Volume I                                        Gift of Light                              December 2006




For December 31, 2006 at 10:00 AM (MST)


NOTES: Following is the service that will be given during The Bridge to Spiritual Freedom Inc. New Year’s Conference on December 31, 2006 starting at 10:00 AM with a single candle Acolyte Service. We will be using the 1989 Revised Edition of The Book of Ceremony and Ordered Service for all decrees.


 (+) Indicates that the chelas will stand, unless otherwise instructed by the Director.

 (+)Opening Single Candle Acolyte Service:

All hail to Thee, mighty All-Pervading Light of the Universe, Supreme Source of All That Is, I AM THAT I AM! We acknowledge the oneness of all life contained within the magnificent Light of the Cosmos and draw forth this sacred flame representing the Three-fold Flame of Divinity within our hearts! 

(-) Meditation Period (Optional - until 10:15 AM, music of your choice)

(+) Invocation by Director:

Beloved Presence I AM we send forth our gratitude and love this day to the One Universal Divine Presence of all life in this Universe. 

We are grateful to all the Ascended Masters and Great Angelic Host for the privilege of working within their radiation and may this outpouring of radiation flow forth through us at all times and to bless all life everywhere. 

We invoke this day especially the combined energies and momentum of the seven mighty Elohim, the celestial builders of form with whose efforts this Earth is able to exist among the planets of the Universe. 

We invoke mighty Hercules, Elohim of the First Ray! Come forth now and direct the Blue Flame of God’s Divine Will and Protection through our beings. Inspire us with our own free will choice to accept the Divine Pattern and Plan for our lifestreams… (pause)

We invoke beloved Cassiopeia, Elohim of the Second Ray! Send the Golden Flame of Illumination to open our eyes, that we may perceive our path and stay upon it… (pause) 

We invoke beloved Orion, Elohim of the Third Ray! Direct the Pink Flame of Pure Love into our hearts to sustain us in our efforts of expanding the Light of the World… (pause) 

We invoke beloved Claire, Elohim of the Fourth Ray! Enfold our every thought, word and deed in the Crystal Flame of Purity. Help us always to ascend into the perfection of our own One Divine Universal Consciousness… (pause) 

We invoke beloved Vista, Elohim of the Fifth Ray! Through the Green Flame of truth and healing, assist us in concentrating our energies upon our service of only Divine Good… (pause) 

We invoke beloved Tranquility, Elohim of the Sixth Ray! Seal our efforts in your Ruby-Gold Flames of Peace. Allow us to be true masters of the Sacred Fire that we constantly call forth…(pause)

We invoke beloved Arcturus, Elohim of the Seventh Ray! Attend our every effort so that all life can achieve true freedom though our use of the Violet Fire… (pause) 

In return we send forth our deepest gratitude and love and ask that these blessings flow to and through us without limit until all humanity accepts the reality of the Universal First Cause and moves forward into the Light of God that is eternally victorious!

So be it… beloved I AM that I AM!........ (Pause)

* * * *

Greeting: Beloved ones, the Divine Essence of my being honors, greets and welcomes you with all the love, wisdom and power within my heart. I thank you for your presence here today, please be seated.  

Let us now consciously enter into and abide within the very heart of the Sacred Fire which is the true center of our beings… We are now centered and will remain within the heart of the Sacred Fire to speak and command with authority. Let us, at this moment, blaze forth becoming visible to all humanity as we enfold all life within this dazzling Presence.                 (Pause)

Please take a deep and slow breath in….. and on your out breath, gently return your attention to this Sanctuary….. And when you are ready pick up your decree books and turn to Decree 1-10, Affirmation of Dedication and Consecration!…as we rededicate and reconsecrate our life to the Divine First Cause…

                   As one voice…

* * * *

Put your decree books aside beloved ones and gently close your eyes. Take a deep breath in and gently breathe out as we now contemplate how to become a channel of the Holy Spirit….   

