Gift of LIGHT

Love, Illumination, Gratitude, Humility, Transformation

August 2008 

* * *

Assimilation and  Expansion

of the Electronic Pattern,


Firmly anchored within the truth of my higher being I consciously concentrate upon developing the Divine Image of my own True Divine Self through dedicated service and consecration of my life essence.



 Breathing Statement *for the Assimilation and  Expansion

of the Electronic Pattern


(Breathe in)                    I AM inbreathing

(Hold breath in)              I AM absorbing

(Breathe out)                  I AM expanding

(Hold breath out)            I AM projecting

...the gifts of Truth and Consecration through the I AM Presence! (3x)


* The breathing statement should be given four times for each full breath. On the inbreath, breath in the qualities contained within the Flame. As you hold your breath in, absorb the qualities deep within every part of your being. As you breathe out, expand and increase the power and momentum of the divine qualities you are calling forth through the power of the Holy Breath. As you hold your breath out of your body, project these magnificent God Qualities forth to all life. Repeat this exercise a minimum of three full breaths.  

* * *

“All of the places of our lives are sanctuaries; some of them just happen to have steeples. And all of the people in our lives are saints; it is just that some of them have day jobs and most will never have feast days named for them.”            

        - Robert Benson

* * *

Truth of Concentration

I come to envelop you with my Love, and my special gift, which is the Power of Concentration. It is a gift which must be brought to bear upon every aspect of your life, until you - by your love and power of concentration - have transformed everything within your expression from the human to the Divine. This is not the work of a moment! It is the work of many so-called "lifetimes", for true concentration is the art of being.

Everyone has being, it is true, but few are aware of the truth of that Being, and this is what the gift of concentration must be used to discover. The truth of yourself is that you are created in the Divine Image and Likeness of the One Universal Consciousness, and that is the very fact which has fallen into unconsciousness, until you have come to believe that the physical and intellectual experiences are your reality.

One must, upon realizing Truth of Being, start somewhere in the task of removing all the masks they have assumed as they move away from their own Divine Self. The tool is concentration.

There are sister qualities which are important in the process of uniting with the Divine Self. The first is Consecration, for it is absolutely necessary that you dedicate all of your energy and attention to this work.

The second quality is Truth, because before you can reunite with your True Self, there will be the necessity of facing some lesser truths, and this may not be a pleasant process. However, it is absolutely necessary to leave the past in order to embrace the present and future reality of Unity with your I AM Presence, and it is worth any sacrifice that may be required along the path.

Healing, a major quality of the Fifth Ray is the natural result of the process of rediscovering your true Identity, for there is nothing within it but perfect radiant healthiness and harmony! Conversely, one has only to remember that dis-ease and discomfort go hand-in-hand with deception, and all that is not of the light must be stripped away from you.

Of course, you have all begun this task, and all of us within the Octaves of Light are assisting you in every way that is open to us.

You know the law which states that the call for assistance must come from you, and that law is being complied with rhythmically, for which we are grateful. The power of dedication cannot be overestimated at this time, especially for the purpose of clearing the astral realm of the dark forms which have been created out of the collective consciousness.

One of the most interesting facts of consciousness is that your individual consciousness is linked to all other self-conscious life, be it human, Divine or of the darkness. You exist in a realm where all energy which has ever been spent by humanity surrounds you at all times. Because you can never destroy energy, it exists within the level, or strata, to which it belongs, until it is either transmuted and returned to the Godhead for repolarization, or strengthened and intensified where it already is by other energies which are similar to it.

If you think about it for a moment, you will realize that you may either choose which level you wish to experience consciously, or you can just float about from one level to another according to the whim of your emotional and mental bodies. The tool of concentration gives you the power of conscious choice as to where you want to be and what you want to experience at all times!

Because you are connected to all consciousness within your sphere of experience, you must take charge of your individual consciousness, and extricate it from the mass consciousness. Then you may work with it until it is strong enough as individual consciousness to withstand the pressures of negativity which exist within the collective consciousness. This is an extremely difficult task, and without the assistance of the Forces of Light, it might well be impossible to attainment! That is precisely why it is imperative to use the power of unity at this time. It takes this kind of integrated and definite use of energy to shatter those dark forms which otherwise attempt to seize and bind your consciousness to them to continue their destructive existence.

The power of directing is tremendous in clearing the mass consciousness of darkness, transmuting it to Light, and returning such energies to the One Universal Consciousness once more! I will remind you that your individual energy is powerful, but your collective energy is formidable! When it is used to transmute and purify, connecting with the Forces of Light, it will be the saving Grace of the Earth!

