Supplemental Service

December 31, 2013 at 10:00 A.M. (MST) 

NOTES: Following is the service that will be given during The Bridge to Spiritual Freedom Inc. New Year’s Conference on December 31, 2013 starting at 10:00 AM (MST) with a single candle Acolyte Service. We will be using the 1989 Revised Edition of The Book of Ceremony and Ordered Service for all decrees. 

(+) Indicates that the chelas will stand, unless otherwise instructed by the Director. 

(+) Opening Single Candle Acolyte Service:

All hail to Thee, mighty All-Pervading Light of the Universe, Supreme Source of all That Is, I AM THAT I AM! We acknowledge the oneness of all life contained within the magnificent Light of the Cosmos and draw forth this sacred flame representing the Three-fold Flame of Divinity within our hearts! 

(+) Invocation by Director:  

Oh thou beloved immortal, victorious Threefold Flame of life I AM, expand thyself within us and in the fullness of thy divine power, raise us into the mighty perfection which thou art... With our energies now fully united, we consciously enter into and abide within the Heart of the Sacred Fire. 

We are now centered and we will remain within this divine space, to speak and command with authority throughout this holy ceremony and beyond, for we know there is a greater power than ourselves in action here! ...We know there is a greater wisdom than ourselves in action here! ...We know there is a greater love than ourselves in action here! ...We know this is the victory of the Light in action through us at all times and we are grateful! 

So be it, beloved I AM that I AM. 



My beloved sisters and brothers, it is with all the love of my heart that the Christ I AM in me, bows before the great Light of the Christ I AM in you, joyously and happily welcoming you to this service of love and light this morning. You may be seated. 

I now ask that you close your eyes for a moment. Breathe in deeply and as you breathe out, join your heartflames with mine. Breathe in again and on the outbreath, unite your energies with every chela and lightworker on this blessed planet. 

Now, breathing in once again, expand your consciousness even further. As you exhale, see and feel how our collective consciousness joins with the limitless numbers of our ascended sisters and brothers, the many magnificent angelic beings who are always with us, and every great elemental lifestream who makes up the physical plane of this earth. 

Feel how the Body of Light has now become fully activated! We have once again become one mighty force of God Reality come together at this time and this place for the express purpose of serving all life on earth. Within this sacred space please listen to the following words from beloved Saint Germain as he speaks of his gift to life: 

“I AM the Spirit of Freedom and I bring to you the remembrance of the fact that you are free-born, free-born out of the bosom of the eternal Mother-Father, invested with the same immortal Flame of Life by which every God intelligence who has ever attained their freedom. Within your hearts is the flame by which the archangels soar in their passage from one sphere to another in the realms of the Sun beyond the Sun. Within your hearts is the flame by which the mighty elohim of creation project their ideas into the manifest world. Within your hearts is the flame by which every sun god or goddess in the universe creates and sustains their solar system. 

“You are free-born dear chelas in the use of life and Light; in the use of thought and feeling, which are your instruments of creation. You are free to walk either in the ways of humankind or of angels and to transfer, through radiation and example, this freedom to others.  

“Through the atmosphere of earth I call, in the great name of freedom to every man, woman and child, every angel and elemental evolving in one form or another on the earth’s surface. You are born free! Arise! Arise and assert your dominion! Throw off the shackles of your individual imaginings! Square your shoulders! Prepare to wear my Cloak of Freedom! And be sure to give this freedom, by the power of radiation, to your fellow traveler! 

“I now charge, charge and charge you with the most powerful pressure of the Freedom Flame that has ever been known outside of any retreat. Accept this flame deep within the heart center of your being. Not only feel it but allow this energy to regulate for you the atmospheric conditions in which you live, your personal affairs, and your relationship with God, developing within you the ascended master consciousness while you still walk this earth... So be it, beloved I AM! 

“Cosmic Law demands that my voice be heard now by the people of this planet which is destined to become Freedom’s Holy Star. It is you who are my lips, my voice, my messengers. You are my radiation and the power of conviction that will show humanity, by your words and your example, the freedom of the Violet Ray. It is upon you that I depend on for freedom to be expressed in the world of form.”     (pause) 

Thank you beloved one for your words of love and wisdom.  


As each year comes to a close and a new year is about to emerge there are two prominent activities which must take place. These two cosmic events result in our Earth and all life upon it being offered two extraordinary blessings from the Infinite Universal Presence of God within the Great Silence. The first activity involves the purification of the planet through the violet flames of transmutation and forgiveness and the release of all misunderstood and misqualified energy which incurred during the previous twelve month period.  

