Gift of LIGHT

Love, Illumination, Gratitude, Humility, Transformation

December 2009  

* * *

Assimilation and  Expansion

of the Electronic Pattern,


I continue to strive to acquire achievement and fulfill of my Divine Plan by utilizing Light energy in a positive and constructive way within my world.


 Breathing Statement *for the Assimilation and  Expansion

of the Electronic Pattern


(Breathe in)                    I AM inbreathing

(Hold breath in)              I AM absorbing

(Breathe out)                  I AM expanding

(Hold breath out)            I AM projecting

...purity and clarity of my intentions and motives! (3x)


* The breathing statement should be given four times for each full breath. On the inbreath, breath in the qualities contained within the Flame. As you hold your breath in, absorb the qualities deep within every part of your being. As you breathe out, expand and increase the power and momentum of the divine qualities you are calling forth through the power of the Holy Breath. As you hold your breath out of your body, project these magnificent God Qualities forth to all life. Repeat this exercise a minimum of three full breaths.

* * *

Sense of Balance 

Beloved Students of the One Universal Presence,

As I share with you several thoughts and ideas to ponder, it is my heart's desire that you feel and become one with all life upon this planet. This will be accomplished by intensifying your Aura; filling yourself with Divine qualities and the perfectly balanced activity of Love, Wisdom, and Power.  

Visualize the Earth as a pure, crystalline globe. See a luminous Presence seated in the lotus position, deep in meditation. Gently, breathing in and out; radiating forth from this Being are rays of pink, blue, and gold Light. Stretching forth its hands it holds within them a pure, crystalline globe; the planet Earth and thus allows for the full release of all the gifts contained within the Causal Body. As this happens, all chelas around the world accept their responsibility as part of this activity of Light - expanding their consciousness and allowing their love and light to flood the Earth.   

You may say, "I want to do my part, but how can this be accomplished?" The answer is an ongoing process, and with the specific work that has been done each and every year, great strides have been made toward its completion. From one minute past midnight on the first day of January, you have blazed the greatest gift of love available to life - the Violet Transmuting Flame - into all that you have ever been connected with in any way, searching for the peace necessary to continue and fulfill your Divine Plan perfectly.  

Consider that, just as you have done this, every great Being of Light has also endeavored to use their specific quality - together with the Violet Fire - to manifest perfection for the Earth and the entire universe! We are indeed working together for the good of all life!  

When you use the quality of Perfect Balance, along with the activity of the Violet Flame, consider what this has created within the hearts and minds of humanity! It has opened the door to self-forgiveness, which when accomplished, further allows for complete forgiveness of others to take place. The Violet Flame of Mercy and Compassion has been used to transmute the misqualified energy that you have created, either through acts of commission or omission.  

Much can be learned by occasionally taking time to assess your actions. It is now a good time to go within and see what you have accomplished as part of your growth over this year. Make note of your thoughts, words, and deeds. How has your example affected your family, friends, and acquaintances? You may want to ask yourself if you could have handled situations differently, when the perfect peace that surrounds you was disrupted by your actions or those of others. However, also consider the good that you have accomplished - the progress you have made.  

Have the scales been balanced? With the assistance of the Violet Fire, I can see that each one of you has made great progress toward balancing all debts owed to you and that you have settled many of your own outstanding debts. Many of you have managed to stabilize your lives, bringing more peace and harmony to yourselves and others, allowing for a fuller manifestation of Unity on this planet. This is what must happen during this time in the Earth's evolution. Harmony must manifest in the world of form for unity to become a reality for this planet.

With constancy of application, the purifying powers of this Sacred Flame will do the work necessary to allow the Earth to become Freedoms Holy Star! In closing, remember to remain within the perfect peace that now surrounds you. Accept this gift and become the Presence of God, forever to remain I AM that I AM.  

* * *  

The merging of Ascending and Descending Triangles of Light encircled by Rainbow Rays - with the chela in the center - the Complete Union with Divinity. 

It cannot be emphasized too deeply the importance of the yearly Thoughtforms and Themes that are released to the chelas of The Bridge to Spiritual Freedom by the Higher Beings of Light. I ask that each of the chelas take some time to contemplate the basic principles upon which this entire activity is based.  

The work of all Spiritual Beings is an inner work. It is often unable to be grasped by the outer world of manifestation unless the inner work is first accomplished. All manifestations, beloved ones, move in but one direction, and that is from the inner to the outer. Physical manifestation does not just appear, contrary to popular belief. It would be unfeasible for this to occur, because it is not according to cosmic Law. First the thought, then the feelings, and finally... the manifestation!  