I have stated earlier that we will always help you in any way we can because your every call to the Light, and your every attempt to work with the Light insures that this Sacred Partnership is established and will endure so long as you desire it!

The Angelic Legions are those to whom you should convey your deepest sense of gratitude, for they are with you always, remaining within your auras around the clock. This is a sacred duty they have volunteered for, and their work will not be abandoned until every man, woman and child upon the Earth stand free within the Light! When the attending angels must leave your auras to return to the Central Sun to recharge their energies, others come, ready to step in and be with you. With your inner vision, if you could see the work that is done, you would be amazed!

The work of the chelas has been greatly stepped up, and according to the terms of partnership with us, all the Forces of Light then increase and intensify their efforts as well. These blessed Angels strip the darkness from your auras, and from your four lower vehicles with their own hands, and then direct their Light into your auras to help keep you protected, purified, and open to the gifts of Light which are constantly poured forth from all Higher Beings and Cosmic Beings of Light. They come from every Sphere, as their qualities are called for and required, but as you might well understand, most of them are from the First and Seventh Spheres. In great part, your intensified work on a rhythmic basis with Healing services has drawn multitudes of Angels from the Fifth and Sixth Spheres as well. More information and understanding will be forth-coming about all these activities, and the Temples involved.

Let your hearts be lifted up, and your joy be greatly magnified, for the Light Loves you beyond words and description, and I come to encourage and strengthen you - each one - with many gifts and numerous teachings. Hold your attention upon this Light during this coming year, and it will embrace you!

* * *

Essence of Consecration

I speak from my Heart of Love and Consecration to each one of you. I remind you that when you are taught that all life is ONE, we are referring to the ESSENCE of Life, and not to its expression. You are ONE with God and all life throughout the Universe at the center of your Being. There, the life force remains always at perfection. It is like a well filled with the pure water of Spirit. You may draw from it, and you may create with it as you wish. The creations you make may not appear as perfect, but the Spirit from which they are created is pure. Always - at the well - the life force is pure, unchanging, and bottomless, for the well of life can never run dry.

So many times you believe the outer form to be you! For every manifestation you see, there is a pure and perfect Cause upon the inner plane, which can never manifest, but sustains the outer form.

As you grow spiritually, you learn to become quiet and identify with your I AM Presence, which is your True Identity. As you do so, you permit this perfection and beauty to register upon your outer consciousness, until it can act as a Healing Force which will bring all manifest expression into alignment with itself. This is the healing you seek.

Visualize and feel your I AM Presence just above your physical body, surrounding it with its Light! See the Silver Cord, which is the life-line that sustains your four lower vehicles. Breathe in, gently and deeply, and as you do, feel the life force entering your physical body from the Heart of your Presence - through the silver cord - as Light, your True Identity. Absorb it, and then breathe the Light of your True Self out around you, realizing that in this way you are externalizing your True Self in the outer world. Continue this process, making it a daily practice, until you are firmly convinced of your own I AM Presence as your True Identity, rather than your physical form.  

Your bodies, minds, and emotional vehicles are but your tools of expression - the channel through which Pure Spirit may flow. Your Holy Christ Selves are already the Perfection you seek, and as you identify more and more with that Identity, you will find that it perfects all outer manifestation as it rushes forth to flood your worlds with Its Pure Light.  

Gradually, as you practice inbreathing your True Identity, and breathing it out into the world of form, your etheric vehicles will register Light instead of shadows; Perfection rather than imperfection, until you are incapable of creating any outer manifestation which is less than the Perfection held within your Heart Flames.  

My dear Ones, you have come far, and are capable of keeping your consciousness upon the Spirit of Life much more steadily now. Know that I will always be beside you, every step of the Way, until you are home again in the Heart of the I AM Presence from which you came!

* * *

The Manifold Divine Gifts!

At different times specific gifts of your God Presence could include the qualities of perception, inspiration, discernment, instinct, intuition or even ‘gut feeling’ to name just a few. As you can see in each case, these are all aspects of how the presence works through your various vehicles. When you use the gift of perception, usually you will receive a very quick overview of what is happening without really knowing the details. Inspiration often manifests itself in the form of an idea, which frequently will be the guiding influence to get you to do something in your life. Accuracy in reading character and motive comes to you along with the gift of truth when you use discernment in your everyday activities. 