This is achieved through our synchronized and dynamic use of the Violet Transmuting Fire. Throughout our service today we will actively call upon all Cosmic Beings of Light and ask them to join their energies with ours so that once again we can cleanse our dear Earth of any etheric, emotional, physical or mental debris which is keeping her from becoming Freedom’s Holy Star. 

The second activity is the release of the magnificent energies we have worked with during this past year and the emergence of the cosmic energies of the incoming New Year. This long-lasting, ever-increasing energy will then assist in manifesting Earth’s and all life’s ability to move closer to divine perfection during the next twelve month period further fulfilling each individual divine plan.   

These two important activities are accomplished through our heartfelt invocations, decrees and visualizations, and through our united co-service with all Great Beings and Powers of Light in bringing forth the Universal Light, Love and Peace from the Supreme Source of All Life. 


Dear chelas, when you are ready please return your attention to this sanctuary, take up your decree books and turn to Decree 11-01, Personal Purification and Preparation and let us call upon beloved Saint Germain to transform our human consciousness by God’s Mighty Sacred Fire as we begin our preparation for this service. As one voice...  

As embodied Beings of Light please stand and turn to Decree 2-01and let us don our Mantles of Light as further preparation this morning. As always we will use ‘The Light of God is eternally victorious’ instead of what is written. With energy please...  

Thank you, that was beautiful! You may be seated. Finally turn to Decree 11-15, Letting Go Into the Violet Fire as we now release all negativity back into its original perfection. As we give this decree remember that whatever we call for ourselves we call also for all humanity. Together..  

You may put your decree books aside. As all negativity within or around us has now been transmuted back into Light feel yourself at perfect peace and fully free as we now continue with our service. As further preparation this morning please center yourselves once again and receive the following gift and blessing deep within your minds and hearts:  

“My beloved ones, call upon the sacred flame within your heart to assist you now in your return journey to my House. This is your birthright. I created you pure and perfect, and gave you everything you would need during your journey. You were given individuality, free will, and self-consciousness, as well as your own special talents with which to work. Above all, I gave you your divine heritage - the gift of sunship to the Supreme Source of All Life. 

“As you knelt before me to receive my blessing, I said to you: ‘Go forth my beloved child, and create - even as I have created. Use your gifts wisely and well, and learn the lessons of love, humility and service, for you do not go forth alone! Find your sisters and brothers and discover the wonders of the family, whose members work together. Help make your family a safe place, where all may learn how to express the divinity which is their birthright, as well as yours! When you have done all that I ask of you, return to my house and you will find a feast of welcome prepared for you.’ 

“I then placed my hand upon your head, bestowing upon you the power of wisdom, inner vision and hearing, through which you would always be able to look within; I touched your throat, giving you my Power of the spoken word, through which you could create as I do. I then placed a Flame of Love within your heart, so that you would always feel my Love and my Desire for your safe return Home. 

“When you feel a deep desire rising from this Flame, know that it is my Desire for your return! When you feel divine love from this Flame rise within your breast, know it is my Love you feel, for you - and through you - to all those you meet during your journey!  

“When you come home and you will beloved child of Light, you will understand the journey in its fullness, and be able to serve in ways you can only glimpse at this moment. Know your journey is worthwhile and so is the feast that awaits you. I AM always with you, for you walk this path in my name and for my sake. Accept my Love, for it envelops you always, even as you hear my Words.”           (pause) 

Enfolded in the divine love of the Universal Presence we are now well prepared to move into the next phase of our service this morning. Remaining centered I ask that you once again receive into your hearts and minds the magnificent thoughtform we have been using throughout this year of 2013

On the verge of an exciting new world, we stand firmly anchored in the Violet Fire of Freedom’s Love steadfastly focused on Divine Principle. From deep within the boundless Silence of the One Universal Consciousness a profound translucent Light now emerges, perfectly aligned with the all-encompassing realization of the unconditional Love of the Violet Fire - an innovative, harmonious, sensitive energy constantly expanding God’s First Cause. 


Breathe the energy, vibration and consciousness of this sacred thoughtform in beloved ones and as you breathe out see within your mind’s eye how the walls and ceilings of our Sanctuary slowly start to fade, as we once again clearly perceive ourselves at one with the Universe. The many Silent Watchers high in the atmosphere now bathe all present and the entire Earth in the iridescent violet light which flows from their exquisite bodies like softly falling petals streaming earthward. These petals now unfold, until a magnificent royal purple lotus flower is formed. It is at first translucent but continues to intensify and expand until it forms a wide pathway which is suspended in the atmosphere by gently curved bands of violet light. 

The Spirit of Justice now begins to call forth every lifestream who has spent even a moment of time upon our planet. As everyone moves forward upon this pathway they are bathed in the purifying flames of the Violet Transmuting Flame and they are grateful. Next, the hallowed  Spirit of Victory blazes forth the sacred fire, opening the door to the cosmic power of the creative energy of life, inviting all to enter and embrace the Realm of Creative Cause which puts us firmly on the path of Victory in the Light. 