Much has been written about the Holy Spirit, and yet a full understanding of the "Essence of the Holy Spirit" has not often been comprehended and appreciated. The HOLY SPIRIT is a radiation of the Power of Divine Love; the highest vibratory action that can be achieved by any lifestream in any system of worlds. It is the natural expansion of the Godhead, the One Universal Consciousness who dwells within the Heart of Eternal Life. To be imbued with the HOLY SPIRIT is not to receive a foreign power into one's life, but to raise the vibratory action of one's lifestream to a point where the Life Principle of that Lifestream exudes the Essence which has been qualified as the Power of the Holy Spirit. 

The Holy Spirit is as impersonal as breath which flows through the lips of one as song but, unlike breath, the Holy Spirit cannot be contaminated nor forced into unnatural expression. It therefore flows through the lifestream automatically when the lifestream is qualified with the vibratory action which is a channel for its flow—HARMONY. It is automatically absent from the lifestream whenever such a one drifts from the Law of Harmony and Love. 

How does one retain this connection? When any lifestream achieves the point of mastery over the energy of that one's world - until every electron passing through their body vibrates to the tones of harmony and balance - he or she by design tunes into and becomes one with the constant outpouring of the Cosmic Holy Spirit which is representative for the earth plane. 

Individuals from time to time tune into and became one with the Cosmic Holy Spirit for a temporary period of time. Those who retained the connection with the Cosmic Holy Spirit by abiding in the Law of Harmony became part of the Ascended Host of Light and it is to this goal of achievement that we should all be focused on now, remembering that the channel through which the Holy Spirit flows is HARMONY. The chelas can do much on a cosmic scale to open the door to this outpouring through themselves and through humanity everywhere. 

How does one become the embodiment of the Holy Spirit? The Law of Life necessitates that every individual must become the Holy Spirit incarnate. Until each lifestream raises the vibratory action of their own energy, until their every activity expresses the Grace and Love of the Holy Spirit, such a one falls short of their divine destiny, responsibility, and pre-ordained perfection. 

It has been said that an individual must become the embodiment of Love to heal. This is a precise truth. The only rate of vibratory action that will carry the cosmic essence of the Holy Spirit is absolute, unconditional, uninterrupted HARMONY, and when such a vibratory action is held around a lifestream undisturbed, the cosmic powers of divinity come through that lifestream and go to enrich the universe through the waves provided by an individual still a part of that evolutionary scheme. 

If enough individuals could be found and be willing to provide these channels of force, the consciousness of the people of earth would soon be transformed, and the finer currents of the Holy Spirit would be able to interpenetrate the earth plane and bring each lifestream into harmony.            (pause)

Let us begin the process of transforming all misdirected energy by calling upon the law of forgiveness… please pick up your Decree Book and turn to Decree 3-01, Law of Forgiveness…

As one voice…

Let us continue by turning to Decree 3-05, Violet Fire of Freedom’s Love…

With energy and as one voice…  together… 

Breathe it in and breathe it out… Finally let us conclude this portion of our service by turning to Decree 11-15, Letting Go into the Violet Fire…             

Gently but with feeling… together…

Breathe in this peace and transformation beloved ones… Absorb it and breathe it out expanding it into the world around you….. Thank you, you may put your Decree Books aside, find a comfortable position and close your eyes as you concentrate on your breathing as we now consider how to direct the power of the Holy Spirit… 

If you will invoke the Power of the Holy Spirit to be released through the commanding "I AM" Presence and higher mental bodies of all humankind into the consciousness of the personal self, it will enable the Holy Spirit to qualify such Energy with Loving Consciousness before it descends into the earth plane. 

This Energy flowing through the inner bodies of humanity will be naturally harmonious and balanced, as it cannot be requalified by human will. It will flow forth almost independently through the personal self and form a pattern for the lifestream which the flow of energy into the lifestream will follow – like a cosmic lead elephant. 

How does one safely open their mind to these constructive ideas? Whatever is most frightening to your inner nature attracts a host of malefic forms who present themselves to your inner vision with such firm conviction that any energy being thrown at them will give them almost unending life. To root out fear and doubt is to render these feelings and thoughts harmless and thus strip them of the sustaining power of energy which keeps them alive and they will then disintegrate into their natural nothingness. 

On the other hand, the best idea in the universe will only become a manifestation when some unascended being takes the energy of their own lifestream and voluntarily clothes that idea with the substance of the physical world, and thus gives it form and outline. 

