Gift of LIGHT

Love, Illumination, Gratitude, Humility, Transformation

March 2007 

* * *

Assimilation and  Expansion

of the Electronic Pattern,


Cherishing that the potential of Enlightenment is inherent in every one of us we continuously nourish the enduring counsel and guidance of the higher realms.



 Breathing Statement *for the Assimilation and  Expansion

of the Electronic Pattern


(Breathe in)                    I AM inbreathing

(Hold breath in)              I AM absorbing

(Breathe out)                  I AM expanding

(Hold breath out)            I AM projecting

...the eternal encouragement and assistance from the One Divine Source! (3x)


* The breathing statement should be given four times for each full breath. On the inbreath, breath in the qualities contained within the Flame. As you hold your breath in, absorb the qualities deep within every part of your being. As you breathe out, expand and increase the power and momentum of the divine qualities you are calling forth through the power of the Holy Breath. As you hold your breath out of your body, project these magnificent God Qualities forth to all life. Repeat this exercise a minimum of three full breaths.


* * *

I swear by the heavens that there is a spiritual visitor each night. If only you knew this nightly visitor! It is like a star, whose brightness pierces the heart. Every soul has a guardian watching over it.                                      

--Qur'an, At-Tariq, 86:1-4


* * *

The Possibilities of the Chela

Unfoldment Must Come From Self Conscious Effort

When an individual seeks entrance into the so called Mysteries of the Universe to develop a personal relationship with God, he or she steps forward voluntarily into the Light which will out of necessity reveal both one’s strengths and weaknesses. You will then use that portion of Divine Law of which you are aware to remove and transmute the weaknesses and according to your ability to consciously cooperate and become a fit instrument of the great Universal Presence. 

Application and unfoldment must come always from self conscious effort. You will unfold and expand from within only if you are alert and choose to apply the instructions given. A teacher does not apply the law of mathematics for the student but instead offers the method, trusting in the student’s own ability to work out the intricacies of mathematical law to find the answer. So it is with you beloved ones. 

Using the Resurrecting Power of Life Which is Yours

Jesus availed himself of the resurrecting power within all life when he re-animated his physical body on that first Easter morning stating that “What I have done, all shall one day do…”  This same resurrecting power is yours and it may be utilized at any time to quickly raise your lifestream into the state of pure Christ Consciousness.  

Your Desire Should Be to Become the Hand of God

Each individual becomes aware that they are of God through self-conscious unfoldment. When you recognize your divinity and become self luminous and pass through the earthly school room into the next octave, which is often referred to as the Ascended Master Realm, your growth and unfoldment continues up the ladder of cosmic unfoldment. 

Then when conditions permit there is a spiritual law which allows members of the spiritual hierarchy to come into closer contact with you. This closer communion is twofold. First, it enables the evolving soul to progress more rapidly and second, it enables the spiritual hierarchy to expand its plan of divine service through the self conscious cooperation of the members of the human family who volunteer their service.  

Such a close association is a tremendous privilege and requires much from the individual. You must be honest with yourself; you must persevere and you must constantly examine your motives. So do not enter into this sacred communion unless you have but one desire—to become the Hand of God and ultimately to ascend. 

Your Goal is to Hear God’s Presence Speak

A tree is known by its fruit. Individuals are known by their actions. Chelas are recognized by their loving service. Wise is one who has the desire, intuition and patience to pierce through the veil and hear the mighty I AM Presence of the Divine speak.

* * *


I AM a point of Light who lives, moves and has its being in the Great Light of all, and in the acceptance of this reality I also acknowledge that I AM able to invoke and to ask here and now the assistance and presence of the everlasting One Universal Consciousness. 

We invoke all the powers of the Great Central Sun and all great beings of Light who sustain this galaxy. We ask that we be given the strength and resolve to become and remain living examples of the true significance of Divine Service. 

We raise our consciousness to the level of all Silent Watchers in all places as we project and sustain within our inner beings the Immaculate Concept of Perseverance and Obedience which makes possible our own service to all life. 

