Gift of LIGHT

Love, Illumination, Gratitude, Humility, Transformation

October 2009  

* * *

Assimilation and  Expansion

of the Electronic Pattern,


Striving for Right Desire I endeavor to only cultivate true Spiritual thoughts, aspirations and feelings within my life as I reflect upon the potential effect of expressing these beliefs as they impact the world around me.



 Breathing Statement *for the Assimilation and  Expansion

of the Electronic Pattern


(Breathe in)                    I AM inbreathing

(Hold breath in)              I AM absorbing

(Breathe out)                  I AM expanding

(Hold breath out)            I AM projecting

...within my heartís passion true respect and love for all life! (3x)


* The breathing statement should be given four times for each full breath. On the inbreath, breath in the qualities contained within the Flame. As you hold your breath in, absorb the qualities deep within every part of your being. As you breathe out, expand and increase the power and momentum of the divine qualities you are calling forth through the power of the Holy Breath. As you hold your breath out of your body, project these magnificent God Qualities forth to all life. Repeat this exercise a minimum of three full breaths.

* * *

One Heart-Beat

Under the directing Love, Intelligence and Power of the great Presence of Life, the Wisdom of the Octaves of Light, and the Love of the Cosmic Beings, Divine Love surges forth and enfolds each one of you. Will you accept, feel and consciously direct its Presence, Power and Authority? By so doing, you may become one heart-beat, one enormous Flame, and a Pillar of Light blessing all humanity until your Light enfolds this entire Solar System.

When picturing the Universe see it from an Inner Level, it will appear as one brilliant mass of Light in a constant pulsation, emanating spirals of Light in various intensities, but always in perfect harmony. This is also what needs to be perceived by each group - perfect Harmony - one enormous heart-beat. This must to be your goal - to increase your own intensity as a point of Light, but also the intensity of the Light in every living thing around you.

You have within your power and reach the ability to completely change the pattern of a group, a planet, a solar system, a galaxy, or even a Universe. All it takes is your recognition and acceptance of your ability! If you accept your ability as it really is - unlimited, and a part of your Divine Plan which plays a natural part in your everyday activities, then your expansion will begin, continue and persist. Once you realize how unlimited you really are, and that it is your obligation to express this Divine Perfection, then that is when the Balancing Activity of Life really begins and your expansion as a point of Light - your Divine Plan - then unfolds and your Freedom is before you. The need of the moment is to raise yourself to the point where other individuals about you can actually perceive and feel what you are doing inwardly. Do you see, then, why it is so necessary that you utilize your Oneness with the Divine as promptly as possible?

You are the Silent Watchers! What you do or what you have done needs only to be recognized by the Flame within your heart and as such the Heart of God. Those who are prepared to discern will recognize the Divine Light of the I AM radiating, accept it for what it really is, and reframe from misqualifying it. It is unfeasible to misqualify a Divine Law, yet that is what individuals attempt to do when they attempt to accomplish something without Divine aid. They are saying, in essence, that they have the power to override Divine Law. This is a pattern that many have created, and those who do not have their guard about them as strong as it should be, often times fall into the same pattern. That is why we are urging you to go forth individually and surround yourself with your own Divine Protection within the Light of your I AM Presence - thereby insulating yourself from the outside world.

Nothing can ever be lost in an individual who gives up an Activity of Light and embraces only the outer world. The Light which was emanated while serving that Activity is always present and will, at some time, be called forth and returned to that one for their illumination. However, the return to this former affiliation is left entirely to free will choice.

Even the Light which was sent forth by students centuries ago will be returned to them and there will be a great world-wide recalling. There will be more awakenings and more illuminations than ever before because all students who, at one time or another, followed the Light, and for some reason desired to disregard it, their Divine Plan is still present and emanates the great Love and Blessing which they once experienced and desire for others. These will all have further chances to re-join their energies.

If you accept this Light and its Divine Laws, only Perfection can be the result, and you will have Protection against all things of the outer. These great Laws and this Activity are now dependent upon chelas such as you! This Light must be firmly anchored into the Earth itself, and the only way the first phase of this may be accomplished is through the chelas of Light. You must reach the point where you have only Divine tendencies and will speak only the Truth. There is so much that you must study and prove to yourself that all I can tell you is how to do it. Again this implies application; the rest is at your conscious command!

