Volume I                                        Gift of Light                              December 2007


 * * *


For December 31, 2007 at 10:00 AM (MST)


NOTES: Following is the service that will be given during The Bridge to Spiritual Freedom Inc. New Year’s Conference on December 31, 2007 starting at 10:00 AM with a single candle Acolyte Service. We will be using the 1989 Revised Edition of The Book of Ceremony and Ordered Service for all decrees.


 (+) Indicates that the chelas will stand, unless otherwise instructed by the Director.

 (+)Opening Single Candle Acolyte Service:

All hail to Thee, mighty All-Pervading Light of the Universe, Supreme Source of All That Is, I AM THAT I AM! We acknowledge the oneness of all life contained within the magnificent Light of the Cosmos and draw forth this sacred flame representing the Three-fold Flame of Divinity within our hearts! 

(+) Invocation by Director:

We, the chelas of The Bridge to Spiritual Freedom, offer ourselves as a CUP… a HOLY GRAIL… ONE breath… ONE heartbeat… ONE body… ONE energy and vibration… ONE consciousness of pure thought and feeling… ONE love and ONE desire... through which to pour and anchor the light, illumination, wisdom, truth, virtues and instructions, gifts and the blessings of the One Universal Consciousness to the children of Earth. 

I Am the Resurrection and the Life of the One Cup… the Holy Grail of the New Age.

I Am the Resurrection and the Life of the One Breath… the Holy Spirit of the New Age.

I Am the Resurrection and the Life of the One Body… One Energy and Vibration of the New Age.

I Am the Resurrection and the Life of the One Consciousness of Spiritual Freedom for the New Age.

So Be It!  Beloved I Am!

* * * *


Good morning my beloved sisters and brothers, my Divine Essence greets and welcomes each one of you with all the love, wisdom and peace of the One Universal Consciousness. I thank you for your presence here today - you may be seated. Let us begin by centering ourselves within our breath. Take a gentle breath in and slowly release it as we consciously enter into and abide with the very heart of the Sacred Fire which is the true center of our beings. Let us blaze forth this Sacred Flame making it visible to all who desire to exist within this amazing Presence. Continue to focus your attention upon your breathing… taking deep but gentle breaths in and slowly exhaling.                  (Pause)


* * * *

It is the essential need of the hour that some means be devised by which we may first become still but we must also be in enough command of the energies of our own world to silence the intense pulsations in our auras that often create imbalances in our lives. This then allows us through our mental bodies to consciously create a perfect vehicle to receive the divine ideas of the Universal Presence. 

Our emotional world must become our servant, not our master. We must allow the Presence of God within enough control so that when we verbally or silently say, “Peace be Still” the energies of our emotional bodies become the grail through which the gifts of our Causal Body - all the divine goodness we have acquired over limitless lifetimes of being - may be directed into the worlds of those in distress, bringing harmony, healing, illumination, peace or whatever the necessity of the given hour may be. 

The great imprint of energy concentrated in the etheric body must be purified so that, abiding within the Sacred Presence of the Divine within our hearts, we will no longer accept the many voices, the etheric rumblings of centuries past; the half truths, convoluted concepts and pressure from the masses that would disparage our true self if we allowed it. That etheric body must be purified of all not of the light activities that could lead us off course from the path of humility. Know that there can be resurrected and sent forth at our command Divine Memory, including all the magnificent powers and accomplishments that we wielded as Guardian Spirits; all the memories of our inner activities in the Seven Spheres, and the total remembrance of our personal contact with the Divine while our bodies sleep at night. 

Only those who have learned the way of the Silence; only those who have learned mastery over the energy which flows in such magnificent radiance from the heart of the First Cause into our vehicles; only those who have become conductors of the Divine gifts into the outer world have truly learned the way of the Silence!  

We who profess a deep devotion to God, we who accept and exemplify the feeling of reverence for life itself, and the feeling of humility in the use of life energy, have come far! We, who start each day surrendering our human self, honoring the Divine Source and consciously asking what Divine purpose and design we may choose to manifest each day. We who walk upon this spiritual path, will sooner or later, according to our capacity to relinquish control of our energies to the Divine Presence, know our reason for being; and the magnificent Light from our Presence will surge through the sea of our emotions in our feeling worlds, transforming conditions around us, instantly bringing harmony, healing, mastery and comfort to the universe! 

