Gift of LIGHT

Love, Illumination, Gratitude, Humility, Transformation

September 2010  

* * *

Assimilation and  Expansion

of the Electronic Pattern,


Softly closing my eyes and inhaling deeply I confirm my Oneness with the Divine Presence of the Universe… slowly exhaling I share my unique gifts and blessings with all life.



Breathing Statement *for the Assimilation and  Expansion

of the Electronic Pattern


(Breathe in)                    I AM inbreathing

(Hold breath in)              I AM absorbing

(Breathe out)                  I AM expanding

(Hold breath out)            I AM projecting

…the acceptance and synchronization of my one true being! (3x)


* The breathing statement should be given four times for each full breath. On the inbreath, breath in the qualities contained within the Flame. As you hold your breath in, absorb the qualities deep within every part of your being. As you breathe out, expand and increase the power and momentum of the divine qualities you are calling forth through the power of the Holy Breath. As you hold your breath out of your body, project these magnificent God Qualities forth to all life. Repeat this exercise a minimum of three full breaths.



I shall begin today by asking a question. Have you been able to remain calm and centered over recent events? Have you been able to focus upon the Divine Light which always surrounds you and have you been able to intensify this light through the use of the holy breath? You know within your mind the truth of these principles involved but as you observe, it is not always an easy matter to manifest these truths in your everyday activities. 

This beloved ones, is the work you will bring about during the coming years. Spiritual teachings that are received and understood by your mind must also be felt and accepted by your feeling body. This can be done by simply asking yourself if what you have experienced feels right. For many of you, this might seem a silly question to ask yourself, but to others, this is the primary way in which you acknowledge the truth. It is not always necessary for people to have all of the facts for they know what they feel and follow these feelings. If you are unsure of your answer and you don't as yet trust your feelings, then you must study further to expand your understanding of the wisdom given. You must also remember the gifts of your past. 

Your exercise now will be to begin to receive understanding from a different source than how you usually experience it. If you are a person of great feeling, begin to search out your information by looking it up in a book first. As you do this, you may come across some additional information that you have been seeking for a very long time which will assist in expanding your understanding further. For those of you who always have a great many books surrounding you as you work, before going to one of your books, think about what you are looking for and perceive the truth through your feeling nature. Follow this up by then reading the facts previously given. 

Perhaps the opportunity will even come up when you need to search your memory for knowledge you have been given a very long time ago regarding something you need to know now. Recognize and acknowledge each and every time this happens by offering your love and gratitude to your etheric body for this wonderful ability. 

You must also take time to understand the information contained within your physical body. Through the infinite wisdom of this integral part of yourself, there is no need for you to concentrate your attention upon the various functions of your body for them to work. In fact, in most cases, you do not even need to think about whether your body is fulfilling its job for you. This perhaps is one of the greatest gift of all and the one most people take for granted. 

Are you beginning to see a pattern? You have four lower vehicles and they must work together in harmony and co-service with one another to serve you perfectly. Then, united with and assisted by your three upper bodies, they create the one body which you will have during this lifetime. This body must be treated with respect, for it is the sacred and holy instrument through which God works upon this Earth. Observe often the activity of your one body as it seeks to fulfill your divine plan. Remember that as you do, Love is always enfolding and surrounding you, beloved ones!




Life is a sacred dance… as you listen with your heart and let the Love flow through your being of Light… as you negotiate the intricate turns and shifts with the understanding Love of your essence. The remembrance of the sacred dance will bring to you the awareness of how you touch without touching, move without moving and heal or minister without speaking within this place of form.




As you come to know your own Divine Plan better, you can perceive more clearly how necessary you are to the whole. You can understand the importance of spiritual awareness and see that your power can be released more effectively and fully through your understanding, as well as your desire. Over the many years of your spiritual growth, your right desire has always been clearly discernible to those who work with you from the Octaves of Light. Now, as spiritual Understanding becomes more established in your nature, you are seeing the need to fulfill your right desires through sustained action and the strengthening of your 'Will to Do'. 

When you were working with a concentrated momentum of the First Ray, you learned more about discipline and worked to build the quality of Divine Obedience into your lower vehicles. This then served you well, helping you to understand and follow the teachings and instructions being released through the radiation of the Second Ray of Enlightenment. 

If you recall, one of the negative responses to a First Ray momentum that may be called forth from your lower vehicles is that of rebellion. As you worked to establish Divine Obedience in your lower vehicles, you observed this, and began to take more responsibility for mastery in this respect. This shall, of course, continue, for, as a chela, you must become completely aware of both your responses and your responsibilities. 

Later you learned that your personal tests are now more subtle and often more difficult to understand. The reason for this is that you have mastered many of the larger and more obvious situations presented to you. Now, in transmuting the less obvious problems that are set before you, you meet many finer points of understanding that still go unnoticed by those who are at a different place on the Spiritual Path. As you continue to work with this refining practice, you can become adept much more quickly. 

You have learned to watch your emotions carefully over time, steadily releasing and transmuting various fears. Now you will begin to experience the true Spiritual Freedom that exists within the Seventh Realm of the Sacred Violet Fire, especially as you prepare to enter the Temple of Mercy and Compassion to work with beloved Kwan Yin. 

Even as you must always keep the Violet Fire blazing around you, I also remind you to intensify your Mantle of Light, for this is an activity that will help you to become ONE with your I AM Presence in every way. The Mantle of Light, in conjunction with the sacred Violet Fire, ultimately forms your 'Pathway of Light' home to the Heart of your Presence. I will speak more about the Mantle of Light as you begin to assist many others to become conscious of how they can begin to move forward into the Light of their own Divine Presence. 


