Gift of LIGHT

Love, Illumination, Gratitude, Humility, Transformation

November 2014  

* * *

Assimilation and  Expansion

of the Electronic Pattern,


I hold within my own consciousness the exquisite Perfection of the Divine Ideas which have come forth from the very Heart of the One Universal Consciousness.


 Breathing Statement *for the Assimilation and  Expansion

of the Electronic Pattern


(Breathe in)                    I AM inbreathing

(Hold breath in)              I AM absorbing

(Breathe out)                  I AM expanding

(Hold breath out)            I AM projecting

truth, gratitude and the full expression of the Divine for all existence! (3x)


* The breathing statement should be given four times for each full breath. On the inbreath, breath in the qualities contained within the Flame. As you hold your breath in, absorb the qualities deep within every part of your being. As you breathe out, expand and increase the power and momentum of the divine qualities you are calling forth through the power of the Holy Breath. As you hold your breath out of your body, project these magnificent God Qualities forth to all life. Repeat this exercise a minimum of three full breaths.

* * *

Divine Truth 

Spiritual Truth has always come forth in answer to a call and the upreaching of humanity which forms the actual Bridge of electronic substance over which Illumination and Light can travel. That is why those who seek the Truth often enter retreats, monasteries and the Great Spiritual Silence and become, so to speak, a magnetic power that draws from the Universal Mind and Heart of the Divine as much Truth as their desire and aspiration can provide in the way of a magnetic center. The more sincere the aspirant, the more intense is their desire for Truth; and the greater the pull on the Universal Cosmic Light and the greater are the manifestations of that Truth for the peoples of Earth. The greater the upreaching energy from the souls of humanity, the easier the Cosmic Consciousness makes contact with the outer mind.

Great Spirits have incarnated again and again to engender in the human mind this aspiration towards Truth, because these Great Spirits knew that Spiritual Centers of magnetic attraction had to be established and maintained at various points on the Earth's surface, in order to draw enough Light to keep the souls of the people within the Divine Grace and Truth. 

Through Free Will humanity did not always choose to seek out the Light of Truth and, therefore, through Free Will we must invite that Truth again to express itself within our lives. Therefore, the “Searchers” for Truth are the greatest hope of the One Universal Consciousness and from this only Truth and Illumination will come forth. While we have Searchers for Truth unascended, we have the cords that bind the Earth to the Divine. 

An established and sustained group of chelas comprising such a Spiritual Center form a very great part in the Divine Plan, because all of their aspirations merit a response by the Cosmic Law. When they are engaged in the dissemination of the Truth from the Higher Realms they must continue to aspire, so that further instruction can be released which will be of benefit to them and all sentient life. There must always be a Path upon which the Light of Truth can proceed into the physical appearance world, and that avenue is the upward reaching energy of dedicated lifestreams serving the cause of Good. 


As has been said, recognition of the Truth and application of the Truth are not synonymous. 

Through these teachings the chela learns to enter through the door of their consciousness into the World of the Sacred Fire where creation takes place through the intelligent co-operation of the freewill. Here, in peace and harmony, Cosmic Causes are set up which must, of necessity, bring effects of Perfection. The World of the Sacred Fire is the World of Cosmic Creation from whence all have come forth. From the first breath humanity assumed the responsibility of creation, and with every heartbeat this creation has taken place around us. This, however, has been unconscious creation. 

Through the conscious effort of the drawing forth of the Life-Energy human creation took place. So through the conscious effort and drawing forth of Energy qualified with the Powers, Intelligence and Peace of the Sacred Fire human creation can be dissolved and replaced by Peace, Strength, Harmony and Abundance in the world of the chela. 

Every call and decree sent forth instantly draws forth attention and the Energy and Light flow back immediately to the objective to which their attention has been directed. It is essential that the chela making the call be clothed in harmony, love and peace so that the Light and Energy from the Higher Realms may penetrate their aura and bring the answer to their call into this world. 

If the chela will hold for one day to the perfect pattern of that which they want manifested in this world, and not change the mold to suit conditions, the Sacred Fire will shape that Pattern and "miracles" shall abound in this world.