However, one must remember that to energize thought forms of imperfection is an error. For any student under this radiation to energize thought forms of imperfection is a failing, and for any student to give these thought forms the substance of their own lifestreams, whereby they might take physical incarnation, is a responsibility which such a one must face according to Cosmic Law. The only activity that any conscious student of the Light should be engaged in is to create physical forms for expressions of splendor and perfection. 

How does one tune into this divine process of precipitation? We are studying consciousness at this moment for we know that we can create in our thoughts and feelings any picture, design or desire that is good and beautiful and then by pouring our life energy upon such a image in love, we tune into the natural processes of precipitation, which will bring into physical form that which we created at inner levels. 

As we do this you will begin to find manifestations of exquisiteness which your heart has sought through this embodiment. Such magnificence will give great peace and happiness to your spirit and will be a great incentive to the spirits of those watching over every chela who is seeking to manifest the Law of Perfection's Flame in action. 

How does one raise the vibratory action of their inner bodies? People incarnated upon the earth plane have the privilege and opportunity of raising the vibratory action of their inner bodies to a point where the light waves constantly emanating from the lower bodies become a natural invitation to these cosmic currents and when such a one is found, the entire Host of Great Beings of Light utilize this conductor and over the illumination representing the aura of that lifestream there flows every divine quality, gift and power which the Light Ray of the individual can sustain. 

We are examining the Law of Harmony once again because every lifestream in this universe must not only recognize that the duty of such a one is to qualify all the energy in their being and world in a harmonious manner, but every lifestream is required by cosmic fiat to set about the task of re-educating the energy of their particular world into a pattern of harmonious expression. 

You can by no means, by effort or will, change the habits of centuries, but invoking the Sacred Love of the Sacred Fire through all momentums of human accumulation, those currents can be changed into harmonious emanations and the lifestream’s energy will flow through those harmonious radiations with even greater speed than that energized by the imperfect ones…..         (pause)

 * * * *

Let us now take time to verbally call upon the sacred tone of the seventh ray… please pick up your Decree Books and turn to Decree 3-08, Sacred Tone of the Seventh Ray

Together as one voice…

Thank you… please put your books aside and once more center yourself as we consider how to use our divine self to qualify energy before it enters our body…                                        (pause)

Every habit generated by the lifestream through centuries of living has become a groove or channel through which the energy allotted the individual flows almost automatically, just as water passing through a river bed already worn away by countless centuries of flowing water moves more easily than it would flow through a flat unbroken surface. 

To cultivate even one quality of kindliness, of tolerance, of gentleness of speech is to begin to draw some of the energy from the old river bed and divert it into the new; and as more and more of this energy is trained to pass through these new channels of force, you will soon find the old ways of living become less and less powerfully manifest in your world and this new way easier and more perfect. 

Your Divine Self is of tremendous assistance during this period, because it will, when requested, qualify the energy of your lifestream before it enters your body with perfection, and that energy receiving those directions from above will not flow through discordant accumulations nor will it obey the request of the human self, but it will abide in the direction of the Divine Self and go forth harmoniously. 

The constant use of the Divine Self will impel the progress of Perfection's Flame through the individual in spite of the outer self, and as you give more and more of your energy to the Divine Self to control, the less you will have to contend with through personal outer direction. 

The Divine Self will invite the One Universal Consciousness to assist in the qualifying of your God energy and will release this power of good through it to assist in this tremendous task of creating a new and constructive channel for every electron allotted by Life to you. 

As we consider the service to be rendered, radiation is more important than words! Gandhi learned through much contemplation and devotion to his spiritual source that his greatest service was as a silent conductor of the Essence of Peace, Balance, Harmony and Light to his peoples. You too are a mighty radiating center and the Light of your Being flows constantly, opening channels through the dense, heavy substance, which forms the natural atmosphere of your locality. 

We must also hold the vision of good. It cannot be stressed too strongly to you the Truth that what your mind dwells upon, what you think and what you feel, you induce into your experience and your world. 

If you will assist by making the call to your own Divine Essence and that of others to show you their Divine Plan and to help you to picture it during your daily activities, the powers of creation allotted to you by the Godhead can be utilized to manifest in physical form the direction which is intended rather than any imperfection from which you would protect them. 

