Gift of LIGHT

Love, Illumination, Gratitude, Humility, Transformation

March 2011

* * *

Assimilation and  Expansion

of the Electronic Pattern,


Within the great silence I Am balancing my emotional and feeling vehicle thus opening a portal for the Power of the Seventh Ray to descend directly onto Earth, through my purified and refined feeling nature.



Breathing Statement *for the Assimilation and  Expansion

of the Electronic Pattern


(Breathe in)                    I AM inbreathing

(Hold breath in)              I AM absorbing

(Breathe out)                  I AM expanding

(Hold breath out)            I AM projecting

...the Compassionate Serenity of the One Cosmic Light! (3x) 

* The breathing statement should be given four times for each full breath. On the inbreath, breath in the qualities contained within the Flame. As you hold your breath in, absorb the qualities deep within every part of your being. As you breathe out, expand and increase the power and momentum of the divine qualities you are calling forth through the power of the Holy Breath. As you hold your breath out of your body, project these magnificent God Qualities forth to all life. Repeat this exercise a minimum of three full breaths.

* * *

Great Compassion 

Often an opportunity is offered as a part of a contemporary Cosmic Moment of the planet. It may surprise the chela, but by the normal course of events, the great Gift of a new Age is slowly introduced and not readily available to all of humanity until two to three hundred years into an Age. At the dawning of the past Age, a great Force was introduced through the Master Jesus, living out the fullness of Divine Consciousness through a purified feeling nature. This created the Divine opportunity for the Spiritual Hierarchy working to effect the Miracles and reveal a great Divine Force of Freedom. However, the limited consciousness of humanity at the time restricted the accessibility of that Divine Force for many.  

Now the Cosmic Law has allowed humanity to again capitalize directly on a Divine Power, the full potency of the Seventh Ray Dispensation, equally available to each and every one of humankind, right now! But the chelas must understand that the Feminine Ray (in general) and the Seventh Ray (specifically) are both opening up on this planet at the same time and the two Forces must be combined in the feeling nature to capture the full Divine Opportunity humanity has now in setting things right and doing it swiftly! All of the prophesy that have ever foreseen great constructive changes on this planet and the establishment of Spiritual Freedom, have presumed that humanity would capitalize on the present Cosmic Moment now before you.  

Higher Beings of Light who oversee the planet know that humanity must understand their feelings and learn to moderate them. So far this has not occurred because of the way the feeling world has been perceived during the past Dispensation. It was perceived as "too powerful, too painful and something to avoid rather than master". This avoidance has been the root of much of humanity's chaotic behavior. But now, the Feminine Ray will reveal that the feeling nature can be mastered within the Power of the Violet Fire and that even in the face of great pain within the feelings, the process of delivering the feeling nature into the control of the Divine Will can be accomplished! Women have always proven this in the birth of a new soul; that you can remain centered and calm even in the face of great stress.   

The Eternal Divine Mother has assisted women (and the feminine nature of humanity in general) in revealing that by remaining centered in a Divine Purpose, in the face of relentless pressure and pain, one can tolerate the pressure and master the situation, allowing for the birth of a miracle. Now all the chelas must be centered in such Divine Purpose and with the assistance of the Divine Feminine, prove that the relentless pressure and pain found within the human feeling nature can be mastered through patient, rhythmic, powerful application of the Violet Fire, eventually delivering the feeling nature into the hands of the Divine Presence. Now the original sacrifice is reversed and humanity must deliver their feeling body back through the Body of Light...  back to the One Universal Consciousness. The key is to remain always in your true identity as a Being of Light, knowing that the emotional vehicle is the servant, not the master.

Let me stress again, the time has now come to deliver the feeling nature of humanity into the Divine Will of the One Universal Presence, by the calm experience of even the most difficult feelings, while absorbed in the absolute Power of the Cosmic Violet Fire now available to this planet. The chelas must utilize every feeling experience as the 'labor pains' which, in time, gives birth to a pristine emotional body, delivering it into the Divine Presence.  

You are prepared to acquire the Power and Mastery within the feminine feeling nature of the Seventh Ray. You shall be assisted in sustaining in your mind's eye the serene Face of the Divine Principle, remaining calm and masterful in the face of all arising feelings, until the outer consciousness is convinced that the power of the Flame within is greater than the pain and pressure in the feelings from without. Then the chela passes an important initiation, returning the Power of Life to the Flame I AM within and away from the great usurper, the human ego centered in the lower vehicles, which has tried to govern the affairs of this planet and its occupants for far too long.  

It may be important for you to understand that the great Mother Principle, through the Christ Self of each, knows well the deepest feelings of pain and distress of humanity. Her Serenity is such that she instantly masters the difficult and not vice versa. You are to become like your Divine Mother. From your call comes the answer and according to your acceptance, you could soon know Mastery in the emotional vehicle.  

