Divine Principles

Beloved Lord Ling


May 18, 1967

"I AM" the God of Happiness, and it is my pleasure to direct my attention to our beloved friends on the Earthplane and through the conscious recognition of the chelas to dispense this so required Gift of The Almighty!

It is Springtime in the Western Hemisphere and oh the glory and joy of watching the magnificent outpouring of Nature's sustaining Presence, for it builds in the Hearts of the children of Earth Faith in the substance of things hoped for, and confidence in the Protecting Presence of the Unseen Creator of all Life!

Think a moment of the Beautiful Life Principle which we all share, the Grace by which we live! So gloriously selfless and yet omniscient, that all manifest forms live by his Love, yet the most advanced have not pierced the Light which enfolds that PRESENCE, though the very breath in and through our Beings is part of the Gift of that Divine Love!

Oh the ecstasy and happiness which is engendered in the Beings of both Divine and human as we watch the parched earth and drying streams replenished with pure crystal liquid, precipitated from Heaven into their depths. To see the pulsations of the tide, carrying the waters high on the opposite shore on the outwave, and then drawn by an invisible hand back into an unseen center on the next rhythmic breath... to contemplate the brown earth of Winter and see the miracle of growth in Spring...

To see the opulence of beauty and sustenance burst forth from its unpromising barren face... to look into the clear, shining air, (in early) morning before man yet stirs, with the knowledge that the poison exuded by man in twenty-four hours would make the Earth's atmosphere a deadly mess of death-dealing gas, but for the invisible Purifying Agents all about her inhabitants... this is the Love of the Creator who would have all his children abide in Happiness on this Plane.

Think, too, of the constant miracle of the human vehicle, the cells withering and passing away in every organ and tissue, and the resurrection of the new and vital cells to take their place before they pass away. How much humanity lives on Faith... how dependent on the unseen arms! How truly has it been said "leaning, leaning on the everlasting arms."

Oh, dearest friends of my Heart, I have delved deep, deep into the recesses of my Being in the hope that through this simple expression of the magnificence of the activity of the God of us all, that l might have brought an expanded Radiation of the Glorious Quality of God Happiness, to spur you on in your "pursuit of Happiness"!

Thank your for this opportunity to direct your attention to the Happiness which I enjoy, and which can be yours through your continued dedication and love of the Almighty!

Lord Ling