The strongest and really the only protection for any individual in the Third Dimensional Plane lies in the ability of one or more lifestreams to hold to the vision of good rather than yielding to the appearance of iniquity, which lends the power of your own creative ability to the appearance and allows it to limit you. 

To assist us in further appreciating this need please return your attention to this Sanctuary. Take up your decree books and turn to (+) Decree 3-07, Light Descend. Let us give this decree using Light, Love and Peace one time each before completing the decree. When you have found Decree 3-07 please stand…                                              With energy and purpose…                 Together…. 

Breathe it in… and breath it out… once more breathe in… and breathe out…             (Pause)

You may be seated, please put your books aside, find a comfortable position and focus on your breathing as we contemplate the Light….                                             (pause)

* * * *

Each of us came forth, in the beginning, a Divine Spark from the Heart of God; an individualized Divine Intelligence, capable of thought, feeling and action, and endowed by the Divine Progenitor with that certain inalienable right of freedom to outpicture according to the Divine Pattern within the heart. Thus does the Light of God expand through each of us. Each human being, therefore, is a "Sun" of Light radiating specific God Qualities for the blessing of all humanity. That they may be temporarily hiding their Light under a "bushel" so that this radiation is not perceived by the world about them, does not lessen the fact that they are a potential "Sun". 

Down through eons of time has each one come carrying within their heart not only the privilege to let this light shine, but also the responsibility. Some have come to inspire faith, courage, strength, illumined obedience, spiritual humility, and respect for God; others tolerance and forbearance; some to outpicture fortitude, constancy, and spiritual endurance; some concentration and consecration to service for the Divine and humanity; others are endowed with the gifts of piety, reverence, and grace; while still others offer spiritual dignity, poise and balance. Now these are the qualities we would be expressing were we radiating our Light as true "Suns" of the Heavens. 

In the beginning of our sojourn upon the Earth we did outpicture the Divine Plan; we saw clearly the vision; we walked and talked with the Angelic Host; we had no other desire than that Divine Will be one with our will; and this Light radiated through us. The time came, however in this history of humanity when we chose to utilize our free will choice in a way that brought forth shadows. Like a contagious disease these discordant thoughts and feelings spread and were absorbed by the once harmonious and content people. Our Light radiated with less and less brilliance, until we finally found ourselves submerged under an inverted "bushel" of illusion and distortion—want and fear, discord and disease, lethargy and covetousness. 

For century after century have we been content to live under this "bushel" of our own human creation—our own self-will. We have come to accept and rely upon our man-made powers that limit, distress, annoy and bind us. We have built, thereby, momentums of fear and uncertainty into our mental and feeling worlds. We live under constant threat of the shadows of our own imaginings, until we have anchored our faith in the illusions of our own creation rather than having faith in the One Universal Consciousness as the only Power that can act. 

"But,'" you say, "haven't we advanced greatly over the past few centuries? Look at our inventions—our speed of communication and transportation, our research in science —our beautiful buildings." Yes, true, in a way we have improved our utilitarian conveniences. But so did those on Atlantis before us. Their material progress reached a zenith of development. Of course, all this absence of love, and grace and ethical feeling, one toward another, led to disintegration. In a day and a night the last remaining island of Atlantis sank beneath the waves. Civilization is not safely built, nor can it be measured by utilitarian accomplishments alone. 

Only as we become selfless and pure without thought of personal power or aggrandizement; only as self-will gives way to Divine Will shall we again become true "Suns" of the Divine. Then again will we be able to mold form by thought and feeling from etheric substance heal the sick, restore sight to the blind, and walk upon the waters. 

We are divine beloved ones! Potentially it is only that we have smothered our Divinity by the "bushel" of human creation that our Light does not shine. Did not Jesus, point out, "I say ye are Gods." And again, "These things that I have done shall ye do also and greater things than these shall ye do." 

The Presence of God with all the magnificence is anchored within each beating heart, waiting to externalize the perfection, beauty, harmony, health, opulence, and magnificence of the Kingdom of Heaven. Either the Inner Presence is allowed to flow forth through the mental, emotional etheric and physical vehicles of its creation, expanding the kingdom or it is ignored and the outer consciousness continues to experiment with the divine gift to Life to create limitations that seem so distressing to the outer self. We must try to relinquish all power to the Presence that beats the heart. 

