Supplemental Service

December 31, 2014 at 10:00 A.M. (MST) 

NOTES: Following is the service that will be given during The Bridge to Spiritual Freedom Inc. New Year’s Conference on December 31, 2014 starting at 10:00 AM (MST) with a single candle Acolyte Service. We will be using the 1989 Revised Edition of The Book of Ceremony and Ordered Service for all decrees. 

(+) Indicates that the chelas will stand, unless otherwise instructed by the Director. 

(+) Opening Single Candle Acolyte Service:

All hail to Thee, mighty All-Pervading Light of the Universe, Supreme Source of all That Is, I AM THAT I AM! We acknowledge the oneness of all life contained within the magnificent Light of the Cosmos and draw forth this sacred flame representing the Three-fold Flame of Divinity within our hearts! 

(+) Invocation by Director:  

Great Universal Consciousness, I AM that I AM, Giver of all Light and all life, the Creator of all that is and all that is to come, the Architect of our souls, hallowed be Thy Sacred Name in all the Universe.

In Thy Name and by Thy Authority, we now lovingly invite and invoke all Cosmic Beings from the Octaves of Light to come forth now and join us in our service today. Unite your Divine energy with those present, those who are with us by ties of light and all light workers everywhere, forever freeing us from the constraints of human illusions and all that is less than Divine perfection.

As we become completely enfolded in your magnificent Light, our heart flames are expanding  and we are now more loving than ever before; our consciousness is expanding and we have greater wisdom, understanding, intuition and discernment than ever before.

From this day forward we rededicate ourselves to fulfilling our individual and collective Divine plans. We vow to act from Christ/Buddhic Consciousness as we serve our sisters and brothers in the ONE Human Family and all life everywhere.

This shall be for we speak in the Most Holy Name of God, I AM that I AM.




Please be seated.

Namaste… Beloved daughters and sons of the Most High Living God… I greet you with all of the love in my heart and I bow to the expanding light within your being. I am grateful that you here today, and those who join us by ties of light, have once again answered the call to service on behalf of the Human Family and all life upon this planet.  

We are here by divine appointment for we have vowed on inner levels to be disciples of Holy Spirit. Let’s just take a few moments now to become centered in our Threefold Flame by taking a slow and deep breathe in (pause) and release it. Take another slow and deep breathe in (pause) and release it. Allow yourself to be filled with loving gratitude; be grateful for life, be grateful for health and wholeness, be grateful for abundance, be grateful for your individual and collective spiritual growth. Now feel your oneness with each other, your oneness with all light workers everywhere and your oneness with all life on planet Earth. We are ONE. 

As you continue to rhythmically breathe in and out, allow your body to become more and more relaxed… (pause) Open your mind and your heart and permit these words of wisdom to permeate every fiber of your being. (slight pause) 


One spiritual discipline, to which we would particularly like to direct your attention during this time, is that of increasing your conscious unity with the Body of Light. It is easy to lose sight of the effect of your daily choices upon the Body of Light. Yet, your every action and reaction moves immediately forth into the Body, affecting every component in some way. This is so important that we will remind you of this from time to time.

In the Second Ray, the emphasis is on Understanding and Enlightenment. It is necessary to keep the principle of service in the forefront of your consciousness. Remember that, through your own gifts and evolution of consciousness, you enrich and strengthen the group work and serve the planet.

As you continue to discipline yourself to spend time in the Silence each day and to anchor the Light into your own life, cultivate the habit of projecting your understanding into the group consciousness. This activity will serve two purposes. First, it will help to keep you aware of your unity with the Body of Light, so this unity can become a motivating factor in your every action and reaction. Secondly, the Body of Light will be enabled to absorb each lesson in its fullness more quickly, thus facilitating the radiation of each understanding into the mass consciousness.

As the momentum intensifies, each of you will gain the greatest understanding of the portion of each lesson that pertains to your particular area of service. As you share your understanding with the group, you know that every chela will be doing the same. Thus you receive a great expansion of understanding about the very gift that you gave, immediately and with love! You are already experiencing the truth of this statement, as you share your experiences and lessons with each other.

I would like to offer a brief decree and visualization, which will help to build your momentum of discipline in this area:



Beloved One Universal Consciousness, I AM that I AM!

I AM GRATEFUL! (3X) for the Golden Light of Illumination, Wisdom and Enlightenment, and especially for the Understanding of my perfect Unity within the Body of Light upon the Planet Earth!

In Your name, beloved Presence, through my Inner Christ, I now BLAZE! BLAZE! BLAZE! the Understanding I have been given, into the Consciousness of the Body of Light, for the benefit of all Life on our beloved Earth!



