Rays of Spiritual Illumination

Holy Ćolus


The Wise Use of Life

Life is a gift bestowed upon every self-conscious intelligence by the Supreme Source, the Father-Mother God. Life does not begin with the birth of the physical body, but with the creation of the Divine Presence of every man, made in the image and likeness of the God Parents.

Life does not cease at so-called death, but continues to animate the individualized consciousness in whatever sphere he is then fitted to dwell. Every man, through freewill, does with this gift of life what he chooses. The effects manifest in his mind, body, world and affairs record his use of life through the ages. It is to teach man the wise use of life that we come.


The channeling of energies to develop some talent, gift, power or potential genius is the service of the Third Ray. Life, like water, is neutral until consciously qualified by some self-conscious intelligence. Developing the capacity to qualify life in beautiful music, in exquisite art, in drama, through literature or any constructive gift to humanity, is the course which the chelas of the Third Ray take. Drawing forth the potential Godliness in their fellowman completes their course of instruction in this department of the Spiritual Hierarchy.


When any self-conscious intelligence is given liberty to use life in any sphere, he is also given the responsibility to render an accounting for his use of that life. My service is to help mankind to find the way by which he may use his life to serve the Giver of Life and to help him to want to use that life as God intends.

For the many who are playing with the gift of life in vain pursuit of happiness, there are the few who desire to learn the Law of their own being. To these, I come. Then if my counsel is not confirmation of their own concepts and desires, I often find myself rejected. Yet, upon invitation, I will come again and again. This is my 'reason for being'. Are you not ready to find yours?


The Brothers of the Golden Robe are dedicated to the teaching of the correct use of life to individuals who desire to know best how to serve God and their fellowman. All life, operating on the principle of the circle, returns eventually to the individual who drew it forth and qualified it, constructively or destructively.

Humanity enjoys sending his life forth in thoughts, feelings, words or actions to suit his fleeting purpose. Man recoils from the returning energies which sometimes take many embodiments to complete their circle. It is to acquaint humankind with the inevitable truth that he cannot escape his returning energy that we come. When humankind learns that every electron which passes through his consciousness must be redeemed through himself, he will take less liberty with the use of life and set his feet upon the path that leads toward Mastery.


Humankind finds itself entangled in the web of its own weaving. Returning karma waits redemption. Vicarious atonement is but wishful thinking. The strong, the wise, the patient and the enduring finally achieve the mastery which comes from conscious redemption of the currents of energy set into motion through all preceding as well as the present life. At Luxor is given the opportunity to recall and redeem the individual energies. The Lords of Karma wisely limit the returning discord which each soul can redeem in an Earth life… when one applies for the privilege of becoming a Candidate for the Ascension, his opportunity is to redeem his entire karma in one embodiment rather than in a thousand.


The Spiritual Law of Transmutation (the Violet Fire of Mercy and Love) is provided by the God of Love to assist those individuals who wish to redeem their own karma more quickly.

Thus the evolution of the entire race is tremendously accelerated by the dispensation which has allowed the use of this activity of the Sacred Fire to be given to individuals outside the actual Retreats of the Masters themselves. Some, so enthusiastic in the use of this Power of Transmutation, forget the balance which requires that the individual use life each moment so that it does not become a 'boomerang' of a future day.


The Law of Moses "An eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth" was superseded by the entrance of the 'Grace' of the Sixth Ray when the Love of God was manifest in the fiat "Thy sins are forgiven thee". Now as we enter the Seventh Ray, this activity of transmutation will be greatly intensified. Wise is the lifestream who accepts the Power of God through the Violet Fire of Mercy and Love to transmute all returning karma instantly. According to each one's acceptance in the feelings, does this power work. How many times did I say "according to your faith, be it done unto you."


Every man in this New Era has an individual two-fold mission, the transmutation of his own discordantly qualified energies of the past, and the conscious control and mastery over the use of his life in the present. This is the balance required by the chelas of the Seventh Ray. The few, (beyond their personal karma), assume the responsibility, opportunity and obligation of utilizing the power of transmutation on behalf of their race, nation and planet. It is upon these few that we depend for a planetary redemption in these years allotted us by the Cosmic Law to MAKE ALL THINGS NEW. Are you among these few?