Gift of LIGHT

Love, Illumination, Gratitude, Humility, Transformation

July 2011

* * *

Assimilation and  Expansion

of the Electronic Pattern,



As a perfectly balanced Pyramid of Crystalline White Light... we continue our Ascent into the One Universal Consciousness of all life… I AM that I AM!


 Breathing Statement *for the Assimilation and  Expansion

of the Electronic Pattern


(Breathe in)                    I AM inbreathing

(Hold breath in)              I AM absorbing

(Breathe out)                  I AM expanding

(Hold breath out)            I AM projecting  

...the Holy Silence, the Golden Stillness within the Love, Wisdom and Power of Divinity! (3x)

* The breathing statement should be given four times for each full breath. On the inbreath, breath in the qualities contained within the Flame. As you hold your breath in, absorb the qualities deep within every part of your being. As you breathe out, expand and increase the power and momentum of the divine qualities you are calling forth through the power of the Holy Breath. As you hold your breath out of your body, project these magnificent God Qualities forth to all life. Repeat this exercise a minimum of three full breaths.


* * * 


May the Light of love and devotion shine brightly in your hearts.

May the Light of understanding shine in your minds.

May the Light of harmony glow in your home.

May the Light of service shine forth ceaselessly from  your hands.

May the Light of peace emanate from your being.

May your presence Light the lamps of Love and Peace wherever you go.

~ A Diwali blessing 


* * * 

 Group Avatar 

I bring to you the Power within the Silence so you can know and feel that the only real Power, real Leadership, real Authority of representing God is in this inner stillness; blazing from the Christ itself, officiating at the Altar of your Heart. There I AM as well, always, with this feeling of Love, which will transform this planet through the embodied 'cells' of the chelas. 

To embody this Holy Silence, this Golden Stillness, there is only one arena of action that should concern any of you and that is the initiations for the governing of the self... to be able to rest within the Divine Love, Wisdom and Power and act from that point of Universal Consciousness. You the chela must let go (actually let go instead of wishing you could let go) of all outer battles, any desire to change anything outside yourself, until you have completely conquered self.  

Then and then only will your influence on the world around you be according to the Divine Will and Power and not of the little self. Thus, until you conquer self, you potentially remain part of the problem instead of part of the solution, where the little self continues to try and assert its will through its own self-generated sense of power, eventually depleting you. 

Free yourselves first and then help the Ascended Ones free this planet. I bring to you today the Cosmic Stillness the Ascended Ones dwell within, while serving this planet through their activities and projects. Feel every aspect of your Being become so still that nothing moves, everything is in complete Balance, as if stilled by the Supreme Balance in the Divine Love Nature... the outgoing centrifugal Force expanding the Gifts of Light, balanced by the cohesive Force holding all within the Loving arms of Love Supreme. 

This is the One Universal Consciousness... crystal, breathtaking stillness, the Golden Silence of Divinity. 

Dwell here to master the self! So in the days to come you may have a refuge to refill or recharge yourself at the Holy Fount, finding everything (every quality, every assistance, every guidance) necessary for complete victory, personally and planetary. 

This can create an Aura so delightful that all 'entertainment’ of the five outer senses dims in comparison and your need for outer information, outer entertainment, outer confirmation, outer anything, drops away and all is supplied through the Oneness with this great Silence. Be aware dear ones, that I AM inviting you to dwell within the Divine, the Ascended and Perfect Beings, but to do so you must first gain entrance into the Eternal Silence through stilling the outer self in the Love and Light of the One Universal I AM Consciousness. 

There is only one path to Illumination and that is the mastering of self. There is only one path to true Love and that is the understanding of self. There is only one path to Peace, Divine Order, Health, Freedom, Supply, Victory and I AM Consciousness; the accepting of self. Let all other struggles cease so that all your resources are aimed at the loving of self. Become one-pointed in this effort, for the cosmic clock turns. 

To bring this Activity of Light to full fruition during this Earth's transition, we need chelas who have fully and completely conquered self. Meet each experience with a singular purpose of mastering self. When accomplished through enough 'cells in collective attunement' (the Group Avatar), the Higher Beings of Light then meet every other earthly experience through you. 

Let us review basic Law. The Light (the Message... the Eternal Law of Life) is the real Avatar and its Reality must be (shall be) manifest through a group of Christed souls in this New Age. 

