Gift of LIGHT

Love, Illumination, Gratitude, Humility, Transformation

November 2012  

* * *

Assimilation and  Expansion

of the Electronic Pattern,


My aura radiates the pure essence of my causal body... and I AM a radiating sun of my own Divine Perfection...



 Breathing Statement *for the Assimilation and  Expansion

of the Electronic Pattern


(Breathe in)                    I AM inbreathing

(Hold breath in)              I AM absorbing

(Breathe out)                  I AM expanding

(Hold breath out)            I AM projecting

…the full reality of the One Universal Consciousness which I AM! (3x)


* The breathing statement should be given four times for each full breath. On the inbreath, breath in the qualities contained within the Flame. As you hold your breath in, absorb the qualities deep within every part of your being. As you breathe out, expand and increase the power and momentum of the divine qualities you are calling forth through the power of the Holy Breath. As you hold your breath out of your body, project these magnificent God Qualities forth to all life. Repeat this exercise a minimum of three full breaths.

* * *

Meditation on Decree 11-7 

Beloved friends... El Morya once said:  

“Self-Mastery is the greatest Victory… and Victorious Accomplishment shall be yours. The River of Life carries your boat along, but it is not the river that holds any perils for you! It is your own free will which holds the perils. If you are prepared to forfeit your free will and surrender totally to the Will of God, the River of Life will lead you through the turbulent waters, through the still waters, and into the pastures of peace. Let go and let God, and Self-Mastery will be yours. This is a Victory that can never be taken away from you… the Victory over your own lower self.” 

The strongest power the lower self still holds over us is its power to delude us with the many faces of fear… insecurity, apprehension, trepidation, anxiety, nervousness, worry, etc., etc., etc. And right now not only in our own lives, but often in the lives of our loved ones. These worries and anxieties have to stop. They will not stop by patiently waiting till they fade away. No, it is the cause and core of the power our ego tries to wield over us. And it will use it as long as we allow it! So we must no longer allow it. How? By making a conscious decision, that no longer will we allow the illusion of fear to make us waver on the path. We know that all is well, all is very, very well! So let it be… for all eternity. I AM that I AM in through and around all life in the Great Silence of the eternal NOW! 

 Let us now examine decree 11-7, Claiming Our Full Momentum of Light: 

In the Name and by the Power of the full God Reality which I AM, I invoke and claim my full momentum of God Light now! As I stand forth purified and transmuted by the Violet Fire, I know: 

I AM that I AM

...And my aura radiates the pure essence of my causal body... (3X)

…I AM a radiating sun of my own God Perfection... (3X) 

...Fully accepted now as the reality of God which "I AM".

So be it, Beloved I AM. 

This decree assists tremendously with the manifestation of perfection in the world of form. Remember when we affirmed the definition of an unascended master: “Someone who can duplicate the Causal Body in the aura.” This decree makes it happen. 

Living from within the Great Silence every new day is an adventure. The so-called duties and obligations of the day should be encountered from within the Great Silence and when they have been met, the remainder of the day should be dedicated to receiving and applying the promptings of the Presence. Always practice the Presence to manifest perfection in the world of form. How do we claim the full momentum of God’s Light now? By merging the Holy Christ Self with the I AM Presence. Then only the Presence remains. See yourself as the full momentum of God’s Light radiating forth from the Presence. Our four lower bodies are fully transmuted and purified by the magnificent and glorious Violet Fire. Behold how far this violet light travels; it permeates every atom and electron of the earth substance, the oceans and all water surfaces of the planet, and it rises up transmuting and purifying the element of air.  

Our endeavors are greatly enhanced by the combined energies of the Body of Light as well as the Causal Body of the One Universal Consciousness, with which we form an integrated entity now. They become one as long as we serve from within the Presence of God I AM that I AM! In deep humility and gratitude we accept this Gift of the Godhead.

To duplicate the Causal Body in the aura we have to practice and perfect every divine quality that dwells within. The qualities we were able to grow and nourish through the centuries are radiating like gems in the aura. They are enhanced by our combined efforts and unity with each other and the great universal causal body. Every divine quality we use is immediately enhanced by the universal causal body and has a much greater effect in the world of form. Let us begin with ‘mercy and compassion’ and radiate it forth in, through and around this world. The angels will direct this energy throughout the universe were it is most needed.   

So we are the Presence of God I AM and we are here and now to establish the ‘Kingdom of Heaven’ on earth. When we continue to raise the vibratory activity of our vehicles we attain access to the higher vibration of the divine qualities we love and admire so much. In this way we will be able to radiate this higher vibration into the Earth atmosphere through our physical and etheric bodies. Our very presence on this plane allows us to set a higher vibration in motion, thus creating a higher octave of light on Earth. 

