An Instruction by the Maha Chohan

To fully understand the power of radiation one must enter the Fourth Dimensional Activity where the unseen but powerful rays are constantly vibrating from their manifestation of the God Life. 

There is no such thing as an inanimate object; there is no place on this Universe where there is no motion, no vibration or inertia. 

Every electron that forms every atom, visible and invisible, is pulsating constantly with the Heart Beat of the Father.  

Radiation is the vibratory action of those electrons. 

Man must let the energy from his bodies go forth to perform their cosmic service with at least as much accuracy as the singing bird or the unfolding flower. 

Every individual belonging to the human race affects mankind enmass with the breadth that goes forth from them. No one lives unto himself, but the vibration like the beads on one string, flows through the entire humanity within three seconds. The radio, the wireless and the television have proved the transcendence of time and space. 

Man's thoughts and feelings are being broadcast through the universe by an invisible hook-up and these thoughts and feelings affect the lives of all the people on the planet as well as the animal and nature kingdoms. Man therefore should endeavor to love more in accord with the principles expressed by Jesus. 

One individual with a radiation of peace and harmony can affect the whole human race for good, and the Masters can use such individual as a conductor of their qualities and hand feed, so to speak, the inner bodies of the people. 

But the Masters cannot use these individuals unless they are permanently poised and at peace, for the same reason that the medical doctor does not allow a mother to nurse her child if she is subject to fits of anger, depression or distress because the milk would poison the infant.




Excerpts from an Address by Lord Maitreya, the New Buddha

I would speak to you briefly upon the affinity between Master and chela, because in order for the Hierarchy to better serve mankind, the God Free Beings whenever possible, work with and through the consciousness of the individuals who dwell upon their Ray who have any sensitivity to the Holy Christ Self, and who can be reached, so that that chela becomes master in the world of form, according to his capacity and development. 

Our endeavor is to pour as much of ourselves, our nature, our qualities, our gifts and activities into the world of form as we can. As water will find its way through every channel that is open to it, so does the full gathered momentum of every Member of the Spiritual Hierarchy flood down through the upreaching consciousness of everyone who offers himself in even the smallest capacity to serve. The further one goes along the pathway of life, the more developed that consciousness becomes, the less impersonal is the association between Master and chelas, until finally there comes a conscious partnership, a conscious association and ONENESS that can scarcely be described to you in this world of form. 

In the case of the beloved Master Jesus, such Oneness was achieved (with me) because of our practice through many centuries and because of our association at inner levels, and because of his complete surrender of self to my Presence. This is not accomplished in a moment, it embodies many hundreds of years of living, but throughout those centuries closer and closer and closer is the bond of compassion, and sympathetic attunement woven until Master and pupil are almost one. You have heard what I have said, that when I wished to bless life, Jesus, himself, raised his hand. When I wished to enter cosmic service in Judea, there was my son and so ONE with me that there was no consciousness of two. It was just the Christ in action and the service was performed. So it will be one day with you! Each of you advancing along your own Ray, developing your feelings until you are attuned to your Master, developing your minds so that you may catch his slightest whisper; until your physical body is held in the reverence and dignity as the Communion Cup through which that Master may bless all who are athirst. Then truly you do become that Cup, and the Master, conserving of his vital energies and forces, uses you as himself in this world of form. 

There is a period of growing, a period of developing, a period of maturing before this association is manifest in full detail. I would bring to you here a point of the Law which sometimes is not understood by the over-zealous, by the eager and the earnest ones. If you force your spiritual service before you have built maturity emotionally - your balance mentally - your purification etherically - your endurance physically, - you may suffer a set back when you begin the great task of teaching, because of the pressure of energy of your fellowman. When you are anchored and poised and balanced - when you are God mature, when the Dove of the Holy Spirit has descended' as it did upon Jesus in the Jordan and the hour of your service comes and your Master and you are One, then you may move forward drawing the attention of the multitudes.





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