Gift of LIGHT

Love, Illumination, Gratitude, Humility, Transformation

August 2012

* * *

Assimilation and  Expansion

of the Electronic Pattern,


I AM discovering and embracing the full freedom of letting go and floating within the life-force of the distinctive Divine Will.


 Breathing Statement *for the Assimilation and  Expansion

of the Electronic Pattern


(Breathe in)                    I AM inbreathing

(Hold breath in)              I AM absorbing

(Breathe out)                  I AM expanding

(Hold breath out)            I AM projecting

...I AM One ...I AM Divine Will! (3x)


* The breathing statement should be given four times for each full breath. On the inbreath, breath in the qualities contained within the Flame. As you hold your breath in, absorb the qualities deep within every part of your being. As you breathe out, expand and increase the power and momentum of the divine qualities you are calling forth through the power of the Holy Breath. As you hold your breath out of your body, project these magnificent God Qualities forth to all life. Repeat this exercise a minimum of three full breaths.  

* * *

Light of Truth 

Few people have accessible to them the true reality of the Light of Truth which you will individually receive. As an entity you can go forth and bring to Earth that for which humankind has long awaited…  

Who "AM I"? Feel for a moment, and know that "I AM" the Universal Oneness of all Life! Many there are who come here in reverence, but it is needful that dedicated lovers of the Light have come to protect the Sacredness and the Truth which does flow through to all who come within its compass.  

Think what that would mean to humanity! Oh, yes! All the Truth of the Ages the Truth which you are now beginning to explore and I wish you to be the forerunners of the greatest Age this planet shall ever know... I beg of you, revere all Life, and as you place your feet upon this Sacred Essence know, and within your very being, feel that you are giving strength, for we shall pour through each of you according to the feeling, the dedication within you, enough strength of the Light to protect the beauty of this Truth. 

There are no words that I can say… I do not care to use the word "Focus" or "Retreat" because to me these are human words spoken so lightly. Let us then say, this is a Holy Grail, a Cup of Truth, naturally in great proportions. Yet, it can be one Sacred Jewel. We will use the pure, the beautiful diamond, because it is a jewel which so many seek, so many wish to possess. Let us say that into your consciousness we are placing an essence of Light, a golden nugget of Light, and as you so revere this gem at all times you will feel its very essence motivating your being.  

Some have called it, in lesser proportion, the Christ, but you are far above that status. That era has passed and "I AM" quite confident that you will not inflate... the "human self"! You are the Divine Oneness… and as such we expect you to conduct yourselves in an appropriate manner, in happiness, in joy, and in everything that is uplifting, and in everything that is of beauty filled with the Holy Light and Love which is the Universe in its perfection. The heavens shall manifest on earth and we shall make this a garden of the Divine! Do you have any comprehension what that means? Any comprehension of the Sacred Duty, the Vow which you shall make or actually did make, before you came across the vastness! Space matters not. The important thing is you listened to the heart call, pleading with you I said, "Go!" "Go!" Come into the heart of True Wisdom where all abides through Truth. Oh, that word "Truth", so sacred, and which has been so misrepresented. 

I place this hour into your hands, a Sacred Scroll. Unroll it in your consciousness every day and see what is written thereon of what you can do at every important moment. And when I say, "important moment" ...Every instance of your journey for the rest of your sojourn on this tiny planet is Sacred! I do not mean you to go about in the manner of those cloistered, and I do not mean "cloistered" as far as a building is concerned, rather those who felt they had to wear an outer cloak to signify that they were, as has been said, ”A person of the cloth". You are all "of the cloth" and in this important age of the feminine activity, the womb of your consciousness contains much that has been placed there through the masculine activity upon this planet Earth.

Go forward and offer Truth on a higher level than is present now. When we speak of a "Ray" we mean a Ray of Light…  Light from the eternal Sun. And when there appears what seems to be a cloud on the horizon I AM speaking about your own physical experience… dispel it! Permit it not to enter your consciousness! I AM this day establishing a Sacred Order of potential... Do not hesitate, or cogitate upon the tremendous mission which you are about to perform. Be natural, be it in prayer, in outer service... be children of the New Age! Feel the radiation which I AM anchoring through each of you. 

Who AM I? Think. Think deeply, for I shall not release a name which would not be understandable to your present consciousness, but I AM all LIGHT, and you are part of me. Go forward in Dignity and carry out your assignment. There shall be Light! There shall be LIGHT! There shall be LIGHT and nothing else upon this planet! And upon you all is placed in Love and in dignity so you shall be able to perform your service...  



"Every happening, great or small is a parable whereby God speaks to us,

and the art of life is to get the message."


