Gift of LIGHT

Love, Illumination, Gratitude, Humility, Transformation

August 2006 

* * *

Assimilation and  Expansion

of the Electronic Pattern,


Knowing I AM the Way, I AM the Truth and I AM the Life we shine the Emerald Green Flame of Healing into all aspects of our lives transforming everything and everyone into divine perfection.



 Breathing Statement *for the Assimilation and  Expansion

of the Electronic Pattern


(Breathe in)                    I AM inbreathing

(Hold breath in)              I AM absorbing

(Breathe out)                  I AM expanding

(Hold breath out)            I AM projecting

...all hope, truth and healing manifest from the Realms of Light! (3x)


* The breathing statement should be given four times for each full breath. On the inbreath, breath in the qualities contained within the Flame. As you hold your breath in, absorb the qualities deep within every part of your being. As you breathe out, expand and increase the power and momentum of the divine qualities you are calling forth through the power of the Holy Breath. As you hold your breath out of your body, project these magnificent God Qualities forth to all life. Repeat this exercise a minimum of three full breaths.


* * *

The Indwelling Truth

The question is often asked; “Why are there so many different belief systems existing in the world?” 

Know there is only one Cosmic Law; there is only one Cosmic Truth; there is only one Cosmic Principle; because there is only one God/Divine Universal Consciousness! Humanity is still trying to find their way back home, and is struggling within to find the way… which tends to then seize upon one aspect of Divine Principle, and rather than integrating it into the whole and seeing it as a part of the Divine Plan – thus creates a belief/religion around that one aspect of the Principle and thus believes to have found all the answers.  

Alas our neighbors in their search have discovered another aspect of the whole… and they too believe they have full understanding. So each uses their partial vision to divide themselves one from the other. 

How do you discern truth? To know truth indicates that you have already the discernment of truth from illusion or falsehood. People have often looked to the past for verification of truth but unfortunately humanity’s past is frequently records of human thinking, action and consciousness. So it is only when you stand within the Sacred Flame that you can be sure to discern the Truth. 

A true chela knows to look for the truth within their heart because that is where the Sacred Flames live.

Knowledge without understanding is of little use and thus true Illumination means understanding in its fullest possible sense. To be illumined means to obtain the wisdom to know how to put knowledge to use. Upon receiving illumination always remember to ask to know the right use of this gift for the best and highest good of all concerned. 

It is important to realize that only Truth within your lives and experiences can bring you true joy and that – with true joy – you will experience the true freedom you desire. 

But with the gift of knowledge also comes the responsibility to share. Teaching takes many forms and the highest form of distributing knowledge is always by right example. God and Divine Truth indwells every human heart and that is the Truth you can best offer to others.

Truth is the Immaculate Concept for the One Universal Consciousness for all creation.

* * *


For humanity the principal challenge frequently seems to be around relationships. On occasion the very presence of another in our lives seems to be our greatest ordeal. Another may test our patience, or ability to remain centered and be at peace or even present you with a substantial force of negativity.  

For a moment focus on the reasons within reasons – the events within events – that are brought to you by other people in your day-to-day lives. Each person in your life brings you a gift and though you may not always joyfully embrace the gift presented to you it is well to remember that you may ultimately find it to be useful in some way. Contemplate each of these “gifts” and try to determine their value in your life and your understanding. If you can discover the inner significance of these gifts you will have begun using a tool which will hasten your progress on the path of spiritual understanding and enlightenment.  

Being sensitive to the psychic tides which surround you in the realm in which your four lower vehicles must function is intended only to bring you an awareness and understanding of that level and its effect upon human consciousness and behavior. As such sensitivity is indispensable; however the intent is not that you become emotionally involved there. Realize that these personal likes and dislikes especially regarding other lifestreams belong only to that realm. It is not necessary or desirable to absorb it into your being… just recognize it and blaze the Violet Transmuting Flame through it. 

It is essential to be able to rise above our personal emotions which are often triggered by outer situations and stimuli. Sensitivity is a useful quality in our spiritual development but at times can become a weight which can hold us earth-bound in consciousness if not rightly used and comprehend.  

Take a few minutes right now to give thanks for each and every person who touches your life… forgetting for the moment your human likes or dislikes for them. Be grateful for the presence of each one who walks with you in your world! Strengthen your faith in the essence of Truth – that all is truly in Divine Order and this but awaits your understanding and your command of perfection to manifest.

