Gift of LIGHT

Love, Illumination, Gratitude, Humility, Transformation

December 2011  

* * *

Assimilation and  Expansion

of the Electronic Pattern,


Through mindful impetus I AM harnessing the true Essence of the Flame thus increasing its strength as this Energy flows forth in immeasurable streams of cosmic abundance to all sentient life upon this planet.


 Breathing Statement *for the Assimilation and  Expansion

of the Electronic Pattern


(Breathe in)                    I AM inbreathing

(Hold breath in)              I AM absorbing

(Breathe out)                  I AM expanding

(Hold breath out)            I AM projecting

...intensifying benevolent Universal gifts which are rendered to all life! (3x)


* The breathing statement should be given four times for each full breath. On the inbreath, breath in the qualities contained within the Flame. As you hold your breath in, absorb the qualities deep within every part of your being. As you breathe out, expand and increase the power and momentum of the divine qualities you are calling forth through the power of the Holy Breath. As you hold your breath out of your body, project these magnificent God Qualities forth to all life. Repeat this exercise a minimum of three full breaths.

* * * 

Unified Service

The time comes in the evolution of the soul when the lifestream makes the mental, emotional and spiritual resolution to live fully for the Will, Work and Way of the One Universal Consciousness and to plunge their entire being into this spiritual effort and approach. 

Such a one ceases to live then by the old code of self-preservation and their individual lifestream flows into and becomes ONE with the great river of the Spiritual Interconnectedness and Cohesion. 

It is truly gratifying that so many chelas have come to this point in their evolution and have passed through that experience and have willingly and self­lessly entered into the service of the Spiritual Essence to the very best of their individual capacity... and for them shall be fulfilled the words of the Promise... because in losing the personal thread of a separate existence, they shall find the exquisite reward of Eternal and Cosmic Unity with the Divine with whom they have lovingly reconnected and assimilated with. 

This is a subtle test that many worthy people find themselves unable to pass, but you can rest in the conscious realization that having ceased to be, except in unified service, you are becoming those whom have truly fulfilled their divine destiny.



 Form of Consciousness 

Human beings identify one another in their minds and their feelings with the particular physical body that their friends or associates are wearing at the moment. Upon short study you will find that this vehicle is representative to you and others for the most part of what is the consciousness of your family and your associates. Yet this is entirely incorrect, and limits your ability to perceive and be of service to each other. 

Consciousness is not and cannot be bound by form... consider a letter written and transported through the mail carries the essence of a friend's thought and feeling, and the substance of that friend's consciousness has nothing to do with the body of the sender. 

A sensitive lifestream, before even opening a letter can feel the radiation of the consciousness, although the sender is thousands of miles away, in the three dimensional aspect of Earthly space. A writer, a musician, an artist, conveys their consciousness to thousands of people, enriching their lives although they may never see, know, or have contact with the bodily form, and the consciousness of such a one endures long after the flesh form has passed into decay or dissolution. 

We can therefore see upon a little study that our friends and loved ones must be dealt with in terms of consciousness, not form. When we realize this we can see more readily that the Ascended Masters and all Cosmic Beings likewise can best be reached by thinking of them as Focuses of thought, feeling and radiation, whose forms are an illusion. We can then tune in to their Consciousness in our home, on the street, in the stores, wherever we choose to make the contact, and know that their ‘bodily’ Presence does not in any way increase the pressure of their radiation or assistance. 

People, almost without question will accept a healing from a Master if they believe a bodily Presence is there, but the consciousness of the Master, and not the form, does the healing. If the chela could contemplate and accept this fact they could easily access the consciousness of any great Being of Light at any instant, and not only know full healing, but that consciousness connected with them would heal and free any life that seemed temporarily in distress. 

Will you, who have been bound to form, and to objects, try to understand and feel the import in recognizing consciousness as the reality, and form as the cup - just as water is the essence of refreshment, and the cup but the instrument to hold it for convenience. 

 * * * 

Expanding Energy 

This has been repeated on numerous occasions, but it cannot be stressed too strongly the fact that energy... primal substance... the Essence of the Flame, itself, intensifies in strength through conscious use. 

This Energy flows in countless streams of Cosmic Abundance through the lifestreams of all humanity but has not always, except on occasion, been converted or harnessed to a Good Cause. Therefore, this momentum of Power that stands ever ready awaiting the direction of the individual to rush forward in service according to its particular divine quality has often been neglected or ignored.

There are chelas who have chosen to contribute some special service to life and through this dedication the human race or the nature kingdom has been enriched and loosened from the bonds of materiality. And then through this service a growing power is attained and a momentum is built by giving a certain amount of energy each day qualified with an activity by which life could be blessed and which, by con­stant and devout observance, would form the beginning of a service that even in Cosmic Realms would endure. 

Be assured that when one keeps the Radiation filling their sacred circle... qualified with Healing Mercy, Happiness, Purity of any Divine Virtue, they are tangibly and permanently affecting the environment and feelings of those they contact. 

This is the type of service that has been practiced in the past extensively in Eastern countries... it has not been as popular until recently in the West. But the circle of qualified moving energy that surrounds and moves with the chela becomes an eternal part of their nature and being, and can in times of emergency and crisis, be ampli­fied by the Divine a thousand-fold. 

You have all seen, or at least can visualize, how a small flame thrown into a vast storage of combustible material becomes a thousand-fold in expression. Thus any momentum the chela chooses to build by adding their Light to a specific Divine Virtue can become an expanding Universal Gift to all sentient life which you may wish to render back to Life for the benevolence of its Gifts.


Like fruit on the vine,

the more we rest in the Light,

the sweeter we grow...