       Malcolm Muggeridge


* * *


Christ Consciousness 

What is Christ Consciousness and how do I know when I am there?  

The real growth to Christ Consciousness comes during day-to-day events, while we are walking the dusty roads of the planet. It comes in the gradual sense of turning over our very life to Divine Consciousness... to the reality of Divine Holy Will... turning over every thought, feeling, word, action and reaction to the One Universal Presence. 

I ask you not to only look to the states of heightened bliss, or to "spiritual experiences" to realize Christ Consciousness (although they are wonderful when they occur). Instead, look to the relaxed, harmonious, balanced moments when the outer mind is not necessarily on "spiritual things" nor even when the outer will is trying to be spiritual. In fact, Christ Consciousness can only get through to the third dimensional plane when all outer will, even the outer will to be good, is set aside or given up to God.  

"Let the Divine Will be done in and through me now" should be a constant mantra to create this feeling of letting go to a higher will. If you do not set aside even this outer will to do good, then God can only get through to you in the ways you have decided are good (are Divine Will). Let the One Universal Consciousness decide Divine Will and it shall be revealed to you. And here it is essential to have listening Grace. Now besides this being the only way home it is also much more relaxing than the effort of our outer will... an effort which comes from needing to defend the outer will. Divine Will needs no defense.  

This doctrine of no-resistance of turning the other cheek and more recently the adage "what you resist will persist" have tried to address this issue. You only resist something if it does not agree with your outer will. Again, Divine Will needs no defending. So let go and turn it over to God. 

This therefore is the process of developing Christ Consciousness... continually making yourself a channel for Divine Will. And when you can couple this with a deep and abiding trust in the One Universal Consciousness, it becomes very natural to step back and allow the Divine to come through into every issue at hand... the words, the thoughts, the feelings and the actual happening. Some of you have been practicing extensively and some are very close to this realization. No one knows with which breath will come everlasting Christ Consciousness. 

We have over the years given many approaches to attaining One Universal Consciousness while yet in embodiment: Let go and let God; remain in a state of listening grace; let life come through you unqualified; use the Sacred Violet Fire of Purification; always look to the Christ within: ...are just a few. I would like you to see today that these are not separate ideas or approaches but all part of the same process. 

In your reviews of these wisdoms, see for yourself how we have been stressing the same unfoldment, the same process of the developing Christ, all along. 

When I suggest the effortless expression of Christ Consciousness what I mean is you cannot will it for yourself through outer effort. In fact the only "effort" needed is in letting go of all outer will. Yes, there should be (and is!) a deep desire and commitment on your part to being Christ Conscious. But this desire and commitment does not deepen and wax strong through effort of outer human will but rather through letting go and relaxing into a Higher Will. This is true freedom and is the only bridge into the New Age of Spiritual Freedom. "Do not do battle with your soul, rather transmute it!" This is the gift of the New Age in a nutshell. 

I would like to add a phrase today for further contemplation. Rather than asking; "how is life treating me", ask continually; "how am I treating life"? And then you have set the stage to see yourself only as a conduit, a channel of pure Life Force. And when you can continually allow the Pure Life Force through unqualified, or consciously qualified with perfection, there you have Christ Consciousness, the natural harmonious Divine Estate, effortlessly. 

Then the importance 'how is life treating me' drops away; life circumstance, returning karma, etc. then have much less impact, for your attention now is only on "how am I treating life" And then it does not matter if people around you recognize your development or not. In many cases as a developing Christ people often did not recognize this. It should not deter you, nor shall anything deter you when you discover the freedom in letting go to Divine Will. Even in full Freedom, be still aware of letting go into Divine Will... completely accept that "I AM One... I AM Divine Will being done". So be it!


* * *


Faith is knowing that God's First Cause is perfection for all things. And by knowing, living moving and breathing the Reality of that First Cause, you create the opportunity (or the 'space') for the First Cause to naturally occur - to have its natural effect (restoration or healing.)


The First Cause is continually pushing on this Planet and its evolutions, looking for a place to have its effect (to manifest) and we need to create that place or that space and this is called "keeping the Faith".


Faith is continually projecting the conviction of our inner reality of perfection (that is so real to us) on to the screen of life around us until it manifests (until physical, elemental or atomic matter coalesces around it).


* * * 

Facets of Truth 

So often it is noticed how the "human" being in each of you prepares for these discourses with an expectancy of what they will hear, rather than the experience of the nourishment which it will currently bring to your soul.  

So just pause for a moment... and feel the true essence... the true peace and true Divine Light available to you, which is being radiated to you now and always in your own sphere of influence continually giving you the essence of the at One with Divinity. 