We have built, through centuries of experimentation with the use of life, momentums of strength as well as momentums of indulgence and weakness. The requirement of the hour is to purify our feelings thoughts, memories and physical bodies, so that the glorious momentums we have built in the past can pour through us with their gifts and blessings. 

No matter what the temporary appearance may be that dims that Light of our Inner Divine Presence, we know that the Presence is within each soul, and sooner or later the talents and capabilities of the lifestreams will break through the prison doors of indifference and lethargy spreading gifts upon the Altar of humanity for enrichment of all life. 

Each, however, must lay their own gifts upon the Altar. The mastery, powers, talents, and momentums of another never give lasting peace to the individual. The development of one's own mastery over energy, substance, circumstances and environment does give lasting peace and is the only reason for the incarnation of each of us upon the Earth. 

Why does the Presence of I AM seem so ephemeral, so unreal, so difficult to endow with the faith of the personal self? Because through the Ages the outer consciousness has endeavored to live without Its counsel, guidance and friendship. We must set the Presence of the Divine to work in every detail of our individual lives. Then expect it to respond. Cultivating, developing, and sustaining an active comradeship with the One Universal Consciousness within the Heart reaps great rewards. It builds faith, illumination, tolerance, purity, scientific (but spiritual) formulas, which can never fail, healing power, and conscious power of transmutation. The Divine Presence is within each of us NOW. It is our privilege and obligation to set about our personal pilgrimage to find and set to work through us. 

The "rebirth" referred to takes place and the Divine Pattern of the Lifestream is fully externalized through the outer personal self, even as the oak tree is externalized through the acorn. 

If we could but understand the importance of guarding, protecting, and purifying our consciousness, and the still greater activity of offering the consciousness without reservation to the Almighty Host of Light, we would find that like the sunbeams reflected through a crystal, it becomes even more beautiful in its outpouring. Such a consciousness permitting the Cosmic expression, becomes a radiating center through which that divine expression, may flow in ever intensifying power, until the very aura of the individual would automatically heal, illumine, purify and raise all energy that touched such a one's sphere of influence, the hem of one's garment! 

We take the gifts of a new day too lightly. When we perceive that creative thought forms and energetic feelings can and will mold out of today’s life whatsoever we will, we begin to realize that we are no longer the victim of yesterday's errors, nor the unconscious creator of tomorrows chains. Today is the day of Opportunity! 

From out of the centuries of darkness, the planet Earth and her people are now standing upon the threshold of a Light that shall always shine and become the Cosmic Eternal Day, in which the fullest manifestation of perfection for the planet will be evident. 

For the Light IS here - buried in the hearts of the people. Through every lifestream that Light shall blaze, which is the answer to the Cosmic Law's demand. Within every heart the Spirit shall arise - throw off the shadows that have dimmed the radiation of its natural estate and become also a contribution to the Light of the World. 

Hasten, therefore, to remove the "bushel" of human creation of the Ages and "So let your light shine that all may see your good works..."                                 (pause) 

Let us once more call upon the power of the rays of violate light… please gently pick up your Decree Book and turn to Decree 3-13, Decree to Beloved Shri Magra, an ancient cosmic being of great light… when you have found it please stand and let us give this decree with energy…          together… 

And finally let us call upon our first cause… love… please turn to Decree 4-02, Power of Love  Affirmation.      Together as one voice…

* * * *

Thank you, you may be seated and put your decree books aside once again. As each year comes to a close and a new year is about to emerge there are two major activities which take place in conjunction with the activities of the etheric essence of Shamballa. These two cosmic events result in our Earth and all life upon it being offered two extraordinary blessings from the Infinite Universal Presence within the Great Silence. The first activity involves the purification of the planet through the Violet Flames of transmutation and the forgiveness and release of all misunderstood and misqualified energy incurred during the previous twelve month period. This is achieved through our synchronized and dynamic use of the Violet Transmuting Fire. Throughout our service today we have actively called upon all Cosmic Beings of Light and asked them to join their energies with ours so that once again we can cleanse our dear Earth of any etheric, emotional, physical or mental debris which is keeping her from becoming Freedom’s Holy Star.

