World Teacher Academy

Beloved Lord Lanto

January 1, 1981


Good morning gracious ladies and gentlemen, I AM the patriarch of the Temple of the Great White Brotherhood, Lord Lanto. I bring you the deepest greetings and blessings of the New Year from each and every member of the Great White Brotherhood. Would you kindly be seated.

It was my intention this morning to come from the Tetons and just simply give you a blessing and to let you know I have the deepest abiding hope that each of you will graduate from this School of the brothers and sisters of the Golden Robe. If I felt it would be appropriate I would just be with you this morning in silence... but there is a rather strong pull from the chelas that an Ascended Master speak with you, so I will speak with you; and since every fiber in my Being is dedicated to reverence for all life, I will begin with that.

You have been learning the lessons of true identity and from our perspective, they seem to be "sinking in" but may I caution you that one of the best yardsticks for measuring the depth to which you are experiencing true identity as a God Being is the degree to which you have reverence for all life... every jot and tittle of energy... God's life everywhere, especially that which pours through your atomic structure from you, the electronic God Being.

The more you assume True Identity the more responsibility you have to life for the use and the reverence of that God given energy. Reverence for life is a gentle, loving, peaceful quality that each and every member of the brothers and sisters of the Golden Robe (of which I am one humble member) enjoy at all times. It is a feeling to be enjoyed and revered. It is not a glossy "having to always be careful" attitude that some chelas assume.

Having said that, I wish you to know that from the gathering of the Tetons last night (New Year's Eve) many of the guests remaining there this morning, in your sense of time they sent you here a blessing, in the same way that you might all sign a card for someone who is celebrating a birthday or some other event. Four gracious Beings asked that they might come and present that blessing of the Great White Brotherhood to you this morning. You might guess who they are, for you have invoked them already... the three glorious Sponsors of the year and beloved Micah, Angel of Unity.

To my left is the gracious Mother Mary, white robe and pink radiance; directly behind me slightly raised is our Lord and King the Ascended Master Saint Germain, in beautiful light violet robes; to my right is the august presence of Lady Mercedes, in a deeper quality of violet robes. Standing in his luminous presence above this sanctuary, ensouling each of you in the flame of Unity is the presence of the beloved Micah. His soft blue radiance enfolds each of you individually and this activity as a whole...  thank you for standing and would you kindly be seated. These glorious Beings want you to know it was their pleasure to ask of the Lord of the World that the first thing they do in this, their year, would be to visit with the chelas of Saint Germain's one true church... the activity that shall one day be world wide and include every particle of life in its embrace. They shall return with me shortly after the discourse to the Tetons for there is much, much important business to be taken care of.

However, their radiance, the deepest radiation of their being, will be with you thru this entire New Year's Day.

One last thought before I leave you. As you are aware the Teton Retreat is the home, headquarters if you will, of the Great White Brotherhood. Only a few members of the Great White Brotherhood are part of the Spiritual Hierarchy, in that they hold an office. The Great White Brotherhood is very, very large.

Now there are members who have joined its ranks who have not come through the embodiment of the earth but rather, with the acquiescence of the Karmic Board and our beloved Lord of the World, Gautama, have joined in their Ascended Master vehicles from other planets and stars. Our work in the Great White Brotherhood encompasses the entire earth.

The work of this church must encompass the entire earth if you are to generate, and experience the essence of Unity in this year. I would ask that you please become more appreciative of other cultures, other languages, other countries, other religions and ways of spiritual life, and have reverence for the heritage, the best of spiritual life of each of those things. I was grateful this morning that Chinese music was played in deference to my Being.

There is music from every land and every culture. There is strong spiritual fiber in every land and in every culture. Please revere the spiritual heritage around this planet as you go about the work of establishing the New Age. Tune into us often, your senior brothers and sisters in the Great White Brotherhood, for assistance in doing this.

We are only here to serve. Again I bring you the deepest greetings of this brand new year, of this brand New Age and await each of you eventually at the ceremony of "full graduation" as brothers and sisters of the Golden Robe.

Good Morning.

Lord Lanto



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