Season's Greetings

We, the chelas serving at Headquarters, wish to extend to you our heartfelt prayer of gratitude for your cooperation with the Directives of the Ascended Masters during this year, now drawing to a close. 

We decree that each shall find individual Peace, and that expanding that Virtue it shall enfold all men upon this evolving Planet, and guide us, each and everyone, to abide in Harmony and Understanding of his fellow traveler upon the Path. 

As we invoke the Blessings of Beloved Jesus and the Holy Family upon you, we ask that each will follow his Individual Star, the Christ within, and allow that Christ to grow to the full Mastery of the God Presence. 

In the expanded and more illumined consciousness which we all now enjoy, we become daily more cognizant of the requirement for World Brotherhood, the fulfillment of our Beloved Ascended Master Saint Germain's Heart Desire. 

A Holy, Happy, Illumined and Peaceful Christmas be yours, and a New Year filled with great Promise for the Unity of all men. 

In Cosmic Christ Love,

The Staff of