An Instruction by the Maha Chohan 

Harmony, a pre-requisite to Drawing Light

Today we are studying the mechanics that govern the inner bodies. You will see upon contemplating the notes how the disintegration of the lower bodies begins to take place from the first uncontrolled thought and feeling that is allowed to break the natural harmony of the vehicles that are provided for the incoming soul. 

You are dealing with a great number of individuals who have been lighting dynamite in their living rooms from the day their eyes opened in the third dimension. 

These people when they come into the Light, turning their attention to the power of God, begin to draw more Light into their bodies. This Light would naturally harmonize and repolarize the lower bodies if a measure of self-control was maintained, BUT with the dissonance already so great, just to call Power into the various vibratory actions is to energize the already present discord. 

If any individual who enters this Activity were to harmonize himself or herself and enter these classes, drawing the Power of Light through the lower vehicles, he or she could create an immortal body in less than a year. 

Only one way to Become Immune to Destructive Vibrations 

There is only one way for mankind to come back to a state of immunity which was symbolized in the Garden of Eden that is to consciously draw the Light into the four lower bodies, and that Light will act similarly to an electric charger as it flows into each electron causing it to spin more rapidly in its orbit and gradually accelerating the vibratory rate of the lower bodies, which if sustained by conscious effort will bring the lifestream to a state wherein discord and imperfection will no longer register. 

How to Disconnect Yourself from Discord 

The purpose of drawing the Light consciously into one's body is to increase the vibratory action of the electrons by an added charge of power, and as each electron spins around the central core of the atom to which it belongs, its increased vibratory action changes the contours of the body and the processes of your thinking and feeling, and when this acceleration has taken place to a certain intensity the slower vibrations of discord, disease and disintegration can no more attach themselves to the set of vehicles attaining his state of acceleration than a turtle could mount a speeding express train. 

Think before you Speak and act, and before you Feel 

Before man comes to the place where he may join the Gods he must master the vibrations of his bodies to a point where they do not create dissonance in their own or another's world. 

If you will think before you speak and act and before you feel, it will enable the elements of your bodies to return to their original beauty, harmony and peace, because as soon as the pressure of discord is consciously controlled the lifestream's natural state begins to establish itself as the Holy Christ Self returns the electrons to their natural orbits, and that is why individuals who have come to the place of mastery and peace attain great beauty and why all your Gods and Goddesses are expressions of Divine Majesty, Dignity, Glory and Harmony. 

Old age and Disintegration are not Natural Activities of Life 

The appearance of your physical body is determined by the amount of Light that is used within the four lower vehicles, the mental, emotional, etheric and physical bodies. 

The natural emanation of Light through the lower bodies forms the protecting Wall referred to in your instructions as the Tube of Light. 

When the electrons move more slowly in their particular organs and cells, they draw less light from the Holy Christ Self and the natural resistance of the lifestream grows weaker. 

When the race becomes harmonious and the energy released through their bodies is never qualified discordantly there will be no such thing as old age, disease, and the vehicles, when abandoned at the close of that particular phase of life's experience, will be in as perfect a condition as when they were designed by the Builders of Form. 

You can grow more Beautiful as you grow Older 

When mankind takes a real interest in the vibratory actions that they allow to pass through their bodies, a state of very great harmony and beauty will be expressed within their lifestreams. 

The bodies of the Ascended Masters, the Angelic Host as well as the Cherubic and Seraphic Guard are ever growing finer and more beautiful as the energy pouring through the electrons is ever charged with more light, Love and Balance. Thus, the Master Jesus, who ascended many centuries ago is a far more majestic figure today than at that time. 

As above, so should it be here below and the lifestream who has attained to maturity should be more beautiful and exquisite in face and form as the years go on, and so shall it be in the days that are to come. 

But for an individual with a conscious knowledge of this Law it would be a glorious experience and manifestation if a few of them would choose to experiment with this Law of Harmony and would allow us freedom to create bodies such as have never before been seen on this Earth since it began. 

The Holy Christ Self of each lifestream is as beautiful as the most perfect Angelic Being that you could conceive of, and the individual Christ Selves will duplicate that beauty through any flesh form who so desires it with a little cooperation and conscious study by the personal self. 

I Am willing to assist in this experiment with any or all who choose to make the necessary effort at self control. 

The Elohim of Peace, the Master Harmony, the Powers of Purity and the Builders of Form will join you in this and it will be a very great privilege for your lifestream to render this service. 

How to Prolong the Usefulness of Your Body 

When the battery in your car runs down it is attached to equipment provided to recharge it. 

The battery of your physical, mental, emotional and etheric bodies is likewise depleted by constant usage and as that battery runs down, the vibratory action of your bodies becomes slower and slower, just as the revolution of the propeller within the car, and finally ceases motion if the body is what you call "dead". 

When your bodies come to this state (which usually occurs from the early sixties onward) you immediately become a prey to the unseen vibrations that move at a similarly slow rate through the physical plane. These vibrations are sickness, mental disorders and ultimately the condition of disintegration, known to the mortal mind as death. 

People say "the resistance is gone", which is true because the amount of Light allotted to the four bodies for that embodiment has been spent through excesses of emotional, mental and physical nature. 

UNLESS such an individual knows how to recharge the lower bodies by consciously drawing Light from the Heart of God (just as the battery of the car was recharged), such an individual finally slips into the natural experience of disintegration and passes the change. 

In the early Biblical days men and women lived from seven hundred to a thousand years in one body. 

How to Draw Light to Your Body 

You have learned how essential it is to draw from the Presence LIGHT which is the food of the inner bodies and the only means by which their vibratory action can be accelerated. 

How do you draw LIGHT? You draw it by the magnetic law of attraction. Your attention is a funnel, where you direct it, there immediately begins to flow the substance upon which you directed your attention into your world. Through this funnel comes over the Ascended Master Consciousness and the Light of God that never fails, or the human accumulation of the lifestream upon which you fixed the beam of your attention. 

In order to intensify or to increase the vibratory action of your lower bodies you have but to put your attention upon any Master or the Presence of God himself, and while it is there you will naturally charge that substance of Light as mechanically as the battery of the car is charged by the charger. 

Even to lie flat on your bed and visualize that LIGHT pouring through your four lower bodies for five minutes three times a day would greatly accelerate the vibratory action of your vehicles. 

The more attention put on the LIGHT and the more LIGHT drawn into your vehicles the more rapidly will they vibrate and the easier for you will it be to hold harmony, because when you vibrate beyond a certain rate inharmony can no more register upon your flesh or bodies than a bumble bee can sit upon the propeller of one of the greater constellations. It then is no longer an effort of will to have self-control, but you are so rapidly vibrating in thought and feeling that the human vibratory action ceases to be.








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