As you visualize this decree, see a Ray of Pure White Light descending from the I AM Presence and entering your crown chakra. It gently moves downward and enters your Heart Center, where it blazes forth as the steady, Pure White Flame of Divine Principle. There it is received and intensified by your Holy Christ Self. Now golden in color, this Flame begins to move outward, filling your body with its liquid Light Substance.

Focusing your attention upon your three upper chakras, you lovingly send a Golden Ray into the Body of Light, which surrounds the planet Earth. As you do this, envision numerous other chelas entering into this same service, and the Body of Light is now filled with the Golden Light of Illumination, Wisdom and Enlightenment, uniting all chelas and lightworkers everywhere.

Accept it done, right now with full power. I encourage you to use this decree and visualization often until it becomes an automatic and inseparable part of every step you take on the Path of Illumination. As your understanding of this service develops, you may wish to expand this visualization and share it with others. Accept the gratitude for your every service in expanding the Light of Divine Love, Wisdom and Power on this planet and know you are loved!

Slowly and gently return your consciousness back to this time and this place. Take a deep cleansing breathe in and you release the breath you may open your eyes.

We are the beloved children of God, each uniquely made in the likeness of God. Let us affirm this truth: I AM the Divine Image of God. Pick up your decree books and turn to Decree 1-06. Together…          Decree 1-06, “I AM” THE DIVINE IMAGE OF GOD! 


Every day in every way, the Divine Light within us is increasing and we are continuously experiencing purification, illumination and transformation of our four lower vehicles. Turn to Decree 4-03 Prayer of a Disciple of the Holy Spirit.  In one voice… Decree 4-03 PRAYER OF A DISCIPLE OF THE HOLY SPIRIT 


Thank you for that energy.  

As we experience the illumination of our four lower vehicles, we are open to more Divine Light and the continuous expansion of Divine Love and Divine Understanding within our being. Please pick up your handouts and we will give the Decree Your Light is Our Light. Let us say this with conviction. Together.

(Director is responsible for HO for the chelas) 

Your Light is Our Light 

Great Universal Presence of the Divine, I AM that I AM, as we kneel before Thee in gratitude and love may we speak only in Your Name and by Your Authority which dwells within our hearts. Together, may we always serve as channels of Your Gifts to all our sisters and brothers in the ONE Human Family. 

United in this request, we hold the sacred chalice of our consciousness high constantly invoking your luminous Rays of Light to flow to and through us now, spreading across the face of this Earth enfolding all life. Fill us not only with Your Wisdom and Understanding but also with more Love than our hearts can hold, and may these blessings flow forth from us to honor and heal all life as we pass by. 

Blessed one, guide us each and every day, awakening in us whatever is required to make us pure chalices of your perfected Gifts, so that your Light is our Light – ONE in service to all life everywhere. 

We know this is accomplished, even as we call.

So be it, beloved I AM that I AM! 


Thank you for that energy. Please put your handouts aside. Close your eyes and begin to take a slow and deep breathe in and release it. Take another slow and deep cleansing breathe in and release it. Place your attention upon your heart chakra.   

As each year comes to a close and a new year is about to emerge there are two prominent activities which must take place. These two cosmic events result in our Earth and all life upon it being offered two extraordinary blessings from the Infinite Universal Presence of Consciousness within the Great Silence. The first activity involves the purification of the planet through the Violet Flames of Transmutation and forgiveness and the release of all misunderstood and misqualified energy which incurred during the previous twelve month period.  

This is achieved through our synchronized and dynamic use of the Violet Transmuting Fire. Throughout our service today we will actively call upon all Cosmic Beings of Light and ask them to join their energies with ours so that once again we can cleanse our dear Earth of any etheric, emotional, physical or mental debris which is keeping her from becoming Freedom’s Holy Star. 

The second activity is the release of the magnificent energies we have worked with during this past year and the emergence of the cosmic energies of the incoming New Year. This long-lasting, ever-increasing energy will then assist in manifesting Earth’s and all life’s ability to move closer to divine perfection during the next twelve month period further fulfilling each individual divine plan.   

These two important activities are accomplished through our heartfelt invocations, decrees and visualizations, and through our united co-service with all Great Beings and Powers of Light in bringing forth the Universal Light, Love and Peace from the Supreme Source of All Life. 

(read the Thoughtform and Theme for 2014) 

Thoughtform 2014 

From deep within the great sea of One Universal Consciousness where the individual consciousness of all awakened beings merge, resplendent sentinels of magnificent Light now arise, silently and lovingly enfolding all life on planet Earth in the pure and perfect Divine essence of the Immaculate Concept.


