Gift of LIGHT

Love, Illumination, Gratitude, Humility, Transformation

March 2015

* * *

Assimilation and Expansion

of the Electronic Pattern,


As I attain understanding through the Flame of Illumination I become an externalization and expression of the Grace of the Holy Spirit in, through and around my human physical form.



Breathing Statement *for the Assimilation and  Expansion

of the Electronic Pattern


(Breathe in)                    I AM inbreathing

(Hold breath in)              I AM absorbing

(Breathe out)                  I AM expanding

(Hold breath out)            I AM projecting

...the true illumined, inspiring power of pure Divine Love. (3x) 

* The breathing statement should be given four times for each full breath. On the inbreath, breath in the qualities contained within the Flame. As you hold your breath in, absorb the qualities deep within every part of your being. As you breathe out, expand and increase the power and momentum of the divine qualities you are calling forth through the power of the Holy Breath. As you hold your breath out of your body, project these magnificent God Qualities forth to all life. Repeat this exercise a minimum of three full breaths.

* * *

Constructive Calls

There are many of my present-day chelas who, through previous embodiments have the ability to personally understand the nature and practical affairs of national, international and Spiritual import, wherein others are not yet so greatly versed. But to all chelas, I say, your calls for peace and harmony in all government affairs upon this small but temporarily turbulent planet bring joy to the hearts of those of us in the Higher Realms who have dedicated themselves to lifting the Earth from the shadows. Be assured that we respond swiftly and bless you for these calls. 

Since time began, down through the centuries, a certain amount of wisdom from the Higher Spheres was brought forth and preserved in the hearts and minds of a few advanced Initiates, who established and maintained the Wisdom Religions and by word of mouth alone passed on the words of invocation and Cosmic Truths to their chosen and worthy successors. Through the vanity of outer thinking, the pure consciousness passing from generation to generation eventually became clouded and veiled by humanities lower concepts until the original Truth was lost and the importance and power of invocation became a lost art even as the Holy Bible, in its many translations has lost a great deal of its original verity. 

Founders of the Wisdom Religions gladly accepted re-embodiment over and over and revived the power of invocation, so again the Spiritual Currents invoked by their heartfelt awareness of the One Eternal Divine I AM re-established and sustained at various points on Earth, centers of power which help to hold the balance of the entire planet and its people. These invocations, pouring forth as radiating centers of Light, are not passing fancies but remain ever as Fountains of Light and an Eternal Activity from the Divine Heart of the One Universal Consciousness in the localities wherein they abide. 

So, dear hearts, whether you be one or many who call to the Light to transmute the unconstructive blueprints which create discord, distrust and confusion at specific points on the planet at certain times and when you use the Power of Holy Breath aloud in speaking with authority, you are actually creating a Living Fountain of Light, Stability and Peace to do this. 

Disassociating the mind from the form (which to humanity seems so solid and so unyielding) and knowing that every individualized God-Focus is but a focus of consciousness, it will be easier to transform and transmute the human into the Divine, (also every transient unconstructive vortex is but a condensation of impure consciousness). 

Again I remind all faithful chelas that they are outposts of Light and their every spoken word has Power, either to sustain imperfection or to dissipate iniquity and recreate permanent good! For this were you endowed with the power of speech and the intelligence to use that power constructively, in Love, through the authority of our own I AM Presence.  

* * * 

The individual who attains and sustains the consciousness of their oneness with all Life has indeed become one with the One Universal Consciousness while they still dwell in the world of form. By disassociating their thoughts, feelings, words and actions from the idea that the Life within them, and which beats their heart, is a separate entity from the whole, they then are an open door for Life's Essence to flow forth from the Fountain of Light… their own Beloved I AM Presence. 

Since consciousness is the door by which the unseen is directed into manifestation, through energized feeling, the chela who keeps their mind upon the Divine creates from the Primal Substance of the Life that flows through them and all manifest form; the images and thought-forms that they know will increase the ultimate good - be it healing, harmony, invention, increase of financial supply or whatever the requirement of the hour may be - for so are "miracles" performed. All that the Divine has is truly ours. 

It is imperative that all beloved chelas govern their thoughts, feelings, words and actions and allow the consciousness to dwell only upon that which they require and desire to manifest. As no two fingerprints are alike neither are the workings of the outer-consciousness of any two individuals similar. Criticism and resentment of close associates, casual acquaintances, peoples, races, or specific countries are stumbling blocks which must be completely removed before the chela can soar in consciousness to the glorious Freedom of the Realms of Light. 

