A Message at Copacabana

Beloved Saint Germain and Lady Nada

Bolivian side of Lake Titicaca

December 8, 1981

My beloved spiritual comrades, sons and daughters of Freedom, I AM your friend of Ages, Saint Germain. Please be seated.

I have come to be with you this evening in the most friendly sense for I feel as close to you as a real family. It is you, who as cells in the New Age Avatar spread the message of spiritual freedom through your lives, through your actions, your example, and most of all through your radiation into the world around you. It is such a pleasure for me to have stalwart friends in Bolivia, throughout South America, throughout Central and North America, throughout Europe and soon throughout the Planet; and that I can stand and talk to people such as yourselves, connected by the One Breath, the One Beating Heart, the One Consciousness of Pure Thought and Feeling and the One desire for Freedom that pulsates through this Group Avatar.

And let me just say now that because of what you have accomplished today (at Sun Island), I shall personally dispense a gift of the Violet Fire into every chela of The New Age Church of The Christ and dissolve (as much as is accepted) the blocks to pure God Illumination. This Illumination is a gift of God and Goddess Meru.

The Violet Fire of Transmutation is a gift of my humble self. You use it well... and use it more and more and more, for you realize we are working on the Inner... and the inner consciousness must be changed before you will see effects on the outer realm. But the reward will come, both for you own personal freedom in the Light as well as the force of God Reality manifesting itself upon this Earth.

Think of how the early Christians must have felt, struggling with a new religion, having no idea that what they were doing would lead to the largest religion on the Earth. And so it shall be with us, my friends. We are early in the phase of developing a powerful force of God Reality on this Planet. I love you each dear one and I FLASH the Violet Fire to you now. I FLASH the Violet Fire to all the cells of the New Age Avatar... and it is doing its perfect work! I bow to the Flame of Freedom in your hearts and I give you now the gracious Lady Nada.


Beloved Lady Nada:

My beloved friends of Love and Light, thank you for standing for my Presence. Please be seated.

I have been with this trip of the representatives from Shamballa, since its inception. As you know, I AM a personal representative of Beloved God and Goddess Meru and particularly for you who live in this immediate area of Bolivia and Peru, I know your lifestreams very, very well. It is no coincidence that you have embodied here in Bolivia and as my beloved brother Saint Germain has said, "your service here is deeply appreciated", as you too, in some degree or other, are representatives of God and Goddess Meru. Visualize the Rose at your heart and live up to that legend, for perfect illumination brings Divine Love; and only through Pure Divine Love can one find God Illumination.

Precious ones I was with you at the Island of the Sun this afternoon and I would like to add just a few details of both the city under Lake Titicaca and the Etheric Focus of Wisdom. This spinning Etheric Focus that is right in and over the lake, is watched over by a personal representative of Beloved Helios from the Sun, the Cosmic Goddess of Wisdom, Beloved Aries... whose Temple in the Sun, represents Divine Wisdom.

And other than when her Cosmic Sun Sign is open to the Universe, where of course she would be in her Temple in the Sun, she otherwise spends her time focusing the Ray of Wisdom from beloved Helios himself, through all the Twelve Aspects of the Deity, into the Seven Rays that manifest upon this Planet... all accomplished through this Complex.

Now, as to the City of the Seven Rays under Lake Titicaca, each Chohan of the Ray is responsible for his or her section. But I might add that Beloved Paul, the Maha Chohan and my humble self are what you might call "Co-Hierarchs" of this City... the Beloved Maha Chohan, as the Chief Chohan and Representative of the Holy Spirit to the Seven Chohans, and my humble self as a personal messenger of God and Goddess Meru. I, of course, still hold the Focus of Transfiguration in Africa.

Precious ones, I would have you know that just as there are Great Light Rays in the Earth's atmosphere bridging the various Retreats, there are Rays of Light piercing within the Earth through the hollow center connecting these Retreats as well and there is a very short pathway of Light between this Focus under Titicaca and my Focus of Transfiguration in Africa. We are so grateful to our beloved Pelleur and the other great Beings who hold the Sun of Even Pressure in the center of the Earth, for just as beloved Helios maintains the perfect atmosphere around the Earth, so does the Sun of Even Pressure maintain a perfect atmosphere within the Earth.

There is so much more Life belonging to this Planet than what most of humanity is aware of. I would have you be aware of it... to have a sense of how large your family is, your Spiritual family who serve arm-in-arm with you in the establishment of the Permanent Age of Freedom of our beloved Saint Germain.

In closing, may I ask you to have your attention upon the Sun... and the Spiritual Essence of the Sun... and know that there is a strong connection between this Focus of Goddess Aries, the Retreat at Machu Picchu and the Retreat of Beloved Kenich Ahan... three powerful focuses of the Sun eventually bringing to full fruition the Feminine Ray of Wisdom into the South American Continent. We all bow to the great God and Goddess Meru, whose tremendous Causal Bodies maintain the eternal victory of the Feminine Ray of Wisdom; and so shall it be!

Blessed ones please know that the Angels of Protection shall be with each of you and Lord Michael has promised each one safe return home to your own personal spiritual orbits. God bless you, each dear one. We are with you more than you will ever know...

Good Evening.

Lady Nada





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