Along The Path

Paul, the Maha Chohan


There are among the people of Earth individuals who have chosen to cultivate the friendship and association of certain Ascended or Perfected Beings, and by choosing to contemplate the lives of these Ascended Beings, of studying their words when such are available, by contemplating their pictures, or meditating upon their individual Focus of Intelligence, such human beings absorb the Life, the Radiation and the Substance of the Master they are wise enough to contact through the magic medium of their thought and their feeling.

You can cultivate the friendship of a Master with greater ease than you can build a human friendship between men because you are always connected with the Master through the medium of thought and feeling on an instant, whereas the human bodies, bound by time and space, needs to have personal contact in order to enjoy association one with the other.

* * *

The Consciousness and personal Presence of an Ascended Master, by Divine Law, immediately connects with any part of life which chooses to place its attention upon the God Focus and self-conscious Intelligence and Cosmic Outpouring of that Being. This is an irrefutable law. The majority of individuals do not know that their life and the beam of their attention is a magnetic current that cannot be denied by any other expression of the One Life. 

* * *

The radiation from every man, woman and child in the universe blends together and forms a whole.

There is no electronic light particle, candle flame or torch, or even a match that does not increase the sum total of light in the universe.

When you take a group of people with a common purpose and join their heart-beats and the outpouring of their light waves, the conglomerate whole forms a much greater focus and its effects stretch over a wider expanse of the Earth's surface than when one individual alone is dependent upon his personal pulsation and individual light wave. This is the purpose for group decreeing and group study.

* * *

The natural outpouring of the energy of the Godhead may be intensified without limit by any individual with the temerity to "force" a greater release of Light than that allotted for the human race at a given time.

Self-conscious beings have a God-given opportunity to learn how to draw energy, qualify it and send this energy forth in a harmonious manner.

Any unascended being inviting and invoking the Beings and Powers of Light may increase the heart-beat of the Elohim and humanity, and as the acceleration takes place, not only humankind but the Gods themselves will grow in glory and Splendor.

* * *

From the Heart of your "I AM" Presence there flows a steady stream of electrons into a tiny receptacle within the physical heart, as you well know, which is called the permanent atom. When the electrons enter this chamber a magic, mystic activity takes place and they become a pulsating Flame that breathes within itself and pours forth a radiation which is the animating principle of the physical body.

This small Flame within the heart, when recognized begins to expand (as it has done through the attention of the chelas). As this activity takes place, it begins to pour forth shafts of Light through the upper part of your body in the same rhythmic order.

* * *

In the case of Group Directors, your Holy Christ Self and the Masters must increase your aura to encompass and enfold your entire group, just as if with wings of Light.

Your aura is increased in one manner only by pouring more pressure of Light into your heart and that Light sends forth a shaft of greater length into the world around you than it sent before.

The end of each one of these longer shafts becomes the out-post of your aura and your group body live within that when they are with you, as well as when they are in their homes. Your aura is, therefore, fluidic and it stretches hither and yon, according to the particular activity of your group.

This accelerates your evolution and also give you a greater responsibility, because the invisible magnetic effluvia of your lifestream which, first of all, encompasses all your family, affects the lives of your entire group and every lifestream between you and their personal presence. Remembering this you will be extra careful of the quality of your energy.

As your attention is on the Presence those shafts of Light increase and they form for you a protecting radiance or circle, deflecting the currents of energy in the world around you which are not of the same vibratory rate as the rhythmic perfection. This is the natural Mantle of Light which is emanated from the human form, and which increases as the lifestream remains in humble devotion to the life principle within the Flame.

You can cultivate a conscious and constant, and listening attitude until that Flame becomes the Directing Intelligence of your outer activity, and we can speak through the Flame to you.

* * *

The Holy Christ Self of humanity governs the heart-beat of the personal self in order to diminish as much as possible the destructive impulses emanating from the unawakened masses.

Expansion of this Cosmic, Heart-beat is only allowed when the universe will be benefited, by such contribution as the energy waves of that lifestream will choose to flood forth from time to time.

With the proper application, the Spark in the unawakened may become a Flame. You have heard it said that the Flame will fill the entire body as the individual becomes Master. This means that every release of energy from the Presence will have a one thousand or one hundred thousand more pressure as the individual advances Godward.

It would be a wonderful activity if you would daily ask for a greater outpouring of the cosmic currents through the hearts of the Angels and see what you can do to accelerate the evolution of their Kingdom. If you will do this, you will see what they will do to accelerate yours.

* * *

In your physical heart-beats there is an invisible shaft of Light which goes forth from your heart into the atmosphere around you. These shafts of Light form that natural aura around the lifestream.

An individual who would allow the energy of the Masters to flow along these shafts of Light into the consciousness of the lifestream whom he is surrounding might render service without limit in uplifting and raising them, and such radiation would draw forth from the other lifestreams similar shafts of Flame.

The Ascended Master may, and does, direct consciously spiritual currents of force under his personal supervision and will for specific reasons.

These personally directed rays are more potent and powerful than the Universal Emanation of Light that fills the Cosmos, even as the Individual Flame from Helios' Heart can render greater service to one invoking it than the Sunlight which plays unheeded on the bodies of the masses.

Here you have the key by which an individual may receive and be the beneficiary of much greater power than that which is the natural enfolding presence for the humanity of Earth.

When you invoke the personal assistance of an Ascended Being, you immediately draw those concentrated rays and your lifestream is greatly accelerated by their presence within you.