May our Light be sustained by the Presence and the Infinite Light of the One Universal Consciousness. May we daily and hourly proclaim… I AM the Light of the World and accepting it… be that Light!  

We forever offer ourselves as conscious channels for the Truth… the Eternal Flame of Truth and for the expansion of its radiation that all humanity may manifest the Freedom of the Light of God that is eternally present.

* * *

In the Temple of the Sun

I AM Light… I AM Light… I AM Light… when you issue this affirmation you know that I AM is the reality of your beings and that you are gathered into the embrace of the all-encompassing Light of the Sun. That your consciousness is now raised into the vibratory action of the Divine Universal Oneness!


You do not have to physically travel anywhere to stand at the threshold of the Sun, for in the Consciousness of the Cosmos you are there at the instant you consciousness connects with or acknowledges… I AM! For you are in the Heart of the Sun and in the consciousness of the I AM all is Light. Know that in the Cosmic Consciousness an exchange of Love and Light manifests in the myriad of gifts and virtues of the Supreme Source. At the direction of any facet of individualization of the Mother-Father God this light flows in a specified direction for the Illumination, Nourishment and Benediction of any part of life that the I AM Presence desires to contact and assist.


This universe is governed by the most precise mechanical calculations and when the currents of light energy have reached the vibratory action for the movement of the planets - the Hand of God will fulfill the edict which has long since gone forth form the Cosmic Heart of the Supreme Source. The intricacies of this Cosmic Move are beyond the comprehension of human consciousness which you posses at this moment but know that it is imperative that you always attempt to keep yourself in a state of Harmony, and through this Harmony you will be protected. 


Always be at Peace dear ones and try to fully comprehend the Love and Mercy of the Cosmic Law which governs your existence. For the law is just, loving and merciful at all times. Every iota and scrap of the energy of the divine which you have used must be balanced and when the greater part of the debit side has been transmuted the purified energy is written in letters of Golden Light upon the Book of Life. In comfort know that we have all earned the right to be here at this time and place… to be the Light Bearers and to anchor and hold the Light for all humanity and this universe.


* * *

Sacred Flames

Beloved ones enfolded in the Sacred Flame of Comfort, Peace and Healing you are made whole and every cell of your being remembers its Divine Heritage. Let each cell blaze forth with crystal light holding in its heart center the Sacred Flames. Become a blazing cathedral of living light. Open the windows of your soul and let this light shine forth to all in Love and Reverence for all life. Feel the vibration of this Light coursing through your veins and feel every fiber of your being blazing with this Light! 

Become a comforting flame to those who walk beside you. For when you truly understand the work of the Flame of Comfort you will be ever aware that it spreads in ever widening circles of comfort, peace and love like ripples on a lake, enfolding all within its embrace. 

Your most important work is to be a silent radiation to all life as the Holy Essence of Comfort, silently and surely widening these waves of serenity and calm upon the earth. In the crystal light pyramid of your own soul find the silence and the stillness to create space within and around you for the Sacred Healing to take place. For this takes place within every Holy Breath that enters and leaves your being… and offers a true blessing to all life and the planet earth. 

Remember that all life bursts forth with the coming of the Light. So nurture the deep feeling of Love and Respect for every single blade of grass as it makes this transition into Light, Life, Love and supreme beauty because it is following its own divine blueprint without resistance. 

You too have the capacity to be nourished with the same Light and energy… for as you believe so shall you become and you have the free will to choose your thoughts and direction in life. So be sure to place your attention on all things constructive and of benefit to the highest good of all. For through this you will always remain within the Divine Love, Comfort and Peace of the One Universal Consciousness.

* * *

The Power of the Cosmic Flame of Peace

At this crucial hour in the evolution of humanity, of the very planet Earth itself, the Cosmic Flame of Peace must be ignited in every heart. This peace must be attained, maintained and sustained for the divine edict is that the Earth must move forward as pre-ordained and not hold up the evolutionary plan of this Universe. According to Divine Will all life should survive and progress in the Light and those who have been trained in the application of Spiritual Law to employ the power of prayer and invocation should do so! 

