the Mount of Attainment. May this new year unfold easily and effortlessly for you beloved ones. May it also be filled with all the gifts and blessings of the Universal Presence of God.  


Vowing to remain connected to the Universal Mind of God from this day forth and more fully understanding the Gift of Divine Will we thank your for your words of wisdom and enlightenment this morning.     (Pause) 

It has been said, beloved ones that the natural activity of life is beauty, opulence, happiness and perfection without limit. And as soon as we can let go of the idea that we do not have to take responsibility for our use of Light—Life Energy, then we will come to the threshold of a new experience wherein we are no longer the dominant figure, but the Silent Witness to the constant outpouring of the qualities, manifestations, miracles and beauty that life will convey through us into the universe beyond. 

As we pass from a state of unawareness to the beauty and majesty of life, we will gradually become cognizant of the tremendous privilege it is to be recipients of the countless millions of electrons that are directed through the channel of our own lifestreams on their journey from the Fourth Dimension into the world of form. May we always remember our purpose for being and be grateful as we continue to fulfill our individual and collective divine plans. 

My beloved sisters and brothers, I thank you for your loving energies and dedicated service this morning. United in co-service with all our dear sisters and brothers around this planet and the many great beings of light who joined us, and offered their radiation to raise and bless all life on our dear planet Earth, I thank you! Now if you will please stand for the Benediction. 

(+) Benediction (or choice of Director, see ivory pages 16-20) 


Blessed are the hearts that can pierce through appearance and find Truth. Clear are the spiritual auras of those who need only touch the fringe of Godliness and, in humility, bow before the spark of divinity in each heart. Pray always that when the Spirit of Truth comes among us, we may be first among those to kneel in adoration before this great flame and see the Universal Presence in all its glory. 

 Those who consciously choose to live true to all life, have their senses constantly sharpened to hear the Voice of the Divine that may emanate from any tree or bush or bird that flies, according to the Spirit of God who may want to speak with us at various times for the good of the whole. Be ever alert, beloved ones, for the Homeland is constantly calling and wise is he or she who is ever attuned to its celestial song. Always remember: “You shall know the Truth and the Truth shall make you free!”  

We now command, in the Name and by the Power of the Cosmic I AM Presence of this Universe, that the truth and reality of this statement be forthcoming and that this sweet Earth be raised, redeemed and able to assume her perfect God-Estate NOW! 

We make this call on behalf of all life. So be it, beloved I AM that I AM! 

(+) Closing Acolyte Service

Blessed Flame, Expression of the Light Essence of the Supreme Source I AM that I AM, we thank you for your reverent service to us this day. Clothed in the gratitude of our hearts, return now to the Heart Center of Creation, to be again called forth at our invocation, as representatives of the Flame of Divinity within our hearts!  

As the Oneness of All Life, I AM!



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