The use of life energy, the purpose for which we have embodied and have been sustained for millions of years, is the primary quest of each individual consciousness that is sincere. The use of the gifts and talents we have nurtured throughout our history, the use of the momentums we have gained, the use of the holy substance loaned to us… all of this should be used in the relentless quest of our divine self! 

Then the intellect will no longer direct us but the Divine Universal Presence which has magnetized our life energy and sustained us so that one day we might truly have continuous self-conscious intelligence, and in using this life force to widen the borders of unconditional Love! Beloved ones, our energy, vibration and consciousness is the conductor that will carry divine peace, love and perfection, or discord and disharmony into the world of form! The choice is always ours to make. 


Please take a deep slow breath in… and on your out breath, quietly return your attention to the Sanctuary….. And when you are ready please pick up your decree books and turn to Decree 1-10, Affirmation of Dedication and Consecration!…as we rededicate and reconsecrate our life to the Divine First Cause…

                    As one voice…


Take a deep breath in and gently breathe out as we now affirm our shared faith with the Divine… please turn to Decree 2-05, Declaration of Faith… in the last two paragraphs let us substitute “humanity” for man/men… and let us give the last paragraph “I AM an open door…” three times…        together… 


Let us continue with the process of transformation of any misqualified energy by calling upon the act of forgiveness… please pick up your Decree Book and turn to Decree 3-03, Joy of Forgiveness…

As one voice…

Breathe it in and breathe it out… Finally let us conclude this portion of our service by turning to Decree 11-15, Letting Go into the Violet Fire…                   Gently but with feeling…   together… 


Thank you… you may put your decree books aside and find a comfortable position as you once again focus upon your breathing…


The precipitation of anything constructive in your life is part of the process of ascension, because every blessing poured forth to the Earth must, by cosmic law, assure some definite expansion of the light in the sphere where it is brought forth; even though it may not be seen in that way at the present level of an individual’s awareness. When misqualified energy is transmuted back into perfection by our actions, the planetary light is increased through the added momentum of our understanding and use of the Flame of Precipitation.  

When an individual desires to precipitate supply in the world, they should first look at their intent and motive. The manifestation of what a person brings forth in their lives should not only assist them, but also bless all life within their sphere of influence. Therefore, always take into consideration the greatest good of all concerned, any time there is a decision to be made! For within this selfless state of consciousness you will attain purity of mind and heart, thereby developing a deepened reverence for life; naturally setting into motion the cosmic law of supply and demand. 

Through purity of intent you can become attuned to the Divine Will and Plan, not allowing yourself to decide the specific course of what it is you wish to precipitate must take. Instead, allow yourself to be receptive and ever alert to that still, small voice within, paying full attention to every situation in your life, so that when any opportunity to manifest a divine gift presents itself, you will instantly perceive it and take immediate action. 

Through this you will understand more fully that in the process of precipitation, your whole being must be unified and its efforts be in harmony. Since you are working in the physical world your four lower vehicles are the primary instruments of this precipitation. However, as you know, all manifestation flows from the inner to the outer; and the currents of Divine energy from your three higher bodies are always exerting their influence in your life. You must utilize the energy of all your seven bodies in a balanced and loving manner, if you wish to perfectly manifest God’s gifts for yourself and all life. 


Take a deep breath in and slowly release it as we gently bring our attention back to this sanctuary. Take another breath in and slowly breathe out… and when you are ready please gently pick up your decree book and turn to Decree 11-09, A Prepared Vehicle…                 as one voice… together… 


Let us now take time to verbally call upon the sacred tone of the seventh ray… please turn to Decree 3-08, Sacred Tone of the Seventh Ray

Together as one voice…

Thank you… please put your books aside and once more center yourself as we consider how we use our divine self to qualify energy before it enters our world…                                                  (pause)



As each year comes to a close and a new year is about to emerge there are two major activities which take place in conjunction with the activities of the etheric essence of Shamballa. These two cosmic events result in our Earth and all life upon it being offered two extraordinary blessings from the Infinite Universal Presence within the Great Silence. The first activity involves the purification of the planet through the Violet Flames of transmutation and the forgiveness and release of all misunderstood and misqualified energy which has incurred during the previous twelve month period. This is achieved through our synchronized and dynamic use of the Violet Transmuting Fire. Throughout our service today we have actively called upon all Cosmic Beings of Light and asked them to join their efforts with ours so that once again we can transmute any etheric, emotional, physical or mental debris which is keeping our beloved planet from becoming Freedom’s Holy Star. 