The Realm of Consciousness 

The Realm of Consciousness is one vast unexplored sphere which can yield almost every prize that explorers have sought in their bold endeavors to unearth and discover the unknown. 

Humanity's consciousness is the instrument by which we externalized in the first place. It is the instrument through which must pass every Divine impulse which is our own Divine Plan for fulfillment. Our consciousness is the only sustaining power of any good, which we may loan or surrender to anyone in the Third Dimensional Plane. 

Humanity's consciousness is the cradle from whence our physical body came forth and proceeds through its limited age, returning again through the avenue of consciousness into the unseen. The one who becomes victor over so-called death is the one whose consciousness has realized and recognized that age, dissolution and disintegration are but illusion and they are the one who has accepted the One Divine Consciousness of eternal magnificence and perfection. 

If the most beautiful manifestation imaginable of the Third Dimensional Plane were placed by the Divine at the disposal of individuals sincerely seeking to serve the Higher Realms and fulfill the Divine Plan, it would have to first come through the consciousness of one or more individuals and be sustained for a very long period of time. All externalization is but a projection of the inner consciousness and remains in manifestation only as long as the consciousness from whence it came continues to foster or feed it by the continued acceptance of the truth within it. If individuals could draw through their own consciousness the exquisite Perfection of the Divine Ideas which are within the Heart of the One Universal Consciousness, then when manifestation occurs, it comes from within the individual and is sustained by his or her own purified life consciousness. 

This is true of healing as well as independence or peace of mind or any one of the limitless number of gifts and virtues that the people of Earth crave, desire and require in order to live more fully. You will see, then, that it is to enrich your own consciousness that inspiration comes - that the purpose of a teacher is to open the floodgates of the student's consciousness to the Higher Self so that they may receive the Divine Perfection and when and wherever possible to plant those Divine Ideas which can grow within the consciousness and which will manifest to the individual as 'perfect qualities' which can be sustained when the teacher is no longer a powerful and present influence upon the chela.

* * *


“May you find the path that leads you toward the purpose of your life… Illumination”

~ Hazrat Inayat Khan


* * *

Divine Energy 

The Release of the Light endeavors to show the chela that the misuse of their Divine energy creates limitation and discord in this world. This teaches us that our harmonious control and expenditure of energy is the way to Mastery. Self-mastery is the only mastery there is and the chela should always perform all actions in Love. The manner of doing each action well is to give attention only to the one constructive action which the chela is performing, doing it as perfectly as possible. When it is completed, then they should turn their attention to another divine endeavor which is released to them. "Excel in the seemingly small things of the day and thou shalt excel in the great ones". 

The road to self-mastery is traversed only by the expenditure of divine energy in a harmonious expression of the One Life. No human will advance beyond the threshold leading to the open doorway of Truth until they acknowledge that no individual in the Universe, no set of circumstances, no appearances in the outer shadow-world can disturb the rhythmic expression of their own Divine Pattern unless they choose to surrender the direction of this energy to that appearance. 

The chela must be the master and the controlling and directing intelligence of their energy and their attention, otherwise they are mastered by any expression that can change the quality of this energy into annoyance, despair or disapproval. It is well to remember that each atom in the body, revolving around a Core of Love, is affected by every emotion which sets them off center, it delays the progress of the lifestream and more quickly brings disintegration. Harmonious Energy strengthens the magnetic centers and brings eternal harmony, peace, strength and tranquility. 

When the chela determines within themself to become “the I AM Presence” they must be masters of their emotions, becoming like unto the Sun, and continue in this peaceful orbit, sending forth the Violet Transmuting Flame through the waves of human emotion, permitting them to only be this tranquility. This is especially essential in the journey through the physical world of today. 

The Light of the Holy Spirit is ever flowing through the faithful wayfarer, giving strength to their thoughts, their actions, and flowing into the outer world, too, on their words. 

The natural vibratory action of every incarnate soul is harmonious. When the chela knows and lives this Truth they are a channel for the Light Rays into their world and into the universe. This brings peace and blessing wherever we move upon the Earth, and it is well for us to remember that it is the radiation pouring forth from this I AM Presence, that accomplishes this sustained assistance for those in this world.


