Gift of LIGHT

Love, Illumination, Gratitude, Humility, Transformation

September 2007  

* * *

Assimilation and  Expansion

of the Electronic Pattern,


Within you is a beautiful triangle of brilliant Light! At its base blazes your magnificent heartflame. At its apex the All-seeing Eye of God scans the horizon for divine perfection. In its center the commanding focus of your divine power constantly sends your life force forth to bless all life.



 Breathing Statement *for the Assimilation and  Expansion

of the Electronic Pattern


(Breathe in)                    I AM inbreathing

(Hold breath in)              I AM absorbing

(Breathe out)                  I AM expanding

(Hold breath out)            I AM projecting

...the truth, precision and exactness of Divine Perfection! (3x)


* The breathing statement should be given four times for each full breath. On the inbreath, breath in the qualities contained within the Flame. As you hold your breath in, absorb the qualities deep within every part of your being. As you breathe out, expand and increase the power and momentum of the divine qualities you are calling forth through the power of the Holy Breath. As you hold your breath out of your body, project these magnificent God Qualities forth to all life. Repeat this exercise a minimum of three full breaths.


* * *

The Flame of Love

Enfolded in the Light of the Universal Presence, we acknowledge the authority of our own Divinity as we invoke the presence and essence of the Holy Spirit.  Come forth and be with us now to support us as we blaze the Light Rays of Your Divine Qualities in, through, and around all life.

*I AM the Flame of Love in action, sweeping across the face of the Earth, penetrating into her Being, and CHARGING all lifestreams with the feeling nature of God.   (*3X)

We now joyfully hold the Cup of Divine Love high, from which all who are thirsty may drink! From this day forward let all life feel and accept the cosmic currents of your great love released into the planet Earth right now and forever sustained!

We so decree it, in the Name of the Love, Wisdom, and Power of the great I AM of which we are part! 



* * *

Divine Will for All Life 

Enter the Silence deep within your heart, and listen for a moment beloved ones.   In this special and sacred place, experience the harmony of your true being. Enfolded in this listening grace you become aware of a beautiful golden star pulsating just above your crown chakra. As you place your attention upon it, a column of shimmering crystalline Light, with prismatic rainbow rays gently spirals within it. Slowly it descends, expands and enfolds you. While this takes place experience and accept the power of purity and perfection within this great Light. Breathing deeply, easily and effortlessly draw this magnificent Light into your heart center. Breathing out, you feel a great expansion of Light from the center of your being. Continuing to breathe rhythmically, you are filled with the wisdom of the pure and perfect Love, Wisdom and Power of God. As this takes place all misconceptions and mistaken beliefs within you dissolve and are replaced with the unchanging, eternal truths conceived by God from the beginning of time.

Now the color of the Ray to which you feel the most affinity begins to spiral around you, and you gently breathe it in, absorb it, expand and project it out. As you do this, it intensifies and fills your mystic Mantle of Light. You now realize that, as you project your Light out to the planet, it is your gift to humanity.

Listening with your heart and following the Star of Divine Consciousness, immediately your Light expands becoming one with all life and you are gently drawn upward into the etheric Cities of Saint John above you. Standing now within a magnificent personal terrace the luminous presences of John the Beloved, El Morya and Saint Germain appear before you. They are in deep meditation and from above, beloved Micah enfolding us--masters and chela alike, in this mighty Ray of Unity.

Continuing to breathe rhythmically in and out you now see the mighty Bridge of Light stretching out before you connecting the etheric cities of Saint John in the southwest with the Teton Mountains to the north, and Shamballa to the east. Observe how this magnificent bridge pulsates with living Light, uniting the energies of Love, Wisdom and Power from all three Retreats into one mighty force of Divine Will, enfolded in Peace and Unity.  See the Body of Light moving out to countless points on the planet uniting the energies of lightworkers everywhere on the Earth with the Spirit of Shamballa.  Realizing that you can use this cosmic highway to travel in consciousness to any point on the planet you are grateful and anticipate using it often to assist in healing this world. 

Continuing to breathe in unison with this great essence of Light now project the Flame of Divine Will and International Unity into the Body of Light. As this takes place, all humanity perceives the Light, is purified by the Light, and accepts the Holy Will of God - that all life is unified within the perfection of this great Light as all humanity everywhere breaths in unison with us, inbreathing, absorbing, expanding and projecting the Flame of Divine Will within their auras and worlds. 

As you silently witness the expansion of the Light, and experience the unity of all life expanding forth from you, know that you are a radiating center of divine perfection - a powerful Presence of divinity manifest in the physical world of form. With this knowledge comes the realization that what is true for you - is true for all humanity if they choose to accept it. You realize with the gift of free will everyone can become an example of Divine Will for all time to come, each fulfilling their part of the Divine Plan for the restoration of Divine Perfection to all life on Earth.

In the stillness of your heart you reverently bow before the crystalline Flame of God's Holy Will and witness its royal blue radiance fill and surround the Earth. Grateful for this wonderful opportunity and beginning your journey back to this time and this place, you silently affirm:  



* * *

I AM Divine Principle 

I have clothed myself in a cloak of individualized consciousness and come forth from the Great Silence, in response to your summons. The words "I AM" are not precisely my statement of being, nor are they my name.  Rather, they are a command to the Flame of Life to rise and become ONE with my being and my name.

 The command "I AM" contains within itself the individualized vibration which invokes immediate creative response from all lesser vibrations.  These words are a gift from the Mind of God, and they carry this vibrationthe vibration of Divine Principleinto the consciousness of all who make the call. When you come to realize to the deepest recesses of your being, the reality of this great fiat embodied in the words "I AM”then, dear chelas, you become that which you decree! 

