Gift of LIGHT

Love, Illumination, Gratitude, Humility, Transformation

November 2008  

* * *

Assimilation and  Expansion

of the Electronic Pattern,


As our individual consciousness is embraced within the One Divine Universal Consciousness of harmony, perfection and peace for all eternity we aspire to raise and hold our three dimensional vibration ever higher so as to remain within this timeless Oneness with the Divine.



 Breathing Statement *for the Assimilation and  Expansion

of the Electronic Pattern


(Breathe in)                    I AM inbreathing

(Hold breath in)              I AM absorbing

(Breathe out)                  I AM expanding

(Hold breath out)            I AM projecting

...only good constructive thought and positive action within my sphere of influence! (3x)


* The breathing statement should be given four times for each full breath. On the inbreath, breath in the qualities contained within the Flame. As you hold your breath in, absorb the qualities deep within every part of your being. As you breathe out, expand and increase the power and momentum of the divine qualities you are calling forth through the power of the Holy Breath. As you hold your breath out of your body, project these magnificent God Qualities forth to all life. Repeat this exercise a minimum of three full breaths.


* * *


The state of consciousness in which an individual dwells influences how much happiness or unhappiness he or she will know during their sojourn upon the Earth! 

There are no two unascended beings that continuously live in the same state of consciousness. For example, unascended beings often come together at a lecture, movie or concert and for a time enter the same sphere of consciousness only to return once again to their individual space of which they have evolved for themselves over centuries after such activities have ended. Often within this space they bounce like a rubber ball through the course of a day – one minute plunged into darkness, the next they are raised by temporary exaltation and so on; sometimes passing through many states of consciousness during the day. 

As you know, each state of consciousness has a particular vibration - some very high and some very low. The destructive emotions and tendencies are especially insidious, working to disintegrate the high spiritual nature of the evolving soul. Thus the soul which is pummeled by this negativity, constantly grasps for the Light and Spiritual Counsel offered from Above as the Higher Self endeavors to send through this whirlwind of vibration enough energy to be the guiding force of the soul. 

This requires the Higher Self to secure a vibratory action of its Light which is well above the crashing waves of the lesser vibrations humanity often find themselves surrounded by. But before the Light can be fully anchored, the individual must settle down and endeavor to become quiet enough to receive and then listen to the higher state of consciousness that comes with the Light.  

To train individuals to maintain a more or less steady vibratory action in their vehicles is to enable their own Higher Self to give them the spiritual food, counsel and courage required for their freedom. Many students newly enjoying spiritual knowledge often have wild spurts of enthusiasm which, while good in themselves, also shock the vibratory action of their soul. So for this reason it is recommended to always hold the outer self firmly on the path of the middle way so that the Light and Radiation from the I AM Presence can enter into and become one with the vibratory action of the aspirant. Thus forward progress and unfoldment comes more quickly to one who is firmly anchored in peace than the more zealous and uncontrolled lifestream.  

How Your Consciousness Can Assist Others

There is no limit to what one can do for any number of lifestreams through a strong thought and feeling held firmly within the consciousness for GOOD. There is no power in all the universe that can oppose a GOOD THOUGHT or that can manifest an evil thought unless the individual holding the constructive one chooses to let it go. That is why it is said that ‘one with God is a majority.’ That is why one unascended being could hold the planet Earth from dissolution if his or her consciousness could be unshaken by the mass consciousness or any number of visible or invisible pressures that would attempt to change the thoughts and feelings of perfection and protection held by that one.  

All the lesser forces combined, with all their energies combined, cannot prevail against the smallest thought which is in agreement with God’s Divine Plan unless the lifestream holding that thought relinquishes it. So with your very great tenacity of spirit, know that you have an invulnerable armor and a tremendous power to free, to heal and to hold peace; that is, unless you surrender your thought for a less perfect thought in the mind or heart of another.

