John, the Beloved

Shamballa, Long Island, New York

October 9, 1983

The recent devastation of the Tucson area and its environs through the action of the Elements should be considered a blessing, for a period of restoration is now in progress! What seems a chaotic condition will result in the rebuilding of that locality. It is well that the chela learns when any restoration takes place, greater effort of necessity must be put forward to bring order and beauty out of the ruins.

One notices how individuals in an emergency, who formerly were strangers, band together in a common cause. There is a feeling of unity allowing them to really know the qualities of others and with a feeling of determination they set about to accomplish the project with a speed which individually could not be done. It is a case of getting to understand each other... feel a camaraderie which may have been present all the time but was not put into practice.

It is most interesting to watch the action and re-action of individuals in stressful conditions... let us say, even one lifestream can ignite the Torch of Victorious Accomplishment, and handing it from one individual to another, before you are aware of it you see the clean-up teams remove the rubble... then the pounding of nails, the mixing of mortar... masons setting into place great beams of metal and lumber. One can feel the enthusiasm within as they bring another structure into manifestation...  through the mighty Power of the Will To Do. This cooperation is being witnessed in various countries all over the planet... individuals joining their forces for a common good.

Take any constructive endeavor for instance the chelas of The New Age Church lending their energies in the expansion of the Group Avatar world-wide and I can say without hesitation that the spark is now a Flame, kindling the desire in men's hearts who had decided to experiment in certain by-ways... and having done so the pressure of Light within turned their longing hearts and feet to our door. To any and all who have done so, may I express how truly grateful we are for this decision.

The door to the Homeland is never locked, all that is required for entrance is the Key you hold within your hearts to open the door and step within. Yes, this applies to all chelas. The Key to your Victorious Accomplishment in the Light lies within the confines of your own heart, where you shall glimpse a vista of Perfection... and experience what it means to come Home.

I walked by the side of the Master Jesus. I know the many diversions which seem inviting at the time, only to lead to disillusionment... and the ecstasy when one makes a determined resolution to serve the One Cause of Perfection and live in the Consciousness of "I AM" ...where all the Beauty and Harmony of the Universe awaits one.

Blessing you with the diverse activities and Gifts which are available to one and all at our Focus in the Etheric Realms in and around Arizona, from which the Rays of the Hand of God shed their Light at all times,

"I AM" John



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