Please note that this process is not done through will power alone, but with the Cosmic Assistance of the Violet Fire and all who serve the Seventh Ray Dispensation. It is an Inner Mastery accomplished in the silence through Invocation and Transmutation. Chelas who conquer the pain and pressure of difficult experiences do so by the skillful direction of all their powers and concentration inward, rather than 'flailing about outwardly', dissipating the energy and prolonging the pain of the experience. You too prolong the delivery of your emotional body back to the Divine Presence if you 'flail about' because of the pain and pressure in the feelings. So the Servers of the Cosmic Mother, come to assist you in your delivery of a mastered emotional body. We shall wipe your brow, moisten your lips and still the mind from racing, giving you every support you require in your efforts at mastery until the emotional vehicle is a pure Ovoid of Violet Fire. Then, upon your face will shine the Serenity of the Cosmic One. This is the Light seen in the face of all Beings of Light. It is an initiation every chela must proceed through in the process of the Ascension.   

The deliverance of the emotional body back to the Divine Presence has two important functions. First, it proves to humanity that feelings can in fact be mastered; and second, it opens a door for the Power of the Seventh Ray to descend directly onto Earth, through a purified feeling nature. This is the feminine activity of the Seventh Ray: Transmutation, Mercy and Compassion... a Cosmic Force that will undoubtedly set the planet free when it finds entrance through a mastered, calm, serene, impersonal feeling nature in humanity. There is hope to dramatically forward this mastery in every chela until there is a world-wide network of a reliable feeling world for our use in the anchorage of the Cosmic Light Rays onto the planet. Please dear chelas accept this opportunity, for which you have waited so long.   

The Age of Divine Justice and Mercy for this planet is the 'Age of Violet Fire'. This will fulfill every divine prophesy established on Earth, or more accurately, Earth Ascending into the higher vibration of Spiritual Freedom. The Spirit of Liberty wishes to create in your feeling world the same beacon of Liberty that she has represented on the physical plane. Now each chela shall become a 'Beacon of Liberty, Freedom and Justice' on the Spiritual plane, for oppressed people everywhere who desire the next frontier of Freedom... no longer a new physical place to go, but rather a spiritual frontier of Divine Consciousness.  

The Karmic Law is still accelerating the return of karma to its source on the physical plane of human existence. This makes it all the more important that the chelas model the calm, serene nature of the Violet Fire in their feeling world, instantly recognizing 'karma', remaining detached and impersonal from it, while enjoying the rush of Cosmic Power through you as you invoke the Violet Fire to love it Free. At the same time, you are delivering your feeling nature back to the Divine Presence, in the process of the everlasting Ascension in the Light.  

 In your meditations, sit before the serene Presence of the great Mother Principle. Feel the power, security and assuredness in her Holy Presence. Feel her Violet Radiation drawing forth in you the feminine feeling nature of the Seventh Ray which you had already established in the Seventh Sphere before embodiment. It is yours to reclaim now. Through this experience it shall blaze the Sacred Energies to establish a feeling nature in you that will allow the Cosmic Violet Fire direct access into the world of humanity.   

Give all Higher Beings of Light an opportunity to direct their Cosmic Light Rays through a purified feeling nature. Mastery through a purified and perfected feeling nature is your opportunity at this time and place. Grasp it. Be One with all in the conduction of Cosmic Rays of Mercy, Justice, Liberty and Freedom from the great Divine Principle, directly into the lives of humanity.  

All eyes in the Higher realms are upon you in Hope and in deep Reverence for your lifestream and the Opportunity you represent to the Spiritual Hierarchy and to the planet Earth. 

 * * * 


Loving Gratitude 

Always remember to fill yourself with a great feeling of Gratitude... keep it in the forefront of your consciousness that I AM is all there is! If you issue an unconstructive statement it will manifest. Constantly express something that will benefit the other person and it will flow forth to benefit all of humanity and life.  

Let your auras show a beautiful radiation of pink... the pink Light of Pure Divine Love. Sustain it.... sustain it by loving all life, and you love all life when you love even one other person, because Light and Love continuously expand and expand. There's no limitation to Light! No limitation to Love! Remember that as you go about your daily tasks.  

Start the day in Gratitude. Thank the One Universal Consciousness of all life. Oh Supreme Source... sustain us! Assist us in following our Divine Plan! Your Light truly will expand and you have this opportunity if you stay in the loving radiation of Pure Divine Love. You may also have the added assistance of the Golden Ray. Think of the beautiful picture you present as all see the Golden Light flowing forth from you. You are loved dearly, and this love carries every quality that you require and aspire to. All you have to do if you want assistance is to call to any Being in the Cosmic Hierarchy, and say "I AM Grateful to be aiding in this Sacred Service to Life. Support me!" That call for assistance will be responded to immediately. You will get all the support you require, just by turning your attention to the Mighty I AM! …that Sacred tabernacle in your heart. "I AM so Grateful! I AM so Grateful! …that I have the privilege of being in embodiment at this hour."  