The second activity which will conclude later tonight comprises of the unleashing of the magnificent energies we have worked with during this past year and the emergence of the cosmic energies for the new incoming year. This long-lasting ever-increasing energy will assist in manifesting Earth’s ability to move ever closer to divine perfection and for all life during the subsequent twelve month period to fulfill their own divine plan. The entire Spiritual Hierarchy will assist us in accomplishing this task by receiving, energizing and expanding the new thoughtform and theme for the incoming New Year, which we will then anchor within the Earth’s heartcenter during the all night watch each December 31st.  During the Petition Service later today we will pledge our continuing efforts and energies to supporting and sustaining these incoming cosmic forces, which are needed to assist in developing the ever evolving divine plan for all humanity and our universe. 

Through our knowledge and use of the Sacred Fire, we will blaze the Cosmic Violet Fire through the cause and effect of all unconstructive manifestation, we will not only be cleansing and purifying our own consciousness and world, we will be helping to remove all less than perfect energy, vibration and consciousness completely from the Universe!    

These two important activities are accomplished each year through our heartfelt invocations, decrees and visualizations, and through our united co-service with all great Beings and Powers of Light in reconnecting with the universal light, love and peace from within the Supreme Source of All Life.  


Gently return your attention to our physical surroundings and please once again pick up your decree book. Please turn to Decree 11-06, Restoration of My Life as we continue our work with the Violet Flame…when you are ready…   

as one voice…


Let us continue by turning to Decree 11-12, Giving Your God Presence Dominion… together…


And finally to assist us in further realizing these invocations please turn to (+) Decree 3-07, Light Descend. Let us give this decree using Light, Love and Peace one time each before completing the decree. When you have found Decree 3-07 please stand…          

With energy and purpose…  Together….


Breathe it in… and breath it out… once more breathe in… and breathe out…                (Pause)

You may be seated, please put your books aside and focus on your breathing once more as we contemplate our calls of Light….                                                                                                                       (Pause)


Let us find a comfortable position on our chairs… spine straight… feet resting gently on the ground… eyes closed… as we concentrate on our breathing… slowly breathe in… and quietly breathe out… with each breath feel your body relax… sense your thoughts quietly falling away… until there is only the sensation of your breathing and the music


It is essential that we all take time to quietly meditate… to go within… and to silently listen to that inner voice and music of the spheres. We are blessed with many gifts but it remains our responsibility to open ourselves to them and to put them into effective use in the world and our lives. Many great beings of light situated on the path of illumination which cuts through this physical plane are ready to support and assist those who make the commitment, thus contributing to the great bridge of light upon which we are all presented the chance to walk.  

If you could just see with your physical sight the genuine activity of the sacred flame that takes place in response to your each and every affirmative desire. But, for now most of us must rely on our inner vision and perception in order to understand the effect our attention and focus has on the world around us. It is never by accident that a person or event comes to our awareness but always as a challenge, or more appropriately an opportunity in the natural process of spiritual development and realization. How we utilize these trials and occurrences prophesizes our progress and the mastery of our chosen work. If all our efforts are done with joy, love and gratitude for this occasion to serve then the path can become smoother and more relaxed. As you allow yourself to become more and more conscious and calm with this process you will become better able to accept any obstacles and challenges with enhanced gratitude, peace and serenity.  

At some point all that separates our physical and spiritual world will cease to be, and the veil will be lifted so that all will be apparent and translucent, and we will not be tethered by the time and space of this dimension. Meanwhile we are all empowered with the tools of visualization, silence, reflection, contemplation and meditation. Listen to the pristine vibrations and keynotes of all around you and allow this complete harmony, peace and freedom to direct your thoughts and actions. Shine forth to all you encounter the sense of hope, faith and limitless opportunity of this path of light.                (Pause)


Breathe in…..   and breathe out…..  Let your breathing pattern return to normal for now it is time to carry on with the process of expanding and projecting the magnificent Thoughtform for 2007 we have been using during these past twelve months. As I read these sacred words visualize them once again going out into the world as a beautiful gift and blessing to all our sisters and brothers in the human family and all life….  


