Gift of LIGHT

Love, Illumination, Gratitude, Humility, Transformation

March 2012

* * *

Assimilation and  Expansion

of the Electronic Pattern,


From deep within the Octaves of Light a brilliant, dazzling Ray of Truth flashes forth Illuminating all within its sphere of influence sending forth Healing, Forgiveness and compassionate unconditional Love.



Breathing Statement *for the Assimilation and  Expansion

of the Electronic Pattern


(Breathe in)                    I AM inbreathing

(Hold breath in)              I AM absorbing

(Breathe out)                  I AM expanding

(Hold breath out)            I AM projecting

...the Divine Energy of Enlightenment and Harmony! (3x) 

* The breathing statement should be given four times for each full breath. On the inbreath, breath in the qualities contained within the Flame. As you hold your breath in, absorb the qualities deep within every part of your being. As you breathe out, expand and increase the power and momentum of the divine qualities you are calling forth through the power of the Holy Breath. As you hold your breath out of your body, project these magnificent God Qualities forth to all life. Repeat this exercise a minimum of three full breaths.

* * *

Universal Sea of Light

As the boundless energies from each lifestream flow forth through the feelings, through the thoughts and the faculties of the senses we see that the Cause behind the quality of energy, which is the offering of the lifestream to the Universal Light, must be constructively adjusted if the manifestation is to appear more perfectly. 

The Cause behind one's speech, one's thought, one's action determines the quality of the enormous amounts of energy that flow forth from the river's mouth to the great Ocean of Life in which all men and women alike dwell, breathing in the outpouring of each other. 

It is therefore the great service of the chelas to ensure that this energy comes directly from the mighty Flame within the Divine Heart and flows into the Inner Cause that germinates harmony or perfection, and when that Flaming Substance has dissolved any imperfect cause, then the faculties and the expressions of humanity will nourish the Energy of Life within the One Universal Sea of Divinity. 

From the surface of the Earth in the atmosphere above through the astral realm flows the constant effluvium of humanity's thoughts, feelings and actions. Every soul who aspires toward perpetual union with Divinity must seek their contact with God amidst the constant impact of this ocean of moving Force, which differs from hour to hour according to the pressure acting within the feeling and mental worlds of the people. 

For instance, great international crises, great earth changes, great strain and stress make it more difficult for every aspiring soul to maintain Union with Divinity, because the moving, surging sea of emotion is pouring upon the lifestream at various times. 

It is easier, therefore, to recognize Union with the One Universal Consciousness during times when the world is at Peace than when the world is at war mentally, emotionally or physically. That is why the constant use of the Violet Flame preceding contemplation allows for the transmutation of this energy so as not to negatively affect the aspirant.


It is therefore the service of the chela to establish within the lifestream of anyone they contact a radiating center of Peace that will extend through the faculties and avenues of expression and become a factor for Good within the Universal Sea of Light. This is why groups of dedicated chelas do so much to prepare the lower atmosphere for the aspiration of the whole. 


The lower bodies of all sentient beings, as we have said before, are constantly pouring forth into the Universe a powerful emanation which represents the radiation of that lifestream and their offering to the Universe. 

The Pure Divine Energy released to every human from the Heart of the One Universal Consciousness is utilized by the personal self to form the pulsating power which sends the energy waves out through the lower bodies, affecting the Planet and its people en masse for good or ill. 

Thus you will see that no lifestream can live unto himself either in the physical world or in the higher planes, any more than any star or planet in the Solar System can keep its Light from illumining the sky and enriching the general luminosity of the heavens. It is essential for all who approach the path toward mastery to transform the radiation of one's lifestream so that the effect upon the rest of the Universe is a Harmonious and uplifting. 