Love is the motivation of all. Love is Light. Love is God. Love is all there is, for I AM Love, and you are Beings of Love. Remember that! Keep your forcefield qualified with Love at all times. Think how wonderful it is to go forth with a Mantle of Pink Light. Know that the Angelic Host respond to love. Love is the key! Remember... Love all life, and you shall be free!  


Hagia Sophia 

I would like to tell you that the Symbol of the Hagia Sophia temple is a pulsating star of Light held within the radiance of a delicate crescent moon of Light. It has been pulsating in the ethers for centuries and centuries, and I want you each to feel that you are a Star of Light.  

Know that you are loved, and all are grateful for the manner in which you, each one, Love the Light, Serve the Light, and are the Light in Action, grateful indeed for your service.  

It is now your opportunity to take upon your shoulders the responsibility of serving the Earth. To continue the work which has been in progress, and assist in this service to Earth and to all life - for it truly is a privilege.  

Let us travel in consciousness along the Pathway of Light into the Focus of Hagia Sophia (Greek: Holy Wisdom). Feel and visualize this magnificent Temple in the Middle East with its beautiful minarets atop the towers. This Temple remains to this day as it was in the beginning, with the windows so situated that Living Light flows through them at all times, no matter which way you turn. As you approach the Temple entrance, you feel the tremendous radiation of Love and Light, and you feel so humble and blessed for the great privilege of entering this Holy and Sacred Place, where services of praise and love have constantly risen to the Source of All Life. As you stand before the Sacred Fire on the Altar, your stars are now forming a crown of Light around our beloved Mother Earth.  

Feel the blessings flow forth from our unity and see again the true Light of the Sun, as it flows through the magnificent windows. From the very beginning of time, this radiance has flowed through humankind, and all have felt this great love.  

If you love this flowing, living Light, you will be a blessing to all life through the radiance of your Being. Life is a magnificent privilege which you have been given. Love all life, and this dear Planet, free from all the shackles and from all scars which have been placed upon it.  

We all know and understand your deep desire to serve and know of your promise to help to bring in the Golden Age on Earth. I know we can rely on you to remain constant and true to the promise you made even before you came into embodiment.  

I ask you to allow the Holy Spirit to flood through you, over you, and around you, that you may absorb the gifts and blessings of the One Universal Consciousness of all life and thus send them forth to all sentient beings.  

* * *

The Bodhisattva

You know in the Buddhic tradition there are the shining celestial Bodhisattvas. The Bodhisattva is One who has come to the very door of Nirvana but has returned to Earth and its offspring to ensoul these embryonic Buddhas in Love Divine. Maitreya stands as One of these. It is the Light of the infinite Spirit of all Buddhahood that flows through this and all lifestreams and then into those who would become Buddhas. There is also a magnificent stream of Buddhic energies from the Eternal Spirit of all Buddhahood flowing through the great Amida Buddha. The Celestial Bodhisattva who embodies this great radiance to humankind as Maitreya does is the lovely Kwan Yin. Now you may see a certain balancing of the Buddhic energies reaching the Earth plane, like unto the melding of male and female, Yin and Yang.   

This allows for the unfolding of the mystery of the third Bodhisattva, One who has been described as: 'the one who has one thousand faces; the one who sees in all directions, but not the iniquity of humanity; whose Light rays fill the entire Universe of each and every one'. Does that not sound like a familiar description to you? For dear ones, it is the I AM Presence of each and every one of you that has come to the very door of Nirvana but turns and faces the rest of its evolving soul, waiting for all its aspects to blend in the unity of Christhood, then to become the Buddha and to step into the Eternal Light of Nirvana. Just as the Christ has always taught, that all could be and all would be the Christ, so I have endeavored to teach that all could be and all would one day become the Buddha, that it was available to all. And I know through the eyes of the great Amida Buddha you each appear like a Crystalline Buddha revolving the Light Rays of your own universe within your own Causal Body.  

As humanity evolves through Christ Consciousness and becomes the Christ we shall now fill these Cups with the heightened Buddhic Energies now available on the Earth plane until you appreciate yourselves as One within the eternal sublime embrace of the sole Universal Consciousness of all Life. We shall draw together within the Supreme Family of Buddhas, where all are with the Bodhisattvas and all turn again to enter the Pure Land of Infinite Light.  

Let this year be one of the Lightest years ever known. Let us blend in one Crystalline Consciousness a balancing of the great Forces of Energy in, through and around the planet Earth, for the greatest evolvement of humanity possible in this year. As this year unfolds, you too, in communion with your own Buddhahood will see great opportunities to ignite the Fires of Love, Wisdom and Power through your own evolving soul. Be alert, for the homeland is forever calling and the homeland is the Pure Land of Boundless Splendor and Infinite Light where the Supreme Eternal Infinite Buddhas await the return of each of their brothers and sisters into the Pure Land.  

Know we shall commune often as we have done this day in Christhood, in Buddhahood, in the Divine Heart and Mind of the One Universal Consciousness... and remember dear ones, I AM is so very, very grateful and joyful for each of you this glorious morning.




* * *



April 2011