Let us continue now with the radiating power of divine love, carrying within it the gratitude for the gift of eternal life. Expand this love and gratitude to every atom and electron in the lower vehicles of this planet. 

The joy of service is always the motivating power to develop any divine quality. Without joy we are back in our human consciousness and service becomes a difficult labor. Joy makes our work light and full of happiness and possibilities. It teaches us to develop a momentum of skill in a certain avenue of service. In every divine quality is the buoyancy of the ascension flame. It is the joy to perform that for which we are created. Stimulate that joy within your own being, allowing the ascension flame to fulfill your reason for being. The very joy of being and serving raises the vibratory activity of the electrons in all our bodies. It is a gift and a privilege to grow and expand in the infinite possibilities of eternal life. Use this joy now within the Second Ray where there is a strong acceleration of the qualities of illumination, wisdom and understanding. Wrap yourself in the golden essence of the Second Ray. Feel immediately the alertness of your mind and the clarity of the thoughtforms that might emerge. If you don’t do anything, thoughtforms and ideas might pass and fade through your consciousness like scenery images through the window of a train. Now focus your attention upon a certain thoughtform and expand this with your energy of enthusiasm, gratitude and love and blaze it forth over the planet.  

Begin to see our four lower vehicles as perfect instruments for service and try to be creative to find new opportunities and circumstances to serve, which means: “Let the Energy flow! One of the reasons why we are asked to abide in the Silence is to accustom us to the time and spacelessness of infinity. Infinity is a fascinating experience for the newly awaked divine consciousness. It can really expand in all directions like the tall Eucalypt, which rises tremendously tall into the “infinite” sky. However consciousness is always tied to some kind of matter, like the roots of the Eucalypt in the ground, to identify and to give space for growth for ‘lower’ consciousnesses. Even the most highly developed consciousness imagination can touch, always grows as a “lesser consciousness” on the earth. This is why Humility is a divine quality. 

Let us now cloth ourselves in humility: “Beholding the splendor of our Causal Body”. Breathe in… and breathe out. Visualize the magnificence of the mental plane - heaven for the outer world. All our dreams and expectations manifest on this plane. The four lower levels are the worlds of form and the three higher levels are the formless worlds. This is the realm of the causal body. There is nothing here that we can compare with the lower levels of consciousness. The physical plane has three dimensions; the astral plane has four dimensions and the mental plane five. So what’s to compare. We are accustomed to perceive the causal body as concentric circular bands of color around a central figure, which we call the I AM Presence. The truth is so infinite and much more. Try to use your imagination beyond any limitation you have ever experienced. These concentric circles are five dimensional globes of radiating colors. There is no inside nor outside, but a tremendous activity in the here and now. On this level the Presence works fully conscious with the energies he or she has at his or her command; expanding the borders of the Father/Mother God’s Kingdom. Become one with your Presence and behold the magnificence of the Divine Plan of this Universe. Be a conscious creator bringing this formless energy into form and manifestation. Feel yourselves as the Gods you are on this level of consciousness and assist in bringing forth Saint Germain’s New Golden Age. 


So we receive right now and forever all the Divine Principles and Qualities ever originated from Sources beyond our wildest imagination. And this goes on through all Eternity. What are we doing with these Energies? Think about it. It is all a matter of choice and growth, and ever higher levels of consciousness.  

Everything in the universe responds to love… also to every divine quality. When you work rhythmically with certain qualities to develop a momentum, they become more and more attached to you, like pets to their owners. The unifying power of love makes them one with you as long as you nourish them with your attention!  

In the next and final activity let us focus our attention on one specific quality we especially treasure in our Causal Body. Because we have given it so much of our energy during this lifetime it has grown to full stature. Remember everything in the Universe is alive when the form is sustained and nourished. Blaze it forth with all the energy you can generate. See how it mingles and become one with the energies of the same kind establishing a force of some magnitude. Continue to supply your energy. Behold how the elementals and angels of the same Ray amplify the energy till it becomes a wave of tremendous scope. Know that you’re one with that wave, which is changing the world. Finally see how all the powers and beings on that Ray combine their energy in an overwhelming force of Good and is changing the atoms and electrons of this planet and all evolutions as much as Karmic Law allows.  Feel it, expand it, be God in action now... and for all eternity. Breathe in... and breathe out… 

Every divine quality is a gift from the One Universal Consciousness. It is a life form with its own divine plan and life cycle. By sharing the gifts of this ray in service to other life forms it grows and becomes more aware of its reason for being. If you keep this knowledge as a reminder in the background of your mind, you will always be loving and reverent towards all life. If you meditate upon a quality or a truth, and continue to do so for long periods of time in rhythmic application, you BECOME that truth or quality. Be it peace, harmony, faith or love. In this way the Masters tend their Flames and expand them through all eternity.  