Whatever the avenue of anchorage, it is always the Law, the Truth, the Light that is eternal, the message of Supreme Love, which stands alone as the Avatar.  

The Reality of I AM Consciousness is the Avatar and you are its vehicle. You can see why, dear ones, I AM so adamant that the chelas concentrate on the mastering of self in service to this planet. Then you can say; "I of myself am nothing; it is the Light within that does the works". 

The Ascended Ones have always promised you that when you obtain the state of Divine Consciousness through the purification of self, Love, Wisdom and Power would flood through your Being to fully establish the glories of a New Age of Spiritual Freedom.  

With the increasing Power of the Seventh Ray gifts of Forgiveness, Transmutation and Purification descending into the lower atmosphere of Earth from the Amida Buddha, the mastering of self is evermore available to earnest and devout chelas. I pray that you take advantage of these Energies so that we all might be about the business of establishing the Light, the real Avatar, the Reality of I AM Consciousness, on the planet Earth. 

Remain poised in the Balance of the Middle Way while simultaneously surrendering every aspect of your Being to Divine Will... So be it… I AM that I AM! 



How can you get very far,

If you don't know who you are?

How can you do what you ought,

If you don't know what you've got? 

~ "Winnie the Pooh"


* * *


Spiritual Pyramid  

Let us celebrate the accomplishment of the Ascent of the chelas into the Realms of Light, represented by an Ascending Pyramid; a powerful symbol cherished by the Ascension Flame. The pyramid has always been symbolic of the journey of the developing consciousness. What we shall consider today is 'consciousness'. But we shall use the image of the pharaohs to provide as much appreciation as possible of the efforts in building your permanent I AM vehicle; a vehicle unifying all of your diverse aspects into complete Oneness; preparing you for your spiritual journey into eternity. 

You are gradually developing into spiritual leaders of humanity. Your expanding Compassion especially accelerating over time, thrusts you toward greater service in the coming days. It is equally important, therefore, to capture this expanding energy in the advancement of your own individual development, so as to remain perfectly balanced between impersonal service to humanity and individual progress in the Light. 

I would like for you to envision your progress as a pharaoh, who in the prime of Golden Ages past, continually prepared for this Eternal Spiritual journey, while yet remaining in the world and serving the people they had come to minister to. The pharaohs were shepherds of that time. Like them, you too may look toward living eternally in your own Ascending Pyramid of Light, where you take with you on your journey only those perfected parts of yourself and leaving all else in the purifying Sacred Fires.  

Like the pharaohs, you have had to be strong and resourceful while in the world. This is necessary, for the Law states that you alone must climb the steps and find the secret passage into the divine chamber, with the only illumination, the only Light source, coming from within you. Like the pharaohs, many of you have fought your battles in the outer world and are ready to proceed into the secluded silence of your Pyramid of Light for your endless journey into other realms.  

To do so you must place yourself in the central chamber where everything you will ever require for your eternal spiritual journey has already been supplied and is awaiting you. During this time let us together (chelas, angels, devas and the Ascended ones) build the Pyramid of Ascending Consciousness. 

Your Pyramid of Light has four sides to its base, the four lower vehicles of your worldly experience (physical, etheric, mental and emotional). To gain the stability of a four square base, from which the sides shall ascend, each vehicle must be equal to the next, none demanding more energy than it's due, all equal and balanced. 

The larger each vehicle is in its ability to hold the Light, the longer each side of the base, the larger the square and therefore, the higher the capstone will ascend, for your pyramid always keeps its perfect dimensions. Your pyramid will have four triangular sides that ascend from the base to the capstone. 

These represent the four higher bodies or spiritual vehicles of humanity. They rest on the base and can only ascend as high as the vehicle upon which they rest allows. A small base only allows a small triangle; a long base (meaning a more purified lower vehicle) allows a larger triangle whose peak ascends into the Higher Realms.  

Yet, all the four sides must be in equal dimensions for you to have a pyramid. Therefore once again, you must attend to the development of your four lower bodies in such a way as to bring them into equal development, equal dimensions. With this accomplished and the four sides fitting equally in place, the entire pyramid ascends to a single point of Light, unifying with all other points of Light in the Universal I AM, in the great Sea of Oneness, the Infinite Ocean of Divinity into which all life is continually Ascending. 