Further, you must also understand that a fragile thought and a casual emotional response to that thought, brings forth a very unimpressive manifestation, or results only in vapory and vacillating thoughtforms drifting about in the astral realm for a time. Often, mental confusion is the primary result of these ineffective and half-formed mental creations drifting about in the atmosphere - but this is a subject to be address at another time.  

I AM speaking to chelas! When you call, the response shall always remain consistent, for it comes from the Heart of Creation; from the Heart of the Ascension Flame!  

For enough love to be expressed there must be sufficient self-discipline, for then the chela knows how to apply the law given in the expression only of tenderness. This is spoken from a Heart filled with Love and Tenderness, but for all chelas, self-discipline is absolutely essential for mastery. Once again, balance is the key. 

You have had manifestations and more are forthcoming; but the first steps must be taken before the outer signs appear. These are the proof to the outer world, but all chelas necessitate working in an attitude of Faith and Confidence, not seeking or anticipating signs.  

The full Ascension into the Light of the Presence of I AM is something that is accomplished one step at a time. The Thoughtforms and Themes given each year are the steps on this pathway. I repeat: The Thoughtforms and Themes given each year are the steps on this pathway. They form the ‘container’ in which all the work of a given year will be placed… day by day, week by week, month by month, until it is filled and ready to be released into the consciousness of the entire Universe. Each yearly cycle, a new Thoughtform and Theme is projected, and that becomes the basis for all the work of that cycle, and it is building a stairway to the full Ascension in the Light of the Divine that is Eternally Victorious.  

The Flame of Victory is the doorway to the Ascension Flame, because each victory accomplished automatically draws the Ascension Flame closer to you, and you feel yourself spiraling upward into a higher vibration. Reflect upon this until you fully comprehend.

Victorious accomplishment is to be your attitude, your confidence, your absolute assurance of the success of all endeavors of Light, until the time comes when you are finally completely at one with the I AM Presence.

The Thoughtforms and Themes are a work of Light. And now, having reminded you of this teaching, I ask all co- servers to intensify their work with the Thoughtforms and the accompanying decrees given, for they are the key to a Peaceful World of Unity.  

There is much gratitude for your increased endeavors in giving the Thoughtforms and Themes, for this is a true expression of Divine Love. You know, dear chelas, that just as this love is expressed, another assignment will always be waiting, which will require even more effort. However, you are each one better prepared to go forward into the fuller expression asked of you.  

One quality to sincerely develop is discipline, because progress can only be made with it. Your Love for the Ascension Flame should be all encompassing, and it should fill your attention. The Ascension Flame is anchored in your hearts, and without the disciplined attention of all the Beings of Light who dedicate their lifestreams to the sustaining of the Sacred Fire, there would be little Light to respond to your calls. The more adept you each become to your use of Sacred Fire, the more you can assist yourselves and all life who come behind you upon the path. This then is the training into which a chela enters with the Light!  

The expression of Divine Love takes many forms, and discipline is one of them. This then is an offering of Love to all of you, and to the entire Earth.  


Anchored in the Light

Would you, in looking back over your conscious memories of the experiences you have gone through, change one thing? If your answer is 'yes', I ask you to look again, remembering everything is forgivable in the sight of God. How, then, can you do less than consign your so-called disappointments to the Sacred Fires of Transmutation, knowing that it is your experiences, and your understanding of them that transforms you into a Higher Being of Light?  

If you look too hard, you might find much to change - yes, and to regret - but the one who has risen in consciousness along the Spiritual Path is already a person forgiven, with their debts to the universe paid in full, and with tears of gratitude flowing from the very center of their Being, for the Light of Love which may now manifest within.  

Shine, beloved ones, shine! Shine forth the Light of the One Universal Consciousness in and through your every thought, word, and deed, until your feeling world is a veritable sea of loving gratitude; a sea of understanding, compassion and love, flowing over every lifestream you meet as you move ever higher into realms as yet undiscovered and unexplored!  

Mind you, you by no means abandon your past! You incorporate it as living Light - purified and transmuted by your conscious overcoming and conscious decision to be master of your energy, consciously giving forth Light, Love, and whatever qualities are required.  