This may all seem quite elementary, but it is a necessity. So many times, students ask why many of the teachings have or are repetition. Each time certain vibrations are sent forth in a teaching, or each time a Law, a sentence or a statement is stressed, that vibration is anchored more firmly into the Earth where it continues to vibrate until it reaches more of the mass of humanity. Many times YOU are only the channel or the anchor by which it continues this vibrating activity in the substance of this planet.


Gifts of Transmutation

Dear Friends of the ages, precious Grails through which the I AM Presence releases Gifts of immense Beauty, you are being approached at this time of intensified cleansing of the chelas, and all humankind, and are urged to take up this opportunity which is yours. You can receive great assistance in this process of Purification, during the times when the accelerated activity of Transmutation takes place at the Temples of the Violet Fire in the Etheric Realms.

The Blessings which you have accumulated during your various sojourns on this Sweet Earth are pulsating with great intensity in a great storehouse, your magnificent Causal Body. Certainly those Qualities or Virtues are not there just to make a halo for your glorious individualized I AM Presence!

To emulate the Divine is to be generous, and the Virtues and Blessings which you have in your Causal Body are to be used for the benefaction of all life.

Time and again it has been reiterated that when the chela can accept in their feelings that there is no separation in the Universe, except what is entertained in the illusions of the outer consciousness, there remains no rationale to be bound by limitation of Good of any kind.

I appeal to you to permit the Gifts of your Causal Body to express through you to bring forth the externalization of the Golden Age of Freedom now! This is a potential accomplishment through your wholehearted cooperation, and the acceptance of the Violet Fire of Transmutation as the agent which can sweep all the debris from your lifestream on a moment's notice.

Often hidden somewhere in your being is the reluctance to accept the fact that the Violet Fire is a Divine Activity of Transmutation, that changes imperfection into Perfection. You must let go of those unwilling feelings before you can put into practice the Divine Alchemy of Transmutation and witness the IMMEDIATE activity of purification. This can, and shall be done by those blessed chelas who have sufficient Faith in these words, and realize that they can appeal to the Divine Power which is always at hand and can accomplish so-called miracles in the wave of a hand.

When you have divested yourself of old concepts and purified your lower vehicles, your magnificent Divine-Self will vest you with undreamed of Powers to assist in the ushering in of the Permanent Golden Age. Remember the vow which you each made before descending into the Plane of Earth, pledging your life to the Cause of Freedom. Every time you reflect on this particular activity which took place, there wells within our Being such gratitude for the chelas who accepted the bands of forgetfulness so they could be co-workers on the Earth!

Feel the stirring within your being as it is driven home again the fact that a Vow in the Name of the Spiritual Hierarchy is a very serious matter, accepted only by those staunch lifestreams upon whom it is felt can be depended upon and that their labors in the vineyard would bear the Fruit of Perfection!

An important point which the chela should always bear in mind is that after they have used and used and used the Violet Transmuting Flame and it has the ever-recurring impacts of the free will use of Divine Sacred Energy, they may permit them self to become relaxed. It is at such times as it is thought, 'well I am rid of that', some perhaps infinitesimal pulsation of the former impurity has failed to be removed in this transmuting activity, and up it crops again for purification. This is the time when the alert chela does not hesitate for a fraction of a second but should with the tenacity of one clinging to a life-raft in a raging sea, know that faith in this buoying activity will result in release. One is not always aware of the amount of accumulation of imperfection, and should not for an instant let up on the application.

While an individual wears a flesh garment, alertness is of prime importance, and the use of the Sacred Fire of Transmutation should be engaged in daily or even hourly.

One can not be sure that the hidden iniquities have been completely restored to Perfection. The lower vehicles are always subject to the tendency to generate impurity in some form. However, be of good heart, this is less likely to occur when the chela has been constant in this application, and as a result has learned how to be in a State of Grace through the conscious sustaining of Harmony. Two different rates of vibration cannot take place at the same time, and the harmonious chela attracts only like virtue.

I caution you always to remember the old adage - 'like attracts like', for where Harmony abides, only constructive qualities can enter.

The purer the Chalice of your consciousness, the more freely can the Gifts of your Causal Body flow for the enrichment of your world, as well as for all humanity.

We await the hour in great anticipation when the Essence of Divinity, Pure and Sacred, flows through you carrying the Gifts of Healing, Illumination, Peace, Beauty and the manifold Virtues of the Godhead for the Blessing of all life, everywhere. 


