March, 1955


I invoke the Cosmic Spirit of Resurrection to connect with the Immortal Three-Fold Flame within your hearts and to expand, expand and forever expand its pressure until the flesh is quickened, the mind illumined, the feelings harmonized and the etheric body purified by Its life-giving powers. 

For many centuries, I have been privileged to utilize the already generated and consecrated power of the Resurrection Flame in order to bring forth from seeming death the life and sustenance, the beauty and inspiration of the Nature Kingdom. In rare instances, I have been privileged to assist an evolving lifestream to connect with this Resurrection Flame and thus restore the natural Spiritual nature, transforming the flesh and sublimating the lower nature through its resuscitating powers. 

As we enter again the Retreat of the Resurrection, as well as the season of Springtime, I urge each chela to endeavor consciously to magnetize this Resurrection Flame and draw it through whatever particular portion of mind, body or soul that has fallen below its natural Divine perfection. None of these Cosmic Flames will avail mankind of blessing unless and until mankind experiments with their use in a practical, scientific manner. It is time that the chelas who have been invited into the Presence of the Ascended Host show actual fruit and harvest because of their proximity to the focus of the Cosmic Flames honored in each thirty-day cycle. In the name of your God, I implore you personally, individually, to resurrect some portion of your world in this thirty day period. If you will, I shall go with you before the Karmic Board with your proof of the efficacy of the Cosmic Flames drawn through unascended lifestreams which does restore perfection where the inroads of discord, inharmony and distress have created imperfection. 

I do not need to convince any sane person that the power of Resurrection is real. Everyone who has witnessed the glory of one Springtime has seen its practical, powerful efficacy. However, I do need to convince the reluctant feeling world (slumbering in its acceptance of disintegration and decay) that the power of the Resurrection is available to every consciousness - angelic, human and elemental. TRY IT OUT! 

Love and blessings,



* * * 


March 1955


 In the Name and Authority of my own Beloved "I AM" Presence (my very life) I call to that same individualized Presence of life (God) anchored in your own heart to ARISE within you. I call him into action to look in, around and through your world and pass the full power of the Resurrection Flame through all the substance there. This shall bring forth and increase all the good (which you want) and cause the rest to be transmuted into the purity of light from which it originally came. In the name of this glorious "I AM" Presence, I command this to be done for you and through you once every hour, in ever expanding power, until you are the Master of your world forever. This shall be! Try to feel this reality and accept it! 

Do you realize, dear friend, even though you may not know much about the Resurrection Flame, how many times it has blessed you and me in every embodiment we have had all through the ages? Every eleven months the physical body completely renews itself, throwing off the old and bringing into manifestation the new; every healing that has ever taken place was a use of this Flame, bringing back into its original perfection (re-surrecting) whatever had been damaged or thrown out of balance for some reason. This Flame is constantly at work in through and around us and many, many times has been used by the Master in the answering of our calls. 

It is now the desire of the dear Maha Chohan and Ascended Host who are working with us in this New Activity, that WE (you and I and all under this radiation) NOW BEGIN to consciously accept the reality of this Flame and daily use it to produce the healing, comfort, harmony and supply we require for our successful sojourn in this physical appearance world. God, our Father (the "I AM" Presence anchored in every heart) WANTS US TO BE HAPPY, HEALTHY, PROSPEROUS and FREE from all that is not the perfection which he designed for his creation. You will remember the Bible says, "God looked upon his work and it was VERY GOOD." That which is NOT 'very good’ today is the result of the human imposition of selfishness, impurity and imperfection of every kind UPON the perfection God intended. 

By the constant use of Beloved Jesus' statement "I AM THE RESURRECTION AND THE LIFE…" we can and should at least BEGIN to adjust everything in our daily experience and bring all into perfect Divine Order. At least, WE CAN TRY! To use FAITHFULLY and WITH FEELING "I AM the resurrection and the life of my finances (repeat 3 times) NOW MADE MANIFEST" will positively bring those results if you will persist in its use long enough and put your feelings into it. You can use the many idle moments one has during the day, riding back and forth from shopping or work, waiting for someone on the telephone, etc., and make it a constant HABIT to use that statement in various forms, whatever you want to manifest. For instance, "I AM the resurrection and the life of the Ascended Jesus Christ harmony of this home and family (repeat 3 times) NOW MADE MANIFEST." Then LOOK for that harmony - EXPECT IT! Encourage every little improvement and make it grow. "I AM the resurrection and the life of the Divine Justice of this whole situation (repeat 3 times) NOW MADE MANIFEST." "I AM the resurrection and the life of the perfect health and action of every cell and organ of my body here and now." Just saying it ONCE won't do the trick! It is constantly and determinedly impressing the outer consciousness with the TRUTH of this statement until the outer self REALLY BELIEVES IT, then INSTANTLY the manifestation takes place, visible and tangible before your very eyes. This is a habit you will never want to break and the constant use of picturing the luminous Presence of the Beloved Master Jesus (described last month) around everyone and everything you want perfected will do much to hasten your manifestation of perfection. "If ye know these things - happy are ye IF YE DO THEM" Jesus.




The statement to be used for this Transmission Flame Class is:

1               2        3        4                  5                  6        7                  8

"I AM" Inbreathing the rising feeling of the Resurrection Flame from beloved Jesus 

The above is repeated using the words "I AM absorbing…" "I AM expanding..." and "I AM loving..." Of course, the group of these 4 is used over and over until it has been repeated 12 times aloud. Then the rhythmic breathing continues for 20 minutes longer in silence, each individual repeating the above statements silently to himself. 

The melody to be used preceding all classes during this period is Schubert's "Ave Maria." Gounod's "Ave Maria" may also be used.  

The color of the Resurrection Flame is "Mother-of-Pearl." 

Lovingly all ways in the light

"I AM"       









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