Theme 2014

I AM your Breath… I AM your Being… I AM your Cause…

I AM the One Universal Consciousness extending from eternity to eternity…

I AM Divinity enfolding all life in this awareness, this awakening and this unfoldment…

I AM that I AM 

Breathe the energy, vibration and consciousness of this sacred thoughtform in beloved ones and as you breathe out see within your mind’s eye how the walls and ceilings of our Sanctuary slowly start to fade, as we once again clearly perceive ourselves at one with the Universe. The many Silent Watchers high in the atmosphere now bathe all present and the entire Earth in the iridescent violet light which flows from their exquisite bodies like softly falling petals streaming earthward. These petals now unfold, until a magnificent royal purple lotus flower is formed. It is at first translucent but continues to intensify and expand until it forms a wide pathway which is suspended in the atmosphere by gently curved bands of violet light. 

The Spirit of Justice now begins to call forth every lifestream who has spent even a moment of time upon our planet. As everyone moves forward upon this pathway they are bathed in the purifying flames of the Violet Transmuting Flame and they are grateful. Next, the hallowed  Spirit of Victory blazes forth the sacred fire, opening the door to the cosmic power of the creative energy of life, inviting all to enter and embrace the Realm of Creative Cause which puts us firmly on the path of Victory in the Light. 

Finally, taking her turn, the Sacred Essence of Liberty extends her torch of Spiritual Freedom forth for all to see and blesses the planet Earth in preparation to receive the new thoughtform and theme for the incoming New Year. Now, all the archangels and the entire angelic host arrive ablaze in a soft white light that spreads outward, filling the dark blue velvet night skies from horizon to horizon. 

Take a few deep gentle breaths in beloved ones and each time you slowly breathe out release all aspects of any person, place, condition or thing that is holding you to your current physical surroundings. Breathe in once again and gently breathe out as you now experience yourself in a new and more highly elevated state of consciousness and being... a time beyond time... a place beyond space... in the etheric realm of the Spiritual Hierarchy. As the energy and vibration of the old year is gradually moving forward, the increasing momentum of the new incoming energy, vibration and consciousness begins to build so it is now time to release this outgoing force and pulsation along with its generous service and commitment to humanity and the entire planet Earth.  

Remaining centered, breathing rhythmically and easily, place your attention upon Shamballa, the brilliant etheric City of Light, that until recently made her home in the physical realm on Long Island. In her name we now lovingly make this call:  In the name of the most sacred perfectly balanced threefold flame within I AM that I AM and the One Universal Consciousness of all humanity we invoke the mighty powers of Light of Shamballa…  

Instantly we feel the limitless energy and radiation from this ancient, sacred and eternal City of Light and are quickly embraced within its magnificent vibration... Simultaneously we place our attention upon the Temple of the Great White Brotherhood in the Royal Teton Mountains as we call forth its qualities of divine illumination, wisdom and true reverence for all life, and to all the great cosmic Beings of Light who reside there who will be part of our sacred activities today.  

As we remain within that time beyond time, that place beyond space, we become aware of a vast rainbow Bridge of Light silently flowing between the City of Shamballa and the etheric Teton Retreat. As we stand transfixed by this wondrous phenomenon and surrounded by the great energy and vibration of these two sacred sanctuaries of living, loving Light, we become aware that the rainbow bridge is expanding and flowing forth out in all directions completely encircling the planet, forming pathways over which the Divine Light of Universal Consciousness manifests and holds the Earth in her perfect orbit and evolution. 

We now have the sensation and experience of being truly present and part of all that is! As these illuminating focal points coalesce, becoming once again unified in One Divine Purpose and Intent... we feel ourselves naturally and easily floating within this magnificent aura. Suddenly a brilliant burst of Light flashes and we are instantaneously drawn into the very mind and heart of the One Universal Consciousness, I AM that I AM... I AM ONE with all things! I AM ONE with the Great Silence...  


Through our group activities of saying decrees, listening and absorbing ancient words of wisdom, we now experience greater expansion of our understanding and our consciousness. Let us continue in this mode of expansiveness as we now open our hearts and our minds to receive the inspiration of this incoming communication...   

*  *  * 


Silent Meditation/New Discourse  




Breathe in again beloved ones... and gently breathe out. Let your breathing pattern return to normal for we have come to the point in our service where we must now release into the entire planet Earth the powerful thoughtform and theme we have been working with during the past twelve months. As I once again read these sacred words please visualize them going out into the world as a beautiful gift and blessing to all our sisters and brothers in the human family and all life everywhere.  