The enlightened chela (being imbued with Divine Wisdom) does recognizes the difference between what is of the Light or not when confronted with it. Then, knowing it as such, they call to the Reality of the Sacred Fire behind the cause and core of imperfection to transmute it, they refuses to let their attention and feelings be magnets to draw enmity or confusion into this world. Thus maintaining their peace and inward poise they render a service to the persons, races or countries involved. 

I bless all faithful ones for kindling in the hearts of their associates the enthusiasm for Truth. Often times one loving word at a critical moment is the fagot that lights this fire. Continue, beloved ones, to light the Fires of Aspiration for these are the bonds which tie the Universal Divine Consciousness to the consciousness of the outer mind, and when there are enough such ties the Universal Light will permeate and absorb the previously limited individual consciousness into itself. 

* * *

Divine Plan

The power to create was given to the human personality but the Divine Plan was for the personal self to fulfill this Divine blueprint. This blueprint can only be found and studied by selfless humility and it will begin to shine through the flesh-form as the individual is determined to use all of their talents and energy in accordance with Divine Will. 

The heart and brain consciousness which were endowed to the personal self contain the Intelligence of the One Infinite Universal Consciousness and the creative power of creation. This consciousness however was to follow the plan and pattern of the Divine Plan which the Individualized I AM Presence of each lifestream lowers to its human self by intuition, meditation and devotion. If you educated a human along the lines of art and you made an exquisite model and supplied them with a beautiful design according to your inspired pattern… but they chose after all this time and expenditure to hew out of your priceless marble a distorted creature of their own imagining you would not find them a satisfactory pupil, and all the effort, energy and substance supplied by you to prepare them to be of service to you would be wasted… until such time you could convince them that it was their purpose and responsibility to create the precise design for which you had prepared them. 

Everything honest and good should have its own share of time allotted to it… work, relaxation, meditation and prayer. Let then the chela settle these claims fairly and see that work and relaxation encroach neither on prayer and meditation nor on each other. 

Each has necessary obligations to meet in this passage through this earth life whereof we shall have to give an accounting. So these duties should be preferred with exactness while at the same time the chela must see that they are not so overloaded with the claims of duty as to find no leisure for communion with the I AM Presence. No treasure is so easily squandered as time. On the good use of time depends our spiritual growth. 

For every individual the process of the Ascension is the Divine Plan. I therefore rejoice to see that during the past years so many of the chelas have willingly by their calls transmuted their past creations and have molded the energy and substance of the earth plane according to the blueprint held in the heart of their Divine Presence and Plan.  



Today I will talk to you about the vast difference there is between knowledge and Illumination, or true understanding. Knowledge has been used through the ages by individuals who have through training and discipline received certain powers which they sometimes have used for selfish ends. That knowledge (because it works or is absolute Law) became for them a means to control multitudes of people in fear and distress and to build for themselves so-called spiritual as well as material empires. 

There was in that knowledge more of a mental accumulation of fact than of true Illumination, the latter, within its very self, motivates the individual who receives that Illumination to use it always in Divine Love for the Blessing of the Divine, the Ascended Host, the humankind of Earth and the Elemental Kingdom. 

You may easily trace in the pattern of history, as far back as written records go, those who accumulated knowledge but had little Illumination as to what their talents and powers could do to lighten the burden of the race or hasten its evolution thus making easier the Pathway Home for those embodying upon the Earth. 

We now come again to a day when we are rendering a dual service - we are bringing the knowledge through, knowledge that is being recorded and which your human minds often times cannot fully grasp, but these records to be given at a later date to incoming lifestreams who are prepared to use it well. Recognize that the knowledge you are endeavoring to attain through the Flame of Illumination and understanding along with the little bit of the Law you truly understand becomes an externalization of the Grace of the Holy Spirit and the expression of your Causal Body in, through and around your human form. 

Beloved ones please feel the Flame of Illumination glow in your heart, your feeling world and your brain consciousness. This will give you an understanding of all you have been studying, and an applicable, workable Law, rather than just dry, bare facts. You can measure yourself in your studies without the need of an outside mentor by what the Greater Truth presented to you does! Be ever alert so that it does not fabricate spiritual arrogance or a separation from your fellow human in self-righteousness. Instead it should create a greater humility and make you more efficient in your service to your fellow human. Knowledge without Illumination becomes more dangerous than not knowing the Law at all. If this knowledge builds in you a greater realization of your capacity to serve Life, a greater desire to make calls for the peoples of Earth now, when fear and uncertainty fill the minds and hearts of the masses (which causes such tremendous pressures of energy to rise into the atmosphere) then your knowledge is being used for a good purpose - it is ILLUMINED from within by the motivating power of Pure Divine Love.




“It is an awesome thing to comprehend that what a human being dreams and imagines can be realized.”

Vanna Bonta


* * *


April 2015