December 21, 2020

Blessed of My Heart,

I come to you today to enfold you and each and every other member of the human race in my loving embrace; to fill you with my caring adoration and respect for your very existence on this planet. Whether you have assisted this world for hundreds of lifetimes, or this is your very first embodiment, I bow before your great Light as I, an archetype of the Divine Feminine and one of the many Divine Mothers serving primarily from the Higher Realms, desire to share my words with you on this very special day.

Strange how the many thoughts of each member of the human family can waft as gentle as a summer breeze—then again as a torrential rainfall, until one seeks the Peace of God within their hearts, listening for that still small voice, whose great power can quiet the ethers surrounding you as it pours forth its love to encompass all things as you continue traveling life’s mighty highway on your way back home into the Heart of the Universal Divine. It is now time to answer that sacred voice!

This divine being—part of the Holy Presence of all Life—is constantly waiting, waiting until you, my children, once again turn your eyes to the mountain tops seeking my spiritual guidance, as I AM ever willing to share my wisdom with all who ask. And when you do, my great and powerful, all-encompassing love will fill and permeate you and the space around you. May you then learn to feel this same love, which is closer to you than your every breath and beats your hearts every second of every day throughout all time, sharing this glorious gift with those who may cross your path throughout your life’s journey.

This pure Flame of Love within every heart can never be tainted or lacking for it is the pure Love of the Divine. True it may often be shrouded by human discord and conflict, but no longer shall this Light be suppressed or held in bondage ever again. Harmony, Peace, Compassion and Love will now become your reigning qualities as your return journey home is filled with happiness and hope, until nothing of a lesser energy or vibration can manifest within you or on this blessed planet. Once again all will become united as ONE and produce only perfection through all eternity!

This beloved ones, is my magnificent vision for you each one and as a whole. I ask that you take my words to heart and always respond to that small but powerful voice within as I reveal a sacred event that rarely happens in your world!

As many of you may have observed, the energy of each and every yearly cycle usually begins to flow forth and affect those with the eyes to see and the ears to hear about four months before the end of the year but because of all that has happened during this year of 2020 at every level, this energy has been tamped down or part even withheld, that is until now.

On this, the twenty-first day of December, I and all my sisters in Heaven shall send our energy forth as one powerful beam of Light to purify and transmute all negativity of every kind that has affected your planet since the first day of this very uncommon year. Then, at the stroke of midnight on the last night of this sacred month we shall turn over to you, our blessed chelas, a pure and perfect new and magnificent year. At that moment it shall become your purpose and your mission to cleanse, transform and liberate, with all the love and compassion within your heart, everything not of the Light from that time forward.

Blaze the flames forth beloved ones and burn away the energies of the past and the present with the sacred fires preparing the way for the future! Clear the way for many new energies to become firmly established on your Earth. Then I ask that you open yourselves fully, taking all the time you need to experience this same divine gift before moving forward into the new year.  

Will this task be effortless and undemanding you ask? My answer is no, no it will not. There will be challenges. There will be uncertainty. Your world may face much adversity and possible hardships, but we have observed your progress over many lifetimes and believe you are now up to this task. It has never been more important to go within and remain connected to your higher self.

There is a new star in the heavens tonight—a harbinger of hope and a bringer of great joy, of freedom and of redemption! Always remember beloved ones your heart is always right. This is not the case with your mind, your thoughts and ideas, or your memories for they often tend to get in the way of how you experience life. And at those times when you falter, lift your hearts to me and I promise I will be there my dearly beloved ones for I AM your Divine Mother and one of the many Goddesses of the Divine Feminine. Together this is our time and our era. Join us now as we begin the process of transforming your world!