* * * 

Thoughtform for 2014:


From deep within the great sea of One Universal Consciousness where the individual consciousness of all awakened beings merge, resplendent sentinels of magnificent Light now arise, silently and lovingly enfolding all life on planet Earth in the pure and perfect Divine essence of the Immaculate Concept

Take another deep breath and as you release it, gently bring your attention back to this time and this place... Feel yourself return fully to this Sanctuary and open your eyes. When you are ready I ask that you stand and stretch for a few moments while we prepare to give our response to the thoughtform for this year. We will now repeat the Theme for 2014 three times…                  Together...  

(Theme *3X)


I AM your Breath… I AM your Being… I AM your Cause…

I AM the One Universal Consciousness extending from eternity to eternity…

I AM Divinity enfolding all life in this awareness, this awakening and this unfoldment…

I AM that I AM 


Director only:        (repeat the Thoughtform for 2014)  

From deep within the great sea of One Universal Consciousness where the individual consciousness of all awakened beings merge, resplendent sentinels of magnificent Light now arise, silently and lovingly enfolding all life on planet Earth in the pure and perfect Divine essence of the Immaculate Concept

Breathe in... and slowly release your breath... Breathe in again... and gently exhale...  

Once again we see a brilliant flash of Light and slowly a magnificent radiant chalice descends and hovers in the atmosphere of Earth. Luminous dazzling Light pours down into and through this translucent chalice, flowing up and over its sides, streaming forth, surrounding and filling everyone and everything present with complete harmony, peace and unity. As all are bathed in and saturated by this Light and Love, we are reminded and remember what our mission and commitments are for this incoming New Year. Breathe in this divine illumination, and absorb it. Breathe out as you expand and project it forth. Breathe in once again... and slowly breathe out... Open your body, mind, heart and entire being now beloved ones: 


Insert THOUGHTFORM and THEME for 2015

 (To be sent under separate cover &/or on website) 


It is now time beloved ones, for us to continue our dedicated service to humanity and the entire planet Earth by absorbing the new thoughtform and theme we have just been given. We must then expand this sacred declaration and the radiation it contains out to our worldwide family of chelas who are connected to us by ties of Light and who are patiently waiting to join us in this endeavor. And finally, together we will anchor these powerful words deep into our hearts and the very heart center of this planet.  

To prepare for this service please take a deep, slow breath in and as you release your breath, return your attention to this Sanctuary but remain very centered. It is now time to begin the process of accepting the new Thoughtform into your minds and memorizing the Theme which is our response to this glorious vision of accomplishment. 

To assist in this process I will give the Thoughtform and Theme three times. Then I will give the Thoughtform and then repeat the Theme three or more times. The first few times I will give it line by line and I ask that you repeat each line immediately after me. I will then give the Thoughtform once again and repeat the Theme several more times, this time combining several lines together and I ask you to repeat after me again. 

Finally I will give the Thoughtform again and I ask you to verbally join with me with the Theme whenever you feel comfortable. Do not focus your attention upon memorizing it before you speak, just hear and feel the words and join in as you can. Once we have fully received these sacred words into our beings I invite each of you, one at a time, to come up to the podium and give the thoughtform and then the theme once before taking your seat. While you do this, those of us seated will silently anchor your offering into the center of our blessed planet Earth. Please, let this be the joyful and very natural process that it is... Ready to begin:







Before closing our service, let us just take a few moments to listen once again to some words of ancient wisdom. Take a deep breathe in and release it. Take another deep breathe in and release it. Now focus upon your heart chakra as you allow these words to become anchored there.  

I AM always with you - each one - as you march steadily forward. I work with you at every step upon your spiritual path, making the way clear but not necessarily too smooth, for this, beloved ones, is up to you. While some of your steps are taken upon hope and faith, the smoothness of your path is usually determined by understanding. A chela must understand the path as they proceed, in order to teach and lead. Remember this, for these are your functions in this new age! 

As you are now developing greater heights and depths of understanding, you are becoming more silent. That is, you now realize that many of your experiences are for you and you alone, and as you contemplate what you have been shown, you are given additional wisdom which will be helpful - not only in your future development, but to those around you. However, at the same time, you are learning not to interfere with another person’s path - unless asked - even when you see what would help him, because you know that he must perceive these things for himself. 

Now is the time to truly understand the gift of silence, for this precedes your next step, to begin the never-ending flow of divine love - to you and through you - for it is this quality that shall transform all darkness into light for the masses. I tell you this, for you must receive before you can give. Prepare yourselves, beloved ones, for a great outpouring of Holy Spirit. Be ever alert, for understanding comes in many ways, and wise is he or she who knows and listens. 


(Final Benediction & Acolyte service for New Year’s Conference will occur at the end of the Cup Service on January 1st, 2015)




Overview 2014 

Overview all