Gift of LIGHT

Love, Illumination, Gratitude, Humility, Transformation

February 2009  

* * *

Assimilation and  Expansion

of the Electronic Pattern,


Comprehending the power of invocation you call forth the Blue Flame of Divine Will and visualize a blazing Pink Flame of Divine Love within your entire being as they then merge into the Sacred Violet Flame.



Breathing Statement *for the Assimilation and  Expansion

of the Electronic Pattern


(Breathe in)                    I AM inbreathing

(Hold breath in)              I AM absorbing

(Breathe out)                  I AM expanding

(Hold breath out)            I AM projecting

...the Violet Fire as I accept that we are One with all life! (3x) 

* The breathing statement should be given four times for each full breath. On the inbreath, breath in the qualities contained within the Flame. As you hold your breath in, absorb the qualities deep within every part of your being. As you breathe out, expand and increase the power and momentum of the divine qualities you are calling forth through the power of the Holy Breath. As you hold your breath out of your body, project these magnificent God Qualities forth to all life. Repeat this exercise a minimum of three full breaths.

* * *

New Year Conference - Cup Service

January 1, 2009

I greet you with the fullness of my Love, and offer you profound gratitude for the opportunity to be with you this day. Following the active and invigorating energies of the First Ray that you will be experiencing this coming year, I now ask you to give gratitude for the beautiful life-force that flows through your beings as a result of its offerings and qualities. Close your eyes for a moment, breathe in deeply, and then let the breath flow outward from your heartcenter, carrying your gratitude to all the great Beings and Powers of the First Ray. Truly all who serve on the First Ray pour forth the life-energies of the One Universal Consciousness in endless streams of Light upon the Earth!  

Now, if you will breathe in deeply once again, I ask that - as you release this breath - you absorb and clothe it in the quieter, more reflective qualities of the Second Ray of Divine Illumination and Wisdom. Under its influence, one may take the time to sort through the magnificent ideas and inspirations that are released from the First Ray. Take time in contemplation and reflection upon this particular field of endeavor. Do this to precipitate and develop new ideas that will assist you to further your ability to serve.  

A large part of a successful philosophy rests in the ability to discern what is useful to your special field of endeavor. Then you must release that which you do not need, so it may be used elsewhere. Continue to work with all Seven Rays, and be the teachers qualified to do this. There needs to be great solidarity and sharing of ideas and methods. This is to provide a coordinated network of teaching through which those from every Ray may learn to work in concert with all others for the good of the whole.  

It is essential to wish to work together for the highest good of the entire planet Earth and all of her evolutions, without sacrificing your individuality and special abilities. The understanding of how all the pieces of a puzzle fit together is not essential and it is not necessary to know and be all things as an individual. It is only asked that you fulfill your part of the Divine Plan in order to help complete the overall picture; the purified planet Earth, a shining Star of Spiritual Freedom, ready to take her place in the Divine Plan of this entire universe.  

There is a further step to be taken after you have chosen the ideas you believe are suitable to your Divine plan. That step comes under the influence of the Third Ray of Divine Love, which will form the matrix into which you will project your fresh inspiration. What more perfect opportunity could be presented to each one of you than to magnetize this radiation into your Heart-Flames, precipitating that cosmic force of Love to bring your plans to fruition?  

The most profound understanding of divine love comes from the experience of impersonal love. This is truly the realization of your Oneness with all life, when you can look at every person, no matter what their level of expression and realize that they are ONE with you - without judgment or opinion - knowing that one day they will come to the same moment of realization you are now experiencing. 

Know that no matter how far you come in your evolution, there will always be a 'far superior being' who has passed this way before you, and waits to assist and guide you onward. One day, in the not too far distant you will  know how blissful you are that you have fulfilled your special part of this great plan, for you will see its beauty and perfection manifest!



When we walk to the edge of all the light we have;

And take the step into the darkness of the unknown;

We must believe that one of two things will happen...

There will be something solid for us to stand on,

Or we will be taught to fly.                      

- Patrick Overton


* * *

Holy Amethyst

"I AM" the activity of the Violet Fire. You may see me as Holy Amethyst. Whenever you call for the Violet Fire to take action the response is instantaneous. For my vocation is my joy, as well as that for which I have been qualified for eons of time.  