* * *

Eternal Light 

At this point in time it is imperative to reevaluate and review the true meaning of your earthly undertaking, and the sincere meaning of the Holy Spirit. You are cognizant of the dawning of the coming new era of your increasing collaboration with Divinity, and I emphasize this now as I say that the 'sunrise' is almost here! 

It is time that you make the effort to clear out your mental body of the misconceptions, the human thinking that has cluttered up your mind for so many lifetimes. You hang on to what you 'think you know', treasuring things of the past. If it is in the past then it is only illusion. Authenticity is Truth and only Truth is enduring... is of the NOW! If you feel yourself looking back, then catch yourself for this is a human activity. What is past is history… only the stepping stones of life that brought you to this point in your development! Where you are now is also a stepping stone, and a narrow one at that. Make sure that you have a firm footing before moving on to the next one... so look to where you are now. 

Make a resolute effort to clean out your consciousness, because there is much in there that does not need to be stored. You have a dual memory system, one that is available to you for immediate access and one that is not. You have a memory that stores the learning of this life for instant recall, and you have your etheric body which stores the total of all your learn­ing experiences back to the day you were brought forth from the very Heart of the Divine.  

So many of you choose to live in the past and, although you do not realize it, this has been a main stumbling block to your Spiritual growth. You hang on to pictures and souvenirs of past experiences that have the effect of rending your attention away from the present - the Now! The Now is all there is… anything else is illusion! The past is history, and only exists in your attention to these memories and the future hasn't happened yet... so where is reality? Reality is the Here and Now! This is what you must realize, for this is what you need to fully focus on. This is why you are here. This is why you have a body, through which you may learn to experience your Divine Potential. To focus your attention on either the past or the future only delays your experiencing, the Present, the Now… another opportunity to move forward in the Light.  

This is why I say for you to 'clear out this clutter' - your dusty mental accumulations that have little value in the now. The release of innovative instructions on moving forward to a Higher Plane of Existence... new understandings of enduring Divine Truths have now become available for all. Now, you need to focus all of your consideration and dedicated awareness to grasping the true understanding of what is being conveyed to you. 

Return your consciousness to contemplate and envision that every day, every moment in the Now is to be considered Sacred and Holy! It can be, if you are living according to the Divine Laws of the Universe. So with all of the knowledge and understanding that you are acquiring it is necessary that you be more dedicated and consecrated to manifesting Divine Perfection in all that you think, do, or say. How many times have you silently said to yourself... "Tomorrow, I'll start afresh! Tomorrow I'll turn over a new leaf. Tomorrow I will wipe the slate clean and start again!" Don't you know that 'tomorrow never comes? 

There is only the Now, and I want you to grasp this point completely! To admit anything else exists apart from the Now is fantasy, and you are just misleading yourself. So remove from your consciousness completely… Here and Now… that tomorrow is real. It only will be when it is the Now, and then it won't be tomorrow anymore!  

This is your mission... to come as human, and when ready to be the Christ... this Christ that is a Divine Gift to help all regain their conscious understanding of their Divine essence and a more secure appreciation that we are all upon the Path that leads home. As is the case today, humanity still looks without and sees but the outer shell of illusion that is all around them. They ignore the Inner Presence and thus fail to fully recognize the Inner Presence within the Heart of all those we come in contact with.  


Let the Light from the Universal I AM Presence come into your beings today, just as Jesus’ disciples received the Holy Spirit in an era long since passed. This Holy Spirit is all that you need for your life. It contains within it the attributes of all the Seven Rays and it is through this Life and Light that you will be wholly within the Spirit, and ONE with the Divine One Consciousness I AM that I AM! 

The Beloved Cosmic Holy Spirit serves to assist in the channeling this Light to the Earth and other Planets and sees to it that each  Divine attribute is channeled to humanity to assist in their ongoing spiritual development. 

I AM the Christ, and this Christ is the true Sun of God, imparted to you to assist in reawakening your innate Divine essence! 

I AM the Vine and the One Universal I AM Consciousness… the Holy Spirit that beats within your hearts is the Light that flows continuously in, through and around your Heart from the One Universal Consciousness of all Life. It is essential that you comprehend your true potential now and ripen on the vine. Meditate on this, and accept the Truth of what is imparted to you.  

* * *  

Creating a Sacred Circle 

It would be the better part of wisdom for you to draw a circle around your being or your physical form with your inner sight and create a sacred space in which your human form is the central point. This will give you an image of how much of the atmosphere around you is subject to the charge which can be drawn forth from your I AM PRESENCE. 

Once this circle or sphere has been established, consciously reach up into your Causal Body, and in a series of powerful charges build into that sacred circle the substance of your Divinity. The power of visualization, coupled with the feeling of the Light, can create around you in a very brief time, an invulnerable and invincible armor into which discord or disturbed vibratory action cannot enter. Then, within your flaming heart, your own soul light can unfold in the profound peace of that inner sphere. This is the individualized energy circle of your Divinity. 

When this has been established, you will feel a disconnection with the opinions of the outer selves of other humans, and you will feel a peace that is akin to that happy release when one is out - away from their daily routine, and the breeze and sunlight and the sweet Earth unfold the natural harmony of the spirit. This makes your progress and spiritual unfoldment a thousand fold easier to accomplish, because you do not have to battle the vibratory action of the outer world as well as your own inner emotions.  

After you have recognized your direct contact and relationship with the One Universal Consciousness then you can tie your sacred circle to any great Higher Being of Light, and this radiation through your circle will fill your world with phenomenal experiences in the Light. Thus the splendor and radiation of the Causal Body release can be expressed within your established and maintained sacred circle. 


 Pruning bears more fruit,

                    Contrast expands consciousness,

                                    Change is what drives growth...






Supplemental Service