Gift of LIGHT

Love, Illumination, Gratitude, Humility, Transformation

January 2006  

* * *  

Assimilation and  Expansion

of the Electronic Pattern,


Gently resting in the stillness of profound tranquility we easily and effortlessly magnetize and absorb the all-encompassing, prismatic spectrum of Divine Light and Love.



 Breathing Statement *for the Assimilation and  Expansion

of the Electronic Pattern


(Breathe in)                    I AM inbreathing

(Hold breath in)              I AM absorbing

(Breathe out)                  I AM expanding

(Hold breath out)            I AM projecting endless stream of Light, Love and Peace essential to Earth’s evolution! (3x)


* The breathing statement should be given four times for each full breath. On the inbreath, breath in the qualities contained within the Flame. As you hold your breath in, absorb the qualities deep within every part of your being. As you breathe out, expand and increase the power and momentum of the divine qualities you are calling forth through the power of the Holy Breath. As you hold your breath out of your body, project these magnificent God Qualities forth to all life. Repeat this exercise a minimum of three full breaths.


* * *

New Year Conference Midnight Service – December 31, 2005


Blessed ones,

On this, the most sacred and holy night of the year I shall begin by offering my gratitude for your steadfast dedication to improve your life, the lives of those around you and all life on planet Earth. I love, bless and thank you for your ongoing service.  

Through the power of your continued attention let us unite our energies and allow all the Divine Ideas contained within My Heart to come to light and, through you, flood the Earth. Know that this flow will commence and continue as you attune yourselves more fully to me—the One Universal Consciousness. Permit the gift of Divine Order to express through you via the power of your love and eternal unification with all life. Feel the Earth as a blazing diamond heart of divine perfection as you truly begin a course of action to fully manifest your part of the great Divine Plan. Enfolded within the heart of the sacred fire begin by having faith in the chalice of your individual and combined consciousness to bring forth the perfection of the Divine First Cause.  

Each time your focus turns heavenward your awareness increases, so raise your vision now—open, expand, and strengthen your channel to the higher octaves of Light. Learn to live anchored firmly within your divinity, becoming a conscious component of the great creative outpouring of the One Universal Consciousness upon this planet. Constantly place your attention on this Infinite Consciousness and learn to become part of the natural activity of divine service. Additionally, as Divine Order emanates from the Great Silence—enter this Silence often and merge with the Oneness of I AM.  

Draw forth the gifts of Holy Spirit beloved ones and manifest them in the visible, tangible world of form in which you live! Realize and accept the holy breath as the transforming power which will bring you enlightenment. Be still and know that I AM! Breathe in the Blue Flame of the First Ray of Strength, Power, Protection and Divine Will.  Now, absorb, expand and project these qualities forth. Know that you are the Blue Flame of Strength, Power, Protection and Divine Will in action here and now! 

Next, listen with your hearts and become aware of all divine principles. Fearlessly move forward as you witness and assist those members of the human race who are just now awakening to the truth of their inner divinity, no matter what their religious or spiritual path may be. Seek council from the octaves of Light who dwell within your heart. Know that each I AM Presence is a seed which springs forth when the soil is fertile and the environment pure! 

To become a conscious co-creator with the Godhead, to draw forth life energy, to shape it according to your own divine design and to accept responsibility for the use of this pure energy – this is your reason for being beloved ones! Every breath you take is a sacred communion. Every inbreath is holy but it is also qualified with your own thoughts and feelings. When you breathe out this energy is absorbed by all humanity. It can not be said enough but where your attention is, there you are, for you are your consciousness. You are your energy and this energy flows through your attention at the vibration with which you enfold it.  Thus, your energy, your vibration and your consciousness is your life! How do you want your life essence to be received?   

Now, breathe in the Golden Flame of the Second Ray of Wisdom, Illumination and Perception, absorb, expand and project these qualities forth. Know that you are the Golden Flame of Wisdom, Illumination and Perception in action here and now. 

