Gift of LIGHT

Love, Illumination, Gratitude, Humility, Transformation

March 2008 

* * *

Assimilation and  Expansion

of the Electronic Pattern,


From deep within the Octaves of Light a brilliant Ray of Violet Transmuting radiance streams forth silently engulfing all life with its healing mercy and compassion.



 Breathing Statement *for the Assimilation and  Expansion

of the Electronic Pattern


(Breathe in)                    I AM inbreathing

(Hold breath in)              I AM absorbing

(Breathe out)                  I AM expanding

(Hold breath out)            I AM projecting

...the pure true intentions of my One Divine Self! (3x) 

* The breathing statement should be given four times for each full breath. On the inbreath, breath in the qualities contained within the Flame. As you hold your breath in, absorb the qualities deep within every part of your being. As you breathe out, expand and increase the power and momentum of the divine qualities you are calling forth through the power of the Holy Breath. As you hold your breath out of your body, project these magnificent God Qualities forth to all life. Repeat this exercise a minimum of three full breaths.

* * *

"The word listen contains the same letters as the word silent."

--Author Unknown

* * *

Still Your Body and Quiet Your Mind

Please begin by taking a comfortable position in a relaxing chair. Now draw in one full, deep, complete and easy breath. As you draw air into your body, gently close your eyes and allow yourself to fully experience the soothing, healing, calming properties of the Universal Presence flowing to and through you. Now, as you release your breath, feel the air flowing from your body carrying with it any and all tension or distress you have been feeling today. Breathe in again and as you release your breath just let everything go - easily and effortlessly - let go of all the negativity you have been carrying around with you. With your inner vision see this energy moving away from your body.  

As you draw in your next breath, feel it moving into an even deeper place within you, soothing, relaxing and calming more of your body, bringing up even more tension and more toxins allowing them to be transmuted and released. With each succeeding breath go a little deeper until your breath reaches into every part of your body - physical, mental, etheric and emotional - soothing... releasing... relaxing... and healing you.  

Now, just for a moment become aware of any area within you that you continue to feel discomfort. Acknowledge its location and, as you take your next breath, send this healing, comforting energy to those parts of your body, allowing them to be comforted and healed. Observe how the tension is easily released and your body simply relaxes, like wrinkles being ironed out of a crumpled shirt.  

As you become more and more relaxed within your physical body, an incredible peace now fills your mind moving through it like a fine and gentle mist in any color you find soothing. As you breathe this mist in observe how it curls around each and every thought, gently embracing them and reminding them that this is your time to be quiet and harmonious, regardless of whatever else is happening in your life. You have no worries about the past and no thoughts about the future. At this moment all that is important to you is the here and now. So let go, continue to relax and just be.  

If any troubling thoughts arise, it’s all right. Consciously take a deep breath in and out sending the mist to surround each one, gently breaking them up and taking them away. As you continue to relax you now enter a state of absolute perfect peace. Focusing upon that secret place deep within, you now see a brilliant white Light shining softly before you, beckoning you forward with its soft and gentle glow. Attracted by its warm and comforting illumination, you draw ever closer and your entire being is bathed in this gentle, all-encompassing, loving Light. Just as the sun energizes your physical body, so is this magnificent Light now cleansing and re-vitalizing your spirit. 

Take a few moments now to feel its mighty power!...Feel its magnificent wisdom!...Feel its unconditional love! ...Finally, feel how much lighter you are because you have rid yourself of many tremendous burdens and replaced them with an uplifting feeling of joyful expectation. Where there was hatred, now there is love. Where there was doubt, now there is faith. Where there was wrong, now there is forgiveness. Where there was discord, now there is harmony. Where there was error, now there is truth. Where there was despair, now there is hope.  Where there was sadness, now there is joy. Where there was shadow, now there is Light.  

Still feeling fully relaxed, warm and comfortable you continue to bathe in the soft glow of the healing, soothing, relaxing white Light. Completely centered and at perfect peace you realize you have truly taken a big step forward on the path toward genuine spiritual enlightenment. Ready for the glorious future you know is waiting for you; gratitude fills you to overflowing as you pause for a moment, resting fully in this divine information. 