Have you ever wondered what happens when you make a call to a Being of Light? The moment you make a call - you have manifested the response! You have taken responsibility for the use of the Violet Flame to transmute a portion of the accumulation of misqualified energy that restrains this planet and all life upon it. You have tapped into the fullness of the Cosmic Consciousness offered to you for assistance in this endeavor.  

The Spiritual Hierarchy works with you - the chelas - in this cooperative way, for you are the hands in the physical appearance world. It is you who must make the calls whenever you see the need. In so doing, you summon us into action, to bring that which is needed to all life on your planet, whether it is healing, peace, illumination, supply or any other gift of Light.  

The Divine Plan for the universe is clear. The requirement of the hour is the constant use of the Sacred Violet Fire, the most powerful Divine aspect. The use of the Sacred Violet Transmuting Flame is necessary. Even though the race in general may be unaware of the activity of the Transmuting Flame the transition will be smooth and easy. The flow of energy released must be gently received, so as not to cause preventable friction within the planet and all life upon it.  

The qualities embodied within the Violet Fire necessitate their use at this time of Earth's evolution. Mercy and compassion must come into play. First, you must forgive all life that has harmed you in any way. But more importantly, you must forgive yourself for any transgressions against cosmic law. In this way you are able to see in others the difficulties they may have with forgiveness. You may then use the Divine qualities of mercy and compassion to assist these lifestreams.  

Self-forgiveness is one of the most difficult of achievements, yet if the Flame of Mercy, Forgiveness, and Transmutation is not accepted for oneself, it is unlikely that these qualities may then be expanded into all life on the Planet.  

I wish to give you a positive and healing visualization, through which you may more easily accept self-forgiveness:   

First realize the power of invocation, and call upon it to direct the Blue Flame of Divine Will into your four lower vehicles. Know that "I AM" is the Love nature of the Violet Flame, so visualize a blazing Pink Flame of Divine Love within your entire being, and cradling you within its essence. Within your heart center, the Blue and Pink Flames merge into the Sacred Violet Flame. It is then expanded throughout your four lower vehicles and your aura, and outward in all directions to transmute any and all returning energies of a misqualified vibration, which require your forgiveness and transmutation.

Can you feel and experience the combined force of the Love and Protection coursing throughout your personal beings and worlds? Use this visualization often whenever you feel the need and know that "I AM" at your command working together with you for self-forgiveness to take place more quickly.  

As this is accomplished, transmutation may be called into action by yourself and other awakened individuals, to clear away all that is less than Divine perfection. This will return misqualified energy into pure Light, which may never again be misqualified by the human. The cause and core of all distress must be removed, and as all of our chelas do this within their personal worlds, all life may then be bathed in the Flame of Freedom.  

At this point in time the Earth and all of her attendant lifestreams will be free to move forward into the Light of God that is eternally victorious to produce perfection. It will rise upward in the Ascension Flame and take its true place in the Divine Plan.  

If you take the time to consider these expressions, "I AM" sure that you will see and feel the truth of these words. This plan is within each and every part of life when the opportunity avails itself and you take the time to go within.  

As you move into the Violet Fire, I now embrace you, and we are One with all life!

So Be It! Beloved I AM that I AM!




The Importance of the Garment of Light

The power to visualize and create, through the mental faculty, a wall or garment of pure white Light around the energy of the lifestream, must be developed either here or hereafter. In the realm of the disembodied, the environment and necessities of the soul are dependent on the power of the thoughtforms generated and sustained by the individual. In the realm of the ascended master activity all cosmic service, manifestation and sustained activity are resultant from the concentrated controlled thought, energized by the substance of feeling, which creates a star, a sun, a temple, a planet or a self-luminous diamond of iridescent hue! 

Again and again the ascended masters have stressed the visualization of and conscious creation of a protective circle of flame around the energy of a lifestream. It disconnects or short circuits so to speak, all discordant energy waves which otherwise would be tied into and become a part of the mass consciousness and energy of every lifestream living in the present stratum of unascended beings. The energy flowing from your God Presence I AM, through your lifestream is constantly meeting, mingling with and being affected by other energies drawn, projected or released, consciously or unconsciously, by other lifestreams. The moment that your energy contacts another flow of energy through a person or condition, one of two things happen: Either your energy is re-qualified by the energy which is met and connects with yours, or the power of your energy is the master that controls, transmutes and redirects the energy toward which it is focused. 