Finally, the way of love is a path of service and silence… Learn to embrace the Silence beloved ones! Full attunement with celestial love at all levels of consciousness through this ever-expanding stream of light is the pathway to understanding and the embodiment of divine love. Remember, the first principle of creation is that all life is ONE and true reverence for life is fully realized only when you accept your unity with all life, without exception. 

Allow the power of the Holy Spirit to descend in tongues of living flame and fill your entire being with the fire of pure divine peace and love, for love is the integrating factor—the foundation every person needs and requires to return HOME to the heart of the One Universal Consciousness. In this respect there is only ONE path. Your inbreath infuses you with the perfect love of God and the creative fire fanning this mighty flame, unifies all life as ONE in love, ONE in desire, ONE in service, and ONE in loyalty to the Presence of the Divine in all life. 

 Contemplate the grace and silent benediction of the Holy Spirit flowing constantly through you and all life. Bask in the Divine Goodness and complete devotion to the goodness of all life. Allow this quality to flow through all your ideas and inspirations bringing forth the perfect manifestations you so deeply desire. Breathe in the Pink Flame of the Third Ray of Pure Divine Love, absorb, expand and project these qualities forth. Know that you are the Pink Flame of Divine Love in action here and now.  

Within the higher levels of awareness and through the love, wisdom and power of God your consciousness shall continue to ascend into the more perfect peace, harmony and unity contained within my ideal gift of life. Within this mastery is the true balance of energy, vibration and consciousness and the perfect manifestation of Divine Will beloved ones. Recognize your responsibility and all it entails. Nurture and expand every divine concept and quality—protecting and permitting only unity and oneness to govern your thoughts, feelings, actions and reactions as you prepare to enter a pure and perfect new year.  So be it! 


* * *

New Year Conference

January, 1, 2006 - Cup Service

It is my hope that after the sacred festivities of the past night you still have some energy left to complete the activities of this day for there is much more to accomplish! Since you now stand upon the threshold of eternity, having flawlessly merged with the perfect, primal life energy of My Presence you shall begin an exciting new year offering a great service to life. I would like to activate this process within you by inviting you to continue experiencing the activity of the remaining seven rays through the loving wisdom of my words.  

Begin by feeling that I AM alive in every cell of your body, moving through every atom of your being! Know and accept the pure, living, breathing electronic light substance of I AM within your mental, emotional, physical and etheric bodies. Experience I AM patiently awaiting activation to again manifest the perfection of the Immaculate Concept of this sweet planet and the entire universe. Breathe in the White Flame of the Fourth Ray of Resurrection, Ascension and Purity, absorb, expand and project these qualities forth. Know that you are the White Flame of Ascension, Resurrection and Purity in action here and now.  

Now, the ray of Truth reveals itself to your outer consciousness and everything that has prevented or continues to prevent you from complete unity with the higher levels begins to easily fall away and no longer affect you. The Violet Fire then blazes forth purifying your holy temple of any and all doubt, so you may offer the individual chalice of your consciousness to the great I AM Presence for continuous replenishment and healing. With the curative power of the green flame flowing through you, the expansion of your divine pattern constantly flows outward, healing all life and further manifesting harmony in the world of form.  

When the flames of consecration are joined with your dedication, additional encouraging thoughts and feelings will help you in offering your service to a higher divine ideal. And when you consistently dwell within this higher sphere you know to the center of your being that—I AM the Doer, the Doing and the Deed. Continue to expand the power of concentration into all that is of the light beloved ones! Draw it into every aspect of your life, transforming everything within your earthly expression from the human into the divine.  

Take care to also permit your vision, at both inner and outer levels, to rest only upon conditions that you wish to encounter. Know that I AM the Way, I AM the Truth and I AM the Life and with this acceptance there comes the need to often sacrifice old ideas and to seek fresh mental adjustments. Truth is usually “simple” but it is not always “easy”.   