Pure Focus 

From hour to hour the outer mind does not always know what invisible cause (consciously or unconsciously) shall externalize in the individual experience world, that of loved ones, of country, or even of the planet. However, the enlightened wayfarer, dedicated to fulfilling the Divine Plan and having an awareness of their own I AM Presence, is blessed by the Higher Realms for their fidelity, and should walk untouched by the seemingly discordant conditions prevailing. 

It is when a chela has been tested, tried and proven that the opportunity for manifesting Divine Will comes forth. Many disciples along Life's path go safely through the early period of exaltation, but not all pass through the dark hours, remaining constant in consciousness, purpose and devotion. It is upon these faithful Ones that we depend to be facets of Light in this three-dimensional plane; for the strength that has been proven within themselves is a necessary requisite to carry the Sacred Flame and anchor it at the point on Earth at which they stand. 

The Great Divine Design for the Universe is an ever-expanding outpicturing of Beauty, Peace and Love in order that all of Life might experience the fullness of the Divine Joy. It must be your endeavor through your constant connection to these messages, to nourish and stimulate the unfolding consciousness within each of the chelas, and I rejoice to say that the consciousness and understanding of all the beloved ones has matured much during recent years. Since cause must precede effect, I ask each chela - battle not with the seeming apparent imperfections, but hold the Divine Design of Beauty, Peace, Radiance and Love for this immediate world, then expand this Inner Vision to encompass the Earth. 

The One Universal Consciousness can only be attained by any lifestream who has passed the way of Earth by first setting a pattern and example along a constructive endeavor and then consistently adhering to that plan. 

When the striving one reaches the understanding that the realm of cause only is the point which demands understanding, they have reached the doorway of Freedom from the chaotic world around them. They can then stand serene, holding their attention, thoughts and feelings on the Divine Picture of God's Design for themselves, their fellow humans and for the Planet. Be assured the creative qualities of attention, thought and feeling, in this nature being of perfection and of the Divine, have power over all unconstructive conditions.

* * *

“In the dew of little things, the heart finds its morning, and is refreshed.”

~ Kahlil Gibran

* * *


From the Immortal Victorious Three-fold Flame within the heart pulsates forth the never-ending Flame of Love, magically responsive to the directing intelligence of Divine Will. Love - the most sensitive of all Primordial Substance - instantly responds to the fiat of the individual creator; for Life swiftly expresses as the quality the individual chooses to decree by word, thought and feeling into manifestation. 

The pouring forth of Thanksgiving is a glorious, uplifting and expanding expression of Life. It gives not only ease of mind, body and spirit, but it springs up in a limitless profusion of Gifts wherever the attention directs its currents. It is one of the most contagious expressions of Spirit and one of the most unifying activities of the Divine. It is an instantaneous transmutation of unconstructive or discordant feelings, and is a Cosmic Magnetic Power that draws all Good towards the generator of genuine Gratitude. It is really the Flame of Life, greeting and loving itself (manifest in many forms), and according to the intensity of the Flame, towards which that gratefulness is directed, will the returning currents flow into the being of its generator. 

For the chelas to address their gratitude to all Life everywhere, and to the heart of all created Beings, draws an instantaneous response from all Life back to them who thus throws open the door and windows of their soul to the expression of Thanksgiving. Gratitude and appreciation are important praises to Life, which is constantly pouring its gifts forth to humanity and ofttimes beyond our merits. Every breath that issues from the body of a sentient being should contain within it some conscious expression of gratitude to Life. Thus would be kept open the channels for all Good to flow back into this planet and universe. 






Offering gratitude for the infinitesimal blessings of daily life creates a momentum which presents the soul with a wider perspective with regard to the innumerable gifts and blessings which are constantly being poured forth for our benefit. Life and prayer are intended to be a continuous “process of thanksgiving”. Not to be offered forth on just one day of the year, but to be attended to daily and hourly as our hearts and minds constantly well up with sincere gratefulness for just being!






December 2014