Thoughtform for 2007

Entering a new and glorious era of spiritual rebirth, self-determination and independence it is now time for all humanity to assume full authority before the Universal Presence of the Divine and as one breath and heartbeat, become the Light of the World! 

Consciously choosing to walk the Earth in Freedom’s sacred robes we now know and accept that which makes us humble, that which makes us loving, that which makes us pure, and that which makes us harmonious – truly is of God – and we are grateful!


Please join me in giving the

Theme for 2007…

 To rise, enter and remain in this Universal Consciousness forever we call upon the sacred Violet Fire of Freedom’s Love to express in us the majesty and glory we had in the beginning before even this world was.





(Electronic Pattern)

Upon the emergent calming light and radiance of the sacred violet flame of transmutation we clear the path of all impediments on Earth for the incoming luminosity of the peace loving waves of energy for the impending new age.

Continuing to inhale and exhale easily and naturally, it is now time to deepen our breathing even further. Maintaining a perfect rhythm let us prepare to work with the Sacred and Holy Breath of God. Breathe in beloved ones… and gently breathe out… We are ready to begin: 

I AM inbreathing…

I AM absorbing…

I AM expanding…

I AM projecting…

…the healing cleansing flames of transformation and compassion!(3X)

Feel the gentle ebb… and flow of the Holy Breath… Breathing in and breathing out… breathing in… and breathing out… All life breathes! All life breathes in harmony as the One Great Universal Presence of all life… for we are ONE! Be aware of your breath always, for awareness of the breath unites all things until the oneness of all life becomes a living reality! 

Every being of Light who has ever walked the path of Earth has taught humanity that all is one! To love your fellow traveler as yourself, to treat your fellow traveler as you would like to be treated, to see and feel the unity of all life! Take the sacred journey inward beloved ones, and feel this unity with your every breath and heartbeat for divine peace, spiritual healing and service to life shall one day be found everywhere! 

Breathe in deeply beloved ones and absorb this blessed gift deep within your being…. Now, gently breathe out and project the restoration of divinity in vibration, consciousness and form - the ONENESS of all life into our dear planet while we anticipate the incoming New Year with great anticipation and joy.                                                           

 (Long Pause before new Discourse)



My Dearly Beloved Chelas of Love and Light,


Believe it or not, it has been seven years since the dawn of the New Millennium. Many great events have occurred during this time but it has also been a period fraught with negativity at all levels - personal, family, local, countrywide and planetary - each of which have impacted the educational, scientific, political, religious and spiritual realms. It is especially for these reasons that the perfect theme for this glorious New Year conference is: Spiritual Introspection.

As chelas of the inner teachings of the Universal Presence, Ascended Masters and other great Beings of Light, ascended and unascended, you must ask yourself: Do your thoughts, feelings and actions align fully with your spiritual beliefs? Do you exemplify these beliefs in your daily life? Do your motives come from a pure desire? Do you find forgiveness for other’s words and actions, for truly, they may not know what they say or do? Most importantly, do you love unconditionally?


It is definitely a time to go within and observe what indeed it is that you have learned, then put it into place in your life. For this accomplishment is very needed during this extremely important time in your life and in the life of your beloved planet.  It is more important than you know, to often spend time reflecting upon your own thoughts, beliefs, behavior and circumstances before moving forward into the next phase of your spiritual evolution beloved ones!


Remember, every lifestream is constantly radiating or sending out endless and uninterrupted streams of energy which is a part of the Divine Presence, for this sets into motion the electrons which make up the sacred Body of God. These electrons are very beautiful; they are intelligent; they are loving and there is not a nook, cranny or corner of the universe where they are not actively working to complete their sacred service. Additionally, all life lives, moves and has its being within this magnificent sea of Universal Light!