The second activity which will conclude later tonight comprises of the unleashing of the magnificent energies we have worked with during this past year and the emergence of the cosmic energies for the new incoming year. This long-lasting ever-increasing energy will assist in manifesting Earth’s ability to move ever closer to divine perfection and for all life during the subsequent twelve month period to fulfill their own divine plan. The entire Spiritual Hierarchy will assist us in accomplishing this task by receiving, energizing and expanding the new thoughtform and theme for the incoming New Year, which we will then anchor within the Earth’s heartcenter during the all night watch each December 31st. In addition, during the Petition Service we pledge our continuing efforts and energies to supporting and sustaining these incoming cosmic forces, which are needed to assist in developing the ever evolving divine plan for all humanity and our dear planet Earth. 

These two important activities are accomplished each year through our heartfelt invocations, decrees and visualizations, and through our united co-service with all great Beings and Powers of Light in bringing forth the universal light, love and peace from the Supreme Source of All Life. Before continuing this process, please hear further information relating to the use of energy. 

“If energy is not qualified harmoniously, the Cosmic Law governing the Universe states that our own Divine Self will draw that energy back into our world after it has accomplished that for which it was sent forth, and it will come back with the same qualification with which we clothed it on its outward journey, amplified by the vibrations of a like quality which it has attracted to itself. The human self is then required to learn from this return of energy, that it is more comfortable to abide by the Law of Harmony and enrich the Universe by the life that God has loaned us, than to bear the consequences caused by the misuse of the Fire-Breath of God. 

If through our knowledge in the use of the Sacred Fire, we would blaze the Cosmic Violet Fire through the cause and effect of all unconstructive manifestation, we would not only be cleansing and purifying our own consciousness and world, we would be helping to remove all less than perfect energy, vibration and consciousness completely from the Universe!”                       (pause)

* * * *

(Electronic Pattern)

Filled with Divine light, synchronization and serenity we manifest and illumine the Oneness of the Universal energy and vibration of Consciousness for all life on planet earth.

Continuing to inhale and exhale easily and naturally, it is now time to deepen our breathing even further. Maintaining a perfect rhythm let us prepare to work with the Sacred and Holy Breath of God. Breathe in beloved ones… and gently breathe out… We are ready to begin: 

I AM inbreathing…

I AM absorbing…

I AM expanding…

I AM projecting…

…the union, harmony and tranquility of our divine Oneness!(3X)

Breathe in…..   and breathe out…..  Let your breathing pattern return to normal for today it is time to begin the process to expand and project the magnificent Thoughtform  for 2006 we have been using during the past twelve months. As I read these sacred words visualize them once again going out into the world as a beautiful gift and blessing to all our brothers and sisters in the human family and all life….  

Joyfully soaring on the wings of the infinite inbreath of One Consciousness, we now enter deep within the Great Silence.  Gently resting in the stillness of the profound tranquility of this expanded vibration, we easily and effortlessly attract and absorb the all-encompassing, prismatic, pulsations of Divine Light and Love.   

Firmly anchored within the outbreath of this endless stream of energy we are primed and passionate in our capacity to expand and project forth all the Light, Love and Peace required at this time in Earth’s evolution.

Breathe this sacred vision in……and breath it out…..

...See it going forth covering the Earth and all life in its pure and perfect essence! ...Breathe in this beautiful Thoughtform again… and as you release your breath let us prepare to respond to this glorious design by giving the Theme for this year…             Together! 

Dwelling within the Pure Essence of Boundless Splendor and Infinite Light, we stand upon the threshold of eternity and flawlessly merge with the perfect, primal life energy of the Universal Presence of God.

I AM that I AM! I AM that I AM! I AM that I AM!


* * * *

Breathe in deeply beloved ones and absorb this blessed gift deep within your being…. Now, gently breathe out and project the restoration of divinity in vibration, consciousness and form—the oneness of all life into our dear planet while we anticipate the incoming New Year with great anticipation and joy.                                                           

(Long Pause before new Discourse) 


Within your hearts, beloved ones beats the Fire of Immortality. It contains within itself the power to redeem, transmute, harmonize, purify, heal, supply and regulate every condition in your life with nothing more than the speed of thought for as you each know—where your attention is there you are! 

