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on the Court of King Arthur

Beloved of the Light, I greet you! Fifteen hundred years have passed across the screen of Life since we sat all together around a table, and I endeavored in my limited consciousness to convey to you my dream, my vision, of a universal and a world brotherhood! 

Ah, how easy seems the fulfillment of a vision when you stand in the freedom of your garments of Life and Light, and are not clothed round by the bands of forgetfulness and the heavy weight of flesh with its appetites, its passions, and its lust; when the atmosphere in which you witness the Glory of God and his design is filled only with the Oneness of harmonious purpose, and not with the variegated shadows that form the effluvia of the consciousness of mankind. 

How often you have stood thus and looked upon some portion of the great Divine Scheme of ever-abiding perfection and you too, as I, have said "How beautiful, how simple, how easy of accomplishment!" Then filled with the hope of drawing into the substance of the earth the glory of the Kingdom of Heaven, you eagerly rushed toward those who waited to place you within a garment by which incarnation in this world might take place. Only in those years when the vision became clouded and the lifestreams who had so freely sworn to serve with you, caught in the meshes of their own karma, began to fall away, did you question within your hearts as to whether that mission was idle imagery of your own making or an Eternal Truth clothed in the clouds of your own karmic limitations. As the Court of Arthur grew, each knight swore by his own heartbeat and lifeblood to serve the Cause of Right. 

You today, each one individually, love "Right" but the difficulty came in your interpretation of that which was "Right," and soon my voice was lost amidst the tumultuous shouting of your own natures - for one thought it was "right" to destroy all that opposed good, even through the shedding of blood; another in defining "Right" believed it to be the forsaking of mankind and living within the confines of the hermitage; another found "Right" in family association on and on ad infinitum, until the confusion grew to a point where I myself, as Arthur no longer knew which interpretation was "Right" according to God's code. In that life, if I learned no other thing, I learned that man shall swear not to serve anything but Divine Love, which can never be interpreted by human standards but only within the honesty of the inmost soul. So, the days of Arthur passed and we all wended our way through the paths of life, meeting now and again, sometimes with a sense of remembrance, and ofttimes not even recognizing our closeness in the centuries that had been. 

Again, today we join together to serve the Cause of Love, and that Holy Grail which is the symbol of the individual consciousness each one of you has brought into this room. It is the Cup containing within it the shadows and the light that your soul has accumulated through the centuries. It is my Purpose to so purify each Cup by the melting away of the shadow, as you will permit me, that when you raise it in communion with your own Christos, you may clearly, distinctly and always receive through that communion the direction of the moment; then molding the substance of the Universal Light within that Grail, let it shine forth in Mastery over all conditions in which you move. 

No longer shall the so-called "Elect" carry the Grail and the eyes of the profane be blinded to its Light. Every consciousness that desires my assistance, desires to know the Will of God (for the planet, for the millions and millions of lives evolving upon it, and for their individual and selective progress) shall have my assistance! You, each one, shall become that Holy Grail, the Chalice from whence those who are yet seeking in darkness may drink of the substance of the Father in confidence and power, and drawing it into their nature through the very power of the contagion of Life and Love of God, become in themselves Grails through which their Divinity may pour the full gathered momentum of its plan and purpose into externalized form. 

"I Am" a man of Action! Although "I Am" a product of the Eastern evolution, I have always been violently opposed to vision without accomplishment, and it is for this reason that I have been chosen presently to abide as the Representative of the Will of God for the people of earth; but, how in the name of Heaven and all that is Holy shall the people of earth have the fullness of God's great Love and Design, if the "shepherds" themselves are not acquainted with the plan and purpose to which we have devoted our lives and centuries after centuries of service? 

I am endeavoring to draw back the curtain and allow those who choose to look upon the work of the Brotherhood to open (to the minds of those willing to accept) the doorway into the Heart of the Universal Father. However, I bring grave responsibility with my gift, for vision without action draws karma that is not of benefit to the soul. So, although the impetuosity of my nature is such that I would, with one wave of the hand, reveal the fullness of the glory of the future, for the sake of the individual soul, I hold my patience lest you, (seeing more and abiding in the conscious knowledge of what is to be done) did not, by reason of your personal weaknesses, assist in its accomplishment, the responsibility of revealing to you the part you might play would be too great for me, in Love, to take upon my shoulders. 

Little by little, according to the use of your energies, am I willing to bring to you the design and plan of the Father, and the brothers for his Kingdom. 

The tremendous assemblage at Darjeeling both startled and amazed us, as this is the first time we have opened the doors of this Council to the mass of mankind. Millions of souls came whose heart prayer in the quiet of the night is know the Will of God for this war-torn world, as well as for their individual peace and security, drew them like moths to the flame. The gentlest prayer to know his Will is the magnet that draws the soul to that Spiritual Intelligence who can reveal that Will. 

In this is great hope, because in the extremity of earth's present chaotic shadows, thousands and thousands of constructive lifestreams are kneeling before the Altar of their own Christ, or whatsoever name they choose to call him, and asking that the revelation of the Will of God come to the great, to the leaders, to those who are responsible for the control of the masses. All of that is energy in my hand, at my fingertips, and these people SHALL know the Will of God! They shall know the Truth through those who are presently in positions of authority, and they shall know it through those who are humble and seemingly without authority, for the call from the Heart of Life cannot be denied. It causes rejoicing in the Heart of Heaven Itself that man seeks God's Will this day! 

Last evening before the meeting, my Beloved Guru, the Maha Sahib, came to me and, placing his arm around my shoulder, he said: "Son, since I have taken this Office I have never seen such a response from unascended beings in desiring to know God's Will, and I shall give all the strength of my position to you in fulfilling it!" Words from the Maha Sahib that you take so lightly, fill our Hearts with reverence, and we carry them as you would carry the most precious elixir that would give to you the fullness of everything that you desire. Would you believe it that over and over in this last twenty-four hour period, I have repeated to myself those words? 

Oh, beloved children of earth, would that you might come to an understanding of the precious gift of the words of the Maha Chohan who for years has poured out a ceaseless, unending, constant stream of his energies on your behalf-energies that he might have invested cosmically but which He invested through Love that your souls might know light and your hearts know happiness! 

I thank you, beloved friends for the opportunity of speaking with you, of joining you and sharing in the communion of the blending of your Spiritual natures. May the time come soon when the veil within your own consciousness is parted and you have the doubtful joy of looking upon my physical presence! I THANK You. 






Master Morya, we thank you for all that you do

In the raising of mankind of earth;

Blazing forth your Light Rays through the hearts of the few

Dedicating their souls to rebirth.

Let us ever draw forth from the Presence above

The God Light that illumines all men,

So, they see the good works of the Father of Love

And the Masters walk with us again. 

Master Morya, our hearts are o'erflowing with Love

For the Light and the Truth that you bring

Teach us ever to live in the Presence above

That through us all the Angels may sing.

Let us all understand and ever expand

The knowledge of God's Sacred Fire,

That the earth may be raised to her place in the Sun

In fulfillment of thy great Desire. 

Master Morya, we bless you for being the one

To assist our Beloved Saint Germain;

To expand his Great Work as before you have done

And to raise us again and again.

Thou art always adored, thou Great Cosmic Lord!

Stand forth now to our visible sight-

That we all may be bathed in the Light from your heart

Dedicated as Guardians of Light! 


(Can be sung to the tune of '"Believe Me If All Those Endearing Young Charms.")





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