These electrons, several million of which can easily be poised on the top of a pin, are charged to obey the self-conscious life focused through every man, woman and child belonging to this system of worlds. When people are unawakened through thought, feeling and action they often create illusions forcing these electrons into imperfect forms, and the electrons must obey, so that even the shadows of limitation, disease and distress are actually beautiful electrons conforming to the various processes of humanity trying to outpicture accurately that which humankind consciously, or unconsciously, has held before them as the pattern to follow.


The time will come in your spiritual evolution when you know that all shadows, or danger, or pain are nothing more than surpressed Light that is no more eager to remain in such distorted forms than you are to experience their distortion. You can then choose to raise your consciousness and become free from all fear and dis-ease, because within any lesser condition resides truly intelligent life that will work with you, for it is as eager as you are to be free from any imperfect form. This is why you have often been told to bless your enemies, bless your problems, bless all appearances, because in so doing you are blessing the Light and life within them and that blessing frees the Light and life from the imposition of shadow and allows it to assume its natural and perfect form.


Any real blessing is a tremendous rushing forward of the pure life energy of God that envelops the object sanctifying and freeing it from discord... Practice the art of blessing inanimate objects beloved ones. Bless and bless all conditions, particularly those that seem to distress you and in so doing you will find that your blessings going forth will bring on their return currents wave upon wave of blessings to you.


There is a spiritual law that no lifestream asking for a blessing can be denied. A blessing is a tangible force. They are the Divine power amplified by the good-will of the lifestream who offers him or herself as the medium through which that blessing may flow. Additionally, a constant attitude of “God Bless all here” is truly an open door to peace, unity and harmony!


Whenever you give your attention to negativity in any form you give tremendous power to a lower state of consciousness and thus its manifestations in the physical world of form. Instead, you must direct your attention upon peace rather than against war; upon healing rather than against disease; upon spiritual strength rather than human weaknesses.


Constantly invoke and allow the spiritual essence that flows from the Heart of the Ascended Host of Light to bath your inner being and soul in the Light of their celestial presence. Thus this outpouring of Light from the Universal Presence of God will bring you more peace, serenity and harmony further allowing the sacred flames to sweep through you and all life continuing to build the New Age of Spiritual Freedom here on Earth.


Grateful for your every effort to increase and amplify the Light,

I AM that I AM!



My beloved sisters and brothers, I thank you for your loving energies and dedicated service this morning. United in co-service with all our dear sisters and brothers around this planet and the many great beings of light who joined us, and offered their radiation to raise and bless all life on our dear planet Earth, I thank you! Now if you will please stand for the Benediction. 

(+) Benediction (or choice of Director, see ivory pages 16-20) 

Oh, beloved supreme Presence within all life, into thy eternal heart of love do we immerse ourselves now and forever. We consciously surrender our vehicles to be merged with the love nature of thy being until I AM a pure focus of love… a living jewel in the universe. 

The path we walk in life leads only to love. Our physical bodies are filled with love becoming shining and invincible. Our etheric vehicles radiating love transmutes the past.  Love in our mind insures expression of only divine thoughts.  Love in our feelings reaffirms that God is the only power acting. 

As I AM thinking, feeling and remembering only love, I know that the cosmic Christ is working through me… radiating forth all the essence of love… peace, contentment, tenderness, happiness, security, health and magnificence…. to life which we have promised to love free. 

In this awakened consciousness of love, my spirit becomes Holy Spirit and I AM the love of the One Universal Consciousness reaching out to claim its own!  In love, I magnetize all God's blessings to me and in love; I radiate these blessings forth to all life around me.  I AM the spirit of love permeating form until all is drawn back into the indivisible whole. 

I feel the pulse beat of love in all life and the continuity of love in all experiences I have ever known.  It is all love. 

I was born out of love.  I AM evolving through love.  I shall ascend back into love. 

I AM All Love and I AM grateful.



(+) Closing Acolyte Service

Blessed Flame, Expression of the Light Essence of the Supreme Source I AM that I AM, we thank you for your reverent service to us this day. Clothed in the gratitude of our hearts, return now to the Heart Center of Creation, to be again called forth at our invocation, as representatives of the Flame of Divinity within our hearts!

As the Oneness of All Life, I AM!


* * *


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