As a chela of the Ascended Masters there are many wonderful and sacred mysteries yet to be found and fully understood. To those who ask they are revealed and this knowledge is freely given. Why then are they called mysteries? Because humanity hides them from their own consciousness through fear, judgment and distrust; thus the Golden Door of God Illumination remains closed to those who do not have the desire to have these mysteries revealed.  

To those who open their minds and hearts to higher understanding their desire becomes the key that unlocks the door of higher consciousness behind which the great mysteries of life stand clearly revealed in the pure Light of the Universal Presence of the Divine. This Light at first blinds, due to one’s human consciousness, just as it did to Paul on the road to Damascus but as your divine understanding evolves all things become clear!   

Much of religious and spiritual teachings including those brought forth through this Activity of Light, often first appeal to one’s human consciousness to attract those who are searching for something that seems missing in their life. This has been done because in the beginning individuals may find it difficult to understand the reality of what is being offered. For this reason the teachings are often more experiential than illuminating. It may be very nice to read stories about the lives of the ancient ones, participate in sacred ceremonies at inner levels or experience the way in which the Masters live in their glorious temples but in reality, no words in the human vocabulary can adequately describe these events. This is not to say that you shouldn’t hold them sacred deep within your hearts when they awaken something in your consciousness. Even though Divine Principles are quite simple and concise, to make them more palatable, there have been many times when information for the sake of information has been offered to humanity. 

The time has now come for this to change beloved ones! It is time to ‘glean the wheat from the chaff’! Return your attention to the teachings previously given and search for the true wisdom and illumination found within those sacred words for each time you read them you will look at them with the new eyes of a constantly evolving chela of the Ascended Masters. Ultimately it is the Apex of Divine Principle—the All-Seeing-Eye of God—that is the place from which all wisdom flows.  

However, do no negate the remaining information for it has created the many signposts necessary for you to follow and evolve, an integral part of the pathway ‘Home’ for all to follow on their quest for Divine Truth and Spiritual Freedom. Remember your own evolution beloved ones. Have you not come far on your journey toward enlightenment? This beloved ones, is one of the greatest mysteries of life!

Æolus, Cosmic Holy Spirit  


Vowing to remain connected to the Universal Mind of God from this day forth and more fully understanding the Gift of Divine Will we thank your for these words of wisdom and enlightenment this morning…..    (Pause)

It has been said, beloved ones that the natural activity of life is beauty, opulence, happiness and perfection without limit. And as soon as we can take responsibility for our use of Light—Life Energy, then we will come to the threshold of a new experience wherein we are the Silent Watchers to the constant outpouring of the qualities, manifestations, miracles and beauty that life will convey through us into the universe beyond. 

As we pass from a state of unawareness to the beauty and majesty of life, we will gradually become cognizant of the tremendous privilege it is to be recipients of the countless millions of electrons that are directed through the channel of our own lifestreams on their journey from the Fourth Dimension into the world of form. May we always remember our purpose for being and be grateful as we continue to fulfill our individual and collective divine plans. 

My beloved sisters and brothers, I thank you for your loving energies and dedicated service this morning. United in co-service with all our dear sisters and brothers around this planet and the many great beings of light who joined us, and offered their radiation to raise and bless all life on our dear planet Earth, I thank you! Now if you will please stand for the Benediction.


(+) Benediction (or choice of Director, see ivory pages 16-20)



The sign of the Heart, Head and Hand to you

Let the Peace of the Presence abide with you!

Wherever you stop, wherever you go

Let the glorious Peace for the Presence flow! 


Through days of service and nights of rest

Let the Peace of the Presence keep you blessed!

The sign of the Heart, Head and Hand to you

For the Peace of your Presence abides with you,

and seals you safe forever in its Golden Heart of Light

So be it… beloved I AM that I AM! 

(+) Closing Acolyte Service

Blessed Flame, Expression of the Light Essence of the Supreme Source I AM that I AM, we thank you for your reverent service to us this day. Clothed in the gratitude of our hearts, return now to the Heart Center of Creation, to be again called forth at our invocation, as representatives of the Flame of Divinity within our hearts!

As the Oneness of All Life, I AM!



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