Forget time! Disregard space! There is nothing - I repeat - nothing that can stop your forward progress. You will express ever higher frequencies of Light in its myriad ways. Light gives life! Light is life! Light is the Divine Principle of Creation, for the Sun's Rays - if withdrawn from the Earth, would spell the end of all life thereon, and of the Earth itself! Think on these things.  

Beloved chelas, you are the blessed of our hearts, and will soon walk more steadily. Embrace and seek out your own progress on the path! There are no guarantees that you will not receive further bruises or bumps, or that you will not stumble, but there is the guarantee that the one who stands still with apprehension of falling soon stands alone, for others will proceed forward upon the path! Let all who comprehend these words know Courage! 

You have received the teachings from the beloved Light, for all are here to serve, and all are vested to serve! This love and service is such that there are no words to express the gratitude. Understand, dear ones, that every person and every Being of Light in the Ascended and Cosmic Realms, has a part of the Divine Plan for the entire universe. All are included and this extends from the Great Central Sun to the least developed consciousness anywhere within the system.  

This is a most important concept to anchor in your understanding. If a chela does not seek to know and fulfill their part of the overall plan, then it is left to others to give of their energy to complete this task. Please ponder this information until you comprehend it fully! There is an precise amount of energy required to permit a galaxy, a planet, a person, or an elemental being to live, move, breathe and have its being wherever it is embodied.  

Unconstructive or disparaging use of life energy harms. It must be transmuted and replaced by an equal and appropriate amount of positive and constructive use of energy! You might think that a lack of action would have no result. This, however, is not true. I AM not referring to a point of rest in motion, because that is a necessary and useful part of action and creation. I AM referring to simply not using your life energy for some constructive purpose. That rather than standing still, the life energy will begin to act upon whatever form it inhabits. This is a simple cosmic fact. Nothing in the Universe stands still or is static, and so I ask you to listen, to seek your Divine Directive, and to act upon it!  

Move forward into the Light, and make positive and constructive use of that Light in the world within you and around you! Think before you act, but once you have seen your Divine Plan and examined your motives for purity and clarity, take your action and fulfill your function.  

Shine – Sons and Daughters of Light! Shine! Glow, grow and expand that Light!

Know that – you are born of the LIGHT, and you are loved! 

* * *

Right Use of Cosmic Law

There is naught that can stop the forward movement of the Holy Spirit upon the Earth or throughout the universe. The age of Spiritual Freedom is at hand, increasing daily and hourly throughout this Planet. The Holy Spirit always pursues the awakening of Christ Consciousness, and this awakening has been facilitated through the constant efforts of chelas of Light in numerous places around the Earth, working in concert with the One Universal Consciousness.  

I ask that you remain diligent until the task is complete, for with all the work that has been done, there is much in the mass consciousness still to be transmuted, and the main focus of work will be the expanding and acceleration of the use of the Violet Flame of Purification in all areas. When we speak to encourage you and let you know of the gratitude we hold for your efforts, I must always remind you to remain vigilant at all times lest you be caught in any snares of human consciousness. It has held so many captive for so long - and the lower vehicles are well trained in the art of deception.  

You have all heard the saying: "It rains on the just and the unjust alike." Just as this is true, I remind you of the Principle of Cosmic Law involved. The Divine Virtues and Qualities as expressed through the Seven Spheres radiate their gifts into, through and around all life on the Earth. Now, according to the level of consciousness and free will choice of each and every person in embodiment, these Divine gifts will be used in various ways. For instance, the impetus and prompting of the Seventh Ray’s gift of Spiritual Freedom can manifest in many different forms. In one person's consciousness it could be a determination to start an organization to promote religious freedom, while in the consciousness of another it could prompt them to start a revolution yet with the same outcome in mind. It is simple to see in this example which choice (of the two given) the spiritually advanced person might make.  

Realize how easy it would be to choose the way that would but lengthen the time needed to learn the lesson of right response. Beloved ones, be wise! Stop and think! Meditate upon right action, and response. Walk the middle path, and above all, only allow encouragement and fulfillment to dwell within your aura and surroundings. Many negative expressions abound in the world of form, and though they are illusions created by human consciousness, they can be experienced as very real if you fail to pause and reflect.  

Constantly give credence to the Power of Silence. Work daily to sharpen your abilities to discern Truth from illusion, and in response to the understanding gained from this practice, choose your responses wisely. Don’t allow the winds of seeming adversity to propel you to the right nor to the left, but remember - balance is the keynote of the Spiritual One - and of the Holy Spirit! Each day, bless the Law of Life, for it is certain.




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