You have been advised many times that an Activity of the greatest Fount of Light is being arranged for this planet… and therein lies the work of the world teachers. 

In the early religions, those who represented an activity knew only the Light they had had presented to them by the existing sage, without any knowledge of what was to come in their or future eras and undoubtedly little or no knowledge of a world-wide belief. They only knew that they could continually claim the fullness of the Light of their discrete discernment and they were capable of doing only flawless work.  

Thus, without expectation of the future, they simply lived then and there the fullness of the Light of their guru - the fullness of their teaching. So I ask as we shape this Activity of Light, that without knowing exactly what will come, you simply live HERE and NOW the fullness of the Light I AM ...with no longer one individual Master representing I AM, but the very fullness of Oneness with that I AM through each of you.  

In so doing, the discipline will be that you detach yourself from representing all else but the Light of I AM ...even the attachment to this so-called "church" or institution ...for an Activity of Light is not so much an organization but a communion of souls within the Eternal Light of the I AM Presence. Be mindful that though God is Eternal and unchanging, this Activity, as it builds a greater and greater momentum of Light shall develop before your eyes as your understanding surges and expands.  

You have heard many times that there shall be the introduction of certain Truths that your outer intellectual mind may find difficult to grasp. We often hear these “pleas” which go something like this: “Oh, God, I finally thought I understood it so well and then they changed it!” but the prayer should be: “Let me know detachment. Let me know the joy of eternally expanding the Light!” Is a teacher doing a dis-service to someone, who has finished grade school and is moving on to high school, where everything then seems so different and novel? “I had grade school down so well ...and we are now going on to high school and being shown so many more complicated and diverse ideas!”   

Think of Truth as a jewel that shines with the Light of the Sun. If you were to take this jewel and rotate it even an inch the Light that beams through would be caught by different angles within the jewel, and different colors, different qualities, different fragrance, a different Being might suddenly be before your eyes. Same jewel! You are only seeing a different perspective. You are aware that you cannot presume to know the Divine totally, but know Divinity as it presents itself here and now; and remember that we are all facets of the Divine. 

Spirits of the Divine evolving into the greater and grander Oneness. Simple enough! So be not perturbed by growth and progression, it is a quality of the One Universal Consciousness... the jewel turning slowly in the Light of the Sun. 

Let us join as One in the Heart of the Cosmic Christ, for there are a certain number of you who are now sojourning often enough in Divine Consciousness that we might present the Truth as seen through the eyes of the Cosmic Christ, which is a slightly different perspective than that seen through the eyes of the individually developing novice chela. I invite you now into the upper chamber of the Oneness of Universal Consciousness. I ask you to look through the eyes of the Cosmic Divinity into your own Causal Body, which is the aura of your own I AM Presence. Lo and behold… through eyes of the Divine there your "I AM" Presence carries the heritage of the One Universal Consciousness and all the aspects of the Divine Oneness, so it is with your "I AM". 

It carries the marvelous legacy of your Divinity. This is the same Light seen through the eyes of a developing Christ Consciousness of Light. It is the same Light, same momentum. The jewel has only slightly turned in the Radiance of the Sunlight. 

Now you say, "Well, what does this mean?" It has no meaning to you until you see it, feel it, know it and truly experience it in the Being of the Cosmic Essence of Oneness. You are constantly offered enlightenment and you must try and keep up with this stream of upwardly spiraling vibration and Light. 

You are capable of continually raising your consciousness to a higher vibratory level. Further, you all are aware of the Flame of the Elohim blazing upon your brow, as you approach and become One with the Universal Consciousness, there appears etherically upon your forehead this Crown of Light with a Diamond at the base of each Flame.  

You are aware, when you sojourn in Cosmic Consciousness, of the increasing Divine attributes that are available to you here in the realm of humankind, nature and elemental life. My heart is so filled with a prayer that each of you will know the ecstasy of being One with this Limitless Light, this Compassionate Heart, this nature of the Cosmic Consciousness... and this Light is eternally expanding with a great momentum... and holds the Light for this planet, the Assimilation and the Expansion; being more of the Expansion into the world through the coming Age of Spiritual Freedom, where the activity of Light is all that shall be known.  

In the here and now, however, you represent the fullness of the Light of the One Universal Consciousness, the planetary engulfing Light of the Three-fold Flame of every man, woman and child. Live that Light to its fullness here and now as the pioneers of the greatest Activity of Light this planet has ever known. Continue to serve with your outer intellectual mind to help it adjust and become One in attunement with the Jewel of Truth as it slowly turns and reveals ever expanding Truth.     






September 2012