Radiation is controlled by thought and feeling. The primal impulse of the energy waves that pass into the Universe are determined by the thought and feeling of the individual. Through the centuries lifestreams have built certain habits until the radiation of the personal self seems almost automatic, and to change this radiation requires a tremendous sincerity of purpose, as well as the continuous assistance of the Higher Beings of Light who will help the aspiring individual to set up new energy patterns, and direct new life waves through their lower bodies to form the pattern for a future radiation of a more constructive nature. As the chela advances to being the true Christ in Action at all times, then the Radiation of their own Beloved "I AM" Presence will flow through at all times. 

 * * *

Life Energy 

All the experiences that lifestreams pass through are but the interchange of energy drawn forth consciously or unconsciously by individuals and directed into the energy of other people. Thus, individuals are constantly passing back and forth their life energy or rather the Divine Energy clothed by them according to their individual ideas and presented to the world of humanity either to enrich or diminish the whole universe. 

No man, woman or child, for that matter, lives unto themselves because each one is sending forth life energy which affects their immediate surroundings and the entire human race for good or for foul. This Energy belonging to the Divine and loaned to us only to increase the good of the Universe, cannot be sent forth qualified inharmoniously without having its effect upon the conscious or unconscious individuals who draw that life energy from the One Universal Consciousness. 

When we become conscious of the energy of the Divine Source and of the great need in the hearts of the people everywhere for Peace and Spiritual Understanding, and well-being, we must more than ever spread the gifts of Strength, Peace, under­standing, Love and Light charged with our qualification of the Divine Energy that, while we walk along our appointed Pathway the famished souls of humanity might feed upon these Divine Qualities and secure the necessary nourishment to sustain them in their soul-search un­til they find the Pathway Home. 

Every conscious chela of the Spiritual association is required by Cosmic Law to spread their Light as Spiritual nourishment for the souls yet unawakened, because it is in this manner that the masses are sustained until the hour that their attention rises up and accepts their own Spiritual enrichment from the Heart of Oneness. 

Remember in your day-to-day living that the very Light passing through your body can be such spiritual sustenance that it is carried far and wide by invisible aids who diffuse these thoughts and feelings of good-will, strength and courage into the hearts and minds of all, oftentimes across the entire Earth. 

Think upon this, beloved ones, and determine that your radiation will always be a blessing upon all life... in this way your consciousness will give nourishment to those who thirst.



Sphere of Influence 

The intensity of the lifestream's nature varies according to the illumination upon which they initially come forth from the very Heart of the Divine, and according to the tendencies and qualities the lifestream has developed through their Earth experiences.


The amount of energy projected forth from the Immortal Flame within the heart determines the magnitude of the Circle whose periphery lines the individual world of the chela. Some individual's worlds are as small as ten or twelve inches around the physical body and some of intense nature send forth enough concentrated energy through the Flame in their heart to make their sphere of influence hundreds or thousands of miles in diameter.


The distance of the Ray from the Heart to the periphery of the circle is determined by the pressure with which the energy is projected forth from the Flame in the Heart, and the more intense is anyone's Flame, naturally the longer is the wave or beam of Light and the wider is the sphere of influence of that person.


You will see, therefore, that individuals who have drawn forth greater energy from the One Universal Consciousness and propelled that energy forth into the Third Dimensional Plane with greater intensity are a more powerful factor to be considered, either for virtuous or unconstructive reasons, because their sphere of influence is greater.


Now, by the "sphere of influence" we mean the amount of third dimensional space through which your energy is constantly passing, affecting the action of the Universal Light according to the quality within the pressure.


You will see that an individual whose sphere of influence extends for hundreds or thousands of feet or miles around the physical form must affect many... objects, animals, plants and forms between them and the periphery of their circle, and that the out­going waves passing through their body is a constant force, tending to affect the quality of energy in everything through which it passes. Therefore such a one be­comes a tremendous opportunity as a co-creator with the Spiritual realm, because through that intense energy, when the Light Rays are directed in a constructive manner, the substance of these Flames can be poured and reach a great deal more of the energy in the lower atmosphere of Earth than through an individual whose sphere of influence is smaller and there is a less potent factor toward effecting the whole.