Maintain and Sustain Peace

The only way that the I AM Presence can reach the outer consciousness of humanity is by directing certain vibrations which enter that consciousness as desires, feelings, aspirations and a pressure toward a certain activity even though the outer self is ofttimes unable to explain the reason that is the prompting of the heart. Until the development of the chela enables the outer consciousness - in a fully awakened state - to join with the Divine Plan and Image held in the Higher Self, the I AM Presence uses the subtler vibrations and promptings to forward the Plan of Perfection because the soul and the lower vehicles of humanity must be receptive to these vibrations in order for them to record deeply enough for action to ensue. This applies particularly to the cultivation and maintenance of a steady and unchanging vibration as is possible through the lower vehicles under all circumstances and all strain. 

Just as static destroys a radio or television program, making it often impossible to even understand the words or recognize the picture, so does discord of any nature distort the promptings and vibrations of the I AM Presence so that they are neither received nor anchored into the energy of the outer self with sufficient strength to become the guiding force in one’s daily life.   

In times of crises, more than ever, individuals are required who are able to maintain a constant flow and connection with their I AM Presence to build a momentum, maintain and sustain a peaceful vibratory action so that the receptivity of the Divine Impulses may be clear and distinct enough to protect and guide possibly millions in all emergencies that may manifest. 

Experiment with Consciousness

The study of consciousness is the study of freedom, for once a lifestream begins to experiment with the creative powers contained within the individual governing influence of one’s own thought and feeling, such a one stands at the threshold of complete relief and release from the bonds of third dimensional thinking and feeling.  

The Golden Age is the presence of the Ascended Master’s Octave in the consciousness of all life. We live in the Golden Age now because there is no time in God; there is no past, no future - just the ever present. The Golden Age is a consciousness of perfection, of harmony, of beauty, of health and of peace.  

Through the centuries their individual consciousness has merged with and become one with God Consciousness which does not recognize imperfection, and which creates constantly, by the creative powers within itself – ever expanding perfection. Many unascended beings live in the presence of the Golden Age but shut this divine consciousness out of their lives simply by their own thoughts and feelings. 

However, there is great hope that when one can tune into the consciousness of the ever-present Golden Age, and like a magnet, draw into itself the fullness of that divine magnificence. Such an individual consciousness then becomes by its own nature, a projector of the Golden Age and in an ever-widening circle, the perfection of that age begins to flow through whatever selfless consciousness offers itself as a ‘cup’ for these powerful forces. 

Full and Complete Union with Cosmic Consciousness

The great cosmic joy released when an unascended being raises his or her consciousness to a point of complete union with the Cosmic Consciousness cannot be described in words. However, the individuals who are aspiring toward perfect understanding would never cease in their search if they could perceive even a glimpse of the ecstasy that comes when their outer intellectual self blends with God Consciousness and merges into the full awareness of the oneness of all life. May each and every one acquire this divine blessing in this lifetime! 

* * *  

I Believe…

Dear chelas, the following is a loving suggestion concerning our ongoing spiritual preparation. It is a reminder of something very important that is often overlooked by most students. It is also a request that was asked of us almost ten years ago and in the times we live in now it is time to revisit.  

In the front of each decree book there are seven beautiful tenets or universal truths called the Declaration of Faith. How many of us have given these sacred words any more than a passing glance? How many of us have taken even a few minutes to look these divine principles over and consider their meaning or studied the divine truths contained within these simple words? As chelas of The Bridge to Spiritual Freedom, these words should already be an integral part of our beings beloved ones. Prior to this New Year’s Conference let us once again take some time to ponder these beautiful words. Let us go within and ask for further clarity concerning their meaning for we should be able to instantly explain the meaning of these words to anyone who asks…  

“I BELIEVE in the Universal I AM Presence, which is the Source of all life and the very essence of divine love, God in Action, everywhere present.” This simply stated means that chelas of this Activity believe in the concept of the ONE GOD.  

“I BELIEVE in the individualized I AM Presence of God, acting through the Holy Christ Self, focused within every human heart, through which the Will of God can manifest in the world of form.” Building upon the first statement, this ONE GOD IS AN INTEGRAL PART OF EVERY SINGLE HUMAN BEING - everything on Earth - whether we are consciously aware of this fact or not. 

“I BELIEVE in the Immortal Three Fold Flame of Life, the perfect balance of Love, Wisdom, and Power of the Holy Spirit, which is the animating principle of all self-conscious intelligence and anchored in every human heart.” This, beloved ones, is a loving reminder that THE TRINITY, the Mother/Father Daughter/Son and Holy Spirit is a very important aspect of our teachings, just as it is in so many orthodox religions. 