Finally, taking her turn, the Sacred Essence of Liberty extends her torch of Spiritual Freedom forth for all to see and blesses the planet Earth in preparation to receive the new thoughtform and theme for the incoming New Year. Now, all the archangels and the entire angelic host arrive ablaze in a soft white light that spreads outward, filling the dark blue velvet night skies from horizon to horizon. 

Take a few deep gentle breaths in beloved ones and each time you slowly breathe out release all aspects of any person, place, condition or thing that is holding you to your current physical surroundings. Breathe in once again and gently breathe out as you now experience yourself in a new and much higher elevated state of consciousness and being... a time beyond time... a place beyond space... in the etheric realm of the Spiritual Hierarchy. As the energy and vibration of the old year is gradually moving forward, the increasing momentum of the new incoming energy, vibration and consciousness begins to build so it is now time to release this outgoing force and pulsation along with its generous service and commitment to humanity and the entire planet Earth.  

Remaining centered, breathing rhythmically and easily, place your attention upon Shamballa, the brilliant etheric City of Light. In her name we now lovingly make this call: In the name of the most sacred perfectly balanced threefold flame within I AM THAT I AM and the One Universal Consciousness of all humanity we invoke the mighty powers of Light at Shamballa…  

Instantly we feel the limitless energy and radiation from this ancient, sacred and eternal City of Light and are quickly embraced within its magnificent vibration... Simultaneously we place our attention upon the Temple of the Great White Brotherhood in the Royal Teton Mountains as we call forth its qualities of divine illumination, wisdom and true reverence for all life, and to all the great cosmic Beings of Light who reside there who will be part of our sacred activities today.  

As we remain within that time beyond time, that place beyond space, we become aware of a vast rainbow Bridge of Light silently flowing between the City of Shamballa and the etheric Teton Retreat. As we stand transfixed by this wondrous phenomenon and surrounded by the great energy and vibration of these two sacred sanctuaries of living, loving Light, we become aware that the rainbow bridge is expanding and flowing forth out in all directions completely encircling the planet, forming pathways over which the Divine Light of Universal Consciousness manifests and holds the Earth in her perfect orbit and evolution. 

We now have the sensation and experience of being truly present and part of all that is! As these illuminating focal points coalesce, becoming once again unified in One Divine Purpose and Intent... we feel ourselves naturally and easily floating within this magnificent aura. Suddenly a brilliant burst of Light flashes and we are instantaneously drawn into the very mind and heart of the One Universal Consciousness, I AM that I AM...  

I AM ONE with all things! I AM ONE with the Great Silence... 

Remaining fully centered within the Great Silence open your minds and hearts and prepare to receive additional Love and Light from the higher realms

(Insert New Discourse or silent meditation) 


Breathe in again beloved ones... and gently breathe out. Let your breathing pattern return to normal for we have come to the point in our service where we must now release into the entire planet Earth the powerful thoughtform and theme we have been working with during the past twelve months. As I once again read these sacred words please visualize them going out into the world as a beautiful gift and blessing to all our sisters and brothers in the human family and all life everywhere. The Thoughtform for 2013:  

On the verge of an exciting new world, we stand firmly anchored in the Violet Fire of Freedom’s Love steadfastly focused on Divine Principle. From deep within the boundless Silence of the One Universal Consciousness a profound translucent Light now emerges, perfectly aligned with the all-encompassing realization of the unconditional Love of the Violet Fire—an innovative, harmonious, sensitive energy constantly expanding God’s First Cause. 

Take another deep breath and as you release it, gently bring your attention back to this time and this place... Feel yourself return fully to this Sanctuary and open your eyes. When you are ready I ask that you stand and stretch for a few moments while we prepare to give our response to the thoughtform for this year. We will now repeat the Theme for 2013 three times…                Together...


*During this time of great challenge and opportunity we are the Light shining through the darkness, silently supporting our human family and all life on planet Earth. 

I AM the Sacred Fire.

I AM the Violet Transmuting Flame.

I AM the manifest Presence of Divine Love. (*3x) 

So be it, beloved I AM that I AM! 


You may be seated.          Director only:  repeat the Thoughtform for 2013. Breathe in... and slowly release your breath... Breathe in again... and gently exhale...  

