May 1, 2020

Beloved of My Heart,

My message today will be brief but what I have to share with you is no less important, at this time of great change for your beloved planet and all life evolving upon it. First, it is my greatest pleasure to welcome each and every one of you and thank you for answering the sacred call that went forth from the Higher Realms so long ago. I AM grateful, so very grateful for your response.

Let me now begin with a very important question. Do you know the meaning of “the Dark Night of the Soul”? This is something you will all experience at some point on the path of your own spiritual development and evolution. It often happens at a time when you should be extremely happy and most satisfied with your life. Instead you enter a deep depression of spirit filled with sadness, despair and hopelessness. You may feel overwhelmingly trapped because of all the limitations and restrictions you have placed upon your life experience either consciously or unconsciously. You may even feel a deep sense of loss, for you haven’t really found your true self yet. This can be a time when you find you no longer need the approval of others. Instead your desire is to get to know them better at a deeper level. You may also begin to re-consider what you have always believed “success” to mean in your life. Are my words beginning to sound familiar my beloved chelas?

At this challenging time you may even feel physically unwell, with vague and confusing symptoms, to the point that you think you may be dying, because at inner levels you are. You will then be re-born and begin functioning at a much higher level of consciousness. Beloved ones, what you are experiencing is nothing more than the distress of your own spiritual re-birth! All the thoughts, the feelings, the memories and each and every experience you have carried around with you, perhaps for many, many lifetimes, are things that you no longer need. They are then transmuted and released as you are transformed. Think of this as the magnificent process of an ordinary caterpillar becoming a beautiful butterfly!

During this time you will come to the point where all you desire is to be still for a while, as you become more comfortable with your new self—a beautiful Being of Light who walks softly through this world wiser, more loving, more powerful and more peaceful than ever before. When this happens, and know that it has or soon will my dear chelas, your spiritual transformation truly begins! All that has preceded was nothing more than preparation. Your real training begins now as your entire planet and the many magnificent lifeforms that flourish upon her are also beginning to experience together their own dark night and it is your strength, wisdom and love that is required.

Just a few short months ago the world, by all outer appearances, seemed to be in an acceptable place. Economies were growing and the ‘good life’ was available to many. Scientific breakthroughs were happening every day and people everywhere were connecting at new and exciting levels. Yes, there were those who complained, criticized and even spoke of possible hostilities and this will continue until they reach the point in their evolution where this type of attention is no longer necessary.

And then, in the blink of a cosmic eye, everything changed! An invisible predator began to move across your planet. Not only did it physically kill men, women and children throughout your world, it killed jobs. It destroyed businesses and economies, large and small alike. Everyone was filled with anxiety and fear. In what seemed like an instant, it brought the Earth to a standstill. It preyed upon the unique life and way of being of each and every person and no one was immune!

It seems like nothing will ever be the same and it won’t but if together humanity so chooses, it will be better. All people must now unite. I do not mean there must be one government to dominate and control the rest of the world. Each country is unique with its own special gifts and talents just as each of you have. Instead, the Earth must become ONE planet constantly celebrating the beauty and perfection of every lifestream, acknowledging the extraordinary Light within the heart of each and every soul. . . . Now, contemplate my words. . . . .  Experience the truth and reality of my perfect vision, for it truly is magnificent!  

“What is it I AM supposed to do with this information?” you now ask. My answer is simple. I call upon each one of you to stand firmly in your own Divinity. I ask you to lovingly hold this entire planet within your minds and hearts as she goes through her own transformation. Connect with your higher self and follow your inner guidance.

Some of you will be the teachers and share information about what is taking place and how to make it better. Some of you will serve as silent watchers and mighty protectors who hold space and keep others safe as they too work their way through these difficult times. Some of you will be healers, calming, ministering and treating the minds, emotions and physical bodies of those in need whose lives have been stripped of everything they thought they knew.

Some of you will be peacemakers, enfolding everyone and everything in a magnificent cloak of peace bringing goodwill and harmony to others through your actions and words of encouragement. And some of you will just trust and simply be, doing your best to navigate through these tumultuous times. And, beloved ones, you will do this not dressed in fine vestments and sparkling jewels, not surrounded by the accoutrements of supremacy and dominance but just as everyone else, no higher or lower, no better or lesser—but as equals without judgment or opinions of any kind . . . . .

If my words this morning ring of truth and freedom know that throughout the many months and years to come or whenever necessary, additional teachings on this subject will be released by myself or another member of the Spiritual Hierarchy. Until then we love, bless and thank you, each and every one for your presence and attention this day and every day. Keep on keeping on my beloved sisters and brothers, as together we continue upon a glorious path toward full enlightenment and perfect freedom.   

Faithfully, I AM your brother in the Light,

Saint Germain