At this time much is spoken, written and sung about “peace on earth, good will to all”. The hearts of all people on this planet are crying out for peace and against the war vibrations and consciousness currently so rampant. You know that this peace they are seeking is not only a peace between nations or supremacy one over another, but it is the positive peace which humanity must bring forth from within in order to become victorious over the lesser self. 

Every time the word ‘peace’ is mentioned ask that it be amplified a thousand fold until the Earth and all life upon it is blanketed with this quality. Remember, there are untold angelic legions waiting for the call of those in the human octave who know and exemplify spiritual law and it is their joy to render this service. 

In order to sustain peace you must not just place yourself in a placid state of being. Peace is not lethargic in any sense of the word. As you have all experienced, it requires tremendous power and concentration to hold your peace regardless of the many situations you may find yourself in. Also, as you well know in the activity of precipitation the Sixth and Seventh Rays are inverted, for it is the quality of peace that is required above all else to sustain any pure manifestation when it is drawn forth from the Universal Presence of the Divine. 

Beloved ones, precipitation does not only mean the bringing forth of objects to the physical world! Precipitation is taking place with every breath and heartbeat, for flowing through you is all that you entertain within your consciousness, imprinting upon all life your unique qualification of God’s Light and Life which flows so generously and ceaselessly through you at all times. 

If you are willing, in your daily application, to call upon the Cosmic Flame of Peace you will experience a tremendous stepping up in your ability to radiate peace—powerful yet soothing—to your lower vehicles and you will become a radiating center through which that peace will flow to enrich all life everywhere. Remember that wonderful affirmation contained within a song of several years ago:  

   “Let there be peace on Earth and let it begin with me”! 

* * *

Message from the President

Beloved ones, 

I hope you all enjoyed the festivities of the holidays and by now have settled nicely into the energies, vibration and consciousness of this new year. Here at The Bridge things have been quiet as we have been enjoying several major snowstorms which have each left us with a foot of snow or more. Even the New Year’s Conference was quiet but that doesn’t mean that it wasn’t extremely powerful! And with the new Thoughtform and Theme for this year it is very clear what our task is as the planet Earth enters a new and glorious era of spiritual rebirth, self-determination and independence. I believe it is going to be a great year for us all! 

Before I turn my attention to another topic, I would like to continue discussing how the lesser forces attempt to control our lives that I began in November 2006. Beside distracting and throwing us off center, another way in which these negative entities work to drive chelas off their path is by creating tremendous illusions in our lives. How do they do this? Often it begins from a simple misunderstanding between two people and then continues due to the lack of communication that takes place when we get mired down in the less than divine qualities of anger, pride, arrogance, egotism or personal aggrandizement. We must not allow this to happen beloved ones! The lines of communication must remain open and the divine gifts of understanding, forgiveness and love must remain strong. 

Also, the ploy of ‘divide and conquer’ must not be allowed to gain a foothold in our interactions with others. A perfect example of this approach took place within The Bridge to Spiritual Freedom in the 1990’s. I believe almost all of us can attest to the results of that challenge and the many examples of the lesser forces hard at work within the membership to accomplish their task. However, once again Light overcame darkness through the actions of the chelas becoming quiet, listening to the still small voice within and remaining firmly anchored in the divine Will of God. 

As beloved El Morya reminds us: “Since the Veil of Maya first appeared on this planet and the mind of humanity created separateness from God, there has always been a struggle to break free and master that illusion rather than being controlled by it. The contagion of fear and separateness that swept the Earth with the coming of the laggards is still the battle to be fought. Armageddon continues in the minds and feelings of humanity as you try to gain back your independence and freedom in God from the oppressive slavery of this created illusion.” 

As we approach the sacred season of rebirth and restoration, before closing, I would like to remind you of the magnificent gift of the resurrection that lives within all life and constantly restores, resuscitates and resurrects the divine pattern and plan in each of us. Throughout this month take time to contemplate this magnificent offering from the Universal Presence and prepare yourself for the blessings you will receive during the Holy Week from Palm Sunday to Easter Morning. 

Rebecca Ann Laycock







April 2007