Gift of LIGHT

Love, Illumination, Gratitude, Humility, Transformation

October 2015  

* * *

Assimilation and  Expansion

of the Electronic Pattern,


I AM the virtues of Grace and Healing, of Forgiveness and Peace, of Affluence and Discernment… and I AM manifesting the perfection of Divinity here in this world of form.



 Breathing Statement *for the Assimilation and  Expansion

of the Electronic Pattern


(Breathe in)                    I AM inbreathing

(Hold breath in)              I AM absorbing

(Breathe out)                  I AM expanding

(Hold breath out)            I AM projecting

...Peace Giving Presence of Oneness and Love! (3x)


* The breathing statement should be given four times for each full breath. On the inbreath, breath in the qualities contained within the Flame. As you hold your breath in, absorb the qualities deep within every part of your being. As you breathe out, expand and increase the power and momentum of the divine qualities you are calling forth through the power of the Holy Breath. As you hold your breath out of your body, project these magnificent God Qualities forth to all life. Repeat this exercise a minimum of three full breaths.

* * *  

Illumination of Peace

To be a wayshower among people is to be a living and breathing example of the Law which you affirm! This was the instruction that was given to all before they even took embodiment, and it takes the concentration of every lifestream through the entire course of that embodiment to become that Law.  

So when I speak to you who live in the world, you who go to business, you whose activities are mingled partly spiritual and partly material, I know that you have the pressure of the outer world, and the mass mind as well as the Divine Inspiration that you receive within your holy sanctuary and within the silent times when your hearts and minds are turned toward the Divine! Once again I say, that Infinite Power beating your hearts, that Infinite Power which is the Christ ever expanding from within your worlds is more Powerful than all human appearances, if you can but believe it to be so.  

I know that with your minds you want to believe; with your souls you want to believe, but there is yet so much within the etheric body, so many memories to be erased that there is yet resistance to the full acceptance of your own Divine Power to manifest through you this very hour, to use, to heal, and to set life free! 

Know that the tempter will put the question before you often; "Shall you be able to follow through with that which you have invoked for the blessing, healing and benediction of a soul in distress." Relying upon the Christ Power and holding against the appearance world that realization of the all power of Divinity through you to make things right, and holding your Flame steady you can let that Christ Light, qualified with healing, with peace, with purity, with balance, qualified with any God Gift flow forth for the blessing and upliftment of those with whom you come in contact. 

You have had many, many centuries of training! Most of you have been great powers of Light in Lemurian Ages and Atlantean Ages, in the days of the Buddha; you are great magnetizing centers, and through your own hearts beat the Gift of the Holy Spirit and the Gift of Divine Light. That power and momentum is within you, dormant though it may seem to be from time to time, but let it be revivified as you continue to turn your outer mind and attention to the fact that you did have and still do have a magnificent heritage which comes to you of the Divine, for you are individually part of this Divine Image and Likeness. 

You are individually surrounded by substance which are this Living Body, and that Substance is obedient because the One Universal Consciousness that Substance obeys you! That Substance waits to be molded into form according to your thought, your feeling, your spoken word and your gestures. 

Therefore, you are NOW the One Divine Universal Consciousness! You are NOW clothed in the Power of the Most High Living God! You are NOW at-one with the Divine. You are NOW embodying and radiating the Gifts and Virtues of the Divine which has been entrusted to you to convey to this Planet Earth.  

These gifts are the virtues, the virtues of Grace and Healing, of Forgiveness and Peace, of Opulence and Understanding. We could describe them without number, but those mighty and magnificent gifts are you as the magnificent cloak of the Christ was given in order to manifest the perfection of Divinity here in this world of Form. 

As we anchor more and more of Divine Poise and God Peace through your own Flames and that expands out and begins to STILL the energies of which I have spoken (which is the veil of maya), when they are still enough, there is no veil! It is just beautiful shining Light and the HERE and THERE are just one. 

Every person who has been raised in contemplation, who has come to a point of Peace, who has come to a place of one-pointed concentration of mind, who has been humble and selfless in service, has reached that point of penetrating through the veil for a moment, they have had the glory of seeing the Presence, the Angelic Host and the various Members of their Kingdom. It is the great test to bring back that Peace and Benediction which you receive in such moments of upliftment and give forth of that gift without losing its virtue. 

When there are all over the Planet enough lifestreams to hold the energy harmonized over and in and around these great cities, it is exactly like oil on troubled waters and will have the effect of placid lakes instead of those turbulent seas. These great lakes of energy will be magnetized and sustained by the trained students, and as they increase, they will have the same effects as the electrons as they expand and meet electrons - these lakes of Peace will grow until the turbulent sea has been entirely stilled. Then you will have a planetary atmosphere of Cosmic Peace through which discord can longer exist. 

We live to create this Kingdom of Heaven on Earth, and we can create it only by establishing individual, collective, and then planetary Peace upon the surface of the Earth. In the atmosphere around the Earth there is this turbulent moving energy of which I speak, and yet in the midst of all that, one lifestream, turning their attention toward the One Universal Divine Consciousness can draw enough Peace to hold the balance for a community, a city, a state, or a nation! 

The great Lord Gautama offers you the power to hold the PEACE in small things, and then when the greater things come, your momentum is gained, your pattern is set, you have built up the habit of holding the Peace. A habit is only the repetition of certain activities done over and over until a momentum is built. 