On the other hand, instinct is that extremely complex and specific response - very ancient in origin - which is deeply rooted in your etheric vehicle. Of course, gut feeling is that very physical reaction to what is going on within or around a person that you have all experienced many times. It is first felt very strongly within the very center of your solar plexus, and may then quickly expand outward throughout you causing your body to respond in many different ways. Your heart rate may increase and you may begin to breathe more deeply and rapidly. You may even experience feelings of alarm or dread. These reactions are what your various bodies use to get your attention and should not be ignored.  

Finally, the gift of insight allows you to receive thoughts and ideas that will often come to you after the fact and greatly assist in your overall learning experience. With this gift you are often able to see more clearly into the complex nature of a person or situation so that you can fully understand what is taking place to more easily find solutions in the future.  

Each and every one of these sacred gifts and blessings are important in your spiritual development but at this moment focus your attention especially upon the quality of intuition. This is the power you are given to receive pure knowledge quickly, concisely, and directly from the Universal Source, without rational thought or influences from the outer world. For this gift to work properly you must always be absolutely centered within your divinity and totally at peace. It is when you are easily and quickly able to use this gift that you know all your vehicles are working together in perfect alignment. But remember all of these Divine blessings are necessary to your development, but intuition is by far the most complete. 

As the human race is now awakening and searching for the truth, it is very important for you to not only improve your power of intuition, but you must come to trust this power without question. To encourage this process take some time, be it a day, week or month, to consciously observe the many situations in your day-to-day experiences which call for the use of these many ways in which your Presence communicates with you. 

Become aware of how quickly you respond and what you do with the information you are given.  You will then truly see how useful these attributes can be to you and others. For those of you who may not believe in the reality of these gifts or are unable to accept the answers that you receive, please open yourselves to these divine abilities, for they are available to everyone. As you do, also take time and offer your gratitude for these God given gifts and blessings. Thus your spiritual evolution will increase much more rapidly and your blessings will be many!

* * *

The Light of God Surrounds You

To more easily connect with the Light of God that always surrounds you, sit comfortably in a chair with you feet flat on the floor. Begin to use God’s Holy Breath to center yourself and when you are ready gently close your eyes. Breathe in... and breathe out. Breathe in again and focus your attention first upon your emotional body. Consciously enfold all unconstructive feelings you may still have within and around you about yourself within the Violet Fire of Freedom’s Love filling you with the mercy, compassion and forgiveness of God. As you breathe out, gently fan these flames sending this sacred fire to the cause and core of all imperfection within your emotional body until this vehicle is purified and free. 

Breathe in again and this time focus your attention upon your mental body. Consciously enfold all unconstructive thoughts you may still have within and around you about yourself within the Violet Fire of Freedom’s Love filling you with the mercy, compassion and forgiveness of God. Breathing out, once again gently fan these flames, sending this sacred fire to the cause and core of all imperfection within your mental body until this vehicle is purified and free.  

Repeat this activity again, this time as you breathe in focus your attention upon your etheric body. Consciously enfold and release any and all old memories which have been trapped within and around you for centuries upon centuries and are affecting you in a unconstructive way within the Violet Fire of Freedom’s Love filling you with the mercy, compassion and forgiveness of God. Breathing out, once again gently fan these flames, sending this sacred fire to the cause and core of all imperfection within your etheric body until this vehicle is purified and free. 

Finally, breathe in, this time becoming fully aware of your physical body. Consciously enfold all imperfection of this most important vehicle, seen and unseen, within the Violet Fire of Freedom’s Love filling you with the mercy, compassion and forgiveness of God. Breathing out, once again gently fan these flames, sending this sacred fire to the cause and core of all imperfection within your etheric body until this vehicle is purified and free. As these flames blaze forth, your physical body is returned to its original perfection.  

Now,  with your inner vision observe all aspects of your being  seeing yourself as God and the angels see you—a beautiful being filled with Light. Every atom of your body is pure and perfect.

Pure of mind and heart, your threefold flame blazes forth strong and bright. With the assistance of your I AM Presence, it becomes the guiding force in your life forever. Take a few moments right now beloved ones and ask your divine presence what truly is your heart’s desire and then silently and patiently listen for the answer. 

Now, begin to return your attention to the present. When you are ready to open your eyes, ever so slowly begin to raise your eyelids slightly. For just a moment do you not see and feel the magnificent golden light that always shines above you? Do you not feel the comforting warmth of God’s Divine Love flowing to and through you? With practice, over time, the day will come when you will always be aware of this divine Light and Love which constantly surrounds you as you fully become one with it now and forever.

* * *



September 2008