* * * 

Truth Seekers 

I would like to present to you today the necessity of aspiring to manifest Truth at all times. Spiritual Truth has always come forth in answer to a call and the upreaching of humanity forms the Bridge over which Illumination and Light can travel. That is why those who seek the Truth and enter the Spiritual Focuses become, so to speak, a magnetic power that draws from the Universal Mind and Heart of the Divine as much Truth as their desire and aspiration can provide in the way of a magnetic center. The more sincere the aspirant and the more intense is their desire for Truth, the greater is the pull on the Universal Cosmic Light and the greater manifestation of that Truth for the peoples of Earth. If there were no upreaching from the souls of humanity, the Cosmic Consciousness could not release this abundance and outpouring. 

This also applies to dedicated lifestreams who seek Truth under spiritual guidance and counsel and it is to all of you, my beloved ones that we look and depend on for the release of Truth to the masses.


Great Spirits have incarnated again and again to engender in the human mind this aspiration towards Truth because these Great Spirits knew that Spiritual Centers of magnetic attraction had to be established and maintained at various points on the Earth's surface in order to draw enough Light to keep the souls of the people flooded completely with Truth and Light.


Through free will you may choose to turn your back on the Light of Truth and, therefore, through free will you must invite that Truth again to express. The "Searchers" for Truth are the greatest hope of the Spiritual Hierarchy and for them Truth and Illumination will be sent forth.


The chelas form a very great part in the Divine Plan because all of your aspirations merit a response by the Cosmic Law and they are recorded on the pages of Spiritual History for those who are yet to follow, which can only come forth and be sustained as you continue to aspire.


Continue to light the Fires of Aspiration because they form the bond that ties the One Universal Consciousness to the consciousness of the outer mind and when there are enough such ties, the Great Universal Light will swoop in and absorb the individual consciousness into itself, and you will be the Christ in Action.  


* * *

Illumined Respect 

Let this year be devoted to creating and expanding a momentum of Illumined Respect to the Presence of I AM that I AM. Illumined Respect consists of four major components, each of which we will explore. 

ASK - The first step in the process of Illumined Respect occurs as you refer every matter, large or small, to the Wisdom of your Holy Christ Self. Paralleling this process to the Holy Breath, this is the action of inbreathing the Light into every facet of your daily life. 

WAIT - Next, you absorb the Light of the Divine, as you pause and rest within the Silence. The time of waiting may take moments, days, years or lifetimes. Thus, this is a phase of respite, requiring patience and trust in the Presence of I AM. All Divine Wisdom shall issue forth from the Divine Presence of I AM, in perfect Divine Order, encompassing all facets of the situation at hand. 

DISCERN - As you wait within the Silence, the Light expands through your consciousness, enabling you to discern the expression of the Divine as the answer is offered

ACT - Finally, your union with Divine Mind enables you to project the Light outside of your own aura, creating Divine manifestation and adjustment of all outer circumstances. 

As you enter the Great Silence, you pass through the first two steps of this process. Your personal Spiritual practice is designed to assist you in the last two components: discernment and action. 

One of your objectives is to begin anchoring the Light of the Divine Presence I AM into the world of form. Once having entered the Great Silence, receiving the full measure of nourishment to be found therein, every lifestream feels a great desire to remain in the Silence. This is a natural inclination; once having found its home after a long journey, the spirit desires rest. The free will of each lifestream is the factor which determines to what degree the gifts of the Silence shall be radiated forth to humanity at large. This is your challenge. 

The most important task facing any chela is to manifest the Inner Truth. The Light which thus comes forth will be comprised not only of currents from the chela's own Causal Body, but from the combined consciousness of the Body of Light, as well as the Causal Body of the One Universal Consciousness. In order to channel this Light to its fullest effect, it is necessary that you be embodied at this time in the earth's evolution, and that you take creative action to anchor the Light. This facilitates the union of the inner with the outer, commanding the energy from the Octaves of Light into the world of form.  

I ask you to contemplate this information, taking it with you into the Great Silence to discern further appreciation and understanding.  



* * *


April 2012