This magnificent Bridge to Spiritual Freedom, of which you are a part, has been built with the tools given to its chelas by the Spiritual Hierarchy who have dedicated themselves to the freedom of every man, woman and child of the human race, as well as all other kingdoms which inhabit this universe.

When this bridge was begun, the members of the Hierarchy were fully aware that the strongest tools would be needed, and materials of the finest quality used. For this purpose, they had to step down the vibrational frequency of Divine Principle, to make it useable and useful to embodied lifestreams such as you. They learned to convert Principle into Light, and they gave you the tools of your decrees and invocations, so that you could channel that Light.    

Aspects of the Holy Spirit 

In the New Age now dawning, the revelation of Holy Spirit is the gift of the Sacred Violet Fire. The first aspect of this gift is seen as the Divine Mother; bringing forth tolerance, understanding and patience. These gifts manifest through the gifts of mercy, forgiveness and transmutation. This allows us to overcome the burdens of human consciousness that have been with us so long. The time is now to cast your human consciousness into the Violet Transmuting Flame!

As the Feminine Aspect of God, Holy Spirit is the activating principle that goes forth to awaken, nourish and bring the Christ or Divine Consciousness to fruition. It reveals to each person the knowledge of this divinity within their own heart, and then it goes forth to recognize itself within all others as well. The Holy Spirit has many names to go along with its many aspects.

At the first Pentecost, the Holy Spirit manifested as tongues of flame, visible upon the heads of the disciples. These flames acted as swords of truth, cutting them completely free from human consciousness and revealing to them that Christ Consciousness was now manifesting within their own hearts. This is the Spirit of Truth beloved ones, the power aspect of Holy Spirit; ever present, ever available and the first step in activating Christ Consciousness in each individual.

The second name of Holy Spirit is the Comforter. This is the aspect with which you are most familiar. All life desires comfort to ease the pain inflicted by the misuse of energy, whether it is that of their self or others. However, the deepest pain a person feels may be of facing their own use of the energy allotted to them. When an individual first faces the truth in his or her own life, comfort is required. This is also why it is necessary to accept forgiveness and mercy for yourself, as well as extending it to others.

The third name of Holy Spirit is the Counselor. The Counselor is the master presence grown to full stature – the Holy Christ Self – who lives within your heart. When you learn to be still and listen to this voice and then follow the directives received, you will become that divine presence while you still walk upon the earth plane guiding you along every step you take upon the Path of Light. 

You, as a disciple of Holy Spirit, have the power and authority to act in any one of these aspects through the word of God. Through this word “I AM” you are vested by the Universal Presence to bring forth all the divine gifts and blessings required to heal this world. Think on these things beloved ones, and let not the gifts of the Holy Spirit be wasted, for it is through them that spiritual freedom shall be brought forth for the planet earth!

* * *  

Be Not Afraid of Your Own Progress!

I cannot guarantee that you will receive no more bruises or bumps, or that you will not stumble, but I can guarantee that anyone who stands still for fear of falling soon stands alone, for others will march past them!  Let those who hear my voice and receive these words know COURAGE!

Receive the teachings from the beloved Hierarchy, for they are here to serve - and they are vested to serve!  Their love and service is such that, even as a Sun God, I cannot find words to express my gratitude.  Understand, dear ones, that every person and every Being of Light in the ascended and cosmic realms has a part of the Divine Plan for the entire galaxy.  None are exempt, and this extends from the Great Central Sun to the least developed consciousness anywhere within the universe.  One who does not complete his or her part must be served by one who will - usually from the next octave above them.

This is a most important concept to anchor in your understanding.  If one does not seek to know and fulfill their part of the overall plan, then an ascended master or one of their initiates must give of their energy to complete the task.  Please comprehend this information fully!  There is an precise amount of energy required to permit a galaxy, a planet, a person, or an elemental being to live, move, breathe and have its being wherever it is embodied.

Negative or destructive use of life energy destroys.  It must not be only transmuted but replaced by an equal and exact positive and constructive use of energy!  You might think that a lack of action would have no result. This, however, is not true.  I am not referring to a point of rest in motion, because that is a necessary and useful part of action and creation.  I am referring to simply not using life energy for some constructive purpose.  That is a waste, and therefore, rather than standing still, the life energy will begin to act upon whatever form it inhabits.  This is a simple scientific fact.  Nothing in the universe stands still or is static, and so I ask you to listen, to seek your divine directive, and to act upon it.

Move forward with your Planet!  Move forward in Light, and make positive and constructive use of that Light in the world within you and around you!  Reflect before you act, but once you have seen your divine plan and examined your motives for purity and clarity, take your action and fulfill your function.

SHINE - Sons and Daughters of Light!  SHINE!   RADIATE, GROW, and EXPAND THAT LIGHT!  REMEMBER, YOU ARE BORN OF THE LIGHT and you are loved!

* * *  

Purification of the Earth

Enfolded within the Light of the Presence of I AM that I AM we lift our consciousness in unity of service and we call forth the Violet Fire to blaze through us now as we decree:

I AM a majestic fountain of violet fire purifying the atmosphere of the earth, transmuting all effluvia and restoring the pristine sweetness of the element of air!

I AM a majestic fountain of violet fire blazing through the oceans, rivers and streams of the earth, until the water element flows clear and clean once more!

I AM a majestic fountain of violet fire purifying the element of earth, restoring the balance of minerals until the ground is once more a rich, fertile habitation for elemental life!

I AM a majestic fountain of violet fire blazing from within the purified planet Earth, enfolding all of humanity in a compassionate cloak of Mercy, Forgiveness, Transmutation and Freedom in the Light!

So be it beloved I AM that I AM!

* * *  

“Pearls do not lie on the seashore, if you desire one you must dive for it.”

~ Asian Proverb

* * *  


October 2007