With this knowledge anchored firmly within your heart, begin to become aware of your physical body... from the top of your head, all the way down to the tips of your toes. Taking a full and gentle breath in and out, you feel completely refreshed at all levels of your being, ready to meet the challenges to come in the days ahead. Now as you take another deep breath begin to gently stretch your body. When you are ready you open your eyes and find that you have fully returned to the present time and location where you began your journey.


Qualities to Develop on the Path toward Spiritual Freedom

Spiritual freedom is not something that you can discover outside of yourself. It is not to be found in another country. It does not lie within one’s possessions and even though it is within every human heart - it cannot be obtained from another person. When you discover true spiritual freedom, it will not matter where or who you are because you will be standing in the very center of the Kingdom of Heaven in a mighty forcefield of Divine Love, Light and Protection! 

From within this forcefield, rhythmic pulsations of purity, freedom and perfection will be flowing forth to fill your being and world with every virtue of the Divine. Then, with your every heartbeat and breath, you will be surrounding all life you contact within your personal forcefield with the hope and faith that they, too, will attain the Kingdom of God within!  

To get to this point you often spent time searching, turning over every stone, reading every book, listening closely to all those who claim to have the answers you seek. All forms of meditation have become extremely popular and people everywhere are seeking, seeking the truth - the enlightenment that will set them free from their earthly concerns and difficulties. Then, when you are told this freedom dwells within, perhaps you feel you already know this fact but do not know quite how to enter this exalted place. 

One of the qualities you must develop is patience. Another is hope, for hope is the quality of awakening - the virtue that paves the way for faith to acquire a firm foothold in your consciousness. Faith always follows the anchoring of the Flame of Hope within the human heart.  Faith in the supremacy of Divine Consciousness to overcome the human is absolutely essential for every chela! Faith precedes confidence and you now stand at the point upon the spiritual path where you must develop confidence without reservation. 

During the early part of the millennium the major use of the Violet Fire will be that of purifying and transmuting the energies bound within the Veil of Maya. Also during this time, the influence of the Seventh Ray will intensify within all people and groups who are working for the cause of freedom, whether it is directed at political, economic, personal or spiritual freedom. This work must be completed before the orbital shift may be accomplished. 

The aspect of ceremonial already established will come into stronger expression. The ceremonial aspect of the Seventh Ray influences all humanity but this is not to establish identical expressions of religion and spirituality. You have probably observed many different forms of ceremony unfolding throughout various groups, teachings and activities other than The Bridge to Spiritual Freedom. These ceremonies are specific to the various groups of endeavor at all levels of understanding. Do not expect everyone to agree or be comfortable with the specific forms you may prefer. Instead develop understanding and loving acceptance toward all others who are expanding the Light of the New Age in their own ways. Take time to communicate with others as opportunities arise, seeking to understand their ideas and ideals. 

Above all you must have constancy of endeavor! Rhythm of application is so deeply important and this is an integral part of the quality of constancy. The difference this will make in your personal lives and worlds in clearing things up and moving along in your spiritual work is tremendous. Until this clearing is done at the personal level, the tendency is to continue to fall back into the illusions of human consciousness. Never sacrifice your spiritual standards for the quick and easy fix promised by so many! There are no easy shortcuts except the steadfastness of your loyalty to spiritual principle and this cannot be over-emphasized. 

Know beyond a shadow of a doubt that the victorious accomplishment of the New Age of Spiritual Freedom pulsates in the ethers of the Earth right here and right now! Take this moment to feel its vibratory activity entering your heartcenter and becoming an integral part of your being and world right now and forever sustained. Let it flow forth from your hearts to full manifestation throughout the world! 


New Year Conference ~ Special Discourse ~ 2008

Beloved co-servers in the Light of God that is Eternally Victorious - it is to you that I humbly bow! 

Last night another chapter in the ongoing saga of your individual Book of Life came to a close. Today page one of a brand new chapter has now opened. The pages are pure and pristine for nothing has as yet been written. It is up to each of you as to how this story will be written. Above all know there is no plot to follow, other than the perfect Will of God. Also, please be aware that in the ancient art of numerology, this magnificent year easily adds to a ‘one’ - the number of new beginnings.  