Breathe in the Green Flame of the Fifth Ray of Truth, Healing, Consecration and Concentration, absorb, expand and project these qualities forth. Know that you are the Green Flame of Truth, Healing, Consecration and Concentration in action here and now.

Enduring balance can only be attained within the heart of the Great Silence, so each day diligently seek your time within this great peace and tranquility. Through your proficiency with the gift of visualization the Violet Fire will instantly spring into action rendering the service of raising the vibration of energy within and around you, thus changing all limiting characteristics into perfection. Your task shall then be to maintain this achievement. Remember, as spiritual consciousness develops and evolves within you the same momentum calls forth many different responses.  

You must take time to “be still and know I AM.” Allow yourself the time and space to rest, accept and absorb these changes. Allow yourself the freedom to connect the inner teachings with your physical experiences and situations. Be filled with forgiveness mercy, compassion and kindness for all around you. Know that mercy is more kindness than justice requires and it is more kindness than can be claimed by merit of service… and forgiveness. Take time to often stop and consciously forgive any and all misuse of energy…Learn to love unconditionally and then set it free. Breathe in the Violet Flame of the Seventh Ray of Compassion, Mercy, Transmutation and Freedom, absorbing, expanding and projecting these qualities forth. Know that you are the Violet Flame of Mercy, Compassion, Transmutation and Freedom in action here and now. 

Celebrate the truth and reality of Divine Love! Embrace your authentic divinity! “Let go and let God be God in and through you”. Free will is the divine gift that lies between human and divine consciousness. The decisions you make dictate the outcome in the world that will be created through your choices. Let Peace enter now into every cell and fiber of your being, as you relax in the knowledge that you are immersed in the Presence of the One Universal Consciousness.  

By divine grace you descended to this Earth. In a state of grace you shall remain. And through the gift of grace you will one day ascend back into the very heart of Infinite Consciousness. You are on a divine journey beloved ones—a spiritual quest which will ultimately lead full circle—reuniting you at all levels with the profound beauty and perfection of Divine Oneness. 

Become a peace commanding presence radiating the qualities of peace and harmony with your every thought, word, deed and breath – for this is the divine edict of Cosmic Law. Within this oneness of being you will find your consciousness expanding, expanding and forever expanding— eventually encompassing the entire universe. The gifts of peace and harmony are your ultimate protection dear ones. See these blessings working perfectly in your life. Always remain centered within my pure unconditional divine love, for love truly is the only power that holds the universe together. Breathe in the Ruby-Gold Flame of the Sixth Ray of Peace, Grace, Healing and Ministration absorb, expand and project these qualities forth. Know that you are the Golden-Ruby Flame of Peace, Grace, Healing and Ministration in action here and now….. 

Together we have truly given the planet Earth a magnificent blessing this morning. May all life accept these sacred gifts and expand them many fold throughout the coming year with the assistance of all chelas everywhere. This is only the beginning beloved ones! There are so many more rays, so many more levels of energy, vibration and consciousness to be explored and integrated into who you truly are as you walk the path of the middle way. It is my hope that with open minds, open hearts, and open eyes this will continue to take place easily and effortlessly for each and every one of you and all your sisters and brothers in the Human Family! 



* * *


Thoughtform for 2006

Joyfully soaring on the wings of the infinite inbreath of One Consciousness, we now enter deep within the Great Silence.  Gently resting in the stillness of the profound tranquility of this expanded vibration, we easily and effortlessly attract and absorb the all-encompassing, prismatic, pulsations of Divine Light and Love.  

Firmly anchored within the outbreath of this endless stream of energy we are primed and passionate in our capacity to expand and project forth all the Light, Love and Peace required at this time in Earth’s evolution.


Theme for 2006

Dwelling within the Pure Essence of Boundless Splendor and Infinite Light, we stand upon the threshold of eternity and flawlessly merge with the perfect, primal life energy of the Universal Presence of God.  

I AM that I AM!

I AM that I AM!

I AM that I AM!




February 2006