Independence Day

July 4, 2020

Beloved of My Heart,

Since my last formal communication with you two months ago, much has taken place in your world. The negativity, discord and unrest that has spread across the land has reached the higher realms and all who reside here have now chosen to act and assist you in reigning in the lesser forces running rampant throughout the Earth. No longer do you need to feel alone beloved ones, for you are not alone and never were! It was our desire to remain relatively silent so all of humanity could step out on their own and fully test their skills and mastery. I must say, some of you have done very, very well but there are those who need more time.

Twenty years ago, on the very first morning of the New Millennia, as I stood beside, our blessed brother Micah, he said to all who would listen, “Part of your mission dear chelas is the complete purification of the etheric records, memories and effects within the substance of the bodies of the Earth and all her evolutions… You shall obtain increasing assistance from your brothers and sisters as they awaken… As they begin to stir from their slumber of the ages, for a time more etheric memories may be stirred up than can be purified…”

He then went on to say, “You have been told many times that the entire first part of this New Age will involve working with the aspects of the Seventh Ray dealing primarily with forgiveness, mercy and transmutation… One reason is that your newly awakened sister’s and brother’s consciousness is open in the extreme…During this phase of their awakening they may be unaware of the need for both protection and transmutation.”

This is where you come in—must come in—beloved ones. You who have the knowledge. You, who have mastered the techniques and now fully understand the importance of the Violet Fire, must use this sacred gift every minute of every day until you truly become my Flame of Freedom throughout your blessed planet Earth!

Especially during this time of tremendous transition my Flame must go forth and enter the hearts, minds, beings and worlds of all people everywhere, whether they are aware of this sacred gift given to them or not. My sacred fire must be used constantly to seek out, enter every nook and cranny, every crack and opening where negativity of any kind has gained a foothold and actively transform this darkness into the Light of God that is Eternally Victorious!

I ask that you continue to expand your service to life and constantly share the importance of the Violet Flame with all who will listen. Reveal the limitless ways in which my sacred fire can be used in daily life to assist everyone--your loved ones, your homes, businesses, towns, cities and countries. Impart the importance of the sacred teachings that have come down through the ages to support humanity!

Blessed ones, infuse the Violet Fire into everything you allow into your bodies that offers you sustenance. This includes all food you consume, the liquids you drink or use to cleanse your bodies, the air you breathe, the music you hear and even the environment that surrounds you. Maintain a pure and perfect body through the constant use of my sacred flames. In addition, on those occasions when disharmony of any kind affects you, increase the use of my gift to free yourselves from any symptom of dis-ease.

Observe what is taking place around you. Whenever you see or hear discord of any kind, send the Violet Fire into each situation. This is especially important to use with all leaders, politicians, governments and every place where people gather, as some of their motives may not be genuine, creating actions that may be unfavorable or even harmful.

As you consider my request today, you may be asking yourself how can I work with the Violet Fire any more than I already am. My answer to you is you must and I assure you, you will not be alone! At this very critical point in the Earth’s evolution my gift and the many gifts of  my beloved Lady Portia, Lady Kwan Yin, Archangel Zadkiel and Holy Amethyst, and the Elohim Arcturus and Lady Diana must be used and not just on Saturdays. What the world needs now more than ever is mercy, compassion and forgiveness; along with the increased use of the power of invocation and ordered service; and of course my gifts of transmutation and freedom! As I have said many times before, “The Violet Fire is intelligent. It will go into any situation, person or object as long as someone such as you, my beloved chelas are available to serve as the conductor of this sacred and holy energy”!

On this special day of celebration I would also like to impart some additional wisdom,  this time from the great Archangel Michael when he spoke many years ago about the concept of ‘divide and conquer’. I choose to do so because this tactic is being used right now everywhere upon the planet by many individuals and groups who are well versed in the efficacy of this damaging maneuver.

Michael stated, “Such an activity can actually undo the work of centuries if it is allowed a foothold within a group or country…in an attempt to make issues go in the specific direction they [the leader] personally desire, whether or not this is in the best interest…” He went on to say, “…beings caught up in the lower astral plane may also use the concept of ‘divide and conquer’. They will use any negative quality that may still be lingering in your four lower vehicles such as fear or lack of trust, attempting to magnify a small negativity into an out-of-balance reaction to separate people… Should this happen to you, it is wise to step up the activity of protection around yourself…. Remember that without the proper protection, you often open yourself to attack.”    

Recognize when this strategy is being used beloved ones and call forth the Violet Fire to free yourself from its effects. Assist those around you in understanding this undesirable and destructive concept so they too may also learn to free themselves and their loved ones. Humanity has forgotten the true meaning of freedom. As my chelas, you must use my gift and through its constant use; create the perfect sacred space upon and within this planet so that the specific service and activity of all the other sacred flames will more easily be realized.

Together let us begin this process as I now perfectly construct a new edict. Please close your eyes and visualize:


Violet Fire Descend! Violet Fire Descend!

Violet Fire Descend, Descend, Descend! 

Violet Fire Defend! Violet Fire Defend!

 Violet Fire Defend, Defend, Defend! 

Violet Fire Expand! Violet Fire Expand!

Violet Fire Expand, Expand, Expand! 

Violet Fire Command! Violet Fire Command!

Violet Fire Command, Command, Command! 

Violet Fire I AM! Violet Fire I AM!

 Violet Fire I AM, I AM, I AM! 

Two more times, this time together! . . . .  

. . . . We so decree it, and accept it done. . . . As God’s Most Holy Name I AM!

As our holy words ring throughout the world and this vibration begins to resonate to the very center of the planet, then upward to the outer reaches of Earth’s atmosphere, the sacred activity of perfect healing has begun. Beloved of my heart, it is now up to all of us together, to continue the momentum we have created through this, our new mantra. A holy mantra for this new age! Let freedom ring throughout the Earth now and forever! I thank you for your attention this day. 

Forever grateful, I shall always be your brother in the Light,

Saint Germain