The ascended master is always the controlling power of any energy which their lifestream contacts during the progress of his or her spirit through any experience in life. The student who has drawn a greater power of energy through their calls and invocations, who does not visualize them self enfolded within this Garment of White Light, finds that when their energy meets a discordant condition, the greater energy which has been drawn, is re-qualified by the discord and causes more difficulty then one who has less energy around them. 

If the student had only the energy from their own God Presence coming to them, the natural flow of that perfect life through them would regulate, supply and purify their own accumulation within six months to a year; but as he or she is being constantly bombarded by invisible streams of force to which they have connected through their attention, the pure energy released from their God Presence is visibly and tangibly affected and tends to keep him or her bound within the chains that bind them. 

Sit down undisturbed and turn your attention to your God Presence I AM. Visualize a wall of flame around and through your own mental capacity. Joyously accept that radiant Garment of Light so that your feelings fill it with happiness and gratitude for its protection. Then let the energy from your Presence flow through you undisturbed for five minutes, washing you clean. Now, begin to charge the energy within that protective rang of blazing Light with the ascended masterís God Control of all energy with which you come in contact, whether it is in your business, social, or spiritual life and charge this energy with power, mastery, purity, peace, harmony, beauty, etc. 

Remember always to take no quality into your world which is charged with energy waves that express less than perfection. Thus, your energy becomes qualified with Godís Perfection and your electronic circle or aura is a constant guard around you waking and sleeping. Every master is so enfolded and the oval of Light in which they appear is the consciously drawn, visualized and sustained activity of God Energy qualified to master all energy of a lower vibration, wherever such energy is catapulted against or connected with the lifestream of such a master.

No individuals can live unto themselves! Your energy connects with the store clerk when the substance of your purchases is placed in your hand. It connects with the individual with whom you shake hands. It connects with all your contacts over the telephone, through mental force, or to whom you write or with whom you associate. It connects with your radio commentators and with authors through the power of attention! It is, therefore, always either acting upon or registering the radiation of the person or condition contacted! 

* * *

Always remember, what's happening in your life right now is not about you it's for you.


* * *


The Freedom Flame

It is my desire that each one of you focus your attention upon the fact that every man, woman and child upon this planet Earth has Freedom within their heart. It is your birthright as a child of God.  

The Freedom of which I speak is the Three-fold Flame within every beating heart. This Flame is your life - your ALL, for as you know, in perfect balance, it becomes the vibratory activity of the Ascension Flame. It is called by many names, such as "the Pearl of great price", or the "the jewel in the Lotus". These words mean the same - the Ascension; the "way back home"!  

The Flame within the heart of every human is their Freedom, and it can never be stilled - no matter what the threat - or what the prison - for no bars of human consciousness can ever hold it or contain it in any way.  

Let us expand this Flame right now! Just for a moment realize that the Flame within your heart is your Divinity, and your connection with all life everywhere. This Flame is intelligent, and it yearns always to be the ruling force of your lifestream, because that is its birthright, and it cannot help but be true unto itself.  

You now know the secret of Life! It is so simple! Why, then, is your life imprisoned? The mind imprisons; the emotions imprison; the flesh imprisons; not that it is intended, mind you, but because of what you have been taught throughout many embodiments. The mind, accepting a belief in limitation, must limit. The emotions, accepting fear, binds you within that fear. Your mind and emotions then begin to control your life expression. The physical body, exquisite at its creation, is but the result of the activity of mind and emotions. It is the vehicle in and through which they express; the house in which they live.  

What is it then that you must do? First, you must remember your own perfection! Then, you must speak to it and call if forth once more! Human consciousness tells you that words do not count, and cannot hurt you, but you must remember that when God spoke the word, creation took place! You must speak to your own Divinity, acknowledge it and call it forth! 

Speak to the Flame within your heart! Speak thus: "Awake to the dawn of a new day! Awake from that which is but a dream to the reality of your new day!"  

The tidal waves of human emotion, washing over you thousands of times, have now become the Baptism of Holy Spirit - purifying your soul! The winds of your adversity have now become the Breath of Holy Spirit - blowing the cobwebs of confusion from your mind! The night of your soul has now fled before the brilliance of the Risen Sun of Divine Illumination, shining freely throughout your Being! 

The Love of Holy Spirit now wraps you within a new garment! The Cloak of Spiritual Freedom has become your Seamless Robe of Pure Light forever more!  

Breathe in the Pure Light of your Divine Self and breathe it out as Freedom to all Life until the belief in limitation is no more.


* * *



March 2009