* * *

Meditation on Transmutation and Mercy 

Quietly center yourself. Allow your breathing to deepen and broaden. Feel the cool breath of life flow through your nostrils and down your throat, as it enters and fills your lungs. With eyes closed, concentrate on this sacred essence as it is drawn deeply within and then expands flowing forth throughout your entire body. As you continue to focus on your breathing see the very substance of the air you draw in as brilliantly glowing light, which as you inhale, pervades all the cells of your body. As you exhale it increases and expands the intensity of the light within and around you. As this takes place feel your consciousness amplify and rise to ever-higher planes. Beloved ones, as you keep your attention aware of this light see it move in, through and around you and let the ascension of your consciousness to continue! 

Gazing deep within this illumination, a beautiful sanctuary emerges. Instantaneously you understand it as the Essence of Mercy, Compassion and Forgiveness, for you have journeyed often to this sacred and holy place during times of sleep and meditation. As you proceed deeper within this essence you begin to feel the warmth of the deep violet light that always enfolds these virtues and its spirit, and you are content to once more experience this.  

You experience many magnificent estates full of etheric flowers and gentle cosmic elemental beings. Gently winding through these exquisite spaces you ultimately arrive at the sacred Way of Supreme Harmony. The atmosphere is charged with the legions of Violet Fire beings who playfully swirl in unison and harmony to the peaceful music that fills the air. These beings of light embrace you and lovingly support your desire to continue your journey with respect to the Essence of Mercy, Compassion and Forgiveness. 

All about you appears to merge together into oneness, which now leads you to the place you seek. You immediately become aware of the greatly intensified activity of purification taking place all around you. Your physical body, your etheric body, your mental body, your emotional body – in fact the entire spiritual being of light you are is now filled with Violet Transmuting Flames and you feel a new lightness of spirit and a renewed freedom of mind and body. With the continued support of all the Violet Fire Beings of Light you are clothed in a magnificent mantle of violet light and effortlessly find yourself floating freely upward toward final transformation. 

As you draw near the vastness expands and you find yourself within a stunning area filled with countless numbers of great lights of many highly evolved spiritual beings who serve with you in the physical world of form. The atmosphere is one of spiritual joy, love and peace and you sense that you would like to remain in this space eternally. 

You now experience an etheric sea that holds the magnificence of the Sacred Violet Fire, unable to contain the full essence of this bequest to life, many flames from the lightest violet shades to the deepest royal purple rise up and fill the atmosphere of this haven and flow along the ground as this liquid light substance fills the atmosphere. Moving forward you feel yourself filled more and more with the qualities of forgiveness, compassion, transmutation and freedom. Merging now with the flame, you move deep within the fire and gratefully opening your arms, hold yourself in a posture of grace and acceptance. Observing the movement of the flame, you begin to see a shape taking form. It is a luminous presence from within the flame that holds forth a bowl, which is being offered to you. 

With anticipation and joy, you reach out to accept the gift. As your hands encircle the bowl your entire being fills with gratitude and love. Drawing the bowl towards you, you look within it and see an iridescent aquamarine liquid through which the light of the Violet Flame creates a luminosity of all the colors of the rays, gently and fluidly moving throughout the substance contained within the bowl. The Violet Flame itself is reflected in the liquid as if it is permeating the substance with its essence of purification. 

Slowly you raise the bowl and drink deeply of this elixir. Immediately you feel energized as this purifying essence slowly flows through your body. You are empowered by the faith, strength and protection you feel moving outward throughout your head, arms and legs. Feel the healing power of love as this sacred essence moves in and around your heart. As your heart opens to receive this blessing and – as it releases and expands – you release this blessing out to all life around you. Feeling the purity of your purpose and the purification of your intent this energy now flows freely throughout your four lower bodies, into your aura, throughout the vicinity and beyond merging with the liquid light substance you have transversed through since your arrival. 