In your own experience at any given time, your outer attention may be at any one of the points of the pyramid and you assume that identity temporarily. For the bulk of humankind, this is in the base, concentrating on one or several of the lower vehicles, preoccupied with the troubles of the emotional, mental or physical body. For the advancing chelas, it is often in one of the sides of the pyramid; therefore living within the Holy Christ Self, the Causal Body, the I AM Presence.  

Yet what you are asked to grasp is that you, the Authentic you, is the entire Pyramid; its four square base, each of the equal sides and the capstone Point of Light. If you can feel yourself as not any singular or separate parts, but all of it, all the time, then you will have found the central divine chamber and you will be ready for your eternal spiritual journey into Infinity.  

If you can assume a unified identity of all the various aspects in the Authentic you, then you will also find each of the various parts working perfectly with no resistance or preoccupation of any one, yet freely using any or all of them in service to the Light. This is the Way of the Ascended Ones, of the Bodhisattva. 

Now I ask you to sharpen your visualization and feeling powers so you may actively participate in the co-creation of your Pyramid of Light, the Authentic you; just as the pharaohs oversaw the building of the pyramid. First the base must be squared and for this we have special Purification and Acceleration Flame techniques specifically designed for any of the four lower bodies that need further development, equalizing or balancing. Your experiences will reveal to you the need.  

Listen and look. Then, upon the four square base, you must draw in the four equal sides and for this there has been generated special Meditation practices where once the base has been squared (lower vehicles purified and balanced), you will be supported in drawing into your awareness the Holy Christ Self, the Causal Body, the I AM Presence and the Sacred White Fire Being, knowing, feeling and becoming each of these as you invoke them into place in your Eternal Vehicle of Light, the Authentic you.  

The apex of the four Divine Vehicles is your point of union with Infinity, the formless Eternity of the Divine. All of this is the process of the Ascension and the Ascension Flame shall be charged through every aspect of this work. Together we shall become architects of the Eternal Vehicle of Divine Consciousness. 

The most important thing a pharaoh accomplished while even yet governing the outer world was to oversee the completion of the pyramid for their journey into Eternity. This is symbolic of every seeker who, while yet governing their outer world, must oversee the development of a consciousness that will see them safely from this dimension into the next... eternally. This is a crucial step in your embodiment. Each of you has the opportunity to complete this in your current embodiment, and so you see the importance of this activity. 

The enlightened ones understand this better than your outer mind could ever hope to. They will support, guide and assist you in forming the perfect pyramid for your eternal journey, helping you meld the various aspects of yourself (mortal and Divine) into a glorious whole. With the Ascension Flame blazing, an Aura of Light is created around you, illuminating your search for the divine chamber where you will forever dwell in the Oneness of your complete Ascended essence. 

As you practice the Assimilation and Expansion of this activity and of the flame itself, especially through the Breathing Exercises, visualize yourself in the center of your large Pyramid of Light. Beneath you are your perfectly proportioned base of worldly experience. You feel stable on this base, remaining safely balanced in the world. Around you are the four vehicles of Divine expression and you come to know your full expression of Divinity.  

Above you are the point of Unity of your Ascending Light with all Light... everywhere... the Great Universal I AM. Then you know your Immortality. Continue to dwell in this chamber of Light, a Divine Consciousness created with the actual flaming substance of your own Permanent Atom, your own Three-fold Flame, with all the spiritual gifts imaginable at your feet, preparing you for the journey. 

In your hands are the Rod and Scepter of Power, bestowed by the Divine to one who has assumed their full identity in the Light, who has conquered their outer world, like unto a spiritual pharaoh. Thus you become prepared for the fullness of the Light of the Authentic you while yet having vehicles of expression for service to all humanity and to the planet. 

Again, all I have described is the Consciousness of the Ascension into the One Universal I AM Consciousness, knowing and using the various vehicles of expression, but living in the permanent identity of the Unity of all in a glorious Whole. Practice knowing, accepting and BEING this Electronic Pattern in your visualizations, your Breathing Exercises, your Affirmations and in the Silence of your Heart. 

Dwell in the divine chamber of the One Universal Consciousness and feel your own life ascending in a great blaze of Light around you, meeting with Infinity in the Diamond capstone of your own Being. 


* * * 

Like a trapeze artist,

can you learn to trust the net below,

and love the space between...?

~ Paul Darwish



* * *



August 2011