 Right Desire

I would like to speak about the cultivating of your creative powers and ideas. Each person has creative faculties within themselves which may be uncovered and put to use in the world of form to assist life within their sphere of influence. For the chela, it becomes doubly important to activate these faculties. It is vital that chelas act as expressions of their Higher Natures through the instruments which have been given to them. These instruments are your bodies, minds, and emotional natures, through which you may bring the Divine to Earth in a very real fashion. To do so, you must first purify and align these parts of your being into a harmoniously expressive unit. The activating element is right desire.  

You may have heard or read that it is a spiritual attribute to become desireless, but this is often seriously, misunderstood. It would, however, be accurate to say that you must cultivate right desire. I use the term "right desire" to signify "Spiritual Desire", or the impetus which comes from your I AM Presence, the One Universal Consciousness, and the stirring of the Christ Self within your Heart Center, rather than of material desire, which arises from the human nature. Right Desire is expressed as enthusiasm for life, which then acts as the underlying cause of all outer action aimed at bettering life, both for others, and for one's self. It is right desire which holds respect and love for all life inviolate within the heart.  

To cultivate true Spiritual Desire, you must examine your thoughts and feelings as they occur, considering what the potential outcome of expressing these thoughts and feelings might be upon life around you. It is amazing what positive changes could be created in the world if only each person would pause and reflect before they spoke or took action - examining their reasons and intentions. Within the mass consciousness, much action is prompted by the automatic response to some outer stimuli, which may be totally inappropriate to a current situation.  

In fact, if we describe mass consciousness correctly, we must call it mostly "unconsciousness", yet out of that "unconsciousness" comes the outer activity, and the resultant manifestation.  

As a chela develops, they become more and more conscious of their reactions, and that is as it should be. Eventually, as each one of you examines your reactions, you will clear your "unconscious", bringing all into "full view", where you may then align and harmonize your mental and emotional vehicles. At that point, the etheric body ceases to be either a "mystery" or an unconscious influence which may send you off-course. You may then consciously instruct it, using it to store only those memories and experiences which will serve a constructive purpose in your spiritual growth. Of course, I remind you that it is the use of the Violet Fire which will bring you to this happier, more enthusiastic, creative and productive way of life more quickly!  

It has been said in the past - and I repeat this day - that chelas must understand and accept that the consciousness is one of the most significant activity of your lives. More strongly, I say that it is the only lasting activity in which you shall ever engage! Remember this, for it cannot be over stressed.  

The four lower vehicles, then, are the instruments of your creativity, and it is through them that you are intended to manifest the Divine Archetype upon the Earth plane, which is your Holy Christ Self. Over your countless lifetimes, the consciousness which you have formed creates the "aura" which you wear, visible to all in the Octaves of Light. Your consciousness either permits Light to penetrate into your chakras, so that they may work in harmony to draw forth the divine ideas from your Presence, or if they are shrouded in veils of maya, they will block the Spiritual Light from these centers. It is easier for you to understand then, how the removal of these "shrouds" will free and facilitate your creative powers to express your special potentials upon the Earth, enhancing all life with which you have contact.  

I would caution you to be on the alert for an old enemy of Spiritual Freedom. That enemy is named lethargy! Lethargy is a force which has long been the tool of those who would keep the people of Earth bound by the shackles of human consciousness! I impress upon you that it will test you! Be on the alert at all times, for you have begun a work which requires an ongoing commitment, and continual application of the Violet Transmuting Flame. Lethargy cannot stand before the Violet Fire, but the activity of the Flame must be called forth, and adhered to firmly. Understand this point completely!  

It is through your consciousness that the Forces of light must work, through your own individual I AM Presence in attempting to assist you, or work through you at any given time. Beloved ones double and redouble your efforts to free yourselves from the bonds of human consciousness, for it requires much upon your parts. I assure you that you have Divine Love and devotion for your every effort, for without those of you who listen for that still small voice and follow through with this information, it would not be possible for the human race to lift their vision, and see the great Light of the New Age dawning!  

May the heights and depths of your Spiritual or Right Desiring become the guiding force within your lives! May the Passion of the Divine Love be yours, for every ounce of your Love of Freedom is necessary to accomplish that which must be done!   



Surprise is the key to gratefulness... We can learn to let our sense of surprise be triggered not only by the extraordinary, but, above all, by a fresh look at the ordinary.


- David Steindl-Rast





November 2009