The number ‘one’ has many constructive traits that an individual or even an organization may possess. Among the many positive blessings are: a pioneering spirit, strong leadership skills, independence, individualistic style, extraordinary will, determination and courage, along with initiation of new actions.  

However, beware as there are also several negative traits that can often raise their ugly heads when considering the number one. These include being overly assertive or aggressive, dominating, impulsive, egotistic, boastfulness, willful. Take some time right now beloved ones to consider these various traits, gifts and blessings both positive and negative, and then deliberate upon what they mean for you. 

Additionally, take into account what the number ‘one’ means according to the teachings of this Activity of Light, such as with the First Ray, the First Sphere, the First Activity of Life, the First Chakra, the First Elohim, the First Archangel, the First Chohan, the First Step in the Seven Steps of Precipitation and the First Tenet in the Code of Conduct for a Disciple of the Holy Spirit to list a few.  

 With the assistance of the Higher Realms and your every thought, feeling, word, action and reaction you are creating your own individual pure and perfect thoughtform as you continue to complete your divine plans. As with all things there are specific principles to consider which will allow your divine design to continue to unfold easily and effortlessly. Below are what I consider to be the most important:  

First, with whatever you choose to create, your motives must be pure and you must be truthful to yourselves and others - this according to the activities of the Fourth and Fifth Rays.

Second, there must be perimeters or boundaries created - this according to the activity of the Second Ray. 

Third, you must have the discipline to stay within the perimeters of that which you have created - this according to the activity of the First Ray. 

Fourth, by integrating the above steps into your divine plan you will find the perfect peace and harmony in which to work - this according to the activities of the Sixth and Third Rays respectively.  

And finally the fifth important tenet to follow, when you have accomplished the above in the physical realm of this earth, then you will truly find spiritual freedom and unity - this according to the Seventh and Eight Rays.     

Consider my words carefully beloved ones and keep on keeping on allowing your perfect plan to continue unfolding as purely and flawlessly as my unblemished diamond heart!   

 Yours in solidarity and service,


 * * *

As the Mass Consciousness Awakens…

In these rapidly changing times within the Earth, the consciousness of the masses is being opened, and new ideas and thoughtforms are becoming more acceptable to them.  This is a direct result of the work of the chelas in response to an increased outpouring of Light and Energy from the Octaves in which the masters reside.  The need for this expansion of the mass consciousness is great, because the forward movement of the planet earth within the universe must, of course, take place.


As the mass consciousness is opened, there is a great deal of negativity released into the atmosphere of the planet. The reason for this is that the great numbers of people are not yet educated as to the existence and use of the primary tool for the purification of the earth, the Violet Transmuting Flame.


The first step on the Path of Mastery is the realization that you - as an individual - are responsible for all existing conditions within your own life experience.  Every chela will remember this experience, with its common response of strong feelings of guilt.  You will recall that a great feeling of relief and release was received once you had passed this step, and begun the process of self-forgiveness, as well as the forgiveness of others.  I bring this to your minds so that you will be able to extend understanding and compassion to those who are experiencing this for the first time.


It is extremely important that you comprehend the possible result of the awakening of large numbers of people at one time.  As these feelings of guilt and fear are released into the atmosphere, it acts to intensify the Veil of Maya still remaining around the Earth.  Then it may begin to exert a neutralizing effect upon the newly opened consciousness of the people.  As you give some thought to this information, you will realize how very important it is to make calls for the protection of the newly awakened consciousness of all lifestreams, wherever they may be, and for the purification of the atmosphere at those locations.


There is yet another aspect to this understanding which you must keep in mind.  As chelas of the ascended masters you will assist in the purification of the mass consciousness. The master sends the chela forth to do a certain portion of the work that is necessary to accomplish.  At this time, the purification and protection of recently awakened lifestreams is one of the most important tasks facing all life, as we work together to make the Brotherhood of Angels, the Elemental Kingdom, the Ascended Masters, and the Human Family a manifest reality.

* * *


April 2008