Continuing to carefully hold the basin you close your eyes and remaining in a prayerful position, you express your gratitude for this opportunity to the powers of the Seventh Ray of Purification, and to the Violet Fire which has so willingly been your guide during this process of purification. Looking once again into the flames you return the iridescent bowl to the Violet Fire of Purification and observe how the colors of the rays now boldly blaze forth adding to the flame. Filled with a love unlike anything you have ever known you hear the voice of beloved Compassion and Mercy speak: 

“In the purity and love of the true light of your being you are the light of the world! You are the gift to all humanity! You are the blessing of the One Universal Consciousness manifest in the world of form. Embrace and cherish this truth, beloved one! You have the ability to receive all and you have everything to give. Hold the essence of this divine truth deep within and allow it to be you – for it is you. You are a blessing to all humanity!” 

As you slowly begin to return your attention to your physical location, you truly understand that this truth applies not only to you, but to all people on this planet; and you happily look forward to receiving the many blessings of the One Universal Consciousness that always surround you. Taking a deep breath in and gently exhaling you slowly open your eyes. You are grateful and pleased to have returned to where your journey began this day.

* * *

Liberty and Opportunity 

Liberty, like opportunity is a cosmic virtue which requires great discrimination, both on the part of the one invoking it and on the part of the one utilizing that sacred gift. When you take the liberty of using life, that life in its essence responds to the direction of your thoughts and feelings, and becomes form. When you are given liberty to function cosmically or humanly, the divine gift of free-will choice weaves either a pattern of light and life or a portion of the shroud of death that will one day enfold and surround the planet Earth. 

Therefore, if you seek liberty of action through the development of your higher senses and through the capacity to function within the freedom of your etheric bodies, remember what you do with that liberty will become your karma—good or otherwise.  

On the great cosmic journey first you receive life. Then you receive liberty. And wise is the man or woman who pursues life through the course of Godliness! Through the outer self, humanity does not always know what will yield happiness. One might feel and believe that the satisfaction of the senses, the accumulation of wealth, the freedom of control by others or any one of a number of ephemeral visions will result in happiness.  

Beloved ones,  the only lasting happiness there is, is that in whatever you do you must be in agreement with the Divine Plan of the Universal First Cause—perfection for all life! Happiness results in complete and absolute surrender of the outer ego to the fulfillment of the Divine Plan and the consecration of your life to the weaving out of the substance and energy of the individual’s world, a portion of that great Divine Plan which is the Kingdom of Heaven.  

Today you stand at the door of opportunity. Today as every day you receive into your individual consciousness a great wealth of wisdom from the cosmic beings and sacred powers that dwell for the most part in the Heart of the Great Silence. You are at complete liberty to use this life energy as you will; to pursue your individual course and to weave what you desire out of the substance and energy of your world under the direction of your own free-will.

* * *  

Blessing of the Beloved Essence of Liberty 

In the name of the Universal Presence of God I AM that I AM, I bestow upon you the divine gift of Liberty and Self-Determination. May you advance ever forward freely acting in this physical world of form, constantly drawing forth the primal substance, energy and vibration of the universal life force to further the evolution of this planet upon which you have so lovingly chosen to serve. 

By your example continue to show humanity that the liberty to use life is given, not for personal satisfaction, but rather to help weave the pattern of the Divine Plan for this Universe.

So be it!

* ~ *

Message from the President 

Beloved co-servers, 

This month I would like to offer a short and gentle reminder concerning one of the most important tasks of a chela of The Bridge to Spiritual Freedom. We must always remember that we “are in the world but not of it!”  In all that we do, think and say and remember we must not allow ourselves to be caught up and trapped within the lesser levels of consciousness and destructive energies that wait in the shadows for unwary and unsuspecting individuals at every opportunity. 

During this period of greatly intensified violence and negativity, especially in the Middle and Far East, we must hold fast and not allow ourselves to be drawn into the current world conflicts at any level other than to continue making calls for peace and divine government. And this we must do without cynicism, hesitation or distrust to alter our thoughts, words and divine vision in any way. No matter what our personal political inclinations and desires are we must put them aside to assist in this sacred and very important service to life.  

Cosmic Moments constantly come and go! During these times, if we are not prepared and at peace within ourselves, we can temporarily be cut off from the Universal Divine Plan and unable to serve as perfect channels for the energies of the higher realms.  

Let the Will of God be manifest in, through and around all the governments of this world this day and forever. . . .Reveal through Illumination’s Flame the divine purpose and plan for each office and reveal to each individual involved the spiritual courage necessary to fulfill their responsibility perfectly. . .. So be it, beloved I AM that I AM!

 Rebecca Ann Laycock; President

* * *


September 2006