When you place your attention on specific places or conditions, you distribute the God-Quality to that place. They go out from you as rays from the sun. It is a beginning of the training… and it is all training for Mastery. 

Breathe in.... and breathe out..... Slowly return your consciousness to the here and now of your wonderful physical location. 


* * * 


 The Aura 

Consciousness is like a great spherical sea that encompasses all the vehicles of the lifestream. Within the very center of this circular plane, we find the Light of the soul - the Divine Spark - the Flame of Intelligent self-conscious life. 

In systematic sequence around the Flame are the concentric rings of the vehicles provided by the Builders of Form in the creation of the Divine Being endowed with the powers and capacities of co-creation with the original One Universal Source. The exhalation from each of the bodies flows into this sea of consciousness just as the exhalation and effluvia of the creatures of the deep fill the ocean. 

Let us deliberate on this great sphere which has been called the "aura". When the inner sight is opened we first see the periphery of the consciousness. Individuals have said that they can read the aura of another - and this is true in some instances. The color, the tone and the fragrance of the consciousness determines the state of evolution as well as the specific requirements for assistance. The Higher Beings of Light rarely look through this sphere of consciousness down to the physical form, except as specific occasions demand - for their entire activity is with the treatment of the consciousness where they immediately determine what assistance is required.

When messages of Light are sent forth… first the auras of those who will be the recipients of these teachings is considered and the content of these releases is customized to the desires and sincerity of the beneficiaries. 

As we look upon your auras know that they shall assist you in the particular manner you require in order that you may fulfill to the fullest in attaining a state of higher consciousness which is an ever-pulsating aura of Peace, Love and Wisdom. 



New Year’s Conference & Symposium ~ 2012-2013


The New Year’s Conference will be held on Sunday, December 30th, 2012 through Tuesday, January 1st, 2013 ~ information and registration forms will be sent out in November. There will be an Annual General Members Meeting (for Full and Associate Members only) on Wednesday, January 3rd, 2013 at 3:00 PM at The Bridge to Spiritual Freedom Headquarters, 1005 North Beeline Hwy, Payson, AZ 85541.




Let us use the powerful blessing of the gift of visualization in this Decree 4.07

to expand the Light of Peace all over our beloved Planet Earth. 

Please take a few moments to contribute to the Peace, so needed by our beloved Earth and all the evolutions, and more… 

Closing our eyes we begin to inbreathe very, very deeply… and to exhale gently and slowly… we inbreathe… and exhale… Again we inbreathe… and exhale…. And we follow this pattern of breathing, rhythmically till we are perfectly relaxed. Now we are attuned with our most sacred and pure essence, with our Immortal Flame of Life in our heart-center, the Source of All That IS. And we feel raised up, within the center of the Great Silence, where we find the Peace that surpass all knowledge of our human mind.

And there we see ourselves as the Divine Beings we are, overflowing with Love, enfolded in the mighty Violet, Pink and Ruby-Gold Flames, and now we are ready to expand that Peace that all need.

We see the chelas and the workers of Light in all parts of the world united with the Beings of Light, whom assist us, merging into ONE with the three FLAMES, and we begin to inbreathing deeply LOVE, MERCY and PEACE and we exhale…. We inbreathing deeply LOVE, MERCY and PEACE…, and we exhale… Again we inbreath deeply LOVE, MERCY and PEACE and we exhale… Now we see that all is calm and quiet and we remain in the silence as the mighty Violet Fire transmutes all the aggressive behavior, all the offenses, all the misunderstood energies and then the Pink Flame blazes forth, filling all with her Divine Love. We bathe the entire planet with this magnificent Pink Flame of Pure Divine Light as the Ruby Gold Flame follows enfolding all our beings and worlds…

A new earth is born because we had purified all with the Violet Fire and we has filled it with Love and Peace, with the magnificent Pink and Ruby-Gold Flames. We feel that Mighty Strength that emerges from all and each one of us, and we see as our Earth and all the evolutions are filled with Peace, so needed in this time of Life.

We continue to expand these gifts till all people have them in their hearts and minds and are able to use them to move forward on the Path to the Light. We remain for a moment in this mighty silence, grateful for this opportunity to expand Peace to the Earth and all Life in it. We are gratefully to all the Beings of Light whom are with us co-service in this service…

And now continuing to inbreathe and outbreathe deeply and slowly, we bring our attention back to our Sanctuary, to our human location and we know this Peace is travelling throughout the Earth and its evolutions. And we are grateful, very, very grateful.

* * *

“For fast-acting relief, try slowing down.”

~ Lily Tomlin          




December 2012