* * *


Clear Channel 

When you apply the knowledge of the gift of the Violet Fire so lovingly held within the Divine mind and heart it greatly assists Divine will in restoring harmony and beauty to all life. I remind you that a myriad of blessings are hidden behind the veils of maya, visible to those who are able to open and maintain a clear channel of Love and Light with the One Universal Consciousness. 

It is your absolute faith in the power of this Light that will reveal to you many of these 'hidden' treasures, as you accept and continue to decree that God is in control at all times. This natural and conscious connection with the Divine will be unbroken forever, as you come to realize there is a positive and construc­tive outcome in every life experience. 

I AM, however, deeply aware that this is often not an easy task to accom­plish. Through the strength and wisdom of God you must hold to divine principles and look for the further understanding contained within any experience. Continue to decline to accept outer appearances. You must ask yourself 'What can I learn from this situation?' as you look as deep as necessary, accepting only the answer that brings forth the perfection which already exists. 

When this happens and you are finally able to see the truth with love, you are then able to channel the Divine qualities which need to flow through you into that life situation. It may not be easy at first, but gradually, as you begin to see and accept only perfection, this activity becomes an integral part of your being and things begin to change all around you. 

This month contemplate these words and receive further enlightenment upon this subject, as you intensify your work with the sacred violet flame. Command this mighty power of love through everything around you, further purifying your surroundings. Take every opportunity to offer this gift to others and over time observe the changes that have occurred. I guarantee you will be at peace! 





Know thyself and Divine Understanding shall illumine your consciousness and

 grant you peace! 

Know thyself and Divine Love shall offer you limitless blessings and allow you to abide eternally in the land of timeless sunrise! 

Know thyself and all shadows shall be exposed to the full Light of the







Let us take some time for remembrance to recognize and accept the good that has come into your lives and also the good you have accomplished while you have been embodied upon this Earth. While you receive this message today, begin to breathe deeply drawing forth and then directing the sacred and holy breath of life through your four lower vehicles. Command your emotional, mental, etheric and physical body to be still! You are now at perfect peace! 

As the way to Christ Consciousness is becoming clearer to you during this moment in time of divine love, recall the periods in your life when you stood at a crossroads, perhaps with a difficult decision to make concerning the future. Think of the people who surrounded you, offering their support as you realized what you must do. Picture them perfectly in your mind and now offer them your appreciation, representing your love for them. 

Turn your attention now to the people, who, it seemed to you, chose not to give their support to your endeavors. In fact it seemed to you that they at­tempted to make your choice much more difficult. Picture them perfectly in your mind and now offer them your appreciation, once again representing your love for them. If this task is difficult for you, immediately call upon the Violet Fire and consciously blaze it through your lower vehicles transmuting any unconstructive thoughts, ideas, and feelings you still harbor and allow yourself to forgive them right now for their actions and deeds of the past. Take the Violet Fire deep within, this time to transmute and purify any memory of difficulty between these indivi­duals and yourself from the present or past embodiments. For those who have assisted you over eons of time, offer them your gratitude and joy for the opportu­nity to be together once again. 

As you do this, feel the quality of freedom well up from deep within your being as you are now free from all memories of the past which you have carried around with you for so long. Seek out, either at inner or outer levels, those with whom you have worked with before and thank them for their presence in your life as you now look forward to furthering your relationship and accomplishing great things here on planet Earth. 

Beloved ones, as the joy of service and the love of self and others now fills your beings, go forth ever expanding the Light of the One Universal Consciousness.




Feel the gentle ebb… and flow of the holy breath…

 Breathing in and breathing out… all life breathes!

All life breathes in harmony with the great

Divine Universal Presence… for all life is one!

Be aware of your breath always for awareness of the breath unites

all things until the oneness of all life becomes a living reality!




Healing Gratitude 

Among the chelas, gratitude is often thought to be an attribute of the Third Ray, an aspect of Divine Love and Joy. In fact, gratitude is a quality of the Second Realm, for it emerges from the true understanding of the nature of existence and experience. 

As you are enlightened as to the depth of illusion, and the nature and activities of the lower bodies, you begin to regard every experience as an opportunity to grow into your Divine nature. Thus, the gifts of the First Ray are brought to fruition through the Second Ray. Here, the total reality of Unity, Faith, Order and Power is recognized and understood, precipitating an intense humility in the ever expanding consciousness. Then, gratitude becomes the natural activity of your elevated vibration, paving the way for the full expres­sion of Divine Love and Joy. 

Among the unawakened masses, gratitude is usually considered to be an effect - that is, "something nice happens to me, and then I feel grateful." As with all misunder­standing of energy, this belief puts the lifestream at the seeming mercy of outer conditions. In Truth, gratitude has great power to bring manifestation into alignment with Divine Will, if it is drawn into the realm of cause or creative action. 

Let us explore exactly what is meant when you say, "I AM grateful!" for Gratitude is often mistaken for mere sentiment, when in fact it is an instrument of at-one-ment. 

Since gratitude is a natural effect of the Flame of Illumination, the path to gratitude begins when the chela calls forth the activity of the Second Ray into the lower bodies, attuning them to the vibration of perfect Wisdom. As enlightenment flourishes within your consciousness, you begin to understand the Divine nature of all experience and the Unity of all life and existence. Then, as you look through the immaculate Vision of your Inner Christ, you begin to see the world as it is: healed, peaceful, loving and forgiven. When you can state of your life experience, "I AM grateful!" -  your Vision precipitates the reality! 

Beloved ones, this is how your perfection reveals itself: healed, peaceful, loving and forgiven! This is not sentiment, but Truth! I AM grateful for you! Share this gift of understanding now - within yourself, and with all sentient beings. 




Life energy is always vibrating in response to the thoughts and feelings of the consciousness of the individual who has taken responsibility for becoming a magnetizing and radiating center and dispenser of Divine power.



* * *


October 2010