Divine Principles

Temples of the Past

In ages past, "temple life" was a normal part of living. The humankind that functioned and lived in those eras knew where these Temples were.

When they were depleted in themselves in one quality or another, they made pilgrimages to those Temples. As they walked up the steps and even sat within the silence of those Temples, they were revitalized, new energies absorbed, even as a sponge absorbs water, and the quality (of energy) which the priests and priestesses had gathered was offered to all who entered therein.

In the activity, which has preceded this, generalization was the order of the day. However, a return to "temple life" is now upon us. In these conferences, conclaves, and seminars where you join together one with another, the various special momentums that you gather must be blended.

Then when you return to your individual orbit you will have some of the strength, some of the sweetness, some of the faith, some of the light, some of the purity from each of the visiting priests and priestesses that carry from their own forcefield a portion of their qualified life to add and contribute to the good of the whole.

Beloved ones, all life has something to offer, the smallest violet, the most beautiful tree, every bird, every angel, every deva, every human - has something to offer from that Holy Christ Self; each has a reason for being, each has a radiation through energies of his or her own world, which can be of benefit and a blessing, a nourishment and a stimulant to the inner energies of your own world, if you will choose to so open yourself to accept them.


If you choose, in your individual activities, to call to the local Silent Watcher over your city or town, and to find within yourself the keynote of the Temple which pulsates in the ethers above your sanctuary or group, and you will endeavor then to concentrate your energies to drawing forth the full gathered cosmic momentum of that Temple, that worship and that light.

I am sure you will find great joy in becoming specialists along one line or another. When you are strong and when your momentum is gathered, then will be the time to increase the numbers of the humankind of Earth who are cognizant of you and your service; then will be the time to turn the attention and the consciousness of the people toward you, for you will have something to give that will be the greatest proof possible, beloved children of God, and your Oneness with the Father and your direction from us, for you are our representatives in this world of form. On your light and your manifest works is our success measured by the people in the world, for we, by Cosmic Law, must yet remain behind the human veil and use you as our very selves in action.

And may I say, beloved ones, those of you who have responded so kindly, so graciously, so beautifully to my humble endeavors to give to you a little bit of the Comfort of my life in The Bulletin**. I am extremely grateful for the Light that you pour back to me in your written word, in your prayers, in your affirmations. You do not know what it means to receive so much love from the humanity of Earth, for up to only a few years ago, few even knew my name or that I had Being!


** The weekly Bulletin has now been replaced by the weekly Shamballa Letter, and the foregoing was given by Holy Ćolus when he held the office of the Maha Chohan. And, beloved Paul, the present Maha Chohan has graciously offered all the members of the Spiritual Hierarchy to use this Letter to give you a Blessing.


SPECIAL NOTICE: - As of this issue, the Cosmic Holy Spirit has advised us that after any member has received “The WORD” for a period of SIX MONTHS, THE SHAMBALLA LETTER will be available to him/her upon application and the following of the instructions therein.