Once again we see a brilliant flash of Light and slowly a magnificent radiant chalice descends and hovers in the atmosphere of Earth. Luminous dazzling Light pours down into and through this translucent chalice, flowing up and over its sides, streaming forth, surrounding and filling everyone and everything present with complete harmony, peace and unity. As all are bathed in and saturated by this Light and Love, we are reminded and remember what our mission and commitments are for this incoming New Year. Breathe in this divine illumination, and absorb it. Breathe out as you expand and project it forth. Breathe in once again... and slowly breathe out... Open your body, mind, heart and entire being now beloved ones:


Insert THOUGHTFORM and THEME for 2014

 (To be sent under separate cover or on on 12/31/13) 


It is now time beloved ones, for us to continue our dedicated service to humanity and the entire planet Earth by absorbing the new thoughtform and theme we have just been given. We must then expand this sacred declaration and the radiation it contains out to our worldwide family of chelas who are connected to us by ties of Light and who are patiently waiting to join us in this endeavor. And finally, together we will anchor these powerful words deep into our hearts and the very heartcenter of this planet.  

To prepare for this service please take a deep, slow breath in and as you release your breath, return your attention to this Sanctuary but remain very centered. It is now time to begin the process of accepting the new Thoughtform into your minds and memorizing the Theme which is our response to this glorious vision of accomplishment. 

To assist in this process I will give the Thoughtform and Theme three times. Then I will give the Thoughtform and then repeat the Theme three or more times. The first few times I will give it line by line and I ask that you repeat each line immediately after me. I will then give the Thoughtform once again and repeat the Theme several more times, this time combining several lines together and I ask you to repeat after me again. 

Finally I will give the Thoughtform again and I ask you to verbally join with me with the Theme whenever you feel comfortable. Do not focus your attention upon memorizing it before you speak, just hear and feel the words and join in as you can. Once we have fully received these sacred words into our beings I invite each of you, one at a time, to come up to the podium and give the thoughtform and then the theme once before taking your seat. While you do this, those of us seated will silently anchor your offering into the center of our blessed planet Earth. Please, let this be the joyful and very natural process that it is... Ready to begin:  

* * * 


* * * 

Before concluding our service this morning, please receive the following message into your minds and hearts carrying it forward well into the glorious new year that now awaits us: “Do you remember that old saying: “Things are not necessarily what they appear to be!” The gifts and blessings of the divine quality of victory can and often do appear to take on many forms. Victory can be accomplished despite any and all outward appearances! True victory in the Light is actually the ability to sustain a pure and perfect connection with God through the harmony and peace of the ever-increasing vibration of one’s true being in spite of the chaos and dissonance of the world and others around you. Victory is when an individual remains on the path of the Middle Way serenely attuned to the Presence of the great I AM THAT I AM in a perfect state of listening grace, even when individuals and events attempt to solicit and appeal to the lower levels of vibration in your being. 

“Victory is when you are truly free of all distractions of the outer world! Victory is when you have maintained your unity and union with God even when it appears to others you may have lost faith or failed in some endeavor according to the standards or ideals of the outer world. Victory is when you freely and unceasingly remain the pure chalice and channel through which God bestows divine qualities and blessings to all life on planet Earth. 

“Victory is when you go forth among all people to silently and anonymously enlighten and dispense the ever-expanding Vibration, Wisdom and Light of God with your every breath, thought, feeling, action and heartbeat. Victory is when you fulfill your responsibility to raise and hold the energy for the planet through constant rhythmic group activities while holding the Immaculate Concept for all life on planet Earth. 

“Victory is when you freely and steadfastly focus and release the divine plan, the teachings, the spreading of the “word”, and the ever increasing higher energies and vibrations, regardless of whether anyone listens, reads or accepts these efforts; for this beloved ones, is your covenant with God! In the fulfillment of this promise, continue always to increase, maintain and sustain the forward movement of the Earth and all life upon it toward its divine destiny. 

“Victory is when you diligently and unfailingly become the living example and manifestation of God’s Divine Virtues and Qualities! Victory is when you have dedicated yourself to the one true purpose for all life - the re-awakening of the knowledge of your Unity, your Oneness as the Universal God Consciousness! Victory is yours to have now and forever sustained beloved ones. All you have to do is claim it!”    (pause) 

Gently begin to bring your attention back to this sanctuary beloved ones. Take a deep breath in and gently breathe out. When you are ready please open your eyes, take up your decree books once again and turn to Decree 5-07 and let us claim victory for the permanent vibration of peace on this planet. Let us stand for this decree. As one mighty voice... 

That was beautiful my beloved sisters and brothers. As a brand new beautiful new year begins it is up to us and the free will choices we make as to how our lives will continue to unfold. We have the power within ourselves to truly create God’s Perfection here on earth. Nobody can take this gift away from us except ourselves. May this coming year be filled with all the gifts and blessings from the Universal Presence. Happy New Year beloved ones!



(Final Benediction & Acolyte service for New Year’s Conference will occur at the end of the Cup Service on January 1st, 2014)




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