Let us now put into practice the Divine Habit and become chelas in Divine Order bringing Peace to this Earth. Let us make our Habit more than just a garment to cover the physical form; let us make this Habit an activity of our nature, wherein it was first designed, the Divine Habit of bringing Peace; the Divine Habit of speaking words of a constructive nature; the Divine Habit of seeing Perfection; the Divine Habit of refusing to enter into discord. Most every human being creates habits of a human nature, now I challenge you to consciously create the Habit of Divinity! 

In the Name of Life and Light Eternal FEEL that Divine Power which has been brought, and that it be for you eternally sustained, all powerfully active and ever expanding, so that any instant when you feel the requirement for more than the momentum you have already drawn forth, you need only to call to the One Universal Consciousness and Divine Grace and Peace shall be forth coming instantly.  

* * * 

One Love

Any activity to be really effective must carry the radiation of Love, for we well know that it is the Cohesive Power of the Universe, and without Love any service or activity is not of a lasting nature. This is evident in the simple example of your personal belongings, be it your home, furniture, your attire or other possessions, if you do not love them and take care of them, they show the signs of disintegration. A jewel which is loved becomes much more brilliant through wearing it, as does the carefully tended garden yield the beauty of its pattern. One must Love all life - all the components, the elements which comprise any manifestation, through going deeper into the Heart of his being and experiencing the ONENESS of all Life.

You mentally accept that there is no separation in life, but I emphatically wish to impress upon your consciousness the necessity of accepting that Truth in your feeling worlds. When you can get the full realization that all life must be loved, and put that Truth into practice, then you will have entered into the important and the necessary activity of loving life Free, until all forms return to their original Perfection, as was manifest in the early Golden Ages. 

A chela whose heart expresses Love in their actions is a charitable person, one who has entered into a deep understanding of the Law of Life. I refer to the individual who can impersonally love all life, not just that part or expression which is pleasing to them. The Universe only exists because of the All-Loving Principle of Love. Dear children on the Path, I counsel you to open the doors of your feeling world and let the Love Element in… in ever greater measure. You know that the feeling world is the Power which propels any idea or activity into manifestation! 

Share with all life the Gifts which are in your glorious Causal Bodies! Expand your consciousness with the concepts in your mental vehicles which are in accord with Perfection. Let Tolerance in, and release from your world all feelings which bear the stamp of the human ego. Holding fast to the human is a very subtle means through which your progress in the Light is slowed. Ask the Sacred Fire to purify your consciousness so that the Holy Christ Self, can take full control. Remember the Violet Fire Angels are in attendance, ready and willing, to assist you as you so signify. 

The fact that the Christ Self should be the Divine Director of your lifestream has been presented to you these many years, and we have attempted to imprint that Truth into your consciousness. I say to you with all the emphasis of my Being, that the time has arrived when you should have advanced sufficiently to accept the Christ and BE that Perfection in Action at all times. Nothing except the human ego is delaying that accomplishment. 

As you embrace the Truth that Divine Love should be acting in, through and around you at all times, you will find that all unconstructive activities will be removed from your beings and worlds, all lack of every good and perfect thing; the holding of resentment, rebellion and the discordant qualities will disappear when Love is the Motivating Power in your thoughts, words and deeds. The Flame of Pure Divine Love will flow freely on your every Breath to free imprisoned life and restore it to the Beauty of its original creation. This you have vowed to do at Inner Levels, to make good your pledge to the All-embracing Love of the Supreme Source! 

One cannot enter half-heartedly into service to life. Remember you are all Children of Love, born from the Heart of an All Loving One Universal Consciousness, and as you were sent forth in Love, that Love was accompanied by Faith and Hope. This is the triple activity - Faith, Hope and Charity (Love). Invoke the Beloved Faith, Beloved Hope and Love to assist you. Invite us as Friends into your heart, contemplate this Service to Life and obtain the realization that we are in this Universe for a purpose, and that purpose is to be fulfilled through the life evolving on this Earth. 

Remember that all misqualified energy can be redeemed into Harmony through the Quality of Pure Divine Love, and on that Beam of Love do the magnificent Qualities of the Supreme Source flow. Enter, oh chelas, into the World of Perfection, and through the following visualization become ONE in Consciousness:  Let us see the Earth as a blazing Golden Orb, sending forth the Qualities of the Seven Rays, and as the colors of those Rays expand, above the Earth visualize a tremendous Heart of Pink Light. As you hold this picture, direct the Flame of Love into the Earth. 

Now let your emotional world amplify this Love. Feel it pulsating from your being, and see the Angelic Legions who serve the Planet encircle and expand Divine Love throughout the Universe! The Cosmic Law decrees that these basic facts of the Spiritual Law be given to the children of Earth for application at this time. And so it shall be! 

The time has passed when these Laws are just to entertain your Mental Vehicle and let you store up and not put into application the very tenets of the Spiritual Law which have been so lovingly given to you and which so many have permitted to entertain their consciousness! Action is required by you to balance the release of the Holy Energy.

Know that the Flame of Divine Love always enfolds you - that Love is dwelling within the Heart of your Holy Christ Self, and it is the glorious responsibility which has been placed upon your shoulders to fill your consciousness with the Love of all Life, so that you will joyously enter into the activity of doing only Divine Will! Know that… GOD IS LOVE… Love is Good…






November 2015