“I BELIEVE in the Universal Fatherhood and Motherhood of God, the Universal Brotherhood of Man and in the fellowship and conscious communion with the Great Host of Ascended Masters (and other great Beings of Light)…” This particular tenet is a little more complicated. It refers first, to the DUALITY OF LIFE, the masculine and feminine aspect in each individual, the struggle within and between the qualities of love and power. 

As is usually the case, one aspect of self is often more predominate than the other but since we have all lived many lives; we have had many opportunities to balance the male and female energies within us.  

This statement also goes back to the ONENESS OF ALL LIFE - God being the governing force on this planet! Also, within this oneness each individual is able to communicate with another, whether they are ascended or unascended.  This can be done, especially by entering the higher realms, without an intermediary; such as a minister, priest, rabbi or other spiritual leader when each person is firmly centered within I AM Consciousness and speaks to and from this sacred space. This communication can only be maintained if we are centered, focused and our motives are pure. Otherwise the connection, if not entirely severed, will be minimal and incomplete at best. 

“I BELIEVE in the eternal forgiveness and forgetfulness, through divine love and mercy, of all human transgressions against the Law of Life, the purification of the soul through the conscious use of the Violet Transmuting Flame and all other purifying activities of the Sacred Fire” Of course, this is the divine LAW OF FORGIVENESS, so lovingly given to us by beloved Micah during his embodiment as Jesus the Christ. This is also a reminder to each one of us, to constantly use the greatest blessing of this two thousand year period - the GIFT OF THE VIOLET FIRE to keep our lower vehicles pure and our vision held high. 

“I BELIEVE in the ASCENSION in the Light, in full Christ Perfection through self-conscious mastery by divine love of all substance and energy used in thought, feeling, spoken word and deed. This is the fulfillment of the Divine Plan and the reason for my being.” These two wonderful statements fully define WHY WE HAVE EMBODIED ON THIS EARTH, especially if we are having any questions or doubts. 

“I BELIEVE in life everlasting through this Ascension in the Light of God that is Eternally Victorious!” Combining this principle with the previous ones, we have now fully explained that EACH PERSON IS ON A DIVINE JOURNEY or a spiritual quest, which will ultimately lead us full circle, fully re-uniting at all levels of consciousness and being with our Mother-Father God. 


The Place you are right now…

                                                 God circled on a map for you.    

                                                                                                   -- Hafiz



Through the end of this year please devote five minutes, preferably at the same hour three times a day - morning, noon and night - and turn your attention to the divine activity of the Presence of God that pulsates your heart, illumines your mind and guides your every step:

To Elevate Your Consciousness 

Oh Infinite Holy Presence of God, the Divine Source of all things, blessed is Your Sacred Name. I now bow before You in gratitude, praise and thanksgiving for Your Supreme Presence in the Universe. Because You Are, I AM! I return to You Almighty One, all the power and dominion that I have ever given in any imperfect manifestation, visible or invisible, for you are the All Power of the Universe and there is no other power that can act. Let Your Will be done in me. Let Your Kingdom of Divine Consciousness manifest across the face of this Earth, through the hearts, minds and activities of all who are so blessed to live upon it including myself. 

Oh Supreme Beloved One, as I once again lift my heart, my vision and my consciousness toward You, release the infinite substance of  Your Self to me, according to my requirements, so that as I move forward in Your Name and upon Your Service, I shall not be found wanting. I ask forgiveness for all the transgressions of Your Law of Love and Harmony, for myself and all humanity, for the forces of the Elemental Kingdom and the Kingdom of Nature. Endow me now with your limitless Power and Desire to forgive all who have ever caused me distress back unto the very beginning of time. 

Because You Are with me and in me, I fear no evil, for there is no power apart from You. You are the strength and power by which I move ever forward on the Path of Righteousness and now, Oh Father of all Light and Mother of all Love, show me the full glory I had with You in the beginning, before even this world was. So be it, beloved I AM that I AM.

* * * 

"The most difficult thing I have ever had to do is follow the guidance